GuardiaN: "We all have at least 120 hours in the past two weeks, that's something we haven't had in a long time"

We interviewed Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács following FaZe's first win at the StarLadder Major against mousesports to ask him about what's on the line for the team when it comes to the future of the lineup and more.

FaZe have broken their short streak of losses to mousesports on the first day of the StarLadder Major New Legends stage, picking up their first win in three matches against their former teammate Finn "karrigan" Andersen's side dating back to ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals in June.

GuardiaN says FaZe's preparation has been "close to perfect"

We got a hold of GuardiaN after the triumph, asking him whether the question marks regarding the future of FaZe's lineup are affecting them and finding out more about their intense, two-week bootcamp ahead of the tournament.

When people talk about FaZe and the Major there is quite a common thinking that this is a do-or-die tournament for this particular lineup. Can you comment on that, do you think that is the case?

At the moment it's really hard to say. Of course we are doing our best, we had a two-week bootcamp and we were grinding and dedicating all our time to CS, so it's hard to say what will happen with this lineup. We can win the Major and keep playing like this or maybe we will get some IGL as we planned before, but it's really hard to say because Filip is a really hard-working, good guy and I think he is improving more and more every day, Janko and NiKo are helping him a lot, so it's hard to say.

Do you feel any pressure as individuals in terms of 'could this be my spot on the team'? Is that at all a concern?

I don't think anyone has any pressure on their shoulders, we are here to play the Major, we spent two weeks together in one apartment. We are here to win, we are here to do our best, and not think about what's going to happen after the tournament. If we fail, go 0-3 or something like that, maybe even the organization would start talking about what we should do with the lineup or whatever, but at the moment, no, we aren't thinking about anything in particular. We are focusing on this tournament and we will see.

Has there been a particular focus in that two-week bootcamp?

We started focusing on stuff like the situations and scenarios like 5v4, 4v5, to play everything 100%, to not overpeek, to communicate that if someone is in a situation to make a play, the other four are freezing and not doing anything, stuff like this. Obviously our map pool and in general tactics on all maps. I'm pretty sure our map pool is good, we prepared some new tactics on all maps so it's not rounds or tactics we have been playing for two years since I joined FaZe. I think there's something fresh and I'm pretty sure we can show it.

I heard some rumblings about the bootcamp going very well, how did you feel going into the Major with the preparation you put in?

The preparation was I would say close to perfect. We came here with the perfect individual skill, we were practicing from like 12-1-2 to like 9-10 PM and then we were playing until like 2-3 AM individually, like FPL, FACEITs or whatever everyone wanted to play. I think this bootcamp was one of the best I have attended, we all have at least 120 hours in the last two weeks, that's something we haven't had for a long time. If someone talks about practice against us or something like that, it's hard to say because it's practice, but if we were destroying someone, that happened just because our individual skill was really, really high and everyone was killing everything. It feels good that way.

I remember hearing similar things from your team during Katowice, that you were very good going into the last Major, is that a different sort of feeling now?

I think it's a different feeling because, as I said, we were working on all the fresh stuff, maybe we changed some positions, we were practicing seven maps, we came up with some new stuff, new tactics, so I think it was a really refreshing bootcamp for us in terms of teamplay.

Your history against mouz hasn't been great, losing both of the previous series, what changed this time?

