s1mple: "I wanted this before, there is more freedom when you play as a rifler"

We spoke to Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev at the OMEN Challenge about the signing of Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and the roles in the new Natus Vincere lineup.

Ahead of the start of the duel-based tournament that was eventually won by the Ukranian superstar, we talked with s1mple about the roster change which sees GuardiaN return to Natus Vincere and take over the main AWP role.

s1mple explained the thinking behind Na`Vi's roster change

In our interview with s1mple, the 21-year-old revealed that he wanted to go back to rifling, which will give him more freedom and allow him to narrow his focus. s1mple also stated that he is confident in GuardiaN as an AWPer and that he feels the Slovakian is going to "bring something new to the team".

After Zeus left, there was much talk about who you were going to pick up, with one of the options being for you do drop the AWP and go back to more rifling, play as a hybrid. What are your thoughts on dropping the AWP?

Yeah, with our new coach, B1ad3, he asked me if I want to keep playing with the sniper and I told him, as I always say, if there was going to be a better sniper, a real sniper, of course I was going to give him the AWP. I feel confident with rifles, I wanted this before, there is more freedom when you play as a rifler. You can hide in a smoke, you can use all your nades, you can easily trade... I think it is going to work for our team.

There is that one famous answer from the AMA on Reddit that you did, where you said that the AWP is the easiest weapon to play. Will you miss playing the easiest weapon?

I'm going to play as the secondary sniper so I'm still going to pick it up sometimes. But yeah, it is easy to get the kills as a sniper, but it is hard to find a way to get that kill. You have two or three shots that you have to hit and after that, you either die or change your position. So it is hard to play the sniper as well, but it is easier to get the kill when you just need to shoot in the body.

Does the thinking that you should try to do more rifling come from the latest results that you had? Individually you didn't have bad tournaments, but you had some matches or some halves in which you didn't really have an impact. So is the role change connected to the recent results?

I don't think so. I think we played badly as a team and that is why all of us have ratings like this. We played much better when everyone was 100% motivated. We knew that Zeus was going to leave [eventually] and couldn't figure out what our future was going to be. I think that is why we had these results, and other teams deserved it more because they had [set] teams, they always practiced, they set up their roles... We set up roles as well but when you have a player that is going to retire one day, but you never know when; maybe after the Major if we play poorly, maybe he will play more if we win or go to the finals... that is not the right way I think.

But yeah, I just want to play with rifle, not because I couldn't play with the AWP, but just because I want to focus on my position. Because before I practiced all the weapons and even when I was the main AWP I was kind of a hybrid player, I chose rifles on the T side on some maps, like Inferno or Mirage. But now I'm just going to focus on my positions.

You touched on Zeus leaving. In terms of Boombl4 leading, how is it going to work, who will help him with secondary calling and things like that?

The secondary calling is going to be on me and electronic, we can always help after trade situations, in mid-rounds. But B1ad3 is going to work with Boombl4 a lot and he will try to give Boombl4 the meta that he needs to fix and they need to create. And we already have a new system with our coach and our psychologist, so we are going to keep working with the same system and see what happens. We have a bootcamp starting on the 25th and we are going to practice until DreamHack Malmö.

You decided to pick up GuardiaN. Why him?

I think he gets the easy kills with the AWP, he knows how to use this weapon, he has the most experience out of anyone. He, flamie, and I, we have all lost a lot of Major finals and finals in general, and he won a lot with FaZe. So he knows how to win and I'm confident in his sniper skills.

When GuardiaN left Na`Vi originally, people said that it was because you two couldn't get along. The question is: will things be different now?

