gla1ve: "OpTic said they have a deep playbook on Dust2, so I don't know why they didn't show it"

We sat down with Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander following Astralis' decider match victory against OpTic, in which they secured a spot in the playoffs, to talk about the team's current aspirations.

Astralis have played three matches in New York so far, with two victories against Danish rivals OpTic and a defeat at the hands of the newly christened Evil Geniuses. They are now set to face Liquid, their rivals for the top spot in the world ranking, in the ESL One New York semi-finals.

gla1ve preparing before the decider match against OpTic

gla1ve talked about the matches in New York, how Astralis find their best form during Big Event and Major playoffs, their upcoming match against Liquid, what they did in their downtime before the event in New York, their current goal of reclaiming the #1 spot in the ranking after their Major three-peat, and dealing with playing against teams that use their tactics on Vertigo.

Before the decider match MSL said that OpTic were going to show they had a deep playbook on Dust2, what were your reactions to those comments?

They said they have a deep playbook on Dust2, so I don't know why they didn't show it! But it was a good match and I think we played it much better than we did against EG, although I think EG do have a little bit more individual skill than OpTic, you can just feel it. Especially Brehze, he was really good against us. We had a really tough time shutting him down, but now I'm just looking forward to the semi-finals.

Talking about the semi-finals, you're going up against Liquid. That's the big match-up right now. Liquid vs. Astralis. You guys got them at the Major, what are you expecting against them here?

For me, Liquid and EG are almost the same team, skill-wise. They're really good teams and when we play either of them it's just as hard. I'm looking forward to it because we had a great game against Liquid in Berlin and I hope we can get the win, go through to the final, and get a winning streak going, although I think they'll be prepared.

Talking about Berlin, you won the Major there becoming the first team to win three in a row, which was your long term goal as a team. What are your goals now that you achieved that?

That's a tough question, of course we want to reclaim the #1 spot on the HLTV ranking, but we also want to just keep winning tournaments because that's what we love the most. It was quite a tough time when we didn't win tournaments before the Major, and we don't want to go back to that and be around the #2 or #3 place in the world. We want to be the best team in the world and the best team ever, but that is something that will only come with time. Right now we're just focused on winning tournaments.

You didn't play the BLAST Pro Series in Moscow, which gave you some time after the Major before coming here. How did you spend that time?

It was pretty sad for us to not play the BLAST Pro Series because we love those tournaments, right? [laughs]. But on a serious note, we just practiced a lot. We had one bootcamp with computers and another without computers after the vacation and we practiced a lot before Berlin. We had good results and you could feel that people really wanted to win. After Berlin we took two days off and then started to practice again all the way up to now. We're running almost the same strats as we did in Berlin since we didn't have that much time, but hopefully when we go home after Malmö we'll be able to make some new stuff.

In the first match against OpTic you played a pretty close Vertigo. How is that map going for you guys? How is the meta evolving?

It's a pretty strong map for us, we've been "making the meta," so to say. I see a lot of teams doing stuff we're doing, especially things we did at the Major, and I feel that teams are getting better and better. That's the toughest thing, right? You do something that's really good and it works really well at one event, but then at the next event everyone copies it, so you have to know how you're going to anti-strat or do something against it. So now we have to evolve and figure out how to counter our plays when other teams do them. That's a lot of what I'm thinking about on Vertigo right now.

It's a map that has a lot of utility usage on the sites, and playing through and around that utility, plus it's a small map... is that something you like as a team? That kind of close-quarters utility-heavy style?

Yeah, if you look at Inferno there's a lot of close combat as well and that's one of our best maps. I think Vertigo is pretty solid for us because we have a lot of good riflers that are really good at spraying. I wouldn't say we're bad aimers, but we have better sprayers than aimers. Xyp9x, Magisk and myself, all three of us are really good with spraying the M4. dupreeh has great aim and reflexes, but I do think close combat is really good for our team.

You said Liquid are similar to EG, a team that gave you a hard time and beat you. Going up against Liquid, what do you think will be the key to get the best of them?

We have to play our A game to even be able to get close to winning because if we play the way we played against EG, we'll definitely lose to Liquid. We have to be ready mentally and physically and be on point from the beginning to hopefully be able to make the American crowd a little silent. [laughs]

Now that you've had a bit of time after the Major, looking back, you lost to EG in the group stage and then beat Liquid in the playoffs pretty comfortably, going on to show great form in the playoffs...

