B1ad3: "I didn't have a lot of belief in the previous lineup because I saw the problems, but now we have really good discipline"

We had an in-depth talk with Andrey "⁠B1ad3⁠" Gorodenskiy during DreamHack Masters Malmö, finding out more about how Natus Vincere evolved during the year with him as the esports director and what his vision for the new lineup is now from the position of the coach.

B1ad3 had originally been signed to Natus Vincere with a title of the esports director at the end of March, but less than half a year later he found his way to work much more closely with the CS:GO team, transitioning into the role of the coach after the retirement of Danylo "⁠Zeus⁠" Teslenko and Mikhaylo "⁠Kane⁠" Blagin's departure.

B1ad3 shed some light on his vision for the new team

In an extensive interview with the Ukrainian veteran, conducted shortly after Natus Vincere topped Group B to advance to the semi-finals, we asked the former FlipSid3 captain about what his previous role in Na`Vi entailed and how much it allowed him to advise the previous roster before the switch happened.

B1ad3 also shed more light on a variety of other topics, such as the thought process behind the signings of Kirill "⁠Boombl4⁠" Mikhailov and Ladislav "⁠GuardiaN⁠" Kovács, the vision for the new lineup and his first impressions, and his four-year-old history with Aleksandr "⁠s1mple⁠" Kostyliev.

First of all, let's go back to what your first position in Na`Vi was as an esports director. Can you tell me what that job entailed and what your responsibilities were?

My job was mostly to control all disciplines, to control transfers, the managers of all our squads. The priority was to create Na`Vi junior, the Na`Vi esports camp project, and also to help other lineups with structure in everything, in training, outside of the game, so that all lineups would be more professional. Proper bootcamps, a proper schedule, all that stuff.

I'm sure CS:GO was the closest to your heart, as that's where you came from - how closely were you working with the team before becoming the coach?

I was trying to create a better atmosphere to improve the progress of the team. I knew that we had problems in the previous lineup and I was trying to get rid of some hurtful factors that prevented us from evolving as a team. I didn't have a lot of belief that that lineup would win a Major or something because I saw the problems in the team, but at least I was hoping to create a better atmosphere, a better approach to practice, a better approach outside of the game, to be more friendly and disciplined outside of the game, which was hard to do because not all the players wanted to do this. But now it's much better, we have really good discipline and all players listen to me and to our manager, and I think we're on a really good path now, on the proper path.

Can you tell me about how the transition from that role to coaching went? Did you always want to go back to that role?

When the team was practicing, when the team was bootcamping, I was at all of their bootcamps. The main goal for me was to know what the problem with this lineup was and if we had to make any transfers in the future, how we should do everything properly. Of course, I wanted to help and advise the team, but I didn't want to ruin the vision of our previous coach [Kane] and of Zeus, so I couldn't tell the guys 'let's do it like this.' I think my vision didn't fit the vision of our coach and Zeus, that's why I didn't try to rebuild everything. I was just trying to advise the team, and sometimes they listened to me and sometimes they didn't.

Na`Vi didn't want to have a lineup full of youngsters

Speaking of transfers, I take it you were involved with the lineup changes, especially after Zeus left - what led you to add GuardiaN out of the options you had?

First of all, we added Boombl4. We had a feeling that, at some point this year, Zeus could leave the team because he was talking about that a lot. That is why we needed a new in-game leader much earlier than when Zeus left because we could have been left in a really stupid situation, in which I had been with Gambit when we couldn't find an in-game leader.

After that, we tried to get some really good AWPers. We were thinking about different scenarios of who we could pick among all the players. GuardiaN fits this team really well because we have a really young lineup and he is much older than the other guys. We needed an experienced player because we didn't know how it would turn out without that. You can't rely on a fully young lineup because, even with me as the coach, sometimes they need a lot of experience in the game. GuardiaN was playing in FaZe and Na`Vi and played in a lot of finals, he has a lot of experience.

