fer: "There is a lot of pressure on kNg because people think he's the savior of the team; with time he will destroy everyone"

After MIBR survived a scare from GAMERZONE in the opening round of Group B at V4 Future Sports Festival, we sat down with Fernando "fer" Alvarenga to get his point of view on the addition of Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe and the Brazilians' shaky start in Budapest.

MIBR have advanced to the winners' match of Group B, but it wasn't without issues as expected, as the Brazilian side barely scraped by the team who made it to the event via the Hungarian qualifier, GAMERZONE, in a 2-1 series.

fer gave us his thoughts on playing alongside kNg again

After the close series, we had a chance to ask fer about the opening struggles as well as about MIBR's addition of his former teammate kNgV-.

Back at BLAST Los Angeles, before anything was set in stone, you said that you wanted to play with kNg again — how has it been to play alongside him again these past few weeks?

As people know, I played with kNg in 2014 or 2013 and, at that time, he was pretty good, he was a guy I really liked to play with because his team spirit is really, really good, so I loved to play with him. We tried a couple of times to invite him to our team, but there were some internal problems that he couldn't join at the time. This time, it's just amazing that I'm playing with him, he's a guy that I love as a person, as well, and in-game I have nothing to say, he's a beast. I'm just happy to play with him again, I'm pretty sure we're going to make history together.

Tell me about your debut at Moscow, where you were very close to a final appearance, were you happy with that in your first time playing with kNg?

I think we had a great result for us in Moscow. If we had got like one more round... We had a round on Mirage against ENCE where suNny one-shot me with a Deagle and just defused the bomb straight, there were really silly rounds that we lost, but overall I'm happy with the result. I'm not satisfied because we were there to win, but we had one week to practice with kNg, so we were trying to solve the problems that we had in the past because kNg is not the savior, he didn't come to save our team, he came to add to our team. I know there are a lot of problems that we had in the past and we're trying to fix, so I think Moscow was good for us overall, if we got like one more round we could have gotten to the final, and in BO3s we are pretty good.

What do you think are the main things that you need to fix from when you played with coldzera?

When we were playing with cold, in the beginning everything was really good, of course we had problems in-game, every team does, but at the end of the team we started having problems outside of the game. This is something that shouldn't happen. We live together, we practice every day, so there were some problems that we shouldn't have had, but it wasn't because of the strats, because we used to win and we started losing a lot, we went to China twice to play a tournament that is kind of tier-two and we got frustrated because of the results. Results shouldn't make us so upset, but we did and people were thinking about something else and we started going downhill. Now, with kNg, we're just trying to renew our team, but there are some problems that we have, we lost our confidence from playing some tournaments that we should have had better results at. With kNg, we're trying to work with our psychologist and stuff, we're trying to help our mind, to have a strong mind, that's our main goal right now outside of the game.

fer believes kNg will destroy everyone once he adapts to MIBR's system

So far, based on BLAST, we haven't really seen the same impactful kNg that we saw in his previous teams, why do you think that is?

kNg is a guy that has an individual playstyle, he's not a common guy. In our team right now, I think FalleN is helping him a lot, giving him the AWP a lot so that he gets his confidence in our team, and he's able to do everything that he wants in the team, but there is a system in our team, so he has to adapt. I don't think his individual performance in Moscow was because of that, it's just his first tournament, there is a lot of pressure on him because people think he is the savior of the team, but he knows that he's not. His performance was good, he has really good communication, it helps a lot, so if people are shining it's not because people are playing for themselves, they have help from everyone in the team. I think kNg is doing a great job and he's getting used to playing with us, and with time, he will destroy everyone.

Your first series here at V4 was pretty shaky against GAMERZONE, losing Inferno and struggling on Train. What happened and what did you make of the Hungarian team?

We're trying a lot to fix our Inferno. We know it's not our strongest map, but in practice we are doing well, so I don't know. Our first map of the day was this map, we didn't practice before, and sometimes we just like to go there and practice a little bit because you can't warm up your communication in the game, so I think we did the wrong preparation because we didn't have time to practice. Inferno has been a problem for us for a long time, months ago we didn't have good results map, but this is a map we're trying hard to get better on, so I think that we're going to fix it with time. Inferno is a classic map and there isn't much that has changed in the meta, so we just have to find a way to play it better. I think our bombsite A with TACO, LUCAS1, and kNg, we sometimes have a problem because we're trying to do a lot of things, so sometimes our comms are not that good. Sometimes we like to go four A to help them, to do a setup with four A and one B and we still aren't doing well, so I think it isn't their problem, it's a team problem, we have to fix the setups and have confidence to play in pit, one baits for each other... I think we're kind of disconnected on the map, but I think if we fix this problem we're going to do well in the future.

