ECS Season 8 announced

FACEIT has revealed the first details regarding the eighth season of their flagship competition.

ECS Season 8 will kick off with four open qualifiers taking place on August 12-25. The Pinnacle Cup will follow on September 10-15, a 16-team tournament that will provide seeding for the best to take the open slots during the Regular Season, which will start the following day and run through October 31.

This season's ECS will also see the return of ECS After Dark, the competition's overtime show on Caffeine, and the Community Caster Challenge, which gives grassroots commentators a chance to cast the tournament's matches during the Pinnacle Cup and the Regular Season stages.

ECS Season 8 will kick off with four open qualifiers in August

ECS Season 8 will mark the second season with the current format, in which eight teams compete in five weekly tournaments with $25,000 on the line. This season's system will have a minor change, as the first teams to qualify for the LAN finals will be those that earn the most prize money after the first two weeks of competition (instead of the last two teams qualifying being those with the most prize money at the end of the the Regular Season), while the remaining six slots will be given to the winners of the remaining tournaments.

The LAN finals in November will also have ECS returning to North America after last season's finals in London, in which Vitality lifted the trophy after defeating FURIA in a two-map series.

"We’re extremely excited for Season 8. This is the second season to feature our new format and we’re pleased to build on the huge success we saw earlier this year with Season 7 and to continue working with fans and players to refine the competition. As ECS continues to evolve and grow we’re developing some immensely engaging storylines and rivalries and we can’t wait to see Season 8 unfold, and to bring the finals back to North America in November.”

- Michele Attisani, FACEIT co-founder and CBO

The ECS Season 8 schedule:

ECS Open Qualifiers (not broadcast)
Qualifier #1: August 12-15
Qualifier #2: August 17-18
Qualifier #3: August 19-22
Qualifier #4: August 24-25