As an AWPer, he is really good at positioning because when you play similar situations 100 times you understand how to play in the most efficient way. Some young AWPers don't have that experience and sometimes they play too aggressively, they don't know how to take advantage of some positions, while GuardiaN knows how to use his positions to have an advantage. That was the main reason why we picked him. Also, he played in Na`Vi before and all the players know him, we were afraid that a new player could find it hard to come to the team and feel comfortable when the four other players communicate at the best level and one is like the outcast. These factors are why, his experience and that he has known our players for a long time, they actually communicate really well, like friends, and I like that.

You were talking about your vision for this team. What is that vision and how much of it have you been able to implement now that you are the coach?

If we look at how it is now - I think we had like four days at the bootcamp and one day of online practice - I can see that this team can be really strong in the future. That we could find our game in such a short time shows to me as the coach that we made the proper changes and we put our players in the proper roles. The main vision I had for my team was to have one vision, one system of analyzing, for everyone. In the game, it's always important to understand the situation very quickly and on the same level. I would like the team to understand the game on the same level, and to reach that level we need to discuss a lot, to analyze games together a lot. We started to implement defaults at the bootcamp, little details in the game that will help us in the future, so we started from the fundamentals to create this system that I want.

From what I see now, we can be really strong if we keep progressing like this because all of the players are really motivated and they listen to me a lot, which is something that I was missing before because not always were the players listening to everything I was trying to tell them. I see that these players are really skilled and analyze situations really fast, which they use to create space in the game, and to further improve this we just need to give them more knowledge. We're trying to give them more knowledge about CS because they make mistakes in fundamentals, they're trying to play a lot of important situations individually, not relying on each other, not relying on teamplay and what the game gives them. Before I came, they didn't utilize everything the game can give them. Every detail of the game, nades, team play, map control, tactical depth, we need to get all the aspects of the game on the top level. We will be really strong in the future if we do that.

Can you tell me about how you dealt with s1mple's transition to the rifle? Does he have absolute freedom now that he isn't AWPing anymore, or is he limited by the system?

The thing is, the most important part of the system is to give a lot of freedom to all our players at specific moments of the game. They play like 60% structured and 30-40% with freedom, which changes from opponent to opponent because we need to change our playstyle based on that. If we play a specific opponent, we need to give them less freedom and for others, we need to give our players more freedom. The most important thing is that the players always have freedom - not that they can go YOLO and do everything they want, they have a gameplan. There are always similar situations on the map, the teams play almost the same tactics, and, if you analyze the map and the matches, you can see that there are timings in which if you win an important situation, you get a huge advantage and win the round really easily. To emphasize that, you need to give players freedom at the exact moments of these situations to win. If you analyze them properly and win these situations on the map, you can win most of the rounds.

B1ad3 is trying to create a system in which all players have freedom in specific situations

So, we don't want to play by a script like a lot of teams, when they play stuff from freezetime and not a single player can try something that he finds in the game. The main thing is not to play like that, we try to get into the round, get some information, analyze it, make a call, and play with this new information, not from what we get in the previous round or what we get in the freezetime, but information that we get mid-round in specific zones. That is very important because, in that case, it will be very hard to predict and antistrat us because we will be really flexible. That is why we give freedom to our players in specific in-game situations, and we discuss these situations with the players all the time, that they need to be really aggressive here, really passive there, and so on. If we make the same analyzing system for all players, they will understand the game almost on the same level and they will communicate faster, they will understand situations faster, and decision-making is the key thing in CS:GO.

Do you think that puts more or less pressure on Boombl4 as, still, quite an inexperienced in-game leader? How is he dealing with that type of system?

That is why we picked Boombl4 in the first place. He fits perfectly in this system. His brain, his mind is made for this. He always tries to play from what he sees in an exact moment, he doesn't try to play by a script. That's how he sees the game, that's his vision. At the moment, I see some mistakes in his calls, some mistakes in macro control, he doesn't anticipate and doesn't react to all the important things on the map, and that's why he can sometimes make a false call, but I'm absolutely sure that he will be much better, he just needs some experience.

