device: "My motivation is to knock Liquid off No.1, we have to beat them a few more times to consider ourselves the best team"

To round out our live coverage from the StarLadder Major, we interviewed the now two-time Major Most Valuable Player, Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz, about Astralis' feat and their recovery.

We asked the superstar AWPer about the one-sided grand final, in which the Danish side managed to stay ahead of AVANGAR's gamble stacks and kept Dzhami "⁠Jame⁠" Ali from getting opportunities to get picks to come out victorious after a clear-cut 2-0 victory.

device says Astralis still need to beat Liquid a few more times to knock them off the top

device also talked about the team's recovery over the course of the break, what Astralis' goals will be now that they became four-time Major champions, and what drives him as an individual.

First of all, happy birthday. Where does this present rank among your lifetime gifts?

It's definitely the best gift I've ever had for my birthday. I don't think anything can ever match this. I'll just try to enjoy the evening now, I was not thinking about it the entire day, trying to just focus on the game was pretty tough. There's been so much support from around the world and people writing to me, so I'm just incredibly grateful.

The grand final ended up being very, very one-sided, you seemed to be able to deal with their gamble stacks, something that caught many other teams off-guard, did you come into the match well prepared for that?

Yeah, definitely. We wanted to play our map first because we then could kind of control the pace of the game, and we're a really good team at taking the B bombsite, so we just kept on doing banana control and force them into making some mistakes. We knew they were going to gamble and push and be two guys after the ones who pushed. Of course they caught us off-guard a few times, but that's because they are so good at gambling. The mentality was just that whenever you get a kill just slow down, wait for them to have a reaction and gla1ve will call what to do.

Jame didn't really seem to have many opportunities, was that also a focus of yours in preparation?

Yeah, definitely, the times he peeked down mid, we knew that, the times he peeked banana early, we kind of knew what his plan was on Inferno. Other than that, when you go a lot towards the B site you don't really meet him, he plays a lot of short, so he had to force duels early and because he was playing a tough game, then it's hard to get yourself into the groove, you don't get easy kills, and I think we're really good at not giving the AWPs opportunities just to get the easy kills and stay safe.

Before the break you had a lot of time in between some tournaments but never managed to get back to your former level, what was different about this time?

I don't know, man, honestly. Everyone knows what a Major is and what it means, doing something historical, winning three in a row, something that hasn't been done before, I think it's easy to get your heart pumping when you think about those kinds of situations, that's what you dream of and play for. I definitely think that everyone was just a tiny bit more motivated, myself after the group stage I just kept on playing all day, just wanted it so much. I think that there's a different level of motivation from us when we play these kinds of tournaments and it really paid off in the playoffs, we looked like 2018 Astralis. We were unstoppable, honestly, I didn't feel like we were going to lose a map at any point.

The "three-peat" was the main source of motivation for Astralis

Was that the main driving force behind your preparation, making history by becoming back-to-back-to-back Major champions?

Definitely the driving force, but also you have a lot of stuff to deal with mentally as a player, so if you think too much about these kinds of situations you will put too much pressure on yourself, so treating it as any other tournament is also really important because in reality it's the same teams. We went into this tournament as kind of the underdogs, we expected to be at least in the top-eight, but after that quarter-final [against Liquid] we just felt really well and we knew we had what it took to win the entire thing. We wanted to be in the driving seat whenever we played, we wanted to control the pace of the game, and I think that was the important factor combined with gla1ve's calling, he was amazing the entire tournament.

I remember talking to Magisk after your previous Major win at Katowice, when he spoke about the next goals being Cologne and becoming back-to-back-to-back Major champions. You didn't manage to pull off the first one, but in the second you pulled through, what is the goal this time, where do you go from here?