ECS Pinnacle Cup
September 10-15

ECS Online Season
September 16 - October 31

nawwk | 
Sweden Pedro_pan 
i its first????? im barely drunk lOL!
2019-08-09 18:02
ecs cool
2019-08-09 18:04
ez 4 mibr with kng
2019-08-09 18:10
Good pick Liquid, Astralis or MIBR
2019-08-09 19:34
2019-08-09 21:17
flair checks out
2019-08-09 22:17
Sweden Unluko 
2019-08-09 22:20
Bring back mid week ecs and esl bo1 leagues :/
2019-08-09 18:11
miss it men(((
2019-08-09 18:59
Spain N0Love 
LAN mini tourneys are worse tbh
2019-08-10 01:10
Spain Kosodutsky 
You remind me of 7–1
2019-08-09 18:12
2019-08-09 19:12
2019-08-09 19:34
2019-08-09 18:01
another trophy for vitality
2019-08-09 18:01
Venezuela anx420 
very nice!
2019-08-09 18:01
2019-08-09 18:01
Italy studiofrat 
2019-08-14 13:25
Europe TryPalosk1 
ez liquid
2019-08-09 18:01
Norway k3ron 
Who cares about LULIT?
2019-08-09 18:01
Brazil NahT_ 
First time i receive a notify and the post has not a single comment
2019-08-09 18:02
2019-08-09 18:04
2019-08-09 18:06
Peru TheJuan 
2019-08-09 18:12
Brazil Karlogaria 
Is your life so empty that you activate notifications for hltv new posts and care about comment number?
2019-08-09 18:42
Brazil NahT_ 
I was watching a stream and the hltv match page between Tyloo x Vici was open in another tab, so i received the notification and clicked to read about what was, when i didnt see any comments and i decided to wrote a observation. ps: probably your life is too empty to comment things like that.
2019-08-09 19:05
2019-08-09 18:04
United States Trump2020KAG 
Online games determine teams playing for championship LOL
2019-08-09 18:05
u know esl did online games the exact same way up until last season right
2019-08-09 18:48
United States Trump2020KAG 
2019-08-09 18:49
so give it time it doesnt have the same foundation as esl does in terms of finance. not every league/tournament can keep up with esl (the #1 company in esports)
2019-08-09 18:51
United States Trump2020KAG 
Is this true???? Isn’t facit huge in EU/CIS??? It wasn’t till like last year that NA started playing it.
2019-08-09 18:53
faceit is unrelated to ecs they just play their games on a faceit hub, same as a lot of leagues. they don't coincide with each other
2019-08-09 18:54
United States Trump2020KAG 
Ahhhh gotcha. Still sucks having online games determine who plays the lan event.
2019-08-09 19:03
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
Pretty sure this guy is wrong and faceit is the organiser for ECS. Initially faceit+twitch league. Faceit is pretty big for pugs/FPL. But they never even had main online leagues like ESEA did for a long time. ECS is definitely less relevant than EPL. You gotta realise that guys that own ESL also bought ESEA and Dreamhack. They always had big events and a couple of majors. Faceit only in last couple of years became a player in terms of events and got their own major.
2019-08-09 20:22
United States Trump2020KAG 
Gotcha. I was thinking ecs was bigger because every EU pro plays facit and that was always dead in NA. I just they also switch to lan for the season. Lan shows players and teams true ability and skill.
2019-08-09 21:21
nope, they're unrelated, they just use a hub in the same way that a lot of low tier leagues do. i want to clarify that im not calling ecs a low tier league, i'm just pointing out that very low tier amateur leagues also take this approach
2019-08-11 17:08
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc literally says: "ECS will be co-owned by FACEIT and the teams", is also organized by faceit and uses faceit casters bardolph&ddk, has faceit subdomain , is also based in london and is unrelated to faceit... because they use a HUB? what else are they supposed to use?
2019-08-11 17:56
yeah im sorry dude, was just talking out of my arse
2019-08-11 19:35
Italy studiofrat 
2019-08-14 13:26
2019-08-09 18:05
NaVi maybe its time to start playing at ECS?
2019-08-09 18:05
Always fun to see if new commentators can break out onto the scene. Gonna be fun
2019-08-09 18:11
United States crulix 
2019-08-09 18:12
United Kingdom VOSSKI 
freya kreygasm
2019-08-09 18:12
guys vp is in pinnacle cup?
2019-08-09 18:13
Poland Lowi 
VP is already in regular season.
2019-08-09 18:31
They didn’t place in Top 8
2019-08-09 18:55
So ez for the titleholder : Vitality
2019-08-09 18:31
Brazil stewArt1 
2019-08-10 15:05
~#2 in the wurId
2019-08-10 17:09
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Still a crap format.
2019-08-09 18:35
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
ecs s7 was so bad. a lot of good teams not even playing qualifiers or at best 1-2 weeks because of other events
2019-08-09 18:36
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
Wow so surprised
2019-08-09 18:37
2019-08-09 18:38
Honestly I just want a normal League with a multi-week regular season and a Playoff bracket like many traditional sports... After ESL switched to the swiss groups (which are fine but mean that you could have 1 good week at the beginning and be at the finals) I also watched ECS switch as well. MDL has 24/7 Roster changes and it's annoying Fuck this i'm gonna make a league again cause this is cancer.
2019-08-09 18:45
Italy studiofrat 
2019-08-14 13:25
Fun fact Making that league lol
2019-08-14 22:03
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
eleague back
2019-08-09 19:05
Hungary subzera 
Nooo go back to the old.format please, this formats bad
2019-08-09 19:17
2019-08-09 20:25
e x p e c t e d
2019-08-09 20:37
İnvite the best the best team of 2019! BigclaNN
2019-08-09 21:45
shit format
2019-08-09 22:35
Epic stuff
2019-08-10 03:41
Poland Z!EMN!AK 
VP will got this.
2019-08-10 08:48
Slovakia Chrisf30 
Sarcasm level 9000
2019-08-10 08:54
Poland Z!EMN!AK 
2019-08-10 20:00
Sweden toxicdriver 
Dreamin's OK.
2019-08-11 16:27
Italy studiofrat 
2019-08-14 13:26
Germany NSDAP 
Very cool
2019-08-10 10:38
no top teams like ENCE = boring season/tournament
2019-08-10 10:56
oskar | 
Czech Republic PaYaB 
Terrible format, the league format was way better and more fair... EPL is kinda different, 'cuz there was a lot more teams...
2019-08-10 14:46
Canada kniGhtlife 
I see a lot of people asking them to bring back the mid-week games... I agree completely. The fact they did away with it is asinine. I didn’t really enjoy the new format for season 7... But, that’s just my opinion..
2019-08-10 14:48
It's good that they changed the format because the last one sucked but still,, what is their obsession with this prize money thing ?? Can't they just send the winners straight away to the LAN, why they need to have this ''most prize'' thing ?? It's because cash money is so cool or what
2019-08-10 19:42
France niouke 
in before vitality has to do the open qualifier :)
2019-08-11 13:11
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