Boombl4: "NRG is a good opponent for us, we feel confident"

After Na`Vi became the last team to advance to the playoffs, we talked to Kirill "⁠Boombl4⁠" Mikhailov about their match against CR4ZY and their opponents in the quarter-finals, NRG.

Natus Vincere made it to the playoffs from the fifth round after a shaky New Legends stage, which they completed with a 3-2 record following a closely-contested series against CR4ZY, coming back from a loss on Mirage and a 10-12 deficit on Inferno to win the best-of-three.

Na`Vi are through to the playoffs, where they will go up against NRG

Boombl4 spoke to us after the team's qualification for playoffs about the stressful Inferno and commented on being on the same side of the bracket as NRG, who they will face in the quarter-finals, Liquid and Astralis.

At one point in the CR4ZY series it looked quite dangerous for you after you lost Mirage and were down 10-12 on Inferno after CR4ZY mounted a comeback. Can you tell me about how you recovered to win the map after all and closed out the series?

On Inferno we won hard rounds and we had shitty economy, we were leading 8-2 or 7-2 and we had $2,000, so we were leading but our economy was still shit. We lost one or two rounds, our economy crashed, they came back, and took the second pistol round. It was a little bit of a nervous situation for us. It was really stressful when the score was like 12-10, that was a really important round for us. If we lost that we would have lost the game, but Zeus told us to stay in our positions and not rotate so much, we did that and came back. After that we had the confidence to win Nuke easily.

How stressful was the match for you as still the new player on the team, playing your first Major with Na`Vi?

Maybe I was nervous at ESL One Cologne, but now I'm feeling confident, my team trusts me, I'm not new anymore. So I'm not nervous because I'm new, but in some situations in-game people are always nervous, so it's okay.

In an interview after the previous match, flamie was talking about the team not playing up to par with the practice, being more nervous than usual, have you managed to get past that now?

In practice we played very confidently and then we came to the tournament and lost two BO1s, it's a bit tilting. When you play a BO3, it's okay, and after two BO1 losses, the next match is for elimination. That's why we were nervous, but now after our win against MIBR I think we were more confident, it was an elimination match and we felt like we could lose the first map and win the two last ones. It was a little shaky when we lost the first map to CR4ZY, but we know our Mirage is not good right now.

How are you feeling going up against NRG in the quarter-finals and being in the same side of the bracket as Astralis and Liquid?

I think NRG is a good opponent for us, we feel confident because we played eight or nine praccs versus them and always won, maybe we only lost one or two times. It's a tournament, not practice, but I feel confident versus them, Na`Vi was always winning against NRG when they played with Edward. About Liquid and Astralis, when I came into the team I said that we would break Astralis, so I want to face Astralis in the semi-finals. If you want to win the Major, you need to face the hardest team, so you don't need to think about weak teams in the playoffs. If you want to win the Major, you need to beat the best teams.