You have quite a lot of history with s1mple, playing with him in FlipSid3 all the way back in 2015 and earlier before that partnership came to a rather heated ending. What do you make of his evolution as a person and player since then?

I think he evolved when we were in FlipSid3, even before when were in Courage, I started to teach him a lot of important things from that moment. When he returned to me in FlipSid3, I can't point out specific things that changed him, but together with him I always tried to fix his attitude towards his teammates. He always tried to use his aggression to argue with his teammates and I was trying to use his aggression in the game, to channel it in the game towards his opponents, not to our teammates. We started with full structure with him, which didn't work very well because he needed a lot of freedom. In the end, we started to make a lot of tactics where we gave him full freedom and we had scenarios based on that. For example, if he got a kill and gave us space in some spot, we had this scenario. In the end, we couldn't play with any other system, we could only play like this because it was impossible to play otherwise.

Russia Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
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Maps played:
Ukraine Mikhaylo 'Kane' Blagin
Mikhaylo 'Kane' Blagin
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Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
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Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
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Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
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Maps played:
Portugal bhyeera
he needs motivation
2019-10-04 00:10
he probably saw Zeus still actively playing
2019-10-04 00:11
NaVi is decent now
2019-10-04 00:13
was talking about this 'B1ad3: "I didn't have a lot of belief in the previous lineup because I saw the problems'
2019-10-04 00:14
NaVi is decent now
2019-10-04 00:15
NaVi is decent now
2019-10-04 00:17
thanks to the two 40 year old checkstealers finally being gone
2019-10-04 00:47
NaVi is decent now
2019-10-04 01:25
But not better than Astralis lmao
2019-10-04 13:35
Basically What the article says is that Navi turned Pro this year
2019-10-04 16:47
Navi is better so now there's a better chance for them to bag some trophies
2019-10-04 05:54
little known fact that decent is actually navi now
2019-10-04 00:17
Europe chespiZ
Navi is top5 for sure
2019-10-04 01:09
kane is trash
2019-10-04 00:14
2019-10-04 03:53
India Chichiyum
Zeus was the problem
2019-10-04 05:25
Netherlands pewpeww
How can he be trash when he didn't do shit :')))) ur right tho
2019-10-04 11:02
lol true
2019-10-04 16:18
This is all bs excuses but they ain't making a semi
2019-10-07 16:29
Canada thelegend27
2019-10-04 00:11
nt men)
2019-10-04 00:13
cant scroll fast enough on mobile feelsbaddude
2019-10-04 00:17
at least you didn't lose to VeryNiceGuy
2019-10-04 00:17
nt VeryNiceGuy
2019-10-04 00:18
don't expose 😡😡😡
2019-10-04 00:18
Finland Smoonah
ya don't say?
2019-10-04 00:11
NaVi new numba juan
2019-10-04 00:11
Ukraine w0nderfull
2019-10-04 00:11
Sri Lanka kvezee
go navi
2019-10-04 00:12
Ukraine w0nderfull
2019-10-04 00:12
rofl look at group navi , rip vs mous or vitalyti
2019-10-04 06:54
Ukraine w0nderfull
Will see men
2019-10-04 07:18
lol ez 2-0
2019-10-04 07:39
2019-10-04 15:10
Russia ToughGuy
LUL zytality and chockes sports
2019-10-04 07:43
they had Liquid and EG,not their fault these guys are already out of the whole tournament
2019-10-04 07:46
LoL Mouz lost bo3 vs the former navi in cologne and won overtime bo1 in major vs the worst navi. This Navi looks much better than before
2019-10-04 15:10
hey you talk something? i told you vitality rekt navi
2019-10-05 22:08
close game man also so much mistakes today by navi cuz too short training days. i believe this navi rooster will achieve smth when they get their shit together
2019-10-05 22:14