We didn't know these guys from GAMERZONE, but their AWPer, torzsi, he had a lot of impact on the map and he has an aggressive style, he likes to pick, he's a pretty solid player, he did a lot of damage against us, props to him. They didn't really catch us by surprise, they are the underdogs and just playing the game, they don't have fear, and that's good for them. They are a really good team, we didn't expect them to have really good executions and the map control that they had. They played well, props to them. On Train, I think our T side was good, we had seven rounds, but in the pistol they wrecked us, we lost a silly round in a gunround that we shouldn't have, but we had a strong mind and came back to close the map.

Brazil Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
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Brazil Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe
Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe
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2019-09-18 21:52
Brazil sinisterkid 
2019-09-18 21:53
"WITH TIME HE WILL DESTROY EVERYONE"" hahahahahaahhaahahahahahaah
2019-09-18 21:58
2019-09-18 22:02
FerGod monster skilled. One of the most gifted players ever.
2019-09-18 22:27
gAuLeS | 
Liechtenstein KotoPRO 
yes, 26 cm dick
2019-09-18 22:49
and 32 cm nose!
2019-09-18 23:03
using the nose when the dick is tired
2019-09-19 04:35
2019-09-19 10:00
Wtf!! Rofl
2019-09-19 11:51
kennyS | 
Brazil Gereph 
wait and see...
2019-09-19 01:42
prove it or ...
2019-09-19 12:57
2019-09-19 03:04
2019-09-19 05:05
Taco = mibr best player
2019-09-19 05:09
If mibr dont win this tournament they will disband.
2019-09-18 21:52
Finland Smoonah 
One can only hope.
2019-09-18 21:56
i think mouz can destroy them
2019-09-18 22:17
Brazil vhq 
If mibr 2-0 nip like 16-10 16-11, then i think they win against mouz. Nip will show what mibr is right now
2019-09-19 02:02
im hoping for the best
2019-09-19 02:11
Nip don't have a real awper or igl. So it will be ez for mibr.
2019-09-19 05:07
2019-09-18 21:55
Many ez yeees!
2019-09-18 21:58
fan of Aleksib what the heck man
2019-09-18 21:59
Aleksib is tactical genius. He is most know of his signature tactic "going B, but then going A". He also has second little known tactic of " going A, but going A. What a absolute legend. Top 3 IGL 4 sure!
2019-09-18 22:03
2019-09-18 22:36
wtf hahahaha idiot spotted
2019-09-18 23:36
Wtf hahaha
2019-09-19 05:10
Sweden neikel 
2019-09-19 13:02
New Zealand Damon1174 
2019-09-18 21:52
well ok
2019-09-18 21:53
2019-09-18 21:53
JD | 
Poland Banzanic 
he will destroy mibr i agree on that one
2019-09-18 21:53
Like VP
2019-09-18 22:14
United States matteyo11 
Everyone deserves a second chance. except kNG he needs 13 opportunities
2019-09-18 21:54
LOL its okay its worth it
2019-09-18 21:57
Brazil jstrr 
fer: nah m8 its k no pressure also fer: lmao u better save us
2019-09-18 21:54
LOL exactly my thoughts.
2019-09-18 21:55
2019-09-18 21:57
lmao nice one
2019-09-18 23:38
Germany Flachzange 
couldnt agree more
2019-09-18 21:54
Finland Smoonah 
even his own team mates LULW
2019-09-18 21:56
Finland J3bediah 
With time he will destroy mibr?
2019-09-18 21:56
yes, as soon as you replace TACO with any faceit lvl 10
2019-09-18 21:56
Netherlands gay_marriage 
Good idea
2019-09-18 22:06
So glad people like u aren't on top level. Esports would die of low IQ
2019-09-18 22:38
m-muh roles!!
2019-09-18 23:10
Czech Republic Noxar 
"Once he adapts to MIBR's system" That's why he's playing like shit rn, BECAUSE MIBR system lol.
2019-09-18 21:56
True everyone look bad on mibr... Coincidence? i dont think so. Look at Tarik as individual player. He was worst player on mibr and Now he didnt look that bad. Mibr never gonna work unless you have all 5 world class elite players like cold and fer. even then its not enough when other teams have much better team work, situational awareness.
2019-09-18 22:40
Yeah, I thought zews would help them to change that... but Fallen is inveterate
2019-09-19 00:23