That's a tough one. We always have the goal to win the tournament, New York is the next tournament for us and we're not going to prioritize other stuff. It's just about finding that source of motivation for you and the driving force for us as a team, we're pretty good at that, it doesn't have to be anything spectacular, now we have done this three-peat of the Majors and if I can recall correctly it's like 240 days until the next Major, so we have to just focus on the upcoming tournaments. My motivation is to knock Liquid off the top 1 spot, in my opinion they are still the best team in the world because they just came back from the break and they won so many tournaments and we have to beat them a few more times to consider ourselves the best team in the world.

What keeps you going individually? You have the most MVPs out of anyone, now you've also tied coldzera for the only players to ever receive two MVPs from Majors, how are you managing to be this consistent from nearly the start of CS:GO?

I think that sometimes I have to think a lot about what the game has given to me. I was in a tough spot in 2017 where I was sick and I couldn't play and I watched my team from the sidelines, it was obviously the most horrible thing in the world for me. I was considering if I should do other stuff in life. The driving force is the competition, competing to be the best team in the world and then the benefit is also competing for the best player in the world, and I wouldn't be here without my teammates, they gave me so many opportunities to live this life. I don't think I would be able to do it in any other team. I'm just grateful for them.

Speaking of the title of the best player in the world, that's something that you are missing despite coming close a few times, is that something you look to, as well?

Of course it's a motivation, but there are so many great players and for me the most important thing is winning the tournaments and making my team better in all situations on the map. At this tournament I was just feeling really great in all the pistol rounds, which is something I worked a little bit on, as well. It's definitely a motivation, but there is ZywOo, he is a great player right now and you have s1mple, who in my opinion is also considered at least top-three, and EliGE was going crazy. Consistency is definitely one of the things that I thrive in, being a top-five player in the world, five, six, seven years in a row, how long I can keep it up I don't know. It's more important for me than to just peak in one year and putting too much energy into it and not be healthy.