We're trying to find out what we did differently between the group stage and the playoffs because we played so much better in the playoffs. We've been doing that in the last few events we've played at, everybody has been so on point that we don't even do our tactics. That's the weirdest part. We don't run our tactics, we were just playing on a whole different level at the last three Major playoffs. Something is different when we play those, I'm not sure why, but we're trying to find it out the best we can.

Is there anything you've kind of pinpointed?

I have a pretty good clue about why it happens, but I can't say it. That's a secret, I'm sorry! [laughs]

No matter what happens after this event you have Malmö, which will come immediately after and where a lot of Danish fans will show up, are you looking forward to it?

I'm looking forward to Malmö so much. When we were in Berlin it was crazy, there were so many Astralis fans. I didn't expect that from the crowd, and I know Berlin is fairly close to Copenhagen, but still, so many Astralis fans! We could hear them all over the arena. Now we'll be in Malmö, which is only like 30 minutes away from Copenhagen by car, so I'm really looking forward to that. I know a lot of Danish people will go, but I also hope some international fans will show up and come cheer for us with the Astralis crowd and have some fun. We just love to play there.

Denmark Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
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gla1ve is savage!!! ez tournament for godstralis the current top 1 team in the world!
2019-09-28 07:59
MSL top 5 team in 2019 LUL
2019-09-28 07:59
2019-09-28 08:07
2019-09-28 08:10
Roasted omg ahahahaa
2019-09-28 10:42
He better find that deep playbook
2019-09-28 09:01
Myanmar xdcc 
2019-09-28 09:44
Imagine thinking the best team in the world is not going to pick the map you got your ass whooped on 16-7 because you challenged them to do so in a HLTV interview ahahha. MSLUL never ceases to amaze me
2019-09-28 10:25
Nah broo, that was a 300 iq move, Astralis is just dumb, MSLul is better than them ez
2019-09-28 10:42
Ooohhhhhhh Lmao!!!!
2019-09-28 09:33
Dont believe what MSLUL said. He's stupid just like his face
2019-09-28 09:41
2019-09-28 08:11
Europe darkencsgo 
Liquid, EG > Astralis
2019-09-28 09:04
Denmark Nikolaim88 
Let's wait till after this tournament before we talk about that.
2019-09-28 09:16
LMAO like in the major
2019-09-28 09:36
astralis only shows up at majors device too
2019-09-28 09:38
Well thats not too bad showing up at the most important and prestigious event of the year.
2019-09-28 09:45
yeah but isn't it better to be consistent?
2019-09-28 10:23
France agea 
ye like device isnt consistent as always ...
2019-09-28 12:17
God of consistency
2019-09-28 13:00
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
you're retarded
2019-09-29 05:02
2019-09-28 12:59
That's true. Astralis won 10 events in 2018 and all of them were majors.
2019-09-28 09:56
Germany killmichi 
No but its 2019. They won 3 events and 2 of them were majors and one was Blast.
2019-09-28 10:09
You know they skipped lots of events? And after they returned they were not good until major. I think we dont have enough sample space to say that "Astralis only show up at major in 2019". If they lose ESL NY, i am ok with that statement tho.
2019-09-28 11:22
I think #Astralis knows where to step and where to ignore that's why they are the one of the best team in the world!
2019-09-28 12:23
Romania decis1ve 
Wow such a statement but a year ago they won everything, not only majors lol. To say that, u got to be delusional
2019-09-28 12:13
