StarLadder Major - New Challengers stage Fantasy goes live

The Fantasy game for the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 - New Challengers stage is now live, with access open to both private leagues and our public league by, offering a list of special prizes.

The New Challengers stage of the StarLadder Major Berlin is taking place on August 23-28, featuring sixteen contestants looking to advance to the coveted New Legends stage of the fifteenth CS:GO Major. Seeing as kick-off is mere days away, the Fantasy game for the first stage of the Major is officially live.

The opening stage will feature a mix of established and up-and-coming rosters, with the CIS region dominating in numbers at a whopping four contestants. Among participants are the likes of Vitality and NRG, who are considered favourites to make the New Legends cut next week.

Which players will show up at the New Challengers stage?

For those looking to pit themselves against the crowd, join’s public league and compete against other users for the chance to win one of our special sponsored prizes in the form of performance consumables, courtesy of

1. Starterpack M + Next Level Meal Tub + Performance Drink Berry or Orange + Megabite
2. Starterpack M + Performance Drink Berry or Orange + Megabite
3. Starterpack M + Megabite
4-5. Starterpack M
6-10. Starterpack S

In addition to fantastic prizes, as part of our partnership with, the Fantasy game will see a brand new Next Level Meal booster implemented, which grants a select player a 20 point single-use boost.

If multiple users end up with the same amount of points come conclusion of the Fantasy game, we will draw the winner randomly amongst the tied users.

For new users, a FAQ section has been added on the StarLadder Major - New Challengers stage game overview page, explaining, among other things, how the pointing system is based on ratings (a 1.20 rating equals 20 points), with roles only acting as a bonus (-3, +3 or +10 points). Users can now also leave leagues before the tournament starts, in case of a Money Draft league, or before the draft starts, in case of a Live Draft league. For additional information, check out our Introduction and Money Draft articles.

It is worth pointing out that the New Challengers Fantasy game will be separate from the New Legends + New Champions stage Fantasy game, resulting in two different Fantasy games to be played over the course of the next three weeks.

As always, please let us know in the bugs & improvements forum if you find any issues with the game, or have feedback on how to make it better.

crazy news
2019-08-19 19:38
2019-08-19 19:53
nafany | 
India AJN_
2019-08-20 21:17
United Kingdom Itstragicz
Best Money League around join up: Only pro analysts ofc
2019-08-20 10:09
Poland Unluko
2019-08-19 19:38
2019-08-19 19:38
2019-08-19 19:38
fer | 
Brazil arthuro
ez for intz
2019-08-19 19:38
Venezuela anx420
winning time
2019-08-19 19:38
Ukraine kandan
2019-08-19 19:38
2019-08-19 19:39
Brazil 3nzow
2019-08-19 19:39
Flag checks out
2019-08-19 19:43
Denmark minosss
2019-08-19 19:45
Wtf are these prizes? Give away skins not a fucking drum of budget Gfuel
2019-08-19 19:41
+1 lul
2019-08-19 21:30
Russia PiggyJesus
+1 fuck that prizes
2019-08-19 22:11
Hungary Glng
2019-08-20 01:27
Europe LoookATme
HAHAHAHAHAH Enegry drinks as prize lmafo poor hltv
2019-08-19 19:44
still can stack 3+ players from one team, its annoying
2019-08-19 19:54
2019-08-19 19:59
Maybe at least one good skin?
2019-08-19 20:14
The real winner will be the one who comes #11th.
2019-08-19 20:17
Lmao those prizes Does anyone want those seriously?
2019-08-19 20:18
Greenland kinley377
2019-08-19 21:37
2019-08-19 22:39
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz
Money Draft let's goooo boys
2019-08-20 02:15
2019-08-20 05:36
Long live the king! Kappa
2019-08-20 15:29
Reign supreme over 1 million competitors and win this berry drink
2019-08-20 18:06
2019-08-20 23:00
India hanni_bal
Indian csgo fantasy league. aajao bhayio
2019-08-21 13:20
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