Russia Dzhami 'Jame' Ali
Dzhami 'Jame' Ali
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Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
WTF? Liquid is not top1 and was never top1. Astralis is the real top 1 for almost 2 years now, GOAT team for sure. > WE HAVE TO BEAT THEM A FEW MORE TIMES TO CONSIDER OURSELVES THE BEST TEAM > nice bait dev1ce
2019-09-08 21:37
United States me_0_major
2019-09-08 21:35
godvice nt AdreN
2019-09-08 21:35
North America ProudNAfan
Proof NA>EU As stated by best EU player himself
2019-09-08 21:42
North America J_Nasty
2019-09-08 21:49
he is just being modest, not that an american have heard of that before. 14 weeks rip streak.
2019-09-08 22:44
No, Team Liquid>All other teams EU is greater than NA.
2019-09-09 00:16
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
ur tripping
2019-09-09 03:17
that's why i will hate Na fans . cause they want to prove they are better and in reality they are not and device said this shit cause he want to put more pressure on liquid team cause liquid need a a lot of work if they want to keep no. 1 spot . it is the mind game which Na teams is bad on it .
2019-09-09 08:32
He has the underdog mindset, its much easier to tell yourself that you arent the best when you clearly are so that you dont have to receive the pressure of being seen as the best by the community.
2019-09-09 18:20
2019-09-08 21:35
2019-09-08 21:37
+1 dev1ce baiting even HLTV themselves Kappa
2019-09-08 21:40
2019-09-08 22:27
#AstraGODS are back BOIS. Liquid to be "dethroned" , the kings of CS are back.
2019-09-08 22:49
2019-09-08 22:59
2019-09-09 00:10
yeah and definitely vitality #2 Kappa, those ratings are useless
2019-09-09 08:20
2019-09-09 10:23
imagine comparing a totally different roster to them LOL. delusional
2019-09-09 08:36
+1, liquid only win when theres no astralis
2019-09-09 08:44
well, that was one stupid statement if I ever saw one.
2019-09-09 14:57
Liechtenstein niggatosynk
2019-09-08 21:35
Argentina Xiie
2019-09-08 21:35
so ez
2019-09-08 21:36
United States ascendaNt88
clearly liquid was only a speedbump
2019-09-08 21:36
2019-09-08 21:36
Liquid has never been Top 1
2019-09-08 21:37
great name men)))
2019-09-08 21:45
2019-09-08 22:05
Serbia XD___
After next major: nexa_1_major_device_4_majors_s0mple_0_majors :) #GoCr4zy
2019-09-08 23:24
right thats why a player from their rival team admits it. you kids are delusional LOL
2019-09-09 08:39
Courtesy, being humble, not something a burger would tell you
2019-09-09 08:44
Greece CMi_
Liquid was Good when no one was there to challenge. Now that everyone is waking Up again they barely get throu the group stage and lose 2-0 QF. It was Good when they could trash talked their way up to #1 but now they soon will fall. Eventually they will dissapear. Also idgaf what thoorin and the other analysts say. Liquid "era" (if u can even call it an era) was the WEAKEST era of all time
2019-09-09 09:36
No one was was there to challenge? I'm sorry, I believe the entirety of the CS:GO scene except Astralis was there, actually. True, they had an average tournament, and theywill never be true no.1 before they beat Astralis- and get a major. But man, they reckt everyone else in the past few months. But eh, you do you, if you need to still live in you delusion where NA isn't capable of anything, go for it :D I, on my part, am old enough to say Astralis is still the better team, without having to ridicule Liquid's achievements. Toxic fans...
2019-09-09 14:48
China dexdex
well played! congrats Astralis
2019-09-08 21:36
Romania En!gma0
It's going to be a fun end of year as the competition for the first place in rankings is still undecided.
2019-09-08 21:36
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio
yes yes eu > na we know that already
2019-09-08 21:37
ur not even indo-european
2019-09-09 08:39
proud member of nb8
2019-09-09 19:54
Netherlands Shinxly
3 majors in a row and people still call LULquid GOAT
2019-09-08 21:37
Germany naeqode
no one ever unironically called Liquid GOAT lol
2019-09-08 22:25
United States MeeMz
never seen that
2019-09-09 02:51
United States Prattatat
He didn't call them GOAT and I don't think anyone has, only thing I've seen is top 5 all time which is probably true. He called them current #1 in the world which is true. Astralis is now in prime position to take that ranking back but.
2019-09-09 15:57
Europe laczyslaw
bornstralis and dev2ce hahahha
2019-09-08 21:37
United Kingdom VOSSKi
