daps: "Building teams from scratch is not easy and this was probably the last time I did it"

In an interview with Damian "⁠daps⁠" Steele, we heard about the removal of Tyson "⁠TenZ⁠" Ngo, the system Cloud9 is trying to play, and the rough couple of months this roster went through.

Cloud9 are coming to BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen ranked 37th in the world and fresh off of a roster change as they removed young talent TenZ, adding Yassine "⁠Subroza⁠" Taoufik on trial.

TenZ just wasn't ready to play on the pro level, daps says

The roster change was one of the main topics of discussion with daps, who also revealed that he is trying to implement a different style to the one he used in NRG, one with more autonomy for each player.

I'm just going to go straight into the main talking point about Cloud9 recently, which is TenZ leaving the team and the discussion in the community about should he be removed, was it a bad move, and stuff like that. So, how did it happen from your perspective and what didn't work out with TenZ?

I mean, without going into too many specifics because I could obviously just say a lot, I would just say he is not ready. I'm someone who has probably played with the most young talent out of most IGLs, so I'd say in terms of overall attitude and experience, he definitely just isn't ready to play at a pro-level. I'm not saying he could never reach that level, but he's a lot farther behind than any young player I've ever played with.

Despite things not working out with TenZ, more was expected from Cloud9 when you made this roster than you managed to accomplish in these past couple of months. You didn't play that much, but the events you did play, like EPL and ECS, were kind of disappointing, so what were the issues aside from TenZ?

Yeah, I'd say we're not really trying a revolutionary style of playing that's different, but it is different from how I've run my past teams. The way we've been trying to approach the team has been more of a... it's less of me doing everything with a coach, it's more people have to have some sort of self-reliance on each individual to create structure and then if all five players have a good structure and are able to play off each other well, then the system will work. But if people don't buy into that system then the system completely fails.

So, I am running the team differently than I did on NRG and that's probably part of the reason, I mean there are other problems that I'm not going to comment on, but it's been a struggle for sure, it hasn't been easy. Even if you take my time on NRG, we failed for a full year before we did anything. Building teams from scratch is not easy and this was probably the last time I did it because it is just a huge hassle. What came out of the old NRG core was me, FugLy and Brehze, and failing for a year sucks, especially for the fans because the other C9 rosters failed for a while after the Major, so obviously it is hard on them, but that's just the reality. If you don't have a core and don't lose together ever, you won't get better. You don't just put five random people together and start winning tournaments, it's not realistic at all. So yeah, without going into too many details that's the gist of it.

You touch on giving more autonomy to each player in the new system that you didn't use before. Why did you go to a different system compared to the one you had in NRG, why did you decide to change up what you had before?

I would say that Tim and I are the biggest voices on the team. So we talked about how we think we can maybe improve what I've done before, not just rinse and repeat, you know, I'm the IGL and most of my teams have been built on me being the sacrificial lamb type thing, like I'll run in first and get the info. The new system... we approached it this way because this is probably the most experienced team I've put together. Most teams I've played on or built, I usually have like 2-3 inexperienced players or younger players. On this team, TenZ was the only inexperienced player.

So we sort of thought since we have four people within us that are experienced to a certain point that we can expect excellence out of each other quicker, but there's a lot of issues as it's harder to gauge improvement trying to practice this way because if you play in a super-set system, you generally will only come across a few problems and you'll have protocols to counter all those things, and it's not like we don't have protocols, but it's more free-flowing. There's going to be a lot more scenarios where it's a unique or odd scenario and if you don't fail in this system enough, there's going to be scenarios where we play a match and something that's never happened before happens and it's like "Oh shit! we just lost the whole match because we never experienced that in practice". So I think that's the biggest negative of this system, I think you're going to progress a lot slower, so that is something I have to reconsider, I guess.

Comparing to NRG, which was a team in CS:GO that didn't have a large fanbase, Cloud9 is synonyms for NA CS even though other teams have overtaken them achievement wise, the fanbase is there and with that comes the pressure and expectations. How has that been for you personally, the fan perspective?

I mean, it's not something that affects me because I was on the original OpTic when we first signed and OpTic fans are just as loud as Cloud9 fans are, to a point. Obviously, if you're a fan of Cloud9 as just the brand, you're going to want your team to win, you know. I want my sports teams to win and I'll obviously say shit if bad changes are made and it's like - I'm pissed too. So I understand the fans' frustration because the rosters before us haven't worked out as well. But the reality is that the team that won the Major does not exist anymore, we are under the Cloud9 name but it's a completely different team. I think most fans are pretty reasonable and understand that it is not the same team - just because Tim's on it doesn't mean anything. But yeah, it might have affected other players on the team, so I can't speak for them, but for me, it's what you get when you're a professional player, you should expect that.