Russia Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
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Greece Poor_Noob
eat them boobla
2019-09-02 12:33
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k
2019-09-02 12:33
And boombl4 goes boom bitch!
2019-09-02 19:14
2019-09-02 12:38
Boombla vs Cerq.. Who will eat and who will be eaten???
2019-09-02 12:42
Greece Poor_Noob
find out on the next episode of major
2019-09-02 12:43
India X3pHyR
On the next episode of Starladder Major
2019-09-02 12:45
Greece Poor_Noob
Boombla vs Cerq Who will eat and who will be eaten??? Find out on the next episode of Starladder Major our commercial spot is ready boys #34 #42 letsgooo
2019-09-02 12:48
2019-09-03 20:08
the burgers
2019-09-02 16:17
Romania stefaNw0w
2019-09-02 12:43
Sweden Trkmag
2019-09-02 13:08
2019-09-02 13:20
2019-09-03 16:29
2019-09-02 12:33
2019-09-02 12:33
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k
flair checks out mad cuz eliminated?
2019-09-02 12:35
navi will lose with the fat ass
2019-09-02 12:36
2019-09-02 12:36
Vietnam ponmemes
imagine getting eliminated by a fat ass
2019-09-02 12:44
2019-09-02 12:56
2019-09-02 13:02
Ukraine zCainee
2019-09-03 17:34
lmao not even legends hahaha mad cuz bad
2019-09-02 13:01
Ahhahaha go and cry
2019-09-02 14:24
2019-09-02 12:33
confident that you'll lose?
2019-09-02 12:34
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k
nt 4 player scene
2019-09-02 12:34
Hiding behind europe flag because you're afraid people will judge you for being 3rd worlder LUL
2019-09-02 13:17
2019-09-02 13:20
"3rd worlder" how it belongs to cs ?
2019-09-02 13:43
shox | 
Estonia Hondas
2019-09-02 13:50
Lmao, he's not gonna respond to that one.
2019-09-02 14:25
I'm sorry, my service provider blocks comments from 3rd worlders, not going to respond to something I can't see mens ) but since you're both s1mple fanboys I'm guessing you're busy jerking each other off ))
2019-09-02 14:53
2019-09-02 20:17
Hahahha u got me om that one
2019-09-04 00:01
Turkey Samsun85
You sound stupid as fck...
2019-09-02 14:48
Expected from kebab tbh
2019-09-02 14:50
europe flag
2019-09-02 13:20
4 majors nt tho
2019-09-02 14:57
Australia g00sey
Swede then?
2019-09-02 22:56
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k
2019-09-02 12:34
India X3pHyR
Delusional little kid
2019-09-02 12:46
nt no scener
2019-09-02 13:05
2019-09-02 13:07
2019-09-02 13:48
I mean, Ropz has and will do more in the scene than your whole country of one billion people ever will. Not hating on you or defending him, but that was a bad counter.
2019-09-02 14:25
EZ4ENCE ence gonna win dis major anyways. U talk shit bitch. I have nothing against you but yeah, you are a pathetic shit. Mad coz aleksi benched after major, np bruh, dey will win anywayz with suNny as well. #EZ4ENCE
2019-09-02 14:53
I didnt call you any names. Why resort to insults like "pathetic" or "bitch"? I am not mad, but you seem to be. Try to relax a little. And to the points about ence, yes, I imagine they will be just fine, and that's OK to me. :)
2019-09-02 15:16
Flair checks out.
2019-09-02 15:19
lmao #109 ignore this braindead shit scener
2019-09-02 14:56
u fckn moron shit eater
2019-09-02 15:20
Why is Indian calling others shiteater? That's something new xD
2019-09-02 19:34
+1 lul
2019-09-02 23:04
World is changing kek
2019-09-03 06:26
reverse psychology I guess
2019-09-03 06:42
Delusional lil bitch
2019-09-02 12:55
nt no scener go watch forsaken highlights cuz thats what ur scene will always be known for pathetic ugly cheaters
2019-09-02 13:05
2019-09-02 13:42
your only argument is "nt noscener" but all you're doing is hiding behind the EU flag fucking faggot
2019-09-02 13:21
+1 he a fckn beetch shitting oll around. Toxic mf
2019-09-02 13:44
go shit on the streets
2019-09-02 14:57
come eat my shitty shit lil bitch
2019-09-02 15:01
at least we dont have immigrants and refugees occupying our streets mens))
2019-09-02 16:07
Why would they when the streets are full of shit?
2019-09-02 16:41
4 majors my friend :)
2019-09-02 14:57
navi got rekted by liquid how many times?? i think 2 of my hands cant even add them up :(