Back then we just had problems with practice, we had problems as a team. I never had a conflict with him one-on-one. After he left Na`Vi we always talked in real life, said hi to each other. I'm not mad at him or anything like that, I don't even think about that. I feel that he is going to bring something new to the team and that he is going to give a lot to the team.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Austria S3nsey 
2019-09-23 11:20
why kick him in the first place then?
2019-09-23 11:24
Austria S3nsey 
probably beef
2019-09-23 11:29
Cuz he is cyka
2019-09-23 11:35
Turkmenistan PornHub187 
of course, is Ladislav "CyKa" Kovács
2019-09-23 12:12
Bangladesh drvken 
navi top 1 confirmed.
2019-09-23 12:38
India RealisT1c 
Nice shot.
2019-09-23 14:59
Win major EZ
2019-09-23 19:24
LUL Guardian has final curse
2019-09-24 00:30
Bangladesh drvken 
u r rude
2019-09-26 09:08
Did you read the article?
2019-09-23 11:41
Austria S3nsey 
"we had problems as a team." might be beef but maybe not allowed to say it in public so yea :)
2019-09-23 11:58
"I never had a conflict with him one-on-one."
2019-09-23 12:06
Austria S3nsey 
yea he didnt have one, but whats with the others?
2019-09-23 12:17
hmm maybe Zeus then..
2019-09-23 12:17
maybe he is vegan so he doesn't like beef
2019-09-23 13:47
Netherlands pewpeww 
or maybe he is gay and likes to much
2019-09-23 14:20
didn't guardian leave when seized was igling?
2019-09-23 14:48
Reunion eggshells 
yeah, he did, i know there was the whole navi zeus kick beef which definitely caused GuardiaN and seized to get kinda separated from the team. Both of them were supposed to leave when zeus came back but there was no replacement for seized
2019-09-23 16:05
DD | 
China RickyWang 
he didnt get along with seized, he even refused to kick zeus then, because seized put him in a role he didnt like.
2019-09-23 16:42
or maybe read the article before commenting!?
2019-09-23 12:05
Back then, Navi had a boot camp in which guardian did not appear. He was lazy in practising as it was said, when he left. I think, back then it wasn't an issue between this two just Simple is the one who gets the interviews...
2019-09-23 11:39
If I remember corectly it was a period of GuardiaN's wedding preparations so he skipped that bootcamp (he had a permission from Na'Vi) and then there was another one he didn't attended because as we already know he was leaving for FaZe at that time and whole Na'Vi were in shambles so he didn't give a f.
2019-09-23 14:51
No one kick guardian. He just want to play with olof and niko that time
2019-09-23 13:21
nt, olof was signed 3 weeks after Guardian joined
2019-09-23 13:22
Guardian already know about olof's sign
2019-09-24 18:38
Sometimes you need to take a step away to realize what you need. Back then there could have been a lot of tension, which they couldnt solve, but now being separated probably matured theirs minds, and helped them see solutions instead. All of it could also be bs who knows :)
2019-09-23 16:37
2019-09-23 16:44
thy didnt kicked him, he wanted to leave so he did
2019-09-24 17:50
2019-09-23 11:20
Ukraine  Pasha 
What kind of blogger can't even spell "Ukrainian" correctly. lmao
2019-09-23 13:15
Damn why are the Ukraine flair and flag colours so different 0.o
2019-09-23 17:44
who cars
2019-09-23 19:57
2019-09-23 11:21
0 majors, goat haha
2019-09-23 11:49
a goat is a goat no matter how much majors
2019-09-23 11:54
2019-09-23 16:44
2019-09-23 18:07
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
LMAO you're fanboy that I see in every post concerning s0mple... fake fan spotted
2019-09-23 18:37
fake fan or fanboy?? you retard have to decide what u mean lul. Imagen flame someone but only reveal how stupid you are.
2019-09-23 18:44
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
You're only talking in s0mple posts you're retarded /closed
2019-09-23 18:50
You know you're also talking in a simple post right?
2019-09-24 22:50
ooooof >fanboy >fake fan u know the rules
2019-09-23 19:58
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
You must be handicaped because you can be a fanboy of a certain player and be a fake fan of counter strike which was the point there. His flare is literally s0mple with a heart and his name is literally " S1mple_or_No_CSGO". S0mple wasn't there in 2019 and CSGO was still doing fine especially Dev1ce with 2 majors, he's not impactful. But this guy is not a real cs fan, he's just a s0mple fanboy.
2019-09-24 00:10
2019-09-24 06:55
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
2019-09-24 17:48
2019-09-24 20:55
