apEX: "shox is not a bad guy, I never hated him, I just had a problem with him as the captain"

After Vitality joined fnatic in the grand final of DreamHack Masters Malmö, we had a chat with Dan "apEX" Madesclaire.

The 26-year-old went over the semi-final triumph against Natus Vincere, in which Vitality's Nuke pick backfired, but they were able to come back with a dominant win on Overpass and a good recovery from a slow start on Dust2 to advance to the grand final.

apEX walked us through Vitality's semi-final win over Na`Vi

We also asked apEX about his history and relationship with Vitality's newest addition, Richard "shox" Papillon, with whom he played for over a year in G2 before getting benched in the middle of 2018.

The Nuke pick certainly surprised people, can you tell me why you decided to go that way and why it didn't work?

Well, to be completely honest, our Nuke hasn't been good lately, we didn't play that good on it, but we practiced a lot on it online to try to get better form on it because we used to be really good on it. We wanted to pick it because, as you might know, Na`Vi have never been a really good Nuke team. I don't think it was about strategy, it was more about individuals, we just got so wrecked, we couldn't headshot at all, they just played way better than we did. They were in better form on the first map.

Tell me about how you recovered from that on Overpass, then, because it seemed like a completely different Vitality, everyone was on fire on that flawless CT side.

Outside, we just spoke together and the first thing to say was "let's wake up a little bit," because the communication was a bit too slow and too sleepy. And the second was "guys, we need to headshot just a bit more to beat them" (laughs), so we just tried to refocus together and it happened, we played better in the end.

You had a bit of a slow start on Dust2, on the other hand, but from that point on looked quite confident, how did you turn it around?

Once again, we started really badly. The pistol was lost, but then we bought, we almost won the round, we wanted to rebuy but we just didn't play well in that round, we didn't play together. It was a tough game at the beginning, we tried to refocus at 5-0 and we won that French forcebuy, obviously, and we just came back into the game and played better from that round.

apEX spoke to his relationship with shox from their time together in G2

I imagine you didn't expect to be in this position where you can compete for the title this early into the lineup, but now that you are here and up against fnatic in the final, are you confident that you can go all the way?

As you said, at the beginning of the tournament we didn't expect to go in the final. Our main goal was to go to the quarter-finals, and we did it, so now we're really happy to be here, obviously. Yeah, I didn't expect to play fnatic, also. They're a really good team, they're new together, and I think they showed some promising things. It's going to be a tough one, for sure. I'm really happy that they found some success again with flusha and Golden because I think they're a big piece of the Swedish scene right now.

I wanted to ask you about the addition of shox, with whom you have quite some history. Can you talk about the relationship that you have with him now?

I haven't played that much with shox, I played with him in 2011 in Source and the second time was on G2. To be honest, shox, he's not a bad guy. I never hated him, obviously. I just had a problem with him as the captain because - he will say it himself - he's not born to be a captain. He lacks many things and that's what happened in the team. I always tried my best with him, but, obviously, when they wanted to bench me I was pretty sad because I always gave it all. But we don't have anything bad together, he's a really great player. When my team wanted to add him, I was okay with it because I know that it was really important to have a lurker and an experienced player in his role. He's helping a lot in the mid-round calls etc., so I'm really happy to have him in the team, mainly not as a captain, but as a player. As you know, when shox is in form like yesterday, he can shine a lot.

Speaking about that form, what do you think of this newfound combo between him and ZywOo, who have won some ridiculous situations together, particularly in your Dust2 games?

Well, to be honest, ALEX, RpK, and me cannot be much of star players because we're playing a lot of aggressive roles and trying to be first most of the time, mainly ALEX and me. And RpK has a strict role as an anchor on the T side, so he can't be the star player either. Obviously, we needed to have a big star player that can help ZywOo because obviously in the statistics it's really hard to help ZywOo, but we can have a second star, and that's why we picked shox. ZywOo is put in the best condition in the team, as we have said. I'm not going to say like ALEX "we flash for him and he kills many blind people" because it's a meme now, but the guy is so good. When you have the potential to be the best player in the world, you have to put him in the best conditions, and that's why we tried to do it. He has always the best conditions and he performs, so what can you say, we still play like that and give it all for him.