2019-09-03 05:53
This guy is a bit too thikk..
2019-09-02 12:35
wtf mens))
2019-09-02 12:37
You can't say that in 2019 mate.
2019-09-02 12:39
How come? Its the truth..
2019-09-02 12:42
Get ready to get rekt
2019-09-02 12:35
the boys will get rekt by meme team
2019-09-02 12:37
bruh NRG>RNG anyway if I'm being honest
2019-09-02 12:38
Malaysia Suno[t]
2019-09-02 12:36
gl 0-2 bots
2019-09-02 12:37
2019-09-02 12:38
2-0 cr4zy would win if not lucky p1mple in smoke cry is free
2019-09-02 12:38
2019-09-02 12:39
Cry here \_/ Africa Needs Water
2019-09-02 13:06
if one lucky moment broke them then they are not ready yet, had all chances, on 3rd map got destroyed hard, so no excuses for cr4zy.. good run tho
2019-09-02 16:04
NRG won't let any mistakes to broke them so rip shitvi
2019-09-02 16:06
NRG look strong now, but lost to Na'Vi before every time, can be closer match than you think, but only if Na'Vi play on full potential
2019-09-02 16:09
they are playing much worse than with edward
2019-09-02 16:10
I would say probably the same level of play, s1mple played much better with Edward, so if he wake up Na'Vi can be decent and yea, I love Edward, but he sometimes was a bot on the map, Boombla looks a bit better
2019-09-02 16:14
maybe only at aiming. He looks very stupid on his positioning, pushing without checking defaults etc. Very bad entry and arrogant af. Did you hear him ghosting "Sosat" and "Domoy" yesterday to cr4zy?
2019-09-02 16:19
I don't like this stupid shouting as well, same with stewie about pushes, i'd say boombla had his success and he's not the worst entry and speaking of retarded pushes, I remember Edward died constantly without any trade when he pushed on overpass non stop, same with inferno, he pushed banana and was a free kill to enemy I liked his personality tho much more than boomitch and how chill and respectful he was
2019-09-02 16:26
Zeus must have sent Edward on those mission for info or something. Be did the same thing on catwalk to short on mirage as T alone.. since it was like that on so many maps it can't or should not be a coinsidence. I always thought that was really weird.. also a choice in important rounds where navi needed the trades
2019-09-03 04:20
Lol, and ofc you didn't hear same cries from crazy ?
2019-09-02 20:19
2019-09-02 12:38
2019-09-02 12:39
Czech Republic Noxar
Back to mother Russia after quarterfinals.
2019-09-02 12:39
nt prokda g2 already home crying LULW
2019-09-02 12:39
Czech Republic Noxar
Yeah Renegays got lucky
2019-09-02 12:40
Renegays has got no Lucky G2 has Lucky fan of a team and doesnt know its players OMEGALUL
2019-09-02 12:40
Czech Republic Noxar
No, G2 has unLucky. Also, enjoy getting r4p3d by CerQ, the Bulgarian beast.
2019-09-02 12:41
Who? The onliner who never performs in playoffs? ah ok
2019-09-02 13:04
Austria sometime2
Sorry but electronic won the game vs cr4zy single-handedly, peanut brain have no chance vs GODtronic
2019-09-02 13:16
tarik | 
Norway MD!
NRG gonna whip their ass 100%
2019-09-02 12:39
flag checks out
2019-09-02 15:02
hope it won't be a fluke, since NRG never looked as strong as right now
2019-09-02 16:11
United States fart_lmao
Not a fluke, Stan just needed time to implement his style. No way to tell if they'll choke though, hopefully not
2019-09-03 03:51
1-2 NRG win
2019-09-02 12:41
2019-09-02 15:02
2019-09-02 17:10
lost against mouz and g2, wE fEeL cOnfiDenT lol, even hes ratings are pretty bad how he could say that
2019-09-02 12:43
flair checks out mad cuz not ezAF anymore?
2019-09-02 15:02
dude wtf im huge fan of s1mple, and navi from cs 1.6, but boombl4 was a mistake he is not at the level navi needed atm. you can see twitch chat spamming s1mple 1v9. navi's igl cant fragging and hes also a baiter and backstabber btw and there is boombl4 saying when he transferred to navi : i'll eat them, and now he get rekt like almost every game
2019-09-02 17:07
twitch chat ahahahahahahha
2019-09-02 18:58
yikes, "twitch chat is spamming" is not a good argument
2019-09-02 18:58
mouz brought fight to Liquid even - the top1, also could have taken one map or even win if they haven't choked so hard