well i think no, cuz blad3 coach
2019-10-05 23:24
Romania cyber8
Its sad that navi have been stuck for so long with the worst csgo player aka Zeus.Im so happy that piece of shit retired and navi is saved now
2019-10-04 00:12
He's way better than others and he's best CIS IGL so what are you talking about? Yes, he is bad in fragging but he is best cis game leader, every Na`Vi and other players said that.
2019-10-04 13:02
Romania cyber8
Aim>brain even if your igl if your a bot in fragging you are a pain in the ass for your team
2019-10-04 13:03
If he had a brain like gla1ve then i could agree But come on,his tactics are shit His only 2 strats is: 1.s1mple go kill. 2.Wait till 15 seconds then enter the site and fail the plant
2019-10-04 15:12
I will argue with you. If he is that bad how come he has so many achievements? I'm pretty sure Zeus was way better than gla1ve is now in 2010. Still, I don't get why he gets so much hate. I'm not a fan of him but still, he doesn't deserve that.
2019-10-04 15:13
I don’t think you can compare CS in 2010 and CS in 2019. Pretty sure igling is a lot different, the game has change a lot since so i don’t think its fair
2019-10-04 17:32
All right then, tell me then how it is different?
2019-10-04 18:01
Back in 2010 there were no strats it was just frag and shoot through the paper walls
2019-10-05 12:26
If you really think like that, don't bother talking with me.
2019-10-05 13:43
U really think there was proper strats in a game like 1.6? Maybe simple defaults and stuff but nothing super tactical and smart... Zeus was overrated...
2019-10-05 15:28
Wow... have a good day pal.
2019-10-05 16:47
navi will drop out of top10 in 3 months
2019-10-04 00:13
2019-10-04 15:12
ofc flipsid3 tactics wont work in navi now they are playing with old tactics. but when the meta changes rip navi
2019-10-04 15:47
They are not playing the same strats.
2019-10-04 18:35
Myanmar xdcc
S1mple vincere
2019-10-04 00:16
when i saw b1ad3 said he didnt want to go for full youngster team,i went to type natus vincere to check their ages ,somehow i found myself typing s1mple
2019-10-04 00:16
It's the same team, Na'Vi is their nickname, I think that old fans that created this nick
2019-10-04 00:31
dude did u fucking understand me i wanted to type natus vincere or na'vi, they are both the same but my point was that i found myself typing s1mple not navi or natus vince or anyone of these
2019-10-04 17:16
if Navi play against top10 team They will lose I think They beat top12 top19 and top17 They are not Astralis not Vitality not ENCE I think they get semi-final with lucky
2019-10-04 00:17
nobody beats in astralis.... Except american crowd
2019-10-04 00:27
2019-10-04 01:01
ECS S7 Finals? Furia beat Astralis in a Bo3 at ECS S7 Finals.
2019-10-04 02:39
and that was a teams that beat n1 and n3. So.
2019-10-04 02:03
in bo1 and I think they are not in the shape
2019-10-04 02:26
Liquid and EG will come back and destroy everyone this only one tournament We will se a lot of tournament future
2019-10-04 02:27
India Frost2639
Exactly let them get their shit straight then. We'll see how good they are
2019-10-04 03:54
Ence?? Na'Vi beat Ence even with bot Zeus, what are you on about?
2019-10-04 04:05
where 15-15 They didn't beat
2019-10-04 04:10
Jame | 
Canada Vypere
Starseries I-League 7 6th of April 2019 Natus Vincere 2-1 Ence Train 11:16 (8:7; 3:9) Inferno 16:12 (6:9; 10:3) Overpass 16:11 (9:6; 7:5) And this is back with Edward too. Also IEM Katowice 2019 20/02/19 Bo1 Mirage Natus Vincere 25 - 22 Vitality
2019-10-04 04:51
now ENCE AND Vitality win easly
2019-10-04 05:21
ence without a proper igl win
2019-10-04 07:01
You are so deluded. Thanks for proving it.
2019-10-04 07:42
Braibdeaf? Ence can't win a shit
2019-10-04 10:22
I said about now not about 1 years ago
2019-10-04 05:22
Navi can win ENCE but Vitality strong now
2019-10-04 05:23
2019-10-04 06:08
ence? lol they died the second they kicked aleksi
2019-10-04 07:27
maybe maybe but navi more died than ENCE
2019-10-04 07:28
