Freeman: "Playing more aggressively is a key part in the game for us"

Following TYLOO's triumph over MVP PK, we spoke with WingHei "⁠Freeman⁠" Cheung to discuss his integration into the roster, CT-side adjustments and implementations he brought upon joining.

TYLOO secured the second, and final New Challengers slot offered by the Asia Minor after confidently defeating MVP PK 2-0 in the consolidation final. The team will now prepare for the New Challengers stage, kicking off on August 23rd.

Freeman is gradually adjusting to the TYLOO playstyle

After TYLOO received their $15,000 check and took a breather to celebrate their qualification for the Major, we spoke with Freeman with the help of the team's manager, SiLe "CruSad3" Hu, discussing his integration into the roster, the newly implemented CT-side structure and adjustments he brought to the team on arrival.

Tell me about how you came to the decision that you wanted to part ways with ViCi to join TYLOO, especially on relatively short notice before the Major.

I didn't feel like I fit in ViCi, I didn't think we could achieve a high level with me on the roster. This is why I pursued a team that could utilise every aspect of my game.

At this point, do you feel the team has fully incorporated you into the roster, or are there some kinks that still need ironing out to really optimise your impact?

It's definitely not perfect yet, there are a lot of things to work on. Something I have to get used to is the difference in style between TYLOO and the teams I was part of before. Right now, I feel like our T side approach is really effective, but we still need to work on our CT side - it's kind of loose and not structured enough if compared to good European teams.

Talking stylistic differences between TYLOO and ViCi, what would you outline as the main variations between the two?

In ViCi, let's say on the T side, my role was preset in every strategy. There was not much free room to work with. Right now in TYLOO I have more room to work with, which makes me feel more comfortable to play.

In an interview with BnTeT it was mentioned that when you arrived, you brought a new structure and implemented new CT side setups. Could you give examples of the changes you introduced?

I have put a lot of emphasis on communication and coordination on the CT side. Everyone needs to talk and express their readings of the game to be able to work as a team - that's the main idea. My approach to the game and the CT side, in general, is that I like to study a lot of European teams and how they are playing on it. This, and the emphasis on communication is what I brought to the team.

In the same interview, BnTeT expressed that TYLOO lacked an aggressive approach on the T side, which led to the decision of having you assume a more aggressive role on the offense. How was this decision reached and do you feel it has been effective?

We felt that playing more aggressively is a key part in the game for us. That's why sometimes I am the entry-fragger or I support the entry-fragger just to have more control of the map to deal with a wider range of situations in the game. It has definitely been effective for us.

What is the current situation with DANK1NG? Will he be assuming a full-time role post-Major, is his addition dependent on results etc?

It's going to be based on our management's decision. As of now he is a stand-in for the team. We will see after the Major.

There is a break before the Major kicks off - will the team be traveling back to China or will you remain in Europe to continue practicing?

We will travel back to China because we have things to deal with, sponsor obligations for example; we also have DreamHack Malmö qualifiers to play from home. We will stay sharp and prepare for the upcoming New Challengers stage.

Hong Kong WingHei 'Freeman' Cheung
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Germany DEBlL
2019-07-28 18:44
Albania 9898
Good job Freemens)))
2019-07-28 18:55
Poland Unluko
2019-07-28 19:02
Indonesia lumayan
Freeman >> xccurate
2019-08-02 19:52
United States SWiFTzZzZz
2019-07-28 18:44
Finland FlNLAND
2019-07-28 18:44
2019-07-28 18:45
gordon ramsay
2019-07-28 19:53
2019-07-29 08:10
Hong Kong Tactics )
2019-07-28 18:47
or vici tactics
2019-07-28 18:53
2019-07-28 18:51
Malaysia Suno[t]
rise and shine mr freeman, rise and shine..
2019-07-28 18:54
Palestine Baitor69
not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on the job...
2019-07-28 18:56
Malaysia Suno[t]
No one is more deserving of a rest and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste, UNTIL
2019-07-28 18:58
Palestine Baitor69
well... let's just say that your hour has come again.
2019-07-28 19:00
The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.
2019-07-28 19:27
Palestine Baitor69
So, wakeup Mr.Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.
2019-07-28 19:29
Hero of China
2019-07-28 18:57
2019-07-28 19:12
+dank1ng -attacker
2019-07-28 19:21
2019-07-28 23:19
They shouldn't kick xccurate in the first place +xccurate -attacker
2019-07-29 20:18
Morgan Freeman?
2019-07-28 19:40
Is that why they will never be tier1?
2019-07-28 19:50
ming lee top 1
2019-07-28 19:54
nice men))
2019-07-28 22:56
Good interview mens)))
2019-07-29 01:34
Hong Kong Joseph_Tin
Freeman the beast, let's go for the Major
2019-07-29 02:11
Hong Kong Silver6
Ready for Freeman sticker<3
2019-07-29 09:32
2019-07-29 09:33
2019-07-29 10:41
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