2019-09-02 16:16
NRG will crush these russian bots
2019-09-02 12:43
Ast about to dominate major once more
2019-09-02 12:45
tarik | 
Norway MD!
lmfao imagine losing 16-4 on nuke hahahahaha era is over, deal with it.
2019-09-02 13:02
lmao u do realize playoff and group stages are very different. Nrg always choke in quarters XD
2019-09-02 14:33
Don't know about dominate but if they can get enough smoke kills to win against Liquid I'd say they have a good chance at giving a good match in the final )
2019-09-02 13:19
smoke soon will become irrelevant since nowadays pros have too much of a 'gamesense' xDD
2019-09-02 16:19
true LUL
2019-09-03 13:07
misplaced confidence
2019-09-02 12:45
United States noCap
He finna eat em
2019-09-02 12:45
stfu boombot
2019-09-02 12:45
Glorified Edward, which, in my opinion as exepected, turns out to show that Edward's bad performances were a lot linked to him being NaVi's whore positionwise and rolewise
2019-09-02 12:54
slojniy london
2019-09-02 12:59
you do realize he's replacing zeus and not edward, right?
2019-09-02 14:39
after Na'VI Edward looks even worse, so idk what are u on about
2019-09-02 16:27
he needs to play much better than yesterday to win against them
2019-09-02 12:46
boombl4 will eat cerq
2019-09-02 12:57
300kg kid vs 200kg kid
2019-09-02 13:05
DreamEaters was only good opponent for you, you piece of shits
2019-09-02 12:52
2019-09-02 21:04
16-6 and 16-2 for NRG.
2019-09-02 12:54
Russia Kroven
Well not that score, but NRG definitely look like major winner
2019-09-02 13:09
2019-09-02 13:03
2019-09-02 15:03
Eat them like hamburger
2019-09-02 13:04
2019-09-02 15:03
Australia csRIOTgo
There is nothing like watching Boombl4 play while drinking Bobbl4 tea...
2019-09-02 13:04
2019-09-02 13:05
flair checks out EZ4NAVIDAVI
2019-09-02 15:03
Ukraine martnlo1
Boombla will eat them
2019-09-02 13:05
2019-09-02 15:03
Maybe the old NRG. Remember the roster change. Stanislaw and Tarik added to the mix with 3 star players. New strategies and everyone fragging. Na Vi will have a surprise! I believe NRG will 2-1 this.
2019-09-02 13:08
yeah, probably navi dont know about replacements in nrg, so they will be surprised by seeing new players
2019-09-02 13:13
Austria sometime2
Hahaha made my day thanks Armenian friend
2019-09-02 13:18
??? they had bunch of praccs vs new nrg roster wake up boy
2019-09-02 13:28
I guess we’ll see... boy
2019-09-02 21:38
simple also said they feel confident almost lost to crazy and advance. NRG will crush them
2019-09-02 13:08
Austria sometime2
No way CeRq will disappear like always in playoffs, NRG last chance to win is godlike performance from Brehze
2019-09-02 13:20
Translate: "So ez cyka, nice to play we you, you play like fck bitz"
2019-09-02 13:14
NRG gonna be DESTROYED by
2019-09-02 13:22
Boombl4 with his fake confidence again...
2019-09-02 13:34
Na'Vi should not practice ever, look at 2018, no bootcamp and they won 3 events in a row xD
2019-09-02 16:33
2019-09-02 13:51
Russia D4goth
Please, stop writing "Boombla". "4" means ch. So, "Boomich" will be correct
2019-09-02 14:12
What about the bl? So it's boomblich
2019-09-02 14:21
bl looks like cyrillic i . So its boomich
2019-09-02 14:31
Russia D4goth
Russian alphabet has "bl" - eng hasn't analog of that's one, but it's sounds like "i"
2019-09-02 14:37
ex dota pro "xboct" is pronounced "chawurst" so you write Chawurst when you mean xboct??
2019-09-02 15:16
Chawurts :DD It's pronounced like "khvost", that means "tail".
2019-09-02 15:29
what ever. Nobody would demand that you write it how you say it.
2019-09-02 15:43
lmao just call him xbox
2019-09-02 19:01
are u stupid? we don't talk about how you call someone, we talk about how you write someone.
2019-09-02 19:05
are you stupid? its just a nickname. just call/write his nickname "xbox"
2019-09-02 20:01
nt boombla
2019-09-02 17:11
boomble > boombla >boomblyat > boomblade > boombalerino > boomich
2019-09-03 11:10
So you feel confident because you won some praccs against them? Kkkkkkkkkkk you'll have a nasty surprise
2019-09-02 14:20