+1, Mibr system was good years ago, they must change
2019-09-19 16:52
the only thing he will destroy is your own team...
2019-09-18 21:56
Lets put more pressure on KNG
2019-09-18 21:56
I think this headline is a little misleading. Sounds like kNg will destroy mibr in the end lol
2019-09-18 21:56
Germany grabke 
maybe but in reality the core is just not good enough anymore. Doesn't matter if they keep changing 1 player.
2019-09-18 22:05
2019-09-18 22:10
That's why they changed 2
2019-09-18 23:13
time that MIBR didn't give to Stewie, tarik and felps
2019-09-18 21:57
The first two ok, I think that they made a mistake kicking them. The last one, 7 months, he had already work with them and was not able adapt more recently, it was an Ok kick. Therefore LG gained a lot of playmake with his addition , unfortunately Hen1 left
2019-09-18 23:17
Watch felps come back to replace TACO/LUCAS1 for the ultimate +felps -felps +felps -felps +felps strat. FalleN the tactical mastermind just wants to confuse everyone before he retires LUL
2019-09-19 12:54
since felps still a player from MIBR, its more possible -LUCAS +felps now without coldzera..
2019-09-19 13:20
fer | 
Brazil _Awper 
first we need the ultimate +Boltz -Boltz +Boltz -Boltz +Boltz -Boltz +Boltz
2019-09-20 02:00
2019-09-18 21:57
Poland mimson333 
peek not pick*
2019-09-18 21:57
I think the interviewer didn't understand his accent
2019-09-19 00:19
Russia Glihhh 
Lord and saviour Vito plz help mibr
2019-09-18 21:57
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
kng will stay in mibr forever, everyone else will be kicked soon
2019-09-18 21:57
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1 
prove it
2019-09-18 21:59
you just put more pressure on him lmao
2019-09-18 21:59
kennyS | 
Denmark Nu1u 
ok fer just put more pressure on him
2019-09-18 21:59
ekisss deee
2019-09-18 22:09
2019-09-18 21:59
2019-09-18 22:00
World Notb8ing 
2019-09-18 22:01
United States Artifactz 
I thought fer meant he (KNG) will destroy MiBR
2019-09-18 22:01
2019-09-19 07:25
Romania LoganS1 
2019-09-18 22:02
Make MIBR great again
2019-09-18 22:02
can't wait to quote this in the future lmao "with time he will destroy everyone" LMAO
2019-09-18 22:03
Poland GamBitF4N 
come on KNG i will destroy you
2019-09-18 22:17
26 year old prodigy,give him 4 years, when he's 30 he will destroy everyone. LMAO just kidding.
2019-09-18 22:19
Brazil g4laxI 
Great Interview. Good luck mibr.
2019-09-18 22:23
HeatoN | 
World Shaktar 
Masterfully avoided to talk about Coldzera in a question about Coldzera
2019-09-18 22:27
United States jay_320 
MIBR is approaching VP levels of wasted money. You might not think it but they really are. This team has not done shit since the end of 2017. The problem wasn't Coldzera. The problem was that the core trio of fraggers (Fallen, Fer and Cold) cannot keep up with teams like NRG, Astralis or Liquid. Look at the trios in those teams and tell me you really think MIBR/SK core is going to put up numbers like a NAF/Elige/Twistzz. I hate to say it but it's over for these guys. They could extend their careers but they'd have to go to purely support/IGL roles. All of them.
2019-09-18 22:30
liquid just lost to sharks, so core sharks > lulquid? your argument has no point
2019-09-19 02:13
United States jay_320 
Online means nothing. Why would you even bring up a random ECS match in this context. Fallen, Fer and Cold had an era. Short era but they did. THey haven't done anything for a year now and they've been middling longer then that. Since Boston essentially. That's just what it is.
2019-09-19 18:25
so, u think that every team that hasn't won a championship in the period of an year should disband?
2019-09-20 02:07
United States jay_320 
I think that wholesale changes need to be made or Fallen and Fer could be much more useful on other teams. In other words since they lost out on the Kscerato and Yuriih sweepstakes the BR scene as a whole would be better off if Fallen say went down and led the Furia guys. Just as an example. Lends legitimacy, a decent player and a leader to a really young team. I have no faith in the Taco/Fer/Fallen core to ever regain their form again. It's becoming VP esque at this point.