nah u have 4 majors liquid have 0 nuff said
2019-09-08 21:37
Not really the point, one tournament does not make them #1 again, not even a major. If they keep playing like this, it will just be a formality though.
2019-09-08 22:43
United States Prattatat
2019-09-09 15:58
Spain elskio
goat saying
2019-09-08 21:37
eZ for Startralis
2019-09-08 21:37
United States caliprep
EZ for Astralis. 4 majors alone, 1 major NA. Liquid choking where it matters.
2019-09-08 21:38
2019-09-08 21:48
boston major mvp is tarik not ska
2019-09-08 21:46
Nevermind, brain fart... He won that stupid "U.S. Air Force MVP" I got confused, lol. My bad.
2019-09-08 21:48
s0m | 
United States joke_cs
Device "Liquid is top 1" Astralis fans "No"
2019-09-08 21:38
its 2-2 in BO3 in 2019 betn astralis and liquid thats why they think that
2019-09-08 21:42
s0m | 
United States joke_cs
Not a crazy thing to think it's just funny they so actively believe it when their favorite players don't
2019-09-08 21:57
we need more BO3's betn astralis and liquid like in 2018 to determine who is better
2019-09-08 22:05
s0m | 
United States joke_cs
I really hope we'll get them, my favorite rivalry of all time
2019-09-08 22:50
It was one-sided for a whole year but finally liquid has gotten better and can spice it up.
2019-09-09 00:20
Greece CMi_
They tryna put pressure on the liquid guys so they choke. Jeez, u rly believed that?
2019-09-09 09:42
lul its not like liquid beat astralis again and again its 2-2 in 2019 astralis rekt them in 2018
2019-09-09 16:26
Lmao +1
2019-09-08 21:46
Denmark resolut
lol true
2019-09-08 21:56
Not just astralis but also liquid and even NA haters: no kkkkkk
2019-09-08 22:41
So humble. Best cs go player of all time
2019-09-08 21:38
I hope Liquid learn from this and keep the rivalry alive. Tbh kinda disappointing efforts from them also unlucky to meet astralis earlier. As a fan, kinda annoyed to see Liquid players always talk a lot about themselves being the best team in the world.
2019-09-08 21:39
I could bet, that this wouldn't have happend to Liquid prior to the player-break. The break obviously broke their momentum
2019-09-08 22:06
Same has honestly happened to Astralis twice. They came back from a break and lost DH Malmo to North, then won the major They came back from a break and lost iBuyPower to Liquid, then won the major. A tournament or two before a major (after a break) really needs to implemented. Too many teams not bringing their A game when it's right after a break.
2019-09-09 07:13
especially when they wanna sell us the importance of the event, but hosting it after a playerbreak..
2019-09-09 11:55
United States Prattatat
2019-09-09 15:59
India MihirX27
They will be back, I think. Expect EPL S10, ECS S8, ESL One NY and DHM Malmo to be explosive.
2019-09-09 03:32
Germany killmichi
I hope so. Really looking up to another close rivalry. But I need to agree, that if Astralis hold that form they suddenly found in the playoffs up it will be really hard for Liquid.
2019-09-09 06:44
I'm so happy that Liquid, the last 6 months, took their game to a whole new level. I hope they quickly find their grove, so we keep getting these truly legendary games with them and Astralis.
2019-09-09 08:06
4 players and Zonic all said the same in seperate post match interviews. They were asked if they could stay hungry, and they said their next goal is to overtake Liquid to #1.
2019-09-08 21:40
Romania decis1ve
2019-09-08 21:40
India Frost2639
Lol let them get their form back then we'll see who beats whom Half the top teams weren't performing well Astralis got lucky
2019-09-08 21:41
Astralis H2H Liquid 46:16 Don't even know who got lucky
2019-09-08 22:00
United States Prattatat
Head to head over over many years and different rosters? It's 2:2 this year with current players. Thats what you look at.
2019-09-09 16:00
India Frost2639
Give em time they'll even it up
2019-09-10 06:11
Astralis looked good post-Liquid in the playoffs. If they stay playing how they did in the NRG and Avangar games, Liquid will struggle (even with their pre-major form). Both teams are very good, but for completely different reasons.
2019-09-08 22:27
India Frost2639
By struggle If u mean it's gonna be a brawlfest I agree I just hate the fact that ppl keep saying liquid got lucky with the wins there wasn't anyone contesting them or stuff like that
2019-09-09 05:29