Guardian <3 best awper ever. But who will join Faze?
2019-09-23 11:21
Broky and Hunden
2019-09-23 15:00
But what about Coldzera?
2019-09-23 19:59
NBK or YnK will most likely stand in for faze.
2019-09-23 17:45
Boo | 
France mbl4 
He wanted it ? So why kicking GurdiaN to take the AWP ?
2019-09-23 11:21
RapeN | 
Finland ENCEL 
I thought the issue was that Guardian didnt want to play with him before?
2019-09-23 11:24
Guardian wasn't practicing. Check the last few words in the article.
2019-09-23 11:24
"Back then we just had problems with practice, we had problems as a team". Pronoun "we" designates plural entities. Not sure where did you collect such a stupid idea.
2019-09-23 11:31
Thats a well known fact that guardian skept training bcs of motivation and marriage
2019-09-23 17:28
As far as I remember, GuardiaN was 'benched' only to be sold to FaZe - it was probably part of the transaction so no kicking on NaVi side. It was the same time as FaZe brought olof, so I guess that's a kind of offer no one would decline.
2019-09-23 11:29
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Oh ok thanks
2019-09-23 18:49
Korea ecsta_s1 
2019-09-23 11:22
India AragorN_xyz 
2019-09-23 11:22
Denmark slacking 
Lol as soon as they lose 3 rounds in a row s1mple will rage buy awp guardian will get mad and 1 month later disband
2019-09-23 11:22
Hahaha im laugh man , but we dont want like that hapen and lets trust s1mple and navi
2019-09-23 11:35
2019-09-23 12:18
2019-09-23 16:45
2019-09-23 19:43
yes mens))
2019-09-23 20:29
+1 lul.
2019-09-24 12:17
Finland Karvapallo25 
2019-09-23 11:22
S1mple still 0 major
2019-09-23 11:23
Russia exexact 
JW is still a pig
2019-09-23 19:13
s1mple God Top 1 incoming
2019-09-23 11:23
SG right now is better than awp cant wait to see s1mple rekt everyone
2019-09-23 11:24
SG wtf, he is much better with ak47 he always fail with SG in FPL, cahnge to AK and rekt everyone he is so mucher butter with AK The only players who can handle SG is Elige and Zywoo S1mplle need AK
2019-09-23 11:34
Yeah last his stream with ak he can do 1 tap sometime s1mple is monster with rifle
2019-09-23 11:36
tbh i still think sg is a better rifle in general. i guess s1mple will practice more and do better with sg
2019-09-23 12:08
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
Magisk with SG?
2019-09-23 12:12
2019-09-23 16:46
rofl, many pros that are very good with sg now. SG change the game, often awps just get destroyed, if ak used prob not getting rekt.
2019-09-23 12:45
2019-09-23 11:24
Korea OKOptimistic 
haha now S1mple stats are gonna drop
2019-09-23 11:24
I dont think so, s1mple 2018 is more deadly with Ak if you watch his clutch
2019-09-23 11:37
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
if you watch his clutch lul. You can't judge a player is good or not, just by watching highlights lol.
2019-09-23 12:14
ups sry brother you dont know anything ok ?
2019-09-23 13:30
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
watching highlights to determine a player is good or not lul
2019-09-24 02:36
why highlight? i know every s1mple game LOL dont cry kid , im done
2019-09-25 07:06
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
kid, every argument of retarded person ever. Doesn't even read what he writes lul
2019-09-25 16:32
U actually can.... by the amount of highlights since highlights mostly show the impact the player had in game and impact = rating unless highlight was just exit kills
2019-09-23 16:48
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
no... you have to analyze demos to know. You can do a 1v5 clutch but it doesn't mean you played the right way, it just means that you were impactful enough to fix your mistakes in a case when you didn't play with your teammates properly. Talking about highlights this year Zywoo following your logic is way better than s1mple ( Zywoo is the best player in the world in 2019 but I don't think they're far off from each other)
2019-09-23 18:41
hltv.org/stats/players?startDate=2019-01.. Actually simple is still top1 according to hltv
2019-09-24 12:06
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
pick against top 5 or top 10 and he won't be
2019-09-24 17:47
When i do top 5 or top 10 i don't see neither zywoo nor simple anywhere, however i see sergej in top3. Hltv is weird af??
2019-09-24 19:45
basically his stats wih awp on T side have been shit this year now he will get more eco/force frags too as he got 0 just sitting back with AWP CT wont drop much cause he will use AWP there when he feels he need to
2019-09-23 11:45
2019-09-23 12:16
