Brollan: "My confidence in-game is much better in this lineup"

We interviewed Ludvig "⁠Brollan⁠" Brolin after fnatic secured an upper bracket appearance at StarSeries, locking down the second spot in Group A with a win over Vitality.

Before getting to the topic of StarSeries, we asked the 17-year-old about his point of view of the lineup change fnatic went through last month and how it has affected him in the team, the impact their mental coach has had on the squad, and winning his first tier-one event in Malmö.

The new lineup and fnatic's mental coach has had a positive effect on Brollan's confidence in-game

Brollan also commented on the Swedes' lack of practice following that triumph before touching on the team's loss to Renegades in Turkey and setting up a matchup against G2 in the playoffs.

Let's first go back to the change. You have been playing alongside JW and KRIMZ for a while now, of course, but with flusha coming back the old fnatic core is recreated, and Golden is also a new teammate for you even though you played one tournament alongside him. How different does this lineup feel?

I feel very happy that we picked up both players because I'm more happy to play CS right now, it's more outside and inside the game, we have some fun when we play and outside of the game. My confidence in-game is much better in this lineup.

What about your role, has that changed at all?

We have some riflers, we don't have entry-fraggers, maybe people see me as the entry-fragger, I like to search duels quite early in the round, but I think we don't have any roles. It's quite simple.

Something the team has been highlighting a lot is the work with your mental coach, Jens. Can you tell me about the impact he has on the team and on yourself individually?

He's talking person to person sometimes, he's giving me confidence, not to think about things outside of the game and just play in the now. That has helped me a lot and, of course, he's helping with the food, no sugar, and stuff like that.

Tell me about experiencing your first big win in Malmö. You've had some tournament wins before but only smaller, at big events it's only been close with a couple of second places, so what was it like to finally make that happen at a tournament like Malmö?

Especially because it was Malmö, it was in Sweden, I didn't even realize we won until after like three days, I think. It was a huge moment and it was very nice to win a tier-one tournament.

Going over to StarSeries, you lost to Renegades earlier on and they've been a team that you've been going back and forth with for a good portion of the last two years, nobody has really established an edge in that matchup. What made it go the other way this time?

I think we weren't in the game. We haven't played that much CS, all of us weren't that good individually, so I think it was mostly aim. We didn't react that quickly, so I think it was mostly that. Against mousesports, we started to wake up, play our game.

Why didn't you play much, simply because of travel?

Yeah, it's a lot of travel at the moment. I think we had one pracc day after Malmö, that's it. I think we had one or two praccs before officials in London and here, but nothing like standard practice. We haven't had standard practice for like three weeks or so.

In this last series against Vitality, it was only that early T side stretch on Nuke where you looked a bit stumped, why do you think it took so long to find your feet and close out the series?

I think we broke their economy. We made some mistakes that we didn't trade that well, they got like two or three kills every time we pushed something, so it was mostly that, and after I failed the clutch, with that moment we destroyed their economy after we won the round after that. It was pretty much down to economy, I think.

You're going up against G2 in the playoffs at first. They are a team that have been surprising people after the international move, how do you think you stack up against them?

I think nexa is a really good in-game leader, I have much respect for him. I think we have the same map pool, I guess, but I think we're pretty confident to play against them.

Sweden Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin
Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin
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Great player!
2019-10-24 18:47
1 reply
2019-10-24 22:19
2019-10-24 18:47
2019-10-24 18:47
good for him
2019-10-24 18:48
Sweden Nokkeri
Brollan good but not best, jw best
2019-10-24 18:48
4 replies
Switzerland D3PR3550
Brollan still has potential to get even better, we've already seen the best of JW in my opinion.
2019-10-25 07:36
3 replies
its a meme
2019-10-25 10:27
its a meme
2019-10-25 10:27
1 reply
Switzerland D3PR3550
oh ok lmao
2019-10-25 10:49
2019-10-24 18:48
RpK | 
United Kingdom sufyy
Confidence plays such a big factor in cs, even in everyday cs your mental state is an important factor on how you perform, good for him.
2019-10-24 18:49
3 replies
everywhere not just cs
2019-10-24 20:14
2 replies
Sweden iiceiice
+1 you made my day i will ask the girl out wish me gl
2019-10-25 07:45
RpK | 
United Kingdom sufyy
2019-10-25 08:21
god <3
2019-10-24 18:50
Who 🚗🚗
2019-10-24 18:50
India JW_BesTesT
Too good for 17 yo
2019-10-24 18:52
Better than Zywho
2019-10-24 18:52
Finland Smoonah
nice Yung American Dad!
2019-10-24 18:52
RIP Xizt
2019-10-24 18:55
Been impressed with him lately. Maybe the future of Swedish CS isn't hopeless after all.
2019-10-24 18:56
United Kingdom VOSSKi
Will be top 3 in a few years
2019-10-24 18:56
he is most talented player. so brave. maybe not wise but it's does not matter
2019-10-24 19:17
United States stotte
NiP could have had Golden instead they are doing this stupid Lekr0 IGL project that isn't going to go anywhere.
2019-10-24 19:17
Brollan is amazing, he will do big things in the future.
2019-10-24 20:03
Serbia nocturnSRB
gl Brollan
2019-10-24 20:13
Confidence aka willing to cheat
2019-10-24 20:33
2 replies
Dan M alt account?
2019-10-24 22:21
1 reply
Closet cheater detected
2019-10-24 23:47
2019-10-24 20:50
2019-10-25 01:58
Have Brollan and Golden played before now?
2019-10-25 04:39
Nepal sasukeee
Boy Wonder strikes.
2019-10-25 07:27
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