France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
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Maps played:
France Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Expected from twofaced frenchie
2019-10-05 23:05
apEX | 
Europe bruuuuuh 
Expected from crying boy
2019-10-05 23:06
ChrisJ > Zy___?
2019-10-05 23:06
This is a French scene classic
2019-10-05 23:16
who cars, fnatic will rekt tomorrow
2019-10-06 00:14
what is your favourite car?
2019-10-06 03:38
who 😎
2019-10-06 05:44
my favourite color is green
2019-10-06 13:25
Greece Gianopoulos 
My favourite actress is Scarlet Johansson
2019-10-06 15:15
Well... i have to fully agree. 11/10 would marry her.
2019-10-06 19:49
Switzerland sl4p3z 
chrisj who?
2019-10-05 23:57
2019-10-06 11:46
2019-10-05 23:06
2019-10-05 23:06
Myanmar xdcc 
2019-10-05 23:20
2019-10-05 23:08
Flair + flag+ name
2019-10-05 23:10
RpK | 
France Medeilos 
flair + flag + tears
2019-10-05 23:25
Turkey yasiN_ 
2019-10-05 23:38
2019-10-05 23:43
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
2019-10-05 23:54
xDDDD I guess you described yourself tomorrow
2019-10-06 00:17
You've just been owned. Sit down.
2019-10-06 02:05
That what your mom hears from time to time m8, no need to repeat it on forums
2019-10-06 13:08
*baguette fakeflag*
2019-10-06 16:47
Still going on despite being an embarrassment ? Quite entertaining <3
2019-10-06 17:24
Still hiding you baguette flag? Quite franchkiddy <33333
2019-10-06 17:38
c'mon please, cry some more <3
2019-10-06 18:31
LoL bad looser
2019-10-13 14:31
LoL, awful englando, “looser”, I wont even point on your flag cos its not the flags fault that you are dumb
2019-10-13 14:53
typo is justificable, but be a bad loser isn't. THE CRY IS FREEEEE
2019-10-13 18:39
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
no tears for reaching the finals with 4 days of practice mens )))
2019-10-06 08:41
)))))))))) why not 1 hour of practice? Go full brasilian, dont stop
2019-10-06 13:07
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
OOF +1
2019-10-06 02:38
2019-10-06 02:46
2019-10-06 07:46
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
2019-10-06 02:38
2019-10-06 11:38
Why you ashamed of french flag?
2019-10-06 13:09
2019-10-06 14:17
Coz of tears? Doesnt make sense but whatever :/
2019-10-06 16:37
Cry in this bottle \__/ Africa needs more water
2019-10-06 19:55
Slovakia Chrisf30 
lummy its you
2019-10-05 23:36
Ahah nice name
2019-10-05 23:49
Croatia p4tkica 
flair checks out
2019-10-05 23:56
Shox a big baby bitch
2019-10-06 00:06
I remember their g2 dramas, if something goes wrong - they ll shittalk each other again, sad
2019-10-06 00:19
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
what about guardian and s1mple mens)))
2019-10-06 08:42
It was a problem and not shittalk, lol. G2 dramas were fucking disgusting.
2019-10-06 09:13
Hush now... Its_okay_to_lose...
2019-10-06 12:09
Funny how hou try to insult me because my team lost, kk deluded, apex and shox best friends vitality top1 ez major
2019-10-06 13:11
France papybouc 
Expected from russian lossers
2019-10-06 12:15
Flair, flag. M8 you better just type “1” instead of trying to answer on my post, I ll see whats your flair and flag and make some basic insult for myself
2019-10-06 13:12
Two faced Frenchie Toledo
2019-10-06 14:22
2019-10-06 16:40
device | 
Germany lyannen 
2019-10-05 23:05
2019-10-05 23:06
Ukraine zCainee 
Ive heard him say this about 10 times
2019-10-05 23:06
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
2019-10-05 23:06
+1 axaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-10-05 23:16
2019-10-06 11:47
No one can speak shit about Shox
2019-10-05 23:06
Shox igl LUL
2019-10-05 23:06
I always said it and they laughed at me hahaha he was aways crying, can not even hold his emotions... imagine manage a team to victory lul
2019-10-06 09:39
2019-10-05 23:07
Spain elskio 
LOL well said xddd Also, apEx knows whos the 2nd core of the team.
2019-10-05 23:08
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