Always been better in this role, what you saying are bs!
2019-09-23 12:46
His best performances has been as a hybrid not as the main awper. Good move for him
2019-09-24 12:10
Sweden Trkmag 
Nice, lets go NaVi
2019-09-23 11:24
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
2019-09-23 11:26
Australia zanics 
ez for s1mple
2019-09-23 11:27
Who is Top 1 of 2019, s1mple, ZywOo or davis?
2019-09-23 11:35
2019-09-23 11:40
+1, didn't get mvp for 1.81 rating smh
2019-09-23 12:16
Kaze | 
United States 0Vane 
2019-09-24 04:28
GOD HUNDEN maybe, or at least next year!
2019-09-23 12:46
I hope elige eventhough i root for s1mple
2019-09-23 16:49
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
Easely Zywoo
2019-09-23 18:41
Guatemala wat_doink_men 
Navi Top 1?
2019-09-23 11:34
very nice, i like
2019-09-23 11:35
s1mple's career is over, "greatest" cs go player of all time and 0 majors and very few achievements in general, what an overrated player
2019-09-23 11:36
Who the fuck are you to say that?
2019-09-23 12:13
Who the fuck are you to say that?
2019-09-23 12:19
rofl, look at messi his the GOAT for many people, he usually sucks in national games. CS ARE NOT A TEAM GAME, right? axaxaxa
2019-09-23 12:49
cs=team game s1mple = not team player
2019-09-23 12:50
Simple not team player still in tier1 team. Lol irony
2019-09-23 16:50
that's not what irony is but you're welcome to try again
2019-09-23 16:51
s1mple not a team player? We are not speaking about NiKo here, get a grip.
2019-09-23 23:58
gEt A GRiP never said we were talking about niko
2019-09-24 03:21
Are u fucking brain dead? Highest ever goal scorer for his country=he’s shit for them? How many league title, champions league, club World Cup did he win? Comparing messi to simple 😂 grew some brain cells.
2019-09-23 23:57
You have not watch many national games from him i guess. Not very hard when you gotten two of the best ever midfielders to help you almost all the years you playing. C7 > messi ez, messi never had the guts to try other clubs, he knew he will never shine like he did in barca. Most people saying s1mple GOAT and people are saying same with messi, not so stupid then, s1mple is still very young... better think years ahead from now, he can have maaaaaaaaaany trophies by then, see now.. you are the one that need to "grew some brain cells" OMEGALUL.
2019-09-24 00:05
How’s is cr7 relevant to simple 😂 are u that dumb 😂 also going to juve who wins league every year is hardly a challenge 😂
2019-09-24 00:49
I hope the cohesion between s1mple and guardian will work and they will win many events together, s1mple on a rifle means one thing - the god is back, lets see how they perform in Malmo
2019-09-23 11:37
2019-09-23 11:38
Amin indeed my friend
2019-09-23 11:38
-guardian +jame Jamen*
2019-09-23 12:20
Yeah after Guardian retires:)
2019-09-23 13:37
I think it's going to be like 2016 Navi when they got s1 for Zeus. 1 t1 tournament win and then doom
2019-09-23 13:26
Anything depends on Guardians willing to practice and motivation, s1mple as that
2019-09-23 13:36
not really, it depends on a motivation of this whole team now, not only guardian
2019-09-23 14:11
S1mple and ele in normal circumstances always deliver thats why
2019-09-23 14:26
Denmark Koeddk 
Unless tilted, then ele will be in the bottom with Zeus (back then)
2019-09-23 17:24
Portugal Cyborgy 
"the god is back" lol he was the best player on the world when he only played AWP are you drunk
2019-09-23 14:02
No my friend no drunk just kopperberg
2019-09-23 14:31
2019-09-23 16:50
Amen my american friendo:)
2019-09-23 17:27
jhd | 
Finland JHdash77 
This double awp duo monkaS
2019-09-23 11:38
pls leave NaVi s1mple
2019-09-23 11:39
Why? Navi is the only team right now s1mple fits in and can lift his weight. s1mple also needs electronic.
2019-09-23 11:44
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
People are so delusional^^ Electronic this year again with the major only is a top 4 player in terms of rating in 2019 but they think s0mple is a one-man army
2019-09-23 18:43
s1mple | 
India YETl 
Spraying down 3 enemies on average would be a piece of cake for him. AWP’s scoping sounds put him at disadvantage while holding agressive positions.
2019-09-23 11:39
2019-09-23 16:51
gl wasting your skill in shitvi
2019-09-23 11:40
+1, he will never win a Major or become GOAT if he stays and wastes his career in Navi
2019-09-23 11:46
ok, where should he go? xaaaxax
2019-09-23 11:48
every top 10 team is better than shitvi and with s1mple they can become top1 easily navi got 3 bots and braindead coach atm