>NaVi >more “died” than ENCE You are retarded.
2019-10-04 07:44
S1mple getting bad I think next year he going down
2019-10-04 07:29
old bots gone now it's time to shine
2019-10-04 00:18
disband pls
2019-10-04 00:22
Navi top 2 soon, may be Top1 in 2020.
2019-10-04 00:24
Flair checks out.
2019-10-04 02:40
1.6 days & G.O.A.T Markeloff. Current org, flipside.
2019-10-05 02:31
If you dont want to read : Players has more freedom, no script tactics
2019-10-04 00:25
This Navi is so promising, so fucking hype, god Blad3 will stratgize and Boombl4 will eat everyone. Navi will win Malmo EZ
2019-10-04 00:25
Boombl4 to gla1ve after the finals "you can't counterstrat perfection"
2019-10-04 18:37
And then he will fucking eat him EZ Clap
2019-10-04 21:42
damn, twice? before and after winning. Boombl4 is ruthless then
2019-10-04 21:45
Yes, cause he will shit out Astralis after their game and eat him again, EZ.
2019-10-04 22:04
Finally navi looking good mens
2019-10-04 00:26
B1tch please.... We have a guardian! And Boombla-meu-boi
2019-10-04 00:26
2019-10-04 00:33
based b1ad3
2019-10-04 00:40
Blad3: 40 seconds too early Blad3: 20 seconds still too early Blad3: 10 seconds GO GO GO GO
2019-10-04 00:44
Thats kane and zeus actually. What i saw with their 5 maps in this event that they enter site early or mid round. Ofc there is some rounds that will necessarily go slow... but its like that for every team. But u cant compare them to zeus time where he tries to take site last 15 seconds. But for maps like inferno its not a map that u can go fast...
2019-10-04 15:18
god that navi was so infuriating to watch
2019-10-19 15:16
which 1?
2019-10-19 15:37
push site last 10 seconds and losing 1 person and either saving or just all dying
2019-10-19 16:22
i barely understood what he said when i was watching the interview. thank you hltv
2019-10-04 00:53
They are 2 different interviews though, but both overlap a lot.
2019-10-04 18:40
Sweden Trkmag
Best mind in the game, F3 always outplaying people
2019-10-04 00:57
This guy is good in answering without entering in the question, lol. A lot of bs talk while he didn't answer the real question.
2019-10-04 00:57
Doesn't want to reveal the real reasons because teams anti-strat, smart man
2019-10-04 04:06
India Nihalreddy
U think they antistrat by watching interview or watching gameplay
2019-10-04 05:33
what a twoface
2019-10-04 01:41
He is just telling how it is
2019-10-04 12:18
they just played 3 matches against TOP20 and EGO raised up again. Navi gonna be rekt by any TOP 10 team
2019-10-04 01:51
The only teams can compete this Navi are Astralis,Liqptic,EG,Vitality,maybe mouz. Astralis are step a head from navi for sure but i believe we are gonna have a close fight if they neet
2019-10-04 15:20
2019-10-04 15:21
2019-10-04 18:12
2019-10-04 20:30
rano rano rano rano RUSH B
2019-10-04 02:45
Haha shots fired on Zeus and Edward LUL
2019-10-04 02:47
Other Onizuka_go
So Zeus was the problem? haha
2019-10-04 03:05
TBF they won tournaments with Zues & Edward, without them they have mostly been shit so here's to optimism.
2019-10-04 05:34
But they had Bot seized back then Now i cant see a weak link
2019-10-04 15:22
Ez for B1ad3 "Snake" Toledo
2019-10-04 06:07
Snake? How so?
2019-10-04 06:49
Flaime=no discipline
2019-10-04 06:53
He got easy opponents so far and start talking shit about ex-teammates
2019-10-04 06:58
Kane was best (!)
2019-10-04 07:00
ur retarded
2019-10-06 21:49
they've had an easy road so far but still navi has looked promising so far even for them playing worse teams (they could've just big dicked everyone and won but they've shown some good stuff)
2019-10-04 07:09
Ukraine minemax
A couple of years wasted for Navi... But better late than never.
2019-10-04 07:10
xaxaaaxax zatknis
2019-10-04 07:17
Russia ToughGuy
Ahab mad noobs crying about easy road in semis. Where ence? Oh yeah lost to furia. Zytality also lost map to ence without igl OMEGALUL.
2019-10-04 07:49