Outside, we just spoke together and the first thing to say was "zywoo go kill" because the communication was a bit too slow and too sleepy. And the second was "zywoo go kill" (laughs), so we just tried to refocus together and it happened, we played better in the end.
2019-10-05 23:08
flusha | 
Norway dr_fiji 
2019-10-05 23:17
2019-10-06 03:39
Hahaha best comment. I do cheer for Vitality though, especially with shox, he’s a favorite. Such a good fragger and so awesome in interviews :)
2019-10-06 11:13
How dare you? Vitality relies on teamplay only, no hard carry zywo and shox
2019-10-06 13:26
Denmark QBE_ 
nt babypEX
2019-10-05 23:07
France J0riS 
Looks like RpK finally stopped with the pastis and started playing pretty well again too
2019-10-05 23:07
Canada thelegend27 
2019-10-05 23:09
The 51 peuchère
2019-10-05 23:12
Canada thelegend27 
2019-10-05 23:13
Canada cayou 
Yeah finally RpK performed well today!
2019-10-05 23:26
he always does on d2
2019-10-05 23:44
2019-10-06 09:46
2019-10-05 23:08
Canada ZHF 
let's see in a few months
2019-10-05 23:08
let's see EG at an event without crowd advantage. Oh wait... we just did.
2019-10-05 23:11
shox | 
Korea Jew2K 
Ur drawing conclusions about EG from watching them at 2 events. Nice job bag.
2019-10-06 07:19
Canada Michaelides 
I mean, they beat Astralis multiple times in the group stage. Your argument is pretty shit.
2019-10-06 08:43
Finland SwizZzY 
2019-10-05 23:08
rko | 
Saudi Arabia WWF 
true true but i also would have a problem with apex in my team
2019-10-05 23:09
wtf ldlc vs fnatic
2019-10-05 23:11
never hate him.... but u dont get along with him dont lieeeeeeeeeeeeee
2019-10-05 23:11
apEX | 
Malaysia kiosaken 
ez for best player in the world. apEX > ZywOo.
2019-10-05 23:12
Where is the video where he says that he doesn't like shox as a person.
2019-10-05 23:13
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22 
he didnt say that, he was asked whether he missed shox, then he says that he wasnt really close and good friends with him so there is no reason for him to miss shox, then he said he respects him as a player. Never said he doesnt like shox as a person
2019-10-05 23:42
Expected from apex two faced toledo
2019-10-05 23:14
ropz | 
Brazil wololo10 
2019-10-06 04:03
Ukraine ksay 
i have read the whole interview in his voice lmao
2019-10-05 23:17
Germany KerraN 
2019-10-06 01:39
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
+1 it was incredibly cringy for me too
2019-10-06 02:40
+1 I barely made it through
2019-10-06 07:50
We were fucked in ze money, we were money fucked
2019-10-06 08:01
f0rest | 
Sweden godname 
shox is a legend
2019-10-05 23:19
He didn't play 1.6 and can't be a LEGEND. Only NEO, pashaBiceps, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, AdreN, Zeus can be LEGENDS.
2019-10-09 05:52
1.6 noob
2019-10-11 02:35
Spain deBurrows 
I understand apEX has to defend his pride and his teammates, but this sounds too victimistic and is undermining ZywOo's credit. Even if that was true and I appreciate his honesty in interviews, that may not the smartest thing to say publicly. I also think some things he says doesn't sound right because of his english.
2019-10-05 23:25
Australia Ohnorepo 
He didn't undermine Zywoo at all. Alex made it sound stupid with his explantion. Apex worded it perfectly right. He even says Zywoo has the potential to be the best player in the world, and they want to set him up to be the best.
2019-10-06 04:08
+1 correct analysis
2019-10-06 09:36
maybe u are right, but this: "He has always the best conditions and he performs, so what can you say, we still play like that and give it all for him." Doesn't sound right to me. When I look at ZywOo playing, I don't see all the team setting up for him that often. In fact I see many times ZywOo making plays on his own, winning rounds on his own more in line with JW's style than dev1ce's. Ofc they flash for him when he is going for entry kills, as any team would do for their awper or entry killer. Anyway I repeat, I believe it doesn't sound right to me because of how apEX speaks in english, having to translate his original thoughts.
2019-10-06 14:28
No it s their ego... They are shit but looking for excuse
2019-10-06 16:25