You decided to trial Subroza, who is a player that people wouldn't theory craft or maybe put in their dream teams for an upgrade for Cloud9, so from that perspective it's kind of a surprise. He's not an unknown player at all, but still, how did you decide to pick him and what is the thinking behind it?

Obviously most fans and people from the outside only see stat pages and past experience, so it's unfair for me to judge their judgment, but Subroza's a guy who's honestly a complete package in terms of everything I've heard. I've never heard a teammate say a bad thing about him, he's a cool guy in and out of the game, he's composed when he's doing terrible, he's not tilting or being destructive to the team environment, he has the potential to be insane with his mechanics as people have seen flashes of it, and he communicates a lot.

Honestly, it's more of a shock he hasn't achieved more in the game because he has a lot of the traits a lot of players wish they had in their teammates. There are top professional players who have terrible attitudes, but you can't replace them because they're irreplaceable. So, I say if Subroza can find consistency in his play, he could be a top player. I guess our mindset for giving him a shot is that we did need someone for ECS, it's not like we're going to trial a European and bring them over for ECS, and we all know him to a point and he's never really played with players who have won anything before. He was on CLG and then Ghost and then Lazarus/Swole Patrol, so we just thought like he's a guy that has a lot more positive traits than people will see and we wanted to give him a chance.

Evil Geniuses are now the number 1 team in the world and they won a couple of events. How has it been for you to see their progression after leaving the team and was it kind of a bittersweet moment seeing so much success right away?

I would say it could be bittersweet because obviously on paper it's like "oh, they won after daps was replaced" or whatever, but a lot of the teams they are beating, they beat when I was on the team as well. I don't want to take anything away from Stan, I think he is a really good player, and he does play better than I do, especially in recent times. They're my friends still, you know, it still makes me happy to see something I was a part of turn into that, but yeah, it is sort of unfortunate because they are beating teams that we beat when I was on the team. It's like maybe it could have happened if I stayed longer, maybe it wouldn't have, but who knows. At the end of the day, I'm still happy for them because they deserve it and they've put a lot of effort in.

Lastly, for BLAST Pro Copenhagen, what are the expectations you have set for yourselves?

I'd say the expectations are just to take it one map at a time. I mean, we haven't been able to play with Subroza that long, we've been trying to change some roles with people and we're trying to add a little bit more structure to the system we have been playing, but we don't want to completely revert to a set style of calling strats out of spawn all the time and being more predictable in certain ways. I would say we're just going to see how this event goes and evaluate, I guess.