2019-09-23 11:49
Just name one with reasons please?
2019-09-23 11:51
This ^
2019-09-23 16:52
guardian not bot wtf xaaaxax also i think renedogs worse than navi
2019-09-23 11:52
Lmao renedogs
2019-09-23 16:52
Imagine -grat +s1mple lmao
2019-09-24 23:01
There is not a better team at the moment FaZe are out of cash and wont go through minor cause of s1mple, this can happen first AFTER the winter major. Mouz already set with w0xic and the boys. Complexitiy is out of the question he will never move to NA again There just isnt another team he can join that is better Navi atm Just realize there is no better option. Blad3 has to do some miracles with this unstructured mess of a team. If he can they legit got the firepower
2019-09-23 11:52
im not talking about atm but s1mple play only 3-4 tournaments till the end of the year and after he is free agent. If he sign new contract with NaVi his career official over
2019-09-23 11:53
FaZe is the only team he can go to anyway, and Its not sure its gonna work sure, niko cold and s1mple in same team looks sick, will it work ? we cant be sure. Keep in mind that no international teams has even won a major as well
2019-09-23 11:54
this will work if they adjust roles and wont fight each other
2019-09-23 11:55
Maybe, if this is somehow planned, he will surley cut a deal to play the major with Navi He might play contractless just the major for Navi then join faze I guess Anyway navi is aiming for the major with this roster, I hope Blad3 can work his magic, I mean guardiaN winning a major on his return to navi with s1mple would be sick
2019-09-23 11:56
>NaVi >winning major HAHHAHAHA delusional, even if they had small chance with zeus now its completely gone, i doubt they even go to playoffs with this shit roster and braindead igl boombla
2019-09-23 11:58
Lol If Avangar reach fcking final Navi can too And they can do more in a final than that fluke team
2019-09-23 12:06
jame is good igl and avangar not plastic cocky and toxic team like NaVi
2019-09-23 12:08
look at qikert, he refused much better conditions and a lot of money just to play with his friends and now look at NaVi players. They care only about money
2019-09-23 12:10
U r hella pessimistic for being a canadian.
2019-09-23 16:54
and why FaZe wont go trough the minor if mouz did? are they scared of trash minor teams or smth
2019-09-23 11:54
lol dont talk shit, no teams signs MORE than 2 players every window , they just dont. Mouz did cause they had to U dont wanna sit around in shitty major while u have bigger tournaments
2019-09-23 11:55
faze get cold atm and broky as stand in till the end of the year and then s1mple joins so 2 shuffles
2019-09-23 11:56
Well 3 original members from last major must be there, stand in or not So you cant cut olofmeister and still play major, you have to go through whole minor system which is like both online and LAN its just a waste of time for tier 1 players
2019-09-23 11:57
lol? they would get invited to minor anyway without online quals
2019-09-23 12:00
When you think faze can get better than navi, no need to talk to you. xD
2019-09-23 12:52
faze dont have 3 bots and braindead coach
2019-09-23 12:54
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
Tell me another team when you can have a top 4 player that speaks his language. Sit the fuck down Na'Vi wasn't shit in 2018 and still isn't stop blaming the team he plays in every fucking time.
2019-09-23 18:44
atm navi is pure trash and will be even worse without zeus and its not a problem to speak fucking international language if you r not 10iq braindead
2019-09-23 18:53
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
Is it my fault that the pros in csgo ( for the most part ) are dropouts or just get their diploma before college and wander off into csgo to earn more money in a ten-year span than I'll do in 20 years. Hell, by the age of 9 I was totally bilingual (english and my mother tongue), 6 years later I was fluent in another one. Went to an elite class after my diploma and had acknowledgement in 7 academic subjects. But in the end I'm a fucking random because I picked up the game a bit late, despite becoming good really fast (got 2.6k elo within 9 months of playing,) I have no chance of playing on a high level ever. I'm a bit younger than s1mple and a bit older than Zywoo but these guys were playing at this level in late 2014 and they're young and achieved so much already in cs. But what's truly annoying is that, not at any point does someone force them to learn proper english, and not pretend english. s1mple even lived in the US and his english is atrocious, even Electronic has better english like wtf.