United States Tom_D_Cat 
Apex "two-faced" Surrenderino
2019-10-05 23:28
france "twofaced" surrender
2019-10-05 23:31
Mexico "narcos&statines" Tacos
2019-10-05 23:44
nexa | 
Europe Luboss 
2019-10-06 02:41
France Vipair 
Damn son
2019-10-06 13:51
+1 good roast
2019-10-09 00:40
WhO CArs
2019-10-05 23:36
Europe men) 
i cars 🚗🚗🚗
2019-10-06 15:57
Brazil NahT_ 
Saying that until shox kick him and bring one of his boyfriends
2019-10-05 23:43
Brazil bernog 
2019-10-05 23:54
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
2019-10-05 23:57
Norway m16rlul 
-apex +smithzz inc
2019-10-05 23:58
Brazil NahT_ 
i wont be surprised
2019-10-05 23:59
Norway m16rlul 
and -alex +ex6tenz
2019-10-06 00:03
Brazil NahT_ 
also -rpk +bodyy now it is perfect
2019-10-06 00:05
Norway m16rlul 
tbh only +ex6tenz wouldn't ruin that team completely imo as bodyy and smithzz are worse fraggers than him
2019-10-06 00:30
And right before disband - zywo + kennyS because cant carry all those bots
2019-10-06 00:35
2019-10-06 00:13
+1 gg obviosly gonna bring his boyfriend in 3 weeks! Wait n' see
2019-10-06 09:49
2019-10-06 11:28
2019-10-06 11:47
Santa Barbara
2019-10-06 00:11
Lmao ApEX "two faced" Toledo, he's just saying that to be profesionnal but you can see they don't get along shox and him. Funny how they are sitting as far away from each other and after games apEX is always hugging everyone but with shox it's just a fist bump.
2019-10-06 00:13
frenchies shittalked me for saying the same thing xD
2019-10-06 00:33
i am the bad guy... duh
2019-10-06 00:24
I have been using HLTV.org since 2007, I have witnessed countless shit, like how much better the community was back then or the time olof subbed for 5crowns and pronax got so mad at him that he made a comment in the forums about how olof is a bad player and that he is never gonna play with him again, yet some time later they became the best team in csgo, Also the time some dumb ass tried to buy HLTV from nomad for 20k$ and the time everyone was getting banned for replying "WTF ARE YOU WANT?", all good memories.so why the fuck does an OG like me has to deal with a 5 comments limit per day under the pretense that I went away for some time? Explain your selves HLTV admins.
2019-10-06 00:47
Europe Cr3eP_70 
Good luck with that...
2019-10-06 02:51
Golden | 
Czech Republic wellbi 
It’s imho just a laziness on their coder’s side. There’s probably something like “IsProved” Boolean in the account DB, which has been introduced in the past for new accounts and they just didn’t care to create an Update query to mark old accounts as proved. ... but you can get through the limit in a few days.
2019-10-06 10:06
I had something similar, and an explanation was written paraphrasing: "write more comments to be able to comment more". LIKE WTF is THAT???? How can i write more comments, when you just blocked me for writing 5 comments - no logic whatsoever.
2019-10-06 11:05
United Kingdom KainZ 
Friendship ended with NBK. Now shox is my best friend LUL
2019-10-06 01:59
so true lol, like we are watching some TV series
2019-10-06 11:26
French scene at what they can do best - reshufling and making ego dramas
2019-10-06 13:23
France Vipair 
And still go to finals unlike some team with the « best player ever »
2019-10-06 13:53
Thx to zywoo who is new to this snake/drama scene
2019-10-06 14:03
S1mple top 1 2018 /closed Also French scene is all about backstabbing
2019-10-06 15:09
See. Shox ruining g2 before this when he decide to be captain.
2019-10-06 02:29
Indonesia urutosiar 
Apex "twofaced" MALDesclaire
2019-10-06 02:31
obviously obviously.
2019-10-06 02:37
Europe Cr3eP_70 
Who on earth can stand a grown up man, a 26 years old man, screaming like a little girl everytime a round is won or a regular, normal, Tier average play have success? Honestly, I don't even know how Nathan supported you so many years by his side... Furthermore, this speech about Shox, just confirms how much of a little man you are...
2019-10-06 02:57
Japan Bag_Of_Crabs 
Thats all correct
2019-10-06 07:24
