Ethan: "I think I finally found my role in the team"

We had a chat with the Most Valuable Player of StarSeries i-League Season 8, Ethan "Ethan" Arnold, about Evil Geniuses' grand final triumph and the 19-year-old's exceptional performance at the event.

Evil Geniuses added the second title in the last three tournaments to their tally at StarSeries, taking down fnatic thanks to a huge turnaround on Dust2, where the North American side was down 0-9 to start things off, and a perfect offensive half on Mirage to secure the grand final series 2-0.

Evil Geniuses kept positive despite starting the series down 0-9 on Dust2

Ethan clinched his first MVP medal shortly after the title decider and we interviewed him about the unique veto ahead of the final and whether Vertigo was at all in consideration for the first pick, the massive comeback on the opening map, and his personal recovery from an underwhelming period in the middle of the year.

First of all, I wanted to ask about the veto for this grand final, where you had the unique opportunity to pick whatever you wanted. Was Vertigo at all in consideration considering it's normally fnatic's permaban?

No, I think that was like one of our third options, actually. I think we were going to ban Mirage and then it would probably be Overpass because they'd pick it. But no, Vertigo, we haven't had too much time to practice it just in general, and that was already one of our less practiced maps, so that was out of the question.

Tell me about Dust2, how did you pull off that massive comeback from 0-9 down?

During the first six rounds, stan got picked like three times crossing in a smoke and I told my teammates that I messed up too in a couple of rounds that we should have won. As long as we stay positive and own up to our mistakes, we know we can win it, I feel like.

Was there any particular key to the dominance from then on, when you went 16-3 from that point?

It's all about staying positive, that's one of the main things that Peter brought to the team, always staying positive, and that kind of spread throughout everyone. Everyone does that now, so I think that's the main reason we're winning games now, that everyone is keeping a level head and it really helps.

Talk me through Mirage, too, what was behind that strong T side to come back from the slow first half?

I think the first half was 6-9, so going into the T side, we knew that if we won the pistol we would be right back in it. And we did, everyone was hitting really nice shots, everyone was making plays and keeping confident, level-headed and focused.

You had a bit of a personal dip in the middle part of the year before you went on a break. You've been looking a lot better since then, especially with this being possibly your career-best tournament, how did you recover from that period?

After the break, we just focused on getting Peter up to par with everything that we had and everything gameplay-wise and strat-wise. I transformed myself into a support player to accelerate that process and I think I finally found my certain role in the team. Hopefully it keeps going.

Two titles out of the last three tournaments, where do you guys see yourselves at this point among the competition considering the No. 1 spot is pretty much up for grabs now?

For the end of the year, we still have a bunch more tournaments to go through, so there are a lot of chances to rack up the points on HLTV. I think with this win we probably passed Liquid, so I feel like it's just a matter of time. I think we're doing really well right now, especially with the head-to-heads with Liquid and Astralis in the last couple of tournaments. Malmö we kind of erased out of our memory other than reviewing.

Did you just see Malmö as an off tournament, then?

Yeah, we definitely brushed it off. We took as much as we could from it, we only played like three maps there, so we used the rest of the time to do a mini-boot camp and that was productive in every way.