2019-09-24 00:32
Finland Miroyev 
"B1ad3 asked me if I want to keep playing with the sniper and I told him, as I always say, if there is going to be a better sniper, a real sniper, of course I'm going to give him the AWP" bring in koosta
2019-09-23 11:45
xaaxax stfu pimple
2019-09-23 11:47
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
fuck u
2019-09-23 12:26
xaaaxax mad
2019-09-23 13:19
2019-09-23 14:28
Shoxie fan talking trash to simple. Omegalul
2019-09-23 16:55
xaaxax any player fan is allowed to do this triggered pimple fan xex
2019-09-23 16:57
Ahh i see the bait. Better luck next time kiddo
2019-09-23 17:03
xaaaxaxax yes that's right, go away and dont bother me with ur replies next time xaaxax
2019-09-23 17:06
shox | 
India iejesus 
2019-09-23 11:51
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-09-23 12:26
fucking Ladislav cyka Kovacs
2019-09-23 11:52
"bring something new to the team". bring some old actually
2019-09-23 11:55
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
He didn't care at all when zeus retired, he was actually pretty happy and motivated again. Did you guys watch By the Numbers last night lmao, it was a banger, they said zeus was a selfish asshole and other shit like that..
2019-09-23 11:55
@Professeur please read your own article before you put it online. All these spelling mistakes, typos and bad sentences are making my eyes bleed.
2019-09-23 11:57
we got a snowflake here.
2019-09-23 13:09
It's just my unsolicited feedback darling. Only snowflakes I see are usually in a seal
2019-09-23 13:50
2019-09-23 16:56
I never had a conflict with him one-on-one. youtube.com/watch?v=uhCjT3Bf6jY
2019-09-23 12:03
ok now please deliver. thx would be great to see navi and VP competing again. VP showed some nice results lately, maybe we are going to see a CIS comb ack soon. xaxax
2019-09-23 12:07
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-09-23 12:26
Nice, I'm very excited to see s1mple & guardian duo it's gonna be lit
2019-09-23 12:13
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-09-23 12:25
When secondary sniper is better than main sniper
2019-09-23 12:15
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
+1 goat s1mple knows better and this will hopefully work for NaVi :)
2019-09-23 12:25
GuardiaN will play better again now, who can stay godlike forever when you play with a child called NiKo, prob his worst team to play on ever.
2019-09-23 12:54
When the so-called child has better rating than u but u still decide to blame him for your poor performance. Lmao
2019-09-23 16:58
2019-09-23 14:30
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
goat s1mple <3
2019-09-23 12:24
choker in team of bots
2019-09-23 12:32
Russia ToughGuy 
oh hello there
2019-09-23 12:38
Don't talk about choking when u r twistzz fan lmaooo
2019-09-23 16:58
World Beard43 
Should be interesting. I still think they should've picked someone new.
2019-09-23 12:45
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Finally botvi get rid of this deadweight trash kane.
2019-09-23 12:51
navi davi back POG
2019-09-23 12:54
Poland C4ctusjack_ 
Fakin Ladislav Suka Kovacs xD should be interesting tbh
2019-09-23 13:00
Navi top 1
2019-09-23 13:01
2019-09-23 13:03
he will only use krieg now because he's noob
2019-09-23 13:11
AK is an RNG gun so ofc he will
2019-09-23 13:33
Mibr fan talking about noobs Irony at its best
2019-09-23 16:59
S1mple TwoFaced Toledo
2019-09-23 13:17
But you will be IGL and no fredom. rip your individual skill
2019-09-23 13:31
Boombl4 IGL
2019-09-23 13:45
Portugal ImSad 
Boombl4 is the IGL did you even read the article?
2019-09-23 15:37
free #1 on hltv for device now that s1mple doesn't use the most broken gun in a fps of all time
2019-09-23 13:32
United States PH4RMA 
I'm actually really excited about s1mple going back to rifling. I hope guardian has some spark left in him. I could see myself cheering for this version of navi
2019-09-23 13:39
Thailand hahahoha 
was electronic already in the team before Guardian left navi?
2019-09-23 13:48
Romania silksz12 
2019-09-23 14:10
Ukraine s1v9mple 
Nope, he replaced seized
2019-09-23 22:29
s1mple best awp ever
2019-09-23 14:12
I think this is gonna.work well for NaVi provided they can keep their egos in check and that they get along
2019-09-23 14:43
Australia SUNSPY 
BlaD3 coaching.. watch out for some destructive executes.. boomi definitely going to be OK already but watch him become a TOP IGL in 2020 s1mple unleashed.. time to start supporting NaVi this is all positive af