Canada Tyson 'TenZ' Ngo
Tyson 'TenZ' Ngo
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Canada Damian 'daps' Steele
Damian 'daps' Steele
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Canada Yassine 'Subroza' Taoufik
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Clown9 still a joke
2019-10-31 23:42
United States Frotha
+1, :(
2019-11-01 00:17
100% daps argued with tenz and then talked shit about him to the org. That happened lol. Tenz is an 18yo kid. They could wait for him just like what envy did for s0m. Now daps talking shit about tenz on interviews. Most of players dont talk shit about ex-teammate like that unless they didnt have a trouble. Such a waste of time for young talent. And daps igl sucks. His decision makings are on panic
2019-11-01 04:31
constructive criticism =/= talking shit
2019-11-01 08:40
How is "he's a lot farther behind than any young player I've ever played with" constructive criticism? Especially on an interview? Navi players never said something like "he's definetely outdated to play on pro-level" when Edward had been benched. Because they shoudnt say like that. I think daps is holding grudge on tenz. Whether tenz's performance was bad or what, that is unnecessary. He should talk that person to person not on an interview. Daps needs to grow up.
2019-11-01 09:29
Or you are just looking to far into this and daps is just being honest, he also said that " I'm not saying he could never reach that level [..]". That's what it is essentially - constructive criticism. It's definitely not "talking shit" tho, talking shit would be calling him a braindead monkey or w/e.
2019-11-01 09:28
Imagine one of your classmate talking about you in front of whole students "why i don't hang out with him anymore? Bc his breath stinks. His breath is the worst ive ever talked with. But im not saying he could never fix that" Is it constructive criticism too? Constructive criticism doesnt mean it has to be public.
2019-11-01 09:48
Well I would have to take it, although comparing a physical trait and work ethic isn't exactly the same scenario. Also daps was asked the question "So, how did it happen from your perspective and what didn't work out with TenZ?". So he should of just answered: "It just didn't work."? It is an interview after all, if the TenZ subject wasn't brought up, I would have understood your frustration, but this is just nitpicking.
2019-11-01 10:12
Finland sevekoo
Good arguments brother
2019-11-01 11:02
you have wonnered the discussion
2019-11-01 13:00
You can take it but you can't force to someone to take it. Physical trait or not it doesnt matter. You can't criticize someone on public like that. That is not obviously constructive. Its just giving him embarrassment. "So, how did it happen from your perspective and what didn't work out with TenZ?" He could say something like "he wasnt fit our playstyle. We couldnt wait for him to make him fit." Not like "he's not on pro level" Nobody says like that on ex-teammate. You need to learn social thing
2019-11-01 13:46
Okay man, you do you
2019-11-01 13:48
no point in arguing with a 13 yo korean
2019-11-01 14:09
South Africa @FyreCS
He does have a point though about how he’s played with the youngest talent in NA and seen how it starts off. Not the biggest Daps fan, but if he’s played with the youngest players before, then I trust him that Tenz wasn’t ready for pro level. I like Tenz, but if he’s not ready, he’s unfortunately not ready.
2019-11-01 14:10
I agree. Tenz may not be ready. But that is not the point. You know that. Daps is just making him embarrassed.
2019-11-01 14:38
Damn right bro...so damn right. And I feel like he's a selfish guy.
2019-11-01 12:33
he addressed it that way because tenz had the nerve to go on stream and criticize the decision making, like he would know any better.
2019-11-01 14:08
Cheating weeb
2019-11-01 10:08
your daily reminder : TenZ > Daps on his top form.
2019-11-01 14:00
Your daily reminder: Daps>TenZ throughout all of his tenure on Cloud9. 0.93 rating and Daps' system is the problem? No, TenZ just sucks and blames his teammates for his shortcomings
2019-11-01 16:09
aw poor TenZ fanboy. hes shit and arrogant. getting treated exactly how he should.
2019-11-01 14:04
Tenz Is not ment for team play.He Is More Of A "Pugger".He needs to learn that CSGO Is A Team Base Game Not 4 Teammates And 1 "Pugger".He Is Not Talking Shit Tenz Just Does Not Understand Teamplay.
2019-11-01 16:18
Argentina Joedash
my friend, we arent in a good spot to say that cloud9 is a joke... our team is struggling a lot, and we've to see tomorrow how they'll do
2019-11-01 02:18
Indonesia lumayan
They need BnTeT to replace subroza.. ez
2019-11-01 02:33
2019-11-01 12:06
NAF | 
Canada Dash_
Yeah keep polands best player on best China team
2019-11-01 13:26
Canada Depolox
we need more men like you, thank you for being a humble non toxic hltv user
2019-11-01 05:14
Argentina Joedash
you're welcome dude ;)
2019-11-01 19:56
2019-11-01 05:17
ok FaZe??? Haahahahahha
2019-11-01 08:39
No one cares
2019-10-31 23:43
Ukraine NAVl
Same with BR scene
2019-10-31 23:47
Ukraine has a scene?
2019-11-01 00:35
Ukraine NAVl
Yes, it's the same shit as BR
2019-11-01 00:41
I’d take NAVI over mibr rn