2019-09-20 19:31
First step to destroy everyone must be insta ban inferno....
2019-09-18 22:30
2019-09-18 22:48
gg guys, good luck
2019-09-18 22:54
Let's go MIBR!
2019-09-18 22:55
FNS must be terrified
2019-09-18 23:28
United States K1NGKY 
fer "twofaced" toledo
2019-09-18 23:37
Brazil Mascky 
2019-09-19 23:55
Brazil millerjmatos 
Fer monster
2019-09-18 23:41
Imagine believing anything that comes out the mouths of Mibr.
2019-09-18 23:49
Brazil NauseHF 
Imagine believe the words of users who have not yet reached the global, who do not understand about CS N/A
2019-09-19 13:02
Wow! excellent English skills. I’m going to pretend I Understood half of that.
2019-09-20 11:55
Baad joke he's the drunk in the team tho. And he only will destroy alcohol bottles after they're empty
2019-09-19 00:00
Yea, even if he carries them to a final he'll just show up late with a hangover. Maybe fer prefers that over getting his GF stolen
2019-09-19 00:24
That might be. You can compensate a drunk mate but not a stolen GF.
2019-09-19 08:16
2019-09-19 00:03
Barely wins versus no-name Hungarian team >>> starts bragging
2019-09-19 00:23
2019-09-19 14:29
How can a garbage player who has only played good at 1 tier 1 event in his whole career save you?
2019-09-19 00:35
EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
kngv wont revive mibr either bottom top 10 all the way mabe a top 4 finish here and there but their time is long time gone
2019-09-19 01:00
first he needs to destroy those stickers from his glasses and the new era cap, idiot thinks you are meant to leave them on lmao
2019-09-19 01:03
2019-09-19 01:49
Poland rude_wredne 
he is flexing on his poor fans
2019-09-19 09:04
2019-09-19 01:07
2019-09-19 01:32
Brazil SecondKS 
Inferno NOOOO!
2019-09-19 01:54
Brazil EnzoAirezZ 
MIBR to kNg: Save it or...
2019-09-19 02:59
2019-09-19 23:56
i bet MIBR will disband in less than 6 months
2019-09-19 04:43
Brazil NauseHF 
I bet Mibr in 6 months will return to the TOP of the world.
2019-09-19 13:00
nt lmao
2019-09-19 23:56
-lucas +coldzera
2019-09-19 04:44
Brazil NauseHF 
- Coldzera +LUCAS Coldzera betrayed the team
2019-09-19 12:59
Brazil Matheuscgc 
Even us :>
2019-09-19 04:54
2019-09-19 05:34
vberg | 
North America Mang0 
"he's a guy that I love as a person, as well" Fer HLTV confirmed gay
2019-09-19 06:03
Do you love your dad?
2019-09-19 09:15
why do they all exalt kng for now? otherwise they would have taken him to the team 100 years ago
2019-09-19 06:12
United States NA_BEST 
you'll prove it
2019-09-19 08:25
FalleN | 
Asia fos1x 
what Fer trying to say, kNgv isn't your Saviour, he's my bitch, I learn how to Awp, soon fallen will be too! the baiter now is gone, i'm will be the savior!
2019-09-19 08:46
Terrible headline. Makes it sound like kng will destroy his own team
2019-09-19 09:14
Philippines etalynx08 
2019-09-19 13:09
2019-09-19 09:32
Taiwan stfu_blaze 
getting cocky
2019-09-19 10:46
Brazil NauseHF 
He's being confident in his words, he knows Mibr will be back on top soon.
2019-09-19 12:58
Taiwan stfu_blaze 
go suck yourself if ur so sure lol
2019-09-20 01:55
Taiwan stfu_blaze 
he'll probably destroy his own team first
2019-09-20 01:55
Brazil NauseHF 
Just watch and see the biggest aggressive player in the world is your words will come true. Mark my words
2019-09-19 12:56
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
"He likes to pick"? Edit that Striker
2019-09-19 12:58
Sweden neikel 
mibr fix fer coldzera s1mple RIPablo Escobar neikel
2019-09-19 13:05
Philippines etalynx08 
Yeah history
2019-09-19 13:08
India otgps 
>He will destroy everyone Including your team LUL
2019-09-19 13:22
How can he destroy someone if he already destroyed by Thorin
2019-09-19 13:54
bla bla bla
2019-09-19 14:50
kngv good player? Okay this INTZ gg
2019-09-19 14:57
2019-09-19 18:42
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