i actually think they should after major will be so tiring they deserved a good rest as long as their form did not drop (just like in berlin major) n imagine if they participate every event n what if they win every event, alot of toxicity will come out like EU>NA which was exploding in yesterday's twitch chat and what if they lost, people will be like Astralul n blahblah no one can be in the top forever but if they want to be, they can. Im a liquid fan n i kind of understand Astralis' situation now so lets not talk bad bout other teams frens.
2019-09-28 12:36
You´re completely right. Top teams will get critics no matter what they do. But people are hard on T2 too, because they´re not T1 Same goes for individual players
2019-09-28 13:10
thanks my fren
2019-10-01 17:37
2019-09-28 11:30
Hard as fuck. Roasted #MSL XD
2019-09-28 11:46
the banter
2019-09-28 07:58
ddk | 
United States Don_Cheadle 
2019-09-28 07:58
ez top 1 team
2019-09-28 07:58
That is savage af
2019-09-28 07:58
2019-09-28 07:58
shox | 
Brazil mullets 
2019-09-28 07:59
Announce 100T already
2019-09-28 07:59
Jamppi is hot
2019-09-28 09:26
I are agree
2019-09-28 09:47
2019-09-28 07:59
2019-09-28 07:59
2019-09-28 07:59
Brazil |witcher| 
If Optic ease past FaZe and Astralis rekt Optic, I wonder how Faze vs Astralis would be.
2019-09-28 12:16
Brazil deKiCTL 
With faze on its current state, it would probably be a really boring and one-sided game.
2019-09-28 14:36
16-3 and NiKo would go 2-24
2019-09-28 17:11
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
+1 xddddddd when you want to play IGL/awper and rifler at the same time lmao while only being a rifler, it still amazes me to this date.
2019-09-29 05:04
2019-09-28 08:00
2019-09-28 08:00
Big oof
2019-09-28 08:01
2019-09-28 08:00
China Fan_of_SK|swe 
2019-09-28 08:00
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
2019-09-28 08:01
Msl got Rekt
2019-09-28 08:01
2019-09-28 08:01
kennyS | 
France namiexe 
even though i dont like astralis i respect gla1ve as a player and person
2019-09-28 08:01
2019-09-28 08:01
cyx | 
Switzerland HUFTGOLD 
i almost feel bad for MSL xaxaxax LULquid, here comes the boom
2019-09-28 08:05
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy 
2019-09-28 08:02
Canada Michaelides 
2019-09-28 08:02
nice lmao
2019-09-28 08:03
2019-09-28 08:03
That's a secret, I'm sorry! [laughs] it means he is hiding tactic
2019-09-28 08:03
That means they run default all day long paying on 65% power in group stage. TL and EG are gonna have a really bad time when that master mind turns it up to 100% in play off.
2019-09-28 10:40
might not be too far from the truth you know... Like Astralis care if they get 1st or 2nd in a group stage?! or 3-0,3-1 in swiss system lol. they have enough skill to challenge and be favorites against every team out there. Altho they have to watch out being overconfident.. it can backfire easily.
2019-09-28 11:25
Yes, im excited for the match later.
2019-09-28 11:56
Astralis gonna pick mirage btw, their perm ban is gonna unravel and once again shit on liquid preperation.
2019-09-28 13:16
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Lmao rekt
2019-09-28 08:04
Argentina cheapdeed 
gla1ve speak the facts doe
2019-09-28 08:05
Poland Goodwhy 
2019-09-28 08:05
LMFAO You killed him dude
2019-09-28 08:06
AmaNEk | 
France ZywHere 
Hehe rekt
2019-09-28 08:07
chrisJ | 
Hong Kong Escher 
2019-09-28 08:08
i just waiting for day when everybody will revealed
2019-09-28 08:09
Sweden Sexicano 
yes men
2019-09-28 09:41
2019-09-28 08:11
United States JustBitsy 
Remember the time that optic gaming signed stan cajun konfig and so on and they kicked stan for the second time because the danish players said he wasnt a real caller. Then kept bullying him after kicking him.
2019-09-28 08:11
What ? They never said he wasn't a real caller, and stan was the first to cry on twitter. Get your facts together before spreading bullsh*t. Also, making a full danish team made complete sense when Jugi was available and looking promising.