2019-11-01 01:25
EliGE | 
North America Beecs
navi is a russian team
2019-11-01 04:31
Brazil SecondKS
furia > mibr, try again
2019-11-01 04:43
flukeria u mean
2019-11-01 07:13
Brazil SecondKS
No, furia.
2019-11-01 19:37
Brazil SecondKS
Furia against mibr = 2-1 furia. Other camp, furia > renegades > mibr (furia 3°, mibr 5-6°) In ranking today furia > mibr Heni > kng, kscerato= fer, yurih >>> lucas...
2019-11-01 21:08
ok flukeria
2019-11-02 08:24
still bad team
2019-10-31 23:45
2019-10-31 23:46
Daps is like The worst player on c9 lol
2019-10-31 23:47
Nice silver logic, IGL isn’t supposed to put up s1mple numbers, here have some dumb fuck juice
2019-11-01 01:53
Finland J3bediah
Typical Finn
2019-11-01 06:56
2019-11-01 14:10
Sweden Zaser5
2019-11-01 10:54
Canada g0necs
He doesn't sound quite confident in his roster
2019-10-31 23:49
Sweden Zaser5
He has been through some tough stuff but yea right now I think his confidence in his team and himself is pretty low, they need some wins
2019-11-01 10:54
Did you see their blast interview. It sounds like if they do poorly in this tournament we may see a hard disband
2019-11-01 16:13
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1
Inb4 he makes a decent roster and then some guy like snakeislav comes by and take it
2019-10-31 23:51
oh wait
2019-10-31 23:53
United States Frotha
And then they become a better team
2019-11-01 00:16
A decent move is to add som instead of subroza and turn him into a stewie type player
2019-11-01 12:26
I would much rather like to see them pick up someone like Floppy or Moose. Or MarkE from Eunited even. In the system they are running it seems more beneficial to have a more cerebral player than just raw aim skill and I don't think S0m brings that
2019-11-01 16:17
They need a young talent who can grow into a top 20 player like ethan
2019-11-01 17:05
So from the 3 I listed MarkE and Floppy would be perfect candidates. Moose is getting older I think he's like 25 now or something. But he's really good at the game before he took a break and they acquired Cooper and freakazoid Moose was hard carrying them and he also brings experience
2019-11-01 17:19
Wtf lul, toxic clown. Imagine being bullied in NRG and then bully the talented young player that is much better than you xD
2019-10-31 23:51
2019-11-01 00:01
Bullying? Where did you find that in this article?
2019-11-01 00:15
everyone knew TenZ wasn't ready for pro-level, and in no way was daps bullying him by saying so. It will be a very long time before TenZ is as valuable a player or achieves as much as daps
2019-11-01 01:43
Imagine defending a kid who thinks that he knows how to play professional level cs better than people who have been playing for years. TenZ is right where he deserves to be: on the bench waiting for a tier 3 team to pick him up
2019-11-01 02:24
C9 is not even tier 3.. Wake up old man
2019-11-01 04:27
Okay so if C9 is tier 4 or 5 then TenZ deserves to be in a tier 6 or 7 team.
2019-11-01 04:54
+1 thank you. getting tired of the 13 yo tenz fanboys
2019-11-01 14:25
Daps who is igl and brought up some of the best new players in NA Tens an unproven pugger who has accomplished nothing besides getting benched on his first pro team. also got roasted by magisk
2019-11-01 04:08
Sweden Zaser5
haha +1
2019-11-01 10:55
Indonesia st4yn1ght
lol look up his performance first before sayin tenz is a talented young player
2019-11-01 04:13
Sweden Ciiya
Yes, do look up his performance on C9 - was 4/5th on the scoreboard majority of the time - sure, talented in pugs and stuff, but not in pro play, not yet.
2019-11-01 12:54
2019-11-01 08:39
I like this article, I think people are too quick to jump on the "C9 sucks lmao" train, give them some time
2019-10-31 23:54
Brazil |LUCAS1|
2019-10-31 23:57
Netherlands Boutdis
so bad daps xd wtf
2019-11-01 00:00
Feelsbad for him, building nrg from zero and then got kicked
2019-11-01 00:00
United States Frotha
Cause he is worse than Zeus
2019-11-01 00:17
Daps actually is decent fragging wise for an igl. he just sacrificed himself a lot in NRG
2019-11-01 04:09
Sweden Zaser5
2019-11-01 10:55
2019-11-01 00:08
This guy is so full of himself he is an NRG reject
2019-11-01 00:19
You mean the #1 team right now? Doesn't sound so bad to have been on that team and then been dropped.
2019-11-01 04:07
tenz hit with big oof
2019-11-01 00:23
Finland Smoonah
good so retire.
2019-11-01 00:31
Daps play style and system is old and outdated, automatic is washed up too. He say the other team members are experience and they lost every match without TenZ , what a joke and dillusional by saying he goes in as a sacrifice lamb to find info... I'm pretty sure he's alway the last one alive then dies anyway after trying to save. It's more he sacrafice Tenz to goes in to get info for them it's why TenZ didn't want to play this system and speak up then Daps & Autimatic wanted him Benched ... Blast 0-5 matches inc .. Disband after Blast and it's a good time to make Money off these Clowns.
2019-11-01 00:33
TenZ is ass 0.93 rating as the super star. Also he was never the sacrificial lamb he was literally the teams “Lurker” he had a lower rating than Daps LOL EDIT: Peeped your profile and it appears You got TenZ Johnson jammed down your throat At least fanboy someone with a 1.0 rating next time