2019-09-23 14:46
2019-09-23 17:00
EZ 4 Na'Vi now
2019-09-23 14:50
s1mple rifling again, this is going to be entertaining.
2019-09-23 14:58
First Interview in one year that I read from A-Z. s1mple is such a good person and worth reading that much words. I would never read an Interview feat. device because I just don't care about the second best player in the world.
2019-09-23 15:00
thanks for the interview
2019-09-23 15:13
Nice mens
2019-09-23 15:37
United States highlandyirr 
I'm excited
2019-09-23 15:58
2019-09-23 15:59
-flamie +sanji And guardian need to go to the bed and let a real young talent
2019-09-23 16:10
s1mple | 
Australia lo0u_ 
2019-09-23 17:09
yes and return suck a kangaroo
2019-09-23 17:28
very hyped for this lineup
2019-09-23 16:25
disband in few months worst lineup NaVi ever had
2019-09-23 18:56
Armenia GaRY56 
S1mple too good either way! Glad to see them excited for this lineup with Guardian back home!
2019-09-23 16:28
s1mple back to rifling Pog but I’m still skeptical of +guardian
2019-09-23 16:35
GuardiaN | 
Brazil Anux 
Na vi back top 3
2019-09-23 16:35
after few bad results: s1mple to take awp over guardian, "I was always meant to be an awper"
2019-09-23 16:51
2019-09-23 17:01
nope s1mple to leave Navi for FaZe clan
2019-09-23 18:55
maybe when faze clan gets actually good at some point in time
2019-09-23 20:09
South Africa nimmaJ 
Getting s1mple usually makes the team good
2019-09-24 18:53
Brazil cadik 
bait0mple AWP OMEGALUL
2019-09-23 16:59
s1mple | 
Australia lo0u_ 
S1mple playing as a hybrid is the best anyway. All you need is someone good enough to be the main awper, even in a passive way, so he can be free to do whatever he wants. A double awp setup on the CT side will be godly though.
2019-09-23 17:09
that's true... all Navi need is old guardian then that setup is damn good to win Navi a major
2019-09-24 16:43
"but it is hard to find a way to get that kill. You have two or three shots that you have to hit and after that you either die or change your positions. So it is hard to play the sniper as well" eVeN s1mPlE sAyS AwP iS tHe EASiEst gUn he says easiest to get the kill, but not easiest to find a way to kill so cry is free noobs
2019-09-23 17:10
HLTV: omg NaVi so stupid GuardiaN is shit and washed up let s1mple have the AWP s1mple: guys stfu I want to play rifle
2019-09-23 17:26
navi will win a major, i promise
2019-09-23 17:28
2019-09-23 17:30
oBo | 
United States Plactus 
yessss finally s1mple can main rifles... wasted a year awping when his skill ceiling is higher rifling
2019-09-23 17:46
s0mple cant rifle nt
2019-09-23 18:55
s1mple | 
Russia fnyke 
2019-09-23 19:18
who cares what you want you racist little shit
2019-09-23 17:47
lol silver crying against number 1 player in the world.... go eat shit noob
2019-09-24 16:41
doesnt surprise me a shithole cunt like you likes a racist little shit russian
2019-09-24 18:03
lmfao cry more bot.... S1mple is toxic as everyone else what do you expect from a person who is carrying the whole team and still losing round...anyone can get toxic...and s1mple isn't toxic anymore so nobody cares about you..... and if you are a good player then nobody cares about his toxicity and s1mple is number 1 so stfu and cry in a corner not on hltv.... or suck my dick dumb
2019-09-24 19:51
2019-09-24 20:00
Serbia GODKipato 
Gogogo s1mple
2019-09-23 18:27
2019-09-23 18:54
World Sins 
2019-09-23 19:24
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
"You can hide in a smoke, you can use all your nades, you can easily trade... " Man he's not even hiding his baiter playstyle anymore xD
2019-09-23 19:24
navi is back
2019-09-23 20:17
Spain BlaNcoW 
2019-09-23 21:12
Na'Vi about to surprise North
2019-09-23 21:15
NAVI and FAZE two best teams of 2020?
2019-09-23 21:24
nothing is really changing with NaVi... its still all what ifs what if Guardian finds some old form what if Boom is a good IGL what if Flamie can find consistency If all of this happens they will be a scary team with s1mple and Electronic rifling.
2019-09-23 21:28
Romania MariaNNdiez 
guardian back to home
2019-09-23 21:30
And If Guardian doesnt work out get jame and then ez. Also If blad3 really puts in the effort with boombitch Navi dir shure can find back some glory. It just depends If Electronic and s1mple and some way or another guardian play well
2019-09-23 21:35
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
vas ne zaebali novosti Simpla , vashe poh !
2019-09-23 22:27
0 major in 2020
2019-09-23 22:28
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