2019-09-28 09:52
Did you expect anything less from USA
2019-09-28 10:16
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
I didn't myself, I read and was just disappointed in mankind. Then I looked his flag and kept a fair bit of hope in humanity knowing that flag checks out.
2019-09-29 05:07
2019-09-28 08:13
And then they lose to TL
2019-09-28 08:13
United States Samsquanch_ 
XD ikr, always happens this way in CSGO
2019-09-28 09:27
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
clearly did lmaooooooooooooooooo
2019-09-29 05:07
2019-09-28 08:13
ez for the Best team in the word, They gonna smashL Liquid in semis.
2019-09-28 08:14
2019-09-28 08:16
2019-09-28 08:18
2019-09-28 08:18
2019-09-28 08:19
2019-09-28 08:23
LOL gla1ve so cruel xD
2019-09-28 08:26
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
Flexing on msl..
2019-09-28 08:28
Xyp9x | 
Turkey drizit 
Justin "gla1ve" SAVAGE.
2019-09-28 08:28
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
rofl savage
2019-09-28 08:30
throwing shade
2019-09-28 08:32
2019-09-28 08:34
Turkey ao1 
2019-09-28 08:36
2019-09-28 08:37
Indonesia Chonji 
2019-09-28 08:41
Oof sick
2019-09-28 08:42
lmao gla1ve u showed r skill vs evil genius . the worst $hit
2019-09-28 08:45
Ignorant prick
2019-09-28 08:45
Pakistan LoOuU2 
If I had 4 Majors, an era , whole year of domination and one of the best roster of the game, I might be ignorant too.
2019-09-28 13:58
2019-09-28 08:51
Faroe Islands clackdamighty 
oof MSL
2019-09-28 08:51
CIS Face_January 
2019-09-28 08:55
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-09-28 09:02
India h4rd^ 
b a n g e r a n g e r
2019-09-28 09:04
Finland tehtaaNkierre 
2019-09-28 09:06
Oi mate
2019-09-28 09:28
Oi mate where u think you put that playbook at?
2019-09-28 09:35
I thought Astralis have a deep playbook too. They didn't show it against nrg either
2019-09-28 09:11
They save it like last time against NRG/EG
2019-09-28 10:17
ohhhh I love this banter hahaha
2019-09-28 09:11
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
saving strats for major
2019-09-28 09:25
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1 
Gla1ve the librarian
2019-09-28 09:28
Puget1 the poet
2019-09-28 09:33
2019-09-28 09:29
Imagine being MSL and thinking you can match gla1ve in any possible way in CSGO
2019-09-28 09:34
+1 but respect MSL man, he's a good IGL, they could have the best tactics and still lose due to the skill disparity between their players and Astralis' players
2019-09-28 09:56
he's gonna regret being cocky, dumb kid
2019-09-28 09:35
NEO | 
Poland OmgBRS 
stfu glaive , you and astralis fucked up my bet vs evil geniuses , why you didnt show deep book then ?? fucker
2019-09-28 09:36
Mongolia Sythapilla 
Tactical Lose.
2019-09-28 10:34
you are a noob betting on a guaranteed win vs nrg in group stage. did u not watch the major?
2019-09-28 11:53
NEO | 
Poland OmgBRS 
no i didnt
2019-09-28 20:45
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Lmao betting on 50/50 match with ~1.3 odds
2019-09-28 14:47
NEO | 
Poland OmgBRS 
50/50 ? - 1.3 ? nice math
2019-09-28 20:45
Russia xtkjdtr01 
hmhmhhmm do u have any understanding of this game? if yes u can clearly say that 3x on EG wasnt fair (i did bet on them btw) sorry for bad english im drunk
2019-09-28 23:41
Brazil NahT_ 
YIKES Gla1ve trash talking xD
2019-09-28 09:41
Brutal, savage, rekt
2019-09-28 09:41
MSLUL is just a CS meme at this point
2019-09-28 09:42
kNgV- | 
Brazil codezera 
rest in pieces, MSL
2019-09-28 09:42
Finland Tusku 
steph curry 1v1s an 8-year-old
2019-09-28 09:42
2019-09-28 09:45
2019-09-28 10:05
France Uexo 
Oof roasted
2019-09-28 10:10
2019-09-28 10:11
2019-09-28 10:12
Savage brutal rekt
2019-09-28 10:13
Other Onizuka_go 
'Deep Playbook' OMEGALUL
2019-09-28 10:13
Hahah savage
2019-09-28 10:31
Mongolia Sythapilla 
