ECS Season 8 week 3 first matchups revealed

FACEIT has revealed the matchups for the third week of ECS Season 8 in Europe and North America.

The first two weeks of ECS Season 8 saw AVANGAR and Sharks secure places at the LAN finals after topping the prize earnings from their respective regions, with week 3 being the first one to automatically reward the winning sides with tickets to the main event.

In Europe, we will see the return of four teams from week 2, including the winner of that bracket, Heroic. The quartet will be joined by four heavy hitters in mousesports, FaZe, BIG and NiP, with three of those teams making their first appearances in this ECS season.

mousesports will look to secure a spot at the ECS Finals

On the other side of the Atlantic, ATK will be looking to repeat their success from week 2 against a stacked field of competitors that is headlined by current world No.3 team Evil Geniuses, who topped the week 1 bracket.

The first-round matches for ECS Season 8 for Europe and North America can be found below:


Europe mousesports vs. Other m1x
Poland vs. Denmark Tricked
Europe FaZe vs. Germany BIG
France Heretics vs. Sweden NiP

North America

Brazil FURIA vs. United States Riot Squad
Brazil INTZ vs. North America Cloud9
United States ATK vs. United States Complexity
United States ex-Singularity vs. United States Evil Geniuses

UPDATE: FACEIT has announced that Heroic have pulled out of the tournament, with Heretics taking the Danish team's spot in the bracket.

France RAX_ 
2019-10-12 17:51
Czech Republic Xedys 
permormance by mouz
2019-10-12 17:53
South Africa BenisPutt 
Ez 4 EG not a single lose in this t3 tournie, 2-0 everyone
2019-10-12 17:57
Canada Squidward2K 
2019-10-12 18:00
"4 heavy hitters mouz faze big nip" 🤣🤣🤣
2019-10-12 18:53
well, let's see :)
2019-10-12 17:58
Japan Nojiri 
Performance by coL
2019-10-12 18:02
Qatar amega 
2019-10-12 17:51
Argentina Chief02 
2019-10-12 17:52
VP vs Tricked again Heroic vs NIP again wtf
2019-10-12 17:52
Faze vs Big again
2019-10-12 17:56
week 3 with lan spot as prize? or again useless shit xaaaxax?
2019-10-12 17:52
yes each week 1 spot from now on
2019-10-12 17:53
xaaxax nice
2019-10-12 17:53
they better hope mousesports&furia make it or soon this event gonna turn into tier10
2019-10-12 17:52
Germany IIGNITE 
easy for mousesports and the new compLexity
2019-10-12 17:53
jks | 
Italy f8nt 
m1x players?
2019-10-12 17:54
Rigon 'rigoN' Gashi Flatron 'juanflatroo' Halimi Filip 'tudsoN' Tudev Dionis 'sinnopsyy' Budeci Guy 'anarkez' Trachtman
2019-10-12 17:55
Albania Edjon 
Guy 'anarkez' Trachtman
2019-10-12 18:28
Sweden Madrigals1 
Guy 'anarkez' Trachtman
2019-10-12 19:12
Switzerland x676 
m1x .... it was a really good idea from ECS to have their qualifiers during season break ^^
2019-10-12 17:55
United States n0bodya 
ez for ex-Singularity aka Bens Anime Team
2019-10-12 17:56
Rematch for Nip
2019-10-12 17:56
Rest in pussy VP
2019-10-12 17:57
2019-10-12 17:57
2019-10-12 18:38
2019-10-12 18:57
he is germany best country
2019-10-12 19:14
vp vs tricked forever
2019-10-12 17:58
vp will win this week
2019-10-12 17:58
Poland Szuster 
VP vs Tricked "ah shit, here we go again"
2019-10-12 18:02
I dont understand how ecs has fallen so hard
2019-10-12 18:03
2019-10-12 18:05
Nepal AskyeeV 
astralis 0 times vp 3 times nice
2019-10-12 18:05
Snax | 
Poland pasiak555 
2019-10-12 18:05
Finland aleksi21324 
How Teams like VP, MIX,TRICKED big can play Why Ecs cant invite Ence Vita or FNATIC, G2
2019-10-12 18:06
maybe they did but they dont want to play? or idk
2019-10-12 18:38
Finland aleksi21324 
LUL Vitality defending champions not want to play??? Stupid ECS invite again again and again Tier500 VP or MIX XD Also cant invite ASTRALIS what a joke
2019-10-12 19:59
Vitality declined invite
2019-10-12 20:53
Finland aleksi21324 
They dont wanna be champions wants again? OK but this move understates all ECS for Eu. If Astralis or Rest Teams I Say before cant be add Ecs move closer to UM League or Lootbet. Moving away from EPL
2019-10-12 21:04
online? ez xantares
2019-10-12 18:07
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2019-10-12 18:09
Turkey Elusivee 
nice ez xantares
2019-10-12 18:13
woxic | 
Canada georghe 
ez for mouz
2019-10-12 18:17
Vp vs Tricked for the 135th time
2019-10-12 18:20
VP vs Tricked Ah shit, here we go again
2019-10-12 18:22
why did ecs willingly turn their tournament from a top tier 1 tournament into a tier 2 tournament?
2019-10-12 18:27
+1 Where the fuck are the top teams ?
2019-10-12 18:36
ESL is helping. either some teams already have deals or they just don't care about ECS. also DH (which is owned by same company as ESL) did a qualifier at the same time as ecs pinnacle. there were a bunch of forfeits. "According to the rules, member teams of the ESL Pro League would not be able to play in other leagues, such as FACEIT’s Esports Championship Series (ECS), spanning over 14 days. " even though valve came out saying against exclusivity ESL could still easily move events at the same time if they wanted.
2019-10-12 18:54
Sri Lanka VuXn 
2019-10-12 18:37
where is astralis
2019-10-12 19:08
tier3 tournament
2019-10-12 19:17
Poland ruhoks 
classic vp vs tricked
2019-10-12 19:25
should be easy for heroic
2019-10-12 20:11
Poland Spanksss 
so does vp got a chance to advance to lan finals still?
2019-10-12 20:59
India Noobdian1 
Yes winner of each week will qualify
2019-10-13 04:57
No, four teams with the biggest prize go to lan
2019-10-14 08:36
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