what you expect? French scene is good in two things White FLAGG and Backstabbing and there is no one out there to stop this circle. Happy did it cuz he gave a fuck about all this things as IGL. He nevrr cared what his m8s wanted and that is why it worked. Give french player a place to breath and make own decision Backstabbing and whie flag incoming
2019-10-06 11:20
dunno about backstabbing but no french team surrender in cs go as far as i know so your white flag comment doesn't have any sense on cs go related topic. What they teach you in Germany about ww2 i wonder when you are so obsessed with calling someone on game related topic for real life event (that you loose btw xd ) !___?
2019-10-06 13:44
ahja vitlity throw a match and did actually matchfixing. Get your facts right. Seribia who come to Germany and beg for many have no education. All what you know is you are poor in any way.
2019-10-06 13:46
France Vipair 
Come back when a german team does something for once
2019-10-06 13:55
2019-10-06 14:00
better do nothng in csgo and focus on important things in life than to be a backstabber and coward
2019-10-06 14:12
talking about no education meanwhile you can't formulate basic english sentences OMEGALUL?
2019-10-07 17:15
I have only B2 level sorry. But I can German well. "formulate is also the wrong word in this context. maybe check your beta English as well.
2019-10-07 17:17
All that education and money just to build concentration camps and be US bitch after that...
2019-10-06 14:05
still you beg and still you are poor in any way. No education
2019-10-06 14:13
No surprise shox kicked both apex and nbk , both are trash and carried hard by zywoo, one is braindead the other is a snake. Shox had no problem with normal players
2019-10-09 18:04
Finland Smoonah 
I have a problem with your moose lips tick also
2019-10-06 03:59
What problem? Just do what your IGL is telling you to do even if you disagree with him at this moment, all of this can be discussed later. Are you fucking pro or what?
2019-10-06 06:07
apEX > baiter pimp0l
2019-10-06 06:11
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
"Shox is helping a lot in the mid-round calls etc.," here we go... soon Alex step downs, shxo takes the IGL role then -rpk -apex
2019-10-06 06:59
And + Smithzz + bodyy
2019-10-06 07:54
And *Boyfriend +Boddy
2019-10-06 09:50
He is a lurker so he only communicates about what's happening on the other side of map. Not a main caller of course and wont be if he keeps lurking.
2019-10-06 09:39
2019-10-06 11:37
Japan Bag_Of_Crabs 
Apex is stewie of france
2019-10-06 07:21
zywoo baiter confirmed?
2019-10-06 07:54
So honest this guy. I love it.
2019-10-06 08:31
2019-10-06 09:06
Gettin rekt tonite by Sweden 🤡♿️😂
2019-10-06 09:20
apEX "TwoFaced" Toledo
2019-10-06 09:30
+1 +1 +1 xaxaxaxa apEx Mult-Octa-Plural-Faces Toiletto What a move from him, revenge in news... he will never be a IGL again hahahaha rip shox careeer "To be honest, shox, he's not a bad guy. I never hated him, obviously. I just had a problem with him as the captain because he's not born to be a captain. He lacks many things and that's what happened in G2."
2019-10-06 09:37
he agreed zywoo carrying :) . fair enough
2019-10-06 09:49
a backstabber says he likes a backstabber what a surprise
2019-10-06 11:17
"Well, to be honest, ALEX, RpK, and me cannot be much of star players because we're playing like shit"
2019-10-06 12:00
snakes reunite
2019-10-06 12:18
France Fran6k1D 
apEX on ZywOo : "always put him in the best conditions" Every condition : "Zywoo go kill" or "zywoo go clutch"
2019-10-06 12:56
+1000 000 This " we put him in the best conditions " is so overb:lown I've litterally seen ZywOo bait for others players when going for the retake, entrying (1st) with rifles or have a pistol while ALEX or NBK had rifles... He is a lot let " set up " than s1mple and coldzera and they were actually criticized for it until the player break... So if they play more around him now ( which is imo the thing to do ) this is a very recent thing ( even NBK admitted " he is just another player in the team " back then )
2019-10-06 17:47
France Fran6k1D 