2019-11-01 03:43
Yeah you would Peeped people profile CREEPER Detected!
2019-11-01 04:39
checked because I assumed you were a troll account. but I guess the HLTV silvers are out in full force today.
2019-11-01 08:52
silvers fucking love tenz
2019-11-01 14:27
+1 They like him cuz of his flashy play style in FPL. But when push comes to shove TenZ didn’t show up he’s the literal definition of a “Onliner”
2019-11-01 16:35
TenZ should have listened to them. They have more experience at the big stage and know how things are run. TenZ should have just given it more time and trusted the system. He cant expect everyone to play individually like its fpl. This is the big stage here. As much as talented as he is, should have listened to daps as it would benefit him in the long term. Also, changing his settings after every single game and tweeting about how this resolution was bad or good didn't help. He may have Raw aim, but the potential to think.... maybe not so much.
2019-11-01 04:33
+1 Daps is a girl. Its like "Did you argue back to me? Ok. We're finished. Dad!! Fire him!!"
2019-11-01 04:46
all your post seem like that of a 13 yo with parental issues
2019-11-01 14:28
> Daps play style and system is old and outdated I think 1-2 days ago I heard the same about B1ad3's play style, lmao. This is complete bullshit in both cases though.
2019-11-01 05:06
Switzerland x676
You nailed it
2019-11-01 09:55
Tenz got rekt By daps but its fine And good so now we’ll see if he takes that like a 12 year old kid and goes crying and complaining and remains a kid or takes that daps’ statement like a man and becomes a team player, grows up, becomes maturer and proves firstly to himself that he is the next great player that many teams would want, so tenz’s future is up to him now in terms of who he’s going to become :)
2019-11-01 00:43
+1 normally dont comment here because of the general knowledge of cs and the scene is... But this, this is exactly how it is. Either he cry or he man up and become a team player.
2019-11-01 06:26
Ukraine ksay
should just take zellsis instead of tenz/subroza i know he is up and down but his decision making is decent and he can grind i liked watching him making plays under flusha. he gave him a lot of responsibilities
2019-11-01 01:19
RIP, TenZ...
2019-11-01 01:29
I remember when I watched daps playing, I thought he was 30ish years old. Then I checked hltv and he was only 25 LULW
2019-11-01 02:13
How can you hate Daps? He's such an earnest personality. I believe in this team still, even if it's delusional to. NRG were once shit, and now they're top 1. Cloud 9 can be the same
2019-11-01 02:35
"young talent"
2019-11-01 03:45
This guy thinks he made eg to be #1. Lol is he serious
2019-11-01 04:36
Trash IGL it's why he get replace by Stanislaw every time. EG got to where they are by Stanislaw not Daps .
2019-11-01 05:03
Switzerland x676
2019-11-01 09:53
Sweden Ciiya
He made them a top three/four contender, Stan brought them the last few steps. If you consider getting a team to top 4 in the world a "trash IGL" yikes
2019-11-01 13:21
United States caliprep
Tenz was trash. Pubstar for life.
2019-11-01 05:10
you want to put money behind your words on a match 1v1 him or TenZ & me vs you and anyone you pick 2v2.. if not STFU
2019-11-01 10:15
At least fanboy somebody who is good at the game lol
2019-11-01 13:30
United States caliprep
who the fuck are you? Nobody
2019-11-01 17:51
Daps: "The way we've been trying to approach the team has been more of a... it's less of me doing everything with a coach, it's more people have to have some sort of self-reliance on each individual to create structure". Can someone explain to me why they have an IGL and Coach for then???? Seem this structure is more of a Pug style.
2019-11-01 05:16
to get ez paychecks
2019-11-01 08:40
Because you dont want 5 guys calling a strat at the same time. They can push how ever they want, put they must all push in the same direction. As for the coach, hes gonna help the team by reviewing demos of the team and the other teams, he will help cooling people down during matches. Hes the glue between them.
2019-11-01 10:10
Daps: "it's less of me doing everything with a coach".... that's his words... he sitting back doing shit.
2019-11-01 10:12
you are a weird guy.
2019-11-01 17:54
I think what he means is that their strats where very structured and igl dependant and he's going for a more flexible approach, more similar to liquid's style.
2019-11-01 13:40
United States noCap
Bot Daps calling EG a fluke LOL. Just admit you were the problem bot.
2019-11-01 05:39
Kazakhstan k4harman
lol, with out daps eg reached top-1. mb problem was you daps???
2019-11-01 06:01
subroza is ass
2019-11-01 06:49
Pretty Un classy by daps. Unnecessarily trashing a young up and comer and acting as though he’s some all knowing cs god. Yet with allllll his ‘experience’ his team sucks and he making tenz the sacrificial lamb. Then proceeds to try and take credit for NRGs success. Yet they succeeded without him. Pretty narcissistic.
2019-11-01 08:38
Switzerland x676
2019-11-01 09:52
His time will come and he know it, he'll be jobless soon.. C9 will not release TenZ
2019