It's really hard to judge if they were the better team or we were just not prepared at all. When NEO came into the team, it was a new team, basically. It doesn't matter if we have four of the same players when you are a new player, you basically have to play the same things, but it's not the same thing as coming up with something new. I think today we showed that we are the better team and we prepared for this Major even better than they did, but obviously they are a good team.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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Very nice for sure! I think Faze will win the major!
2019-08-28 21:51
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
boosted hours
2019-08-28 21:51
Sweden Unluko 
hope not
2019-08-28 21:52
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
expected FaZe to pop
2019-08-28 22:06
Turkey montpaylit 
steam achievement manager
2019-08-28 21:52
2019-08-28 21:59
erkaSt | 
Mongolia sekuwow 
2019-08-28 22:33
Nifty | 
Turkey G4Z01 
no straight no awnswer faze lost fifth consistant player no mjor
2019-08-29 09:35
Germany nsdvHolmi 
2019-08-29 12:26
pog guardian best awp
2019-08-28 21:51
Lucky | 
France Nieulssss 
2019-08-28 21:51
Czech Republic stinx 
Laco god
2019-08-28 21:52
2019-08-28 21:51
2019-08-28 21:51
guardian is very cool guy
2019-08-28 21:51
2019-08-28 21:52
CeRq | 
Norway ChiefYoda 
120 and still not gonna go to champion stage lul
2019-08-28 21:52
Fuck off
2019-08-29 08:56
Georgia Georgebina 
Just pray for Liquid to not end up against Faze because trust me Faze will destroy you guys:) they showed against mouz that they aren’t here to lose and i hope they will be the ones to end Lolquid’s annoying “era”. Fear Rain. I hope you remember what happened on blast when Rain was on fire<3
2019-08-29 11:53
ZywOo | 
Europe PowwneD 
Mouz showed that they can ending with an 0-3 record, that's the only thing I learned from this game
2019-08-29 13:00
Faze failed against vitality. 😢 How u expect them to win against liquid?
2019-08-29 20:59
United States bo0dle 
afk hours pog
2019-08-28 21:52
2019-08-28 23:57
Because u fat lazy ass?
2019-08-28 21:54
pic of you? u autistic ass
2019-08-28 21:55
mad ? cuz im not
2019-08-28 21:59
He would be an indian looking guy 100 %
2019-08-28 22:23
North America WonderD 
A genuine benchode
2019-08-28 23:53
cromen | 
Norway Hokken 
Indians flaming ppl for looks.. Ouf :'( feels bad man
2019-08-29 09:34
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
2019-08-28 21:54
nice but you will lose in quarter final
2019-08-28 21:55
They will be 2-3 relax
2019-08-29 03:24
Austria Tw1RLY 
+1 flare checks out
2019-08-29 08:53
But we were not talking About mibr
2019-08-30 08:17
United States Artifactz 
2019-08-28 21:55
i really hope this guy will win a major before he retires . he played good at every grand final he played in majors but his team let him down
2019-08-28 21:57
There was a Columbus major final where he underperformed because of his injury but otherwise, you are right.
2019-08-28 22:00
finally an interview to reference when people dont believe niko has poor work ethic and a big ego because they are his fan
2019-08-28 21:58
? wat
2019-08-28 22:06
? Wat
2019-08-29 01:17
Other nt_newfag 
2019-08-29 11:00
xartE | 
Finland J3bediah 
Faze wins the major
2019-08-28 21:58
Canada FlagChecksOut 
Hahahaha nice one how long have you been watching?
2019-08-28 22:37
read whole, I am hoping this time #FaZeUp
2019-08-28 21:59
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
lmao this is something crazy.. 120 hours in past 2 weeks? for team who wants to be top1? lmao kids from mm are hitting more and u are doing that to prepare for major..
2019-08-28 22:02
Poland sh0tdown 
they said atleast they can have more lol
2019-08-28 22:02
That's more than 8h/day. And the actual practice of strats and scrims are much harder and stressful than casually playing MM.
2019-08-28 22:18
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
Idk about faze, mb its ok for them? But for example what i heard from navi players it was like playing 8hrs day is something what they are doing when they have to play some online matches + praccs with team. But with bootcamp and especially for major its something different, 2 weeks of cs. If im not mistaken they said that they are playing 12-14 hrs/day on bootcamp + s1mple is even playing some fpl matches after that
2019-08-28 22:31
Singapore MrHelloThere 
For some, playing 8h straight is the perfect amount of time and playing more is counterproductive. It's not because they're pro that this would be any different. So since Faze won their match and NaVi loses theirs, I guess it kinda shows the point