Looks great, b1ad3 and s1mple are not first to play together, GuardiaN too, and his program looks quite fit with Na'Vi. But Na'Vi have always had hopeful interview and got rekt soon. They have to practice properly and spend a lot of time to get back into top tier. Na'Vi 2019 always looked like they have few tactics, little practice. Hope they can change soon with new system.
2019-10-04 08:11
New Zealand Eauor
Na'Vi without Zeus is one of the biggest changes you will ever see in counter-strike. Add the fact that useless drunk Kane is gone from coach, replaced by one of the best CS minds in blad3 - you have potential to make a truly insane roster. Zeus was bad, the guy sucked in game obviously, which hurt Na'Vi - but his vision and approach to the game was clearly outdated. You could just see he couldn't organise the team, build clarity and cohesion. It pained me to watch Na'Vi this year, the amount of mistakes they made, rounds they threw, etc, it was just heartbreaking. Zeus is great in some aspects, but he was well and truly past his prime and needed to go. With stability in GuardiaN, a new IGL in boombl4 who is hungry as FUCK to win and play well, combined with blad3, who from what we know is crafting an absolutely amazing approach to CS for Na'Vi, I think Na'Vi will become a consistent tournament winning team next year. They have all the pieces and it's only up from here.
2019-10-04 13:17
Estonia Shoyo
hopefully they win this tournament
2019-10-04 14:21
+1 you said my thoughts. thx
2019-10-04 16:23
Ukraine rofle
Clown tactic said something bullshit story.
2019-10-04 08:16
2019-10-04 08:17
2019-10-04 10:31
Cyprus globalbtw
2019-10-04 08:27
Arrogant guy...
2019-10-04 08:32
Because he's honest and straight instead of being "polite" to don't hurt anyone's feelings/ego? Lul.
2019-10-04 11:09
He better waits after the honeymoon period, if it still goes well, perfect.
2019-10-04 13:07
Yeah, we still have to see if they able to maintain same performance at long distance.
2019-10-04 14:54
New Zealand Eauor
Well, with bloody Zeus and Kane they maintained a fairly solid top 3-5 status, even being a solid #2 for ages. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to maintain an even higher level now with these changes. Guess we can only wait and see but that would be super surprising.
2019-10-04 15:03
He gets questions about other players but only continues talking about his own systems and visions. Get your head out of your ass man, you're not the star here.
2019-10-04 09:12
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara
Blad3: wait till 5 sec then go
2019-10-04 09:36
Great interview. I think hes gonna be a good coach.
2019-10-04 09:37
criticism of Zeus, Kane. they don't want to listen. stubborn team
2019-10-04 10:23
good luck, i hope the team return stronger, having a new coach will bring them hope and motivation to be at the top again, even if it's sounds random Blade actually has his stuff very carefully planned, a breath of fresh air needed in Navi
2019-10-04 10:30
Navi will fail hard vs astralis and every hltv fanboy will find some other excuses.
2019-10-04 10:56
It all sounds great and Na`Vi already looks a lot better as team so far. It seems they finally got proper coach (no offense to Kane but he was kinda useless as for me) who can bring really useful stuff. Finally Na`Vi have some system. I waited for years for that. Also I didn't believe in Boombl4 as IGL earlier, but I hope with B1ad3's help he will evolve as IGL, because against top teams like Astralis these mistakes he makes (wrong understanding of some situations, wrong calls, etc) will cost them rounds and even games. Anyway, I really enjoyed all the matches of the new roster and wish them good luck. I hope soon we'll see another team which is able to show some high quality CS enjoyable to watch.
2019-10-04 11:25
let's go NaVi
2019-10-04 11:25
b1ad3 "TwoFaced" Toledo
2019-10-04 12:23
Australia SUNSPY