nt dead scene 3 teams and even 1 couldn't make the playoffs OMEGALUL NAVI WILL WIN MAJOR CRY IS FREE
2019-09-02 15:05
>dead scene >country with most playerson major pick one about navi, they are weak right now, NRG will win easily, but I think that in 3 or 4 months they will be very strong
2019-09-02 15:28
Russia D4goth
Why do u think so? By how they've played at new legend stage? Btw, Liquid did a lot of mistakes and has been graduated hardly. So what? NRG and NaVi have different purposes: for NRG champ stage is the maximum - NaVi will take the major
2019-09-02 20:35
Australia g00sey
I don't agree with other guy but even though you guys might have the most players in major total, even us aussies have more in the playoffs than you. I wouldn't use the argument you did bro
2019-09-02 23:06
quality > quantity MIBR 1-3 Legends stage (probably 0-3 if they didn't get lucky and draw NiP in the 1st round) FURIA 1-3 Challengers stage INTZ 0-3 Challengers stage
2019-09-03 02:54
This is the farthest NAVI can go.
2019-09-02 14:49
Europe N3sHie1k
Navi will destroy them easily
2019-09-02 22:08
Low tier fat trash Ez 2-0 nrg
2019-09-02 15:03
nt weeb
2019-09-02 15:05
Chile strong221
smartest one tho
2019-09-02 15:39
nt smartest_weeb's alt
2019-09-02 16:41
Chile strong221
im not a dirty weeb lol
2019-09-03 18:41
S1mple has to show his A+++ game on all maps to win. Boombl4 has nothing to say about win or lose.
2019-09-02 15:18
Sweden Akoulad
"confident" lmao you suck bokmbbot
2019-09-02 15:27
"I said that we would "bake" Astralis, so I want to face Astralis in the semi-finals. If you want to win the Major, you need to face the hardest team to eat, so you don't need to think about weak teams in the playoffs. If you want to win the Major, you need to "eat" the best teams." Quote Boombl4
2019-09-02 15:30
if you can't beat 'em, you surely need to eat 'em :P ...or join them, but not in this case
2019-09-02 16:37
Chile strong221
you're so fucked lmao
2019-09-02 15:38
scrim gods barely making out of groups XD
2019-09-02 15:48
s1mple to turn up to hes usual level, then it is easy for Navi
2019-09-02 16:11
or at least crazy bloody battle, oh ye boiii
2019-09-02 16:39
BoombI4 again talking shit, winning 4vs5 and ShitEaters, that lucky, but now 2-0 for NRG
2019-09-02 16:25
your fat brother cerq is waiting for you.
2019-09-02 16:57
stanislaw strats >>>>> zeus strats hahahahaha
2019-09-02 16:59
Lmao no chance for NaVi
2019-09-02 17:01
nrg in good shape = super rip
2019-09-02 17:13
Boombl4 vs Cerq POGGERS Battle of the Brother Bears
2019-09-02 17:20
no one would honestly be comfortable in that situation... should have prayed to get renegades instead
2019-09-02 17:33
This will not age well.
2019-09-02 18:03
Good opponent for us? Nice try bro LUL
2019-09-02 18:44
Ukraine EmErAJID
After every "confident" interview navi lost their games, so im very afraid
2019-09-02 19:29
Not the best S1mple = RIP Na'Vi. Sorry. I mean, they can beat NRG, but the can't beat Astralis, Liquid, Ence, Vitality.
2019-09-02 22:26
god elec+decent flamie&s1mple would be enough
2019-09-03 03:11
I bet my PC that CR4ZY will regret that post. NRG for the win! (sorry CR4ZY fanboys,NRG are way better).
2019-09-02 23:19
Canada Jonesyk
NRG gonna tap datass boob’le EZ 2-0 NRG, peanut brain second major incomin.
2019-09-03 02:56
bumbel will eat cerq and steal his powers ez pz
2019-09-03 03:16
looking at how nrg perform it will be easy 2-0 navi navi playing like crap, only electronic performing.
2019-09-03 05:51
Bulgaria goatse
and zeus
2019-09-03 18:46
making that kind of statement that we have a good opponent or we are gonna be them bla bla bla... never turns out well. Never.
2019-09-03 05:56
doing well in practice > win LAN match in tournament Pimp Logic
2019-09-03 08:25
" we played eight or nine praccs versus them and always won, maybe we only lost one or two times "
2019-09-03 08:39
Ez nrg 2-0 Mark my words
2019-09-03 08:40
they will lose becuz of ZEwS
2019-09-03 08:43
2019-09-03 09:29
2019-09-03 10:59
NaVi 2-1 NRG
2019-09-03 11:56
2019-09-06 18:10
go bombi4 go go play hard be great
2019-09-19 12:42
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