Sometimes he even buys a kit and smoke in the gr. And i think it should stay like that. No player is bored, everyone is more or less on the same level. That's why it's hypocritical to say zywoo is the star because that justifies apex's mediocre level recently. RpK has even started to player better recently, that just proves his role doesn't stop him from being good. apEX needs to step up
2019-10-06 18:35
Completely agree. He is far to having a "real" bad role like TACO, STYKO, Edward had. And even then you can still frag, SANJI is ten times more selfless and still makes massives plays on every BO AVANGAR plays, sometimes even going HAM and topfragging apEX has no excuses, especially since he has very good aim, and actually sucks because he makes way too much stupid/overraggressives plays/hero moves that aren't even necessary and should easily be avoided..
2019-10-06 18:37
As soon as they find any good french speaking entry they kick TwoFacedpex
2019-10-18 01:55
+1, zywoo deserves better teammates than washed up ego queens
2019-10-18 01:53
That such bullshit from apex and Alex ..just seeing a zywoo pov show he get lot of his frag by himself..apex Can t accept without zywoo vitality is tier 2 at best ..they would not even play at major without zywoo
2019-10-12 18:03
France Fran6k1D 
apEX "TwoFaced" Wojtas
2019-10-06 13:02
AZR | 
United Arab Emirates VinceVibe 
And the brainwash continue. They want we believe the bench of NbK was necessary... apEX forget shox bench him from G2 after 3 little month with NbK and mixwell. Zywoo forget shox doesn't want him with G2 cause he thought he cheat. XTQZZZ forget he doesn't like shox and spit on him during EPL french cast.
2019-10-06 13:03
Denmark Assebasse 
2019-10-06 16:31
If shox kicked nbk and apex it means shox kicked a braindead retard and ego toxic ..it s not a bad thing..i hope the same happen with Vitality , bot apex should definetly be kicked
2019-10-07 17:48
AZR | 
United Arab Emirates VinceVibe 
So the brainwashed from NEO and XTQZZZZ worked? You must have proof that NBK is toxic to say that? The recent result of Vitality tend to prove that shox is overrated...
2019-10-25 08:46
Too short for shox..they have no training yet and he plays new roles so maybe he will get better ..anyway he is not the worst..him apex rpk nbk Alex are nothing without zywoo
2019-10-27 00:15
AZR | 
United Arab Emirates VinceVibe 
Hmmm ok, so you told me NBK was benched due to his toxicity and now you argue that the team had not enough training with shox... Delusional french kid (you are spotted).
2019-10-28 21:44
Do you know they have no training yet with shox ? How he Can learn all the tactics and New rôles in 2 weeks ? Get a Brain ..also everyone know nbk is toxic , remember nbkry ? He play like shit and think he is a god ..
2019-10-29 13:24
2019-10-06 13:45
Singapore FallBlade 
everyone in vitality wants to be captain
2019-10-06 13:57
Germany ka10 
ALEX "TwoFaced" Toledo about zywoo: "we flash for him and he kills many blind people" lol. rekt.
2019-10-06 13:58
expected from Apex ShapeShifter-Multi-Octa-Fake-Facial-Form Toledo
2019-10-06 18:31
Germany ka10 
lololololololol and lol at your nickname
2019-10-06 23:07
forget my nickname, coldzera just happened
2019-10-06 23:19
It means, he dont like shox too much either
2019-10-06 15:28
2019-10-06 16:54
Poland Redmike 
shox is a crying boy
2019-10-06 17:02
Spain mokerz 
ayayay le-double-face in french scene.
2019-10-06 17:36
ALEX "TwoFaced" Toledo
2019-10-06 21:33
twist | 
CIS dimolio 
2019-10-07 00:25
2019-10-09 05:49
United States DiabIo 
-apex +kenny
2019-10-07 11:55
Malta SS_ArT 
100% agree. He's a shit human being, so fucking toxic.
2019-10-10 02:07
Malta SS_ArT 
Apex is so fucking cocky, and he is actual garbage.
2019-10-10 02:07
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
Shox is bad guy °duhhh°
2019-10-10 11:01
Apex i didnt like your face and i understand why now
2019-10-12 02:24
-apey soon anyways
2019-10-12 18:02
They benched you because u suck
2019-10-13 11:43
rain | 
Bolivia Natusch 
good guy apex <3
2019-10-18 01:44
Europe SOEZ4NIK0 
Expected from two face M*nkey apEX
2019-10-20 13:04
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