United States Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold
Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold
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His role = SG player kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-10-27 20:16
NiKo | 
Israel soez4niko 
2019-10-27 20:17
WOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Tarik ‘PBrain’ Celik, 2019
2019-10-27 20:24
Turok "Planck Length Brain" Celik
2019-10-27 20:30
Funny, did laugh
2019-10-28 07:36
thank you kind sir
2019-10-28 08:01
Brazil eoteamo 
nice edit?
2019-10-27 20:17
Czech Republic Xedys 
Flag checks out
2019-10-27 20:18
2019-10-27 20:20
Germany misterE 
He is literally one of the few players who still use AK
2019-10-27 20:24
he played so much sg dude, how can you be eg fan xd
2019-10-27 21:19
Albania Udfj 40.75% sg 3.18% ak Probably his ak kills from picking it up as CT and not finding sg
2019-10-28 00:31
+1, he uses it the most along with Tarik
2019-10-28 00:38
flusha | 
Europe XXXPAK1 
2019-10-27 20:43
United States FrothaIPBan 
2019-10-27 21:30
2019-10-27 21:48
Europe bo9alwa 
tarik "wooooooo" celik
2019-10-27 23:03
Cry is free
2019-10-28 00:00
Guatemala Ivnrdz 
and dont forget it
2019-10-28 05:21
FalleN | 
Brazil opanco 
fallen 2 majors faze 0 fallen 1 blast faze 1 blast
2019-10-28 11:51
2019-10-28 17:09
tarik found his as the screamer
2019-10-27 20:17
Nice role
2019-10-27 20:21
United States _ATaXiA_ 
Good for him!
2019-10-27 20:18
jks | 
United States Mirbo1 
nice dude
2019-10-27 20:19
Other Phinks 
Wp dude
2019-10-27 20:19
Netherlands itsm 
Wp wp wp Hope tarik never gets his
2019-10-27 20:23
Germany misterE 
Boston Major MVP but cry is free mens
2019-10-27 20:25
Skadaddy mvp But cry is free mens
2019-10-27 20:59
NoPe. Check tarik profile again.
2019-10-27 21:11
United States jay_320 
But Tarik was ACTUALLY the mvp.
2019-10-27 21:11
Netherlands itsm 
Whatever that was before he turned into an overego prick who only screams
2019-10-27 23:32
Tarik might be annoying, but one thing he doesn’t have is a Ego
2019-10-28 00:39
an ego* nt fakeflag
2019-10-28 01:15
Malaysia 322_ 
2019-10-27 20:27
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
fluke imo
2019-10-27 20:30
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
Your opinion is moronic
2019-10-28 11:57
gg wp
2019-10-27 20:42
Denmark Ch4nz9 
no fluke
2019-10-27 20:48
zywoo and device way better
2019-10-27 20:56
Ethan | 
United States Cla918s 
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer young man!
2019-10-27 20:57
What a great young talent gg to eg
2019-10-27 21:02
Role: MVP
2019-10-27 21:10
United States jay_320 
Next great young talent out of NA. They are coming thick and heavy at the moment in North America. Next one to watch is Obo. Wish we could get a young AWP talent but I'll take our stacked rifling talent right now.
2019-10-27 21:12
NA era >>>>>>>>> boringstralis era yes plz
2019-10-27 21:18
United States jay_320 
I agree but flag and flair checks out for me. I just think it's more fun to have three maybe four teams that can win then one. As an aside Na'vi should be that fourth team but something is off with them right now.
2019-10-27 21:22
Na'Vi soon top1 mens))) just give them time also why flag and flair check out?((( also NA = aimers while Boringstralis = ResidentSleeper so that's why
2019-10-27 21:25
United States jay_320 
I'm from NA mens((( Although I like it)))
2019-10-27 21:26
oh for you mens(( im stoopid I understood it in a different way, nah mens)) iz good to be proud of your nation
2019-10-27 21:28
United States jay_320 
C9 :(
2019-10-27 21:28
yemens)) I edited my reply rip C9 Boston 2018 - Boston 2018
2019-10-27 21:28
United States jay_320 
Pour out some drinks for 2018 Boston. Was a magical night.
2019-10-27 21:30
yemens(( but I was veri sad, possibly the only chance for GuardiaN to get a major title((((((((((((((((((( I cri everityme frick you ChoKo go to tier3 ty
2019-10-27 21:31
African Union Zawwy 
hahahaha nt
2019-10-27 22:13
United States DervGuy 
Competitve CS era is back? All teams in top 4/5 can potentially win?
2019-10-27 22:25
American CS is still a meme in top tournaments.
2019-10-28 06:54
Nice, congrats to him!
2019-10-27 23:44
can you mens stop coming @ my boy tarik for screaming, its all psychological
2019-10-28 00:14
New Zealand noahhoughton 
I am suprised that Brehze didn't get the MVP medal as he clutched so many rounds for EG in their games.
2019-10-28 00:17
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
That's not how MVP works, if that was the case Xyp9x got robbed from like 7 MVPs
2019-10-28 11:56
man i miss n0thing
2019-10-28 00:25
2019-10-28 00:34
2019-10-28 00:41
Guardian retire when?
2019-10-28 00:55
JW and Kscerato played better.
2019-10-28 02:32
Serbia toENDallWARS 
2019-10-28 02:44
Canada Michaelides 
He said support
2019-10-28 02:46
Serbia toENDallWARS 
ahhhhhhh thanks DUDE i did not read it all cheers
2019-10-28 02:48
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
Lol no, he said he played support to accelerate the integration of stan, now he's in the entry duo, tarik is the support.
2019-10-28 11:55
Btw gratz for win
2019-10-28 10:27
People who put +1 SMH
2019-10-28 10:47
Good for him
2019-10-28 17:09
Turkey berkovic 
2019-10-29 07:56
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