If you think you'll do better as a rifler lmao
2019-09-24 00:07
who are you noob
2019-09-24 16:38
Philippines LYrpz 
"B1ad3 asked me if I want to keep playing with the sniper and I told him, as I always say, if there is going to be a better sniper, a real sniper, of course I'm going to give him the AWP" He gave one to Xyp9X
2019-09-24 00:36
same thing like you take back your ex
2019-09-24 01:14
Brazil Totss 
same person but, more fucked!!
2019-09-24 16:34
I dont think guardian is a good sub for zeus tho, initially I was expecting finally angel plays for NaVi, but i guess the disagreement between him and zeus didnt die out after these years. Free simple to the lurker role will relief a lot of stress on him, but that also means he will no longer be getting so much resouces in the T-side. I do hope boombl4 will have something for the team, since NaVi being one of the oldest club in cs history, I really hope they get together and win a major , before the Ukrainians club losts its interest in cs
2019-09-24 01:27
South Africa nimmaJ 
Electronic will lurk, s1mple will trade and they can still put the same amount of resources into setting him up, not sure why you think just because hes not AWPing that he wont still be the star of the team.
2019-09-24 18:54
It's just not awping will reduce simple's "resource share" in the team, especially Guardian is very famoused for taking team's resource since his rifle skill is really not good enough for top tier. On t-side probably the hero-ak will be given to simple, but on ct-side maybe they would think putting the awp in guardian is more impactful to the game. also if simple is going to trade that might mean he won't be playing the 1vN role, i feel like that kind of decreased his influence on the game
2019-09-29 22:39
South Africa nimmaJ 
S1mple isnt in a 1vx role, hes always been in trading roles but sometimes asks for freedom which he will still be able to do. The reason you always see him in 1vxs is because he wins his duels throughout the round and survives to post plants. On very few strategies do Navi actually bring s1mple in last and it's usually on ecos or again when he asks for freedom and doesnt have early round impact Again you say guardians rifling isnt that good but what does that have to do with the resource share besides giving him the AWP. Most teams don't buy AWPs unless the whole team can buy so that point is pretty moot, theres not really hero-AWP buys on CT, just saves.
2019-09-30 02:01
simple as 1vN role is usually NaVi couldn't trade or got caught out in the early round and leaving him not much room to wiggle, as Zeus leaving, I think NaVi needs to be more aggressive in getting information as well as the consistancy of the utilities use. Guardian's rifle doesn't give them that option (although I believe guardian will be also impactful even using scout) I still think NaVi should give their best player even more freedom other than "trading role + some freedom", as half of the time navi just doesn't do that well in "trading" which resulting in early 3v5s on the t-side also the reason I like simple in the lurker role is that no one in navi is actually that good with lurker role, both flamie and electronic are more comfortable with trading role, boombl4 seems pretty good with lurker role but since he'll be the igl, I doubt they will choose to use the French style (igl almost = lurker) I hope boombl4 designs a new approach for flamie as how he moves dynamically in the offensive side, flamie's aiming kind of slowly slipping after MLG 2016
2019-09-30 15:49
South Africa nimmaJ 
Electronic lurks on A LOT of their plays to create diversions or backstabs, he will continue to lurk Boombl4 has been aggressive with taking map control and will probably continue to probe and sacrifice himself Flamie should move to heavier support roles.
2019-09-30 20:47
Brazil SecondKS 
SkaDaddy 1 major, guardian and s1mple 0 major
2019-09-24 02:00
Brazil SecondKS 
But i like both, i belong they go to win a major
2019-09-24 02:05
2018: Fucking Ladislav Cyka Kovac 2019: I think GuardiaN will bring something new to the team
2019-09-24 06:58
what a legend
2019-09-24 13:19
Romania MariaNNdiez 
s1god back
2019-09-24 22:52
LOL Finally someone at the top level says that the AWP is literally the easiest weapon to play. Point and click adventure with little to no skill required. That's why every grill and noob are first learning the AWP cuz it grants easy kills without the requirement of knowledge about the game mechanics.
2019-09-25 17:14
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