Holy shit whahahahahahahaha.
2019-09-28 10:34
2019-09-28 10:37
2019-09-28 10:44
Reunion kolgab 
rekt blast optic and liquid in one interview!!! respect! :D
2019-09-28 10:48
2019-09-28 11:01
Russia LeGoBoys 
2019-09-28 11:05
Rofl nice one gla1ve
2019-09-28 11:08
Estonia rYm 
rektttttttttttt bold MSL
2019-09-28 11:19
gl optic
2019-09-28 11:20
lol that headline is savage
2019-09-28 11:25
Brazil Karlogaria 
heheh take that, MSL, the 45 yo dad who talks a lot
2019-09-28 11:31
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
nice troll hahahaha
2019-09-28 11:41
Gla1ve so toxic.
2019-09-28 11:42
ehh ok
2019-09-28 11:51
2019-09-28 11:46
Finland Miroyev 
got 'em
2019-09-28 11:46
2019-09-28 11:50
2019-09-28 11:55
Brutal... savage... rekt.
2019-09-28 12:07
Europe SteffeM 
2019-09-28 12:08
Gla1ve fckn virgin who see through smoke
2019-09-28 12:17
2019-09-28 12:18
2019-09-28 12:21
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
Trolling is real!
2019-09-28 12:38
Got to love gla1ve, straight savage. keeps the scene alive
2019-09-28 12:40
brutal savage rekt
2019-09-28 12:53
2019-09-28 12:53
expected from gla1ve
2019-09-28 12:55
Lol poor msl got rektered
2019-09-28 12:59
Lithuania Watelis 
Is this supose to be roast cuz i dont get it 😕
2019-09-28 13:07
Because Msl wanted Astralis to pick d2 again after losing the first time, to show they have tactical depth
2019-09-28 16:47
Lithuania Watelis 
i dont get it still
2019-09-28 17:24
well they got rekt and showed no tactical depth at all, after asking for it, hence why he mention it's weird they showed nothing
2019-09-28 19:01
MSL dared Astralis to play Dust2 against them, if they think that Optic has no tactics for it. Astralis responded and played Dust2 against Optic and completely rekt them. This is just rubbing some extra salt into the wound against MSL, by asking where their tactics have been.
2019-09-28 19:05
MSL bitchslapped by the nvidia boy
2019-09-28 13:07
Brazil ValberBastos 
2019-09-28 13:15
Get rekt
2019-09-28 13:22
Sri Lanka VuXn 
2019-09-28 13:25
Europe b7ack0ut 
2019-09-28 13:30
Australia MikeOxmauI 
This team needs forsaken
2019-09-28 13:32
the only thing india is famous for after streeet shitting lmao
2019-09-28 14:22
2019-09-28 13:32
Netherlands gelm1r 
2019-09-28 13:32
glaive the sloth with the roasts
2019-09-28 13:34
Pakistan LoOuU2 
Glaive is like the best antihero in CSGO.
2019-09-28 13:59
Where do you learn english from? lmao
2019-09-28 14:14
Canada thelegend27 
you mean old flusha
2019-09-28 18:46
Pakistan LoOuU2 
ye sort of
2019-09-28 20:39
Canada thelegend27 
you mean solid snake from metal gear solid
2019-09-28 20:44
Pakistan LoOuU2 
umm i was never a MGS fan to begin with
2019-09-28 20:47
2019-09-28 14:12
Asia tyrkjaranid 
2019-09-28 14:38
gla1ve big brain both ingame and in interviews, MSLUL got toasted like baguette))
2019-09-28 14:42
2019-09-28 14:49
2019-09-28 14:58
HAHAHAHAHA SAVAGE, I LOVE GLAIVE bros, I remember he saying on our face at Blast Pro Sp after be booed " I know it's hard to be a MiBR fan sometimes" ahauahauau love him so much Real Savage
2019-09-28 15:28
cadiaN | 
Finland 0lter 
2019-09-28 15:55
Germany NiceC 
Savage - Brutal - Rekt.
2019-09-28 16:02
Finland M0FF3 
2019-09-28 16:23
United States MossSauce 
imagine feeling the need to trash talk a t3 team, astralis never fails to amaze
2019-09-28 17:09
Canada thelegend27 
msl painted a target on his head and glaive just decided to go for it
2019-09-28 18:46
we are danish we are the best we are astralis baby
2019-09-28 18:48
Taiwan Himeii 
damn, gla1ve 93020IQ tactics. Lose to EG, beat Liquid then, one sided finals againts EG, like in Berlin lmao
2019-09-28 19:03
2019-09-28 19:24
2019-09-28 19:49
2019-09-28 20:01
Brutal. Savage. Rekt. LONG LIVE THE OLD MEMES
2019-09-28 23:16
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