Keoz: "We just expected the aggression, we knew what FURIA were going to do"

In another interview from the StarLadder Major New Challengers stage, Nicolas "⁠Keoz⁠" Dgus discussed Syman's surprising run so far and told us about his transition from the Francophone scene to the CIS region.

Pulling off some of the biggest surprises at the Major so far, Syman are now in the 2-2 pool after taking down Vitality in the opening match and eliminating FURIA over the course of a convincing series in the fourth round.

Keoz & co. are heading into a do-or-die match in the fifth round

After their match against the Brazilians, the Belgian-Ukrainian player Keoz sat down with us to discuss Syman's upsets and how he transitioned into the CIS scene earlier this year.

As you are such an inexperienced squad, you haven't really played at an international level at all in your careers, what kind of expectations did you have going into the Major?

We were really hungry to go through, so our mindset is the same as at the Minor. We are very hungry players, we want to show what we are capable of here. Our expectations are just to go through because if other teams can do it, why not us? We can do a run like ENCE for example, why not?

How did you manage to beat a team like Vitality, massive favorites going into that match, did you put in a lot of preparation for them?

Before this Major, we had a little bit of a bootcamp and there we weren't working on our opponents but more on ourselves. For example, I said in an earlier interview that we worked on the CT sides because it was a big problem at the Minor, and it seems to be paying off right now.

You also had a loss to North where you almost made a huge comeback on Train, can you talk me through that match and what you were missing to close it out, after all?

On T side I felt like we didn't play our game. North were playing very well on their CT side, but we kind of expected what they would do, and even though we expected it, I didn't feel like we played our game and round after round we were just getting crushed. At the end, we got two rounds somehow, it was 11-2 and then 11-4, and then we were like 'okay, guys, we always make insane comebacks, let's make one again' and starting from the pistol we were coming back. At 13-13, we 4v2 and valde did an insane run and f*cked us.

This last match against FURIA looked convincing from your side, they are known to be a very aggressive team, were you ready for that? Was the matchup a good fit for you?

Yeah, I think it really fit us because we prepared for this match yesterday and saw they are very, very aggressive. Even though we knew they were aggressive when they upset insane teams, when we watched the demos yesterday we were surprised at how aggressive they were. We just expected that, we felt good for today and thought that we would beat them because we knew what they were going to do.

Can you tell me about time with Syman and joining them back in March? From what I saw, you've only been playing in French-speaking teams in your career, how come the switch to the CIS region happened? Was it simply this offer from Syman that came in?

Basically, how I came into Syman, I was just playing some Rank S to make some money and then I played with some of the Syman players, my teammates now, and as I knew they were speaking Russian I talked to them in Russian, as well. I had some good games there in Rank S and they just went to me and asked me to join.

Belgium Nicolas 'Keoz' Dgus
Nicolas 'Keoz' Dgus
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The completly destroyed Flukeria. Respect!
2019-08-25 16:14
Reunion Esquinox
expected #1
2019-08-25 16:14
Poland Unluko
Banger series
2019-08-25 16:15
Reunion Esquinox
no u
2019-08-25 16:16
2019-08-25 16:14
2019-08-25 16:16
2019-08-25 16:17
2019-08-25 17:09
2019-08-25 17:22
2019-08-26 18:20
2019-08-25 16:13
Switzerland SRB!
2019-08-25 16:14
wp Syman !
2019-08-25 16:14
So glad brazilians are out :)
2019-08-25 16:14
2019-08-25 16:17
2019-08-25 16:33
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
wtf dude why do you hate us so much
2019-08-25 17:42
2019-08-25 18:16
"loud, delusional, annoying" Definition of cheer?
2019-08-25 19:31
So you arent denying primitive and uneducated?XD cheering is cool,I meant personally and fanbase are loud,delusional and annoying
2019-08-25 19:32
Definition of favela
2019-08-26 08:37
??? Please, explain
2019-08-27 06:41
+1 they always bring that stupid flag rofl
2019-08-25 17:43
North America Neshie
The team who wanted to disband is certainly not disbanding anymore for a while. Deserved win. Furia contract a fluke.
2019-08-25 16:14
5 more years hahahhaha
2019-08-25 16:18
same happened to vp when they got massive contract extensions
2019-08-25 17:02
talented guy
2019-08-25 16:15
With that haircut you ain't going nowhere
2019-08-25 16:15
Indonesia segopecel
I had some good games there in Rank S and they just went to me and asked me to join ez
2019-08-25 16:15
furia go play cod
2019-08-25 16:15
El Salvador pink_dildo
Furia same play style every game ofc they fucking lose
2019-08-25 16:15
Poland Mimaaacz
That's the thing. In the beggining FURIA's style was a bit surprising, but now every knows what they play and it's predictable and easy to counter
2019-08-25 16:17
Same thing happened to fer
2019-08-25 17:26
kind of, he's still hard to counter
2019-08-25 18:15
when i said that furia was going to be an irrelevant team once people take them seriously and people tried to defend them f for those guys
2019-08-25 16:18
It's crazy to me that people thought it wasn't going to be the case. NRG always beating them was directly correlated to understanding them due to playing them in the US, but everyone tried to play it off as a bad matchup (FURIA included). No, idiots, they're just predictable.
2019-08-25 16:33
furia’s fluke is over rippp
2019-08-25 16:18
Or "furia is too predictable" I always knew! Such a shame great talents like yuri and ksc will be nothing in 5 years All you had to do was accept mibr offer lul
2019-08-25 16:23
Wonder how many brazilians will be mibr fanboys again after this kkkkkkkkkk
2019-08-25 16:27
Thanks for validating everything I've said about this team since that inane interview with arT about his over aggression. FURIA aren't a bad team, but they are very 2-dimensional and hopefully this is a wakeup call.
2019-08-25 16:30
2019-08-25 16:30
South America mik00
2019-08-25 16:33
Kkkkkkk said the boludo
2019-08-25 16:57
spexo | 
Slovakia spexo
lets go brother
2019-08-25 16:39
Everyone does nowadays. Furia became one of the most predictable teams in the scene.
2019-08-25 16:50
Everyone expects it now lmao, no versatility nor variety in their strats
2019-08-25 17:18
sayman 1 major???
2019-08-25 17:19
2019-08-25 17:25
El Salvador Sp1x
One dimensional team. As soon as people found them out, they dropped off massively.
2019-08-25 17:28
Europe Nomarosa
LUL Furia
2019-08-25 22:31
Australia csRIOTgo
So KeoZ is a Belgian who speaks Ruski?
2019-08-26 08:44
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