Liquid clearly didn't get lucky, no one looked close to them at all. But Liquid won rounds on sheer firepower sometimes, and the Astralis we saw vs NRG and AVANGAR would've at least exploited some of that. Liquid looked really bad all major and still put up a better fight than nearly everyone else (except NRG in the groups, good ol NRG playing awful in the semis as usual).
2019-09-09 15:16
India MihirX27
Astralis technically took a larger player break than its peers in TL. They had what's called a Successful Summer Run. But Astralis is back from its Summer Vacation, and caught every other team with their pants down. That doesn't take away Astralis' victory, it faults the other crap teams for slacking off/incorrectly training.
2019-09-09 03:34
India Frost2639
Dude come on Ur talking as if Astralis didn't attend a single tournament they lost to liquid in ESL Pro league they got the shit kicked out of them in cologne by Vitality they lost to liquid in blast Miami. Come on think if liquid didn't have the player break and were still in that form I'm pretty sure this match would've gone to multiple overtimes instead of a 2-0
2019-09-09 05:02
If Astralis hadn't taken the break after Katowice and those blast tournaments, liquid would still have been #2
2019-09-09 05:34
2019-09-09 11:01
"Of course they caught us off-guard a few times, but that's because they are so good at gambling." LUL
2019-09-08 21:46
nexa | 
Europe Luboss
"It's definitely a motivation, but there is ZywOo, he is a great player right now and you have s1mple, who in my opinion is also considered at least top-three" p0mple cry is free Zywoo = Dev1ce > s0mple; only Zywoo and Dev1ce can make the top #1 HLTV
2019-09-08 21:46
dev1ce baited lulquid fans lul
2019-09-08 21:47
Astralis >>> Liquid
2019-09-08 21:48
Crowd in berlin major: 10000 danes vs 10 kazakstan fans Pls fix it No more major in Germany please. cuz denmark is nearest country
2019-09-08 21:49
fans also cheered for avangar especially druing the interview
2019-09-09 04:11
nice bait, no way you actually think we should eliminate a country from hosting a major simply because avangar COULD make the finals and have a small fan base there
2019-09-09 19:06
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1
happy birthday!
2019-09-08 21:51
Spain elskio
ggwp and happy birthday!
2019-09-08 21:55
Consistency is definitely one of the things that I thrive in, being a top-five player in the world, five, six, seven years in a row, how long I can keep it up I don't know. It's more important for me than to just peak in one year and putting too much energy into it and not be healthy. LEGEND
2019-09-08 21:55
2019-09-08 22:00
Brazil parrud0www
2019-09-08 22:02
Argentina n4ziS1mple
2019-09-08 22:04
atleast the professionals know that winning a major and beating liquid once after a few loses they took against them and being won the first tournament after 6 or 7 month ago won't make you #1, but the stupid HLTV community comes with the argument: "Liquid 0 and Astralis 4 Major" all of you with this thought are idiots nothing else.
2019-09-08 22:04
because winning major trophies is what counts you idiot. Is Ronaldo worse than Neymar because hes won 4 champions leagues and neymar one? No.
2019-09-08 23:11
Is Messi worse than Ronaldo, because Messi has won 3 while Ronaldo won 5.. btw
2019-09-09 02:15
United States Prattatat
2019-09-09 16:02
It would be stupid to consider the better player has won less trophies, so of course he is worse than Ronaldo as we currently speak. Zero international success, the stats speak for itself. He also has much more world class players with him at international level compared to Ronaldo.
2019-09-09 16:51
they infinite ongoing di** comparison of CR7 vs Messi. You can't definite (for anybody else than you) who the better player is. So every RM player who has won more CL trophies than Messi are actually automatically better, "because it would be stupid to consider that the player with less trophies is the better player". Messi as a football player is by far the better one CR7 and him statistically almost identical, while an football enjoyer would say that Messi is better due the fact that he is the striker, the scorer and the playmaker
2019-09-09 17:20
United States Prattatat
Majors isn't the only thing that counts thats just asinine. How does a Grand Slam not count for being the best when you need to win multiple tournaments in order to obtain it. Both are great accomplishments and do not diminish the other.
2019-09-09 16:03