2019-08-28 22:46
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
navi preapred much more faze atleast 120 hrs both 1:2
2019-08-30 16:27
Denmark LEMonHLTV_BTW 
11-12h per day and look where are they now LOST AGAINST LUCKY OMEGALUL
2019-08-29 09:47
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
yea, flamie had like 200 hrs xD
2019-08-29 09:49
Armenian kiddo teaching professional players how to play.... lmao.... it is like telling your dad how to fuck..... he is not like you asshole he has a life where he has to do other things, and people like you who doesn't have a life are taunting the pros for their work.... nice very nice.... get a life asshole armenian
2019-08-28 22:21
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
thats what happen with ppl when they are getting bullied by armos in school? lmao eat burger or something what are u eating and chill
2019-08-28 22:23
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
Nice englando
2019-08-29 11:02
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
#79, btw where i did a mistake?
2019-08-29 11:28
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
So that's what happens when people get bullied by Armenians in school? Lmao eat a burger or whatever it is that you eat and chill.
2019-08-29 12:14
omg your English is soo fucking bad asshole... please go away noob
2019-08-29 11:18
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
not even my third language so who cares lmao imagine "trashtalking" about english knowledge when u got nothing more to say
2019-08-29 11:27
his english is shit too
2019-08-29 12:16
so is yours
2019-08-29 12:18
probably afk hours. Why wouldn't those kids be in a pro team then? there's a difference in 120 hours pracc and 120+ hours sitting on a gambling site or buying skins and then play mm and rage. In pracc you would usually play scrims, sit on a server brainstorming ideas and trying them out.
2019-08-29 08:51
NiKo | 
Europe twitchy_ 
It's more than 8 hours per day, weekends included, plus he says they played faceit, esea...after those 8 hours. More hours doesn't mean better, quality hours are the ones that count, quality rest is important too, specially if you're a pro.
2019-08-29 12:04
2019-08-28 22:04
So that mean they are not trying their hardest at other tournaments?
2019-08-28 22:05
2019-08-28 22:13
Stewie2K | 
Poland Mratu 
2019-08-28 22:15
Norway flipflop 
+ there was karrigan in opponent team
2019-08-28 22:16
uno | 
Slovakia PerryKAT 
It will be his Major. I really want to see him lifts the trophy with tears of joy
2019-08-28 22:22
Same. I'm happy to see Faze in such a good form after their underpeformance and after most people doubted they would make it to playoffs.
2019-08-28 22:30
NiKo | 
Serbia Vilota 
Yeah most people dont think they will go into champions stage.Its nice to see FaZe getting good performance without NiKo.I think they have a chance for this major.
2019-08-28 23:31
s1mple | 
Russia h3x0r 
120? flamie has 180
2019-08-28 22:25
electronic is not performing from last major.... I think they Navi should remove electronic and not flamie...
2019-08-28 22:28
obvious fakeflagger. american cant speak such bad english
2019-08-28 22:31
World Notb8ing 
but how many did he actually play... Easy for anyone to have 80 hours of idle :D
2019-08-28 22:32
120h from it flamie played football manager
2019-08-28 22:39
Denmark LEMonHLTV_BTW 
And he lost to lucky OMEGAKEK
2019-08-29 09:48
Argentina Fa7e07 
2019-08-28 22:26
Thats something i was hoping
2019-08-28 22:37
Hungary IstvanHorvath 
cool men
2019-08-28 22:38
2019-08-28 22:55
2019-08-28 23:33
Finland Smoonah 
well it is your job so
2019-08-28 23:51
I have more lmao
2019-08-29 01:42
GuardiaN | 
Other Darge 
You really need to get a life dude, they're pros but what's your excuse?
2019-08-29 04:36
2019-08-29 12:20
Actually true i stop playing CS.
2019-08-29 16:00
Yeah but youre just playing soloq mm not playing against the best teams in the world
2019-08-29 11:37
i wasnt playing mm but ok.
2019-08-29 16:00
120 or more hours of practice against top teams =/= 120 or more hours playing MM.
2019-08-29 14:49
MM Sure nobody plays that shit.
2019-08-29 16:00
Faze will win this major!
2019-08-29 01:55
FaZe UP!
2019-08-29 03:27
2019-08-29 04:37
5 private profiles lmao open profile or lying
2019-08-29 09:04
Brazil trevz 
zews put 160hrs
2019-08-29 11:59
2019-08-29 12:18
Reunion kolgab 
8hrs/day wtf its nothing...
2019-08-29 12:34
And you still got eliminated from the major,nice bootcamp btw,fucking disgrace.
2019-08-31 19:30
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