Right on cue, a look into the mastermind's processes so far and to come Ticking all the boxes and then some.. the whole logical approach to build foundations and the Jr team and schedules etc was a good direction waiting for Zeus to have a byebye.. sounds like the switch is even better than I hoped and expected. The confidence for the future is obviously warranted with this completely new vibe, imagine that, NAVI TALKING COOPERATING NOT SCREAMING INSULTS ?? Top 1 2021 if not sooner ? BET THE FARM
2019-10-04 12:52
New Zealand Eauor
#116 Blad3 knows what he's doing, and Na'Vi have all the pieces they could possibly need. Shit would have to go very wrong if they were to not become a championship winning team at this point. The only things that could break this lineups potential is perhaps GuardiaN not meshing and not being motivated, (this is something that idiots seem to discuss, I don't think this will be the case at all, GuardiaN will be hungrier than ever to win a major before retirement), internal conflict, or straight up s1mple and electronic losing their form. All three of these potential reasons are unlikely as fuck to happen. Na'Vi is set to be great, they're gonna improve slowly and surely every tournament.
2019-10-04 13:25
I doubt electronic and s1mple would lose their form. They must be as motivated as ever now.
2019-10-04 18:55
New Zealand Eauor
Exactly what I think. And considering how good they are, any dip they take will still have them as some of the best in the world.
2019-10-04 18:55
Yeah. S1mple dipped lately, and even so he was a 1.2ish rating player, that is dream stat for any other pro, but a "bad" performance from him. Dude is insane. I think they will keep it up easily.
2019-10-04 18:59
New Zealand Eauor
Yeah. Some people were freaking out about his slight dip, but it was kinda obvious because Na'Vi was looking their worse and they all seemed to know Zeus was done and the roster was over. He's now a hybrid player and is obviously primed to be as good as ever.
2019-10-04 19:00
+1. New navi is exciting, hopefully stuff works out. The top5 is quite stacked now, more than when navi was top3 last year, they have quite a task now.
2019-10-04 19:03
New Zealand Eauor
Absolutely. The top 5 is stacked, but It's definitely breakable, some teams are looking shakey or are declining somewhat (Liquid most notably, Vitality have to prove themselves, EG may have peeked at NY) so if there was ever a time for Na'Vi to break in and dominate this year, now would be their moment to make a statement.
2019-10-04 19:07
Vitality needs huge changes, they are quite like navi last year. They really need some other players to support zywoo, shox/apex is not enough. I think EG can still do some more, but their victory vs astralis, imo, was some heavy counterstrating and astralis being off a little. Liquid seems to be done, but they are still a solid team overall. navi could come out swinging and take liquid and vitality out and be top3 this year, but i guess they would need another 3 months to have some strats and fully implement their system.
2019-10-04 19:22
Blade svoyu jopy prodal, eto mi ponyali. Ya zub dayu 4to so slovacom bydet takaya je hernya, sostav ne vzletit i Zeus eto ponimal.
2019-10-04 17:54
budesh bezzubyj xoditj
2019-10-05 02:36
b1ad3 "twofaced" toledo?
2019-10-05 13:28
2019-10-05 15:27
2019-10-05 17:29
B1ad3 still doesn't believe in this lineup :( But my boys have got discipline, that's something
2019-10-06 14:05
If you have the best sniper, why change it? it was an erroneous replacement, the composition will be worse if the simpl plays without avp.
2019-10-09 16:17
"We're trying to give them more knowledge about CS because they make mistakes in fundamentals, they're trying to play a lot of important situations individually, not relying on each other, not relying on teamplay and what the game gives them. " S1mple doesn't work this way. I think he will suffer the most of this crap and shows why Zeus was a +200IQ IGL cuz he saw the strength of his players and not try to make them what they didn't are.
2019-10-14 10:13
Danika Zeus kon4il tebe v glaz
2019-10-20 22:34
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