Of course it isn't the only thing that counts. They have comparable winning streaks, but the major is the one which determines the quality of their win streaks. Winning a major isn't easily, but included in a win streak makes it that much more impressive. Liquid and Astralis are easily the best teams at the moment, Astralis is just edging it due to recent success. To think otherwise would be senile.
2019-09-09 16:55
most people never ranked liquid as no.1.
2019-09-09 00:22
because they were delusional. OFC Liquid was the no1
2019-09-09 02:13
And that's quite false literally every analyst had them as the world #1 and major favorites
2019-09-09 05:27
India Frost2639
2019-09-09 05:34
Serbia nocturnSRB
2019-09-08 22:04
Russia NOD777
This man is always looking for a challenge. Respect
2019-09-08 22:06
gonna be ez 4 astralis
2019-09-08 22:08
rivalry incoming. i like it
2019-09-08 22:17
Brazil Karlogaria
Don't worry, that top 1 is just an illusion...
2019-09-08 22:24
device is just too polite
2019-09-08 23:33
Turkey ekreMy
no u
2019-09-08 23:46
Finland Smoonah
shouldn’t be too hard.
2019-09-09 00:28
Europe Cr3eP_70
Believe Liquid is laughing at this... Mainly when they have beaten you for the fastest ever grand slam and they have made over 2 million dollars in prize money in 7 or 8 months... All is golden when you win. Also, thanks for the Liquid fuel :)
2019-09-09 00:31
humble, but astralis is already better and the only reason they arent ranked #1 is because astralis skipped a bunch of events.
2019-09-09 00:54
Device is so humble
2019-09-09 02:22
tbh glaive is even more humbler
2019-09-09 03:52
trk | 
Brazil SkindCS
rlx devve, they are just some fluke team that has firepower, a FaZe that still hit shots.
2019-09-09 03:18
liquid after player break = lol
2019-09-09 03:42
It will be an interesting end to 2019. Shit 2020 will be really interesting. Both these rosters should stick together. I'd imagine that Astralis either will fall off at this point having set the benchmark in CSGO or we are going to enter peak Astralis/Liquid rivalry time and it will be really fun. Hard to predict really.
2019-09-09 04:29
you lost to them enough times
2019-09-09 04:32
literally one time
2019-09-09 05:22
Too much humble.
2019-09-09 05:44
The device is just a stable car, and this is in the main tournament.
2019-09-09 06:47
Who gives a shit about HLTV rankings, trophies and prize money matters and Astralis is still in the top when it comes to that.
2019-09-09 07:31
No need to knock down those pets, you guys are top 1 team and everybody knows it
2019-09-09 08:20
Well played Astralis . Congrats
2019-09-09 08:40
Device legend player! Astralis team too! Welcome to back Astralis 2018, now 4 star added)
2019-09-09 08:40
smart answer... keep the pressure and attention on Liquid
2019-09-09 08:46
2019-09-09 12:35
India slayr121
As an Astralis fan, i agree with dev1ce that liquid is still top 1 team and nobody can take that from them. They really played out of their minds in last 3-4 months and they deserved that top 1 spot. If they can retain their supremacy in future remains to be seen. As for Na>Eu cs, there's no such things as NA or Eu as it all depends upon organisation's choice of players. Many Na teams consists of players from Eu region so stop being salty and enjoy the historic moments of Csgo. /discuss.
2019-09-09 09:03
Greece CMi_
The Na>EU thing, yes its the org that chooses region but the players in the servers get the frags and plan all the tactics. And yes teams like c9 get People from other regions to fill the gabs. And Also players prefer to play with ppl from the same country since there Will be No comm issues
2019-09-09 09:49
Diamond coin thank you astralis ☺
2019-09-09 09:16
Evp's when? Jame, Magisk, Buster, Jkaem, Cerq, Brehze, Elige, Electronic, Zywoo, Aleksib
2019-09-09 13:11
in ur dreams devve. Remove Magisk, and u wont be even top 5, and devve will not be one of the best players itw
2019-09-09 13:25
Finland mattixboi
lol its completely possible that astralis tops liquid in future tournaments
2019-09-09 14:50
he is just such a great guy
2019-09-09 13:56
Lithuania TraX_LTU
astralis gonna eat them
2019-09-09 14:03
2019-09-09 15:14
COLD TO Astralis? It's a bait i know, but what are your thoughts? Astralis will be bad for a while, but in the long run, Cold > dev1ce. It could be the improve needed to dethrone Liquid for good.
2019-09-09 15:17
This is the stupiest thing i have ever heard.
2019-09-09 16:06
Well said from a great guy.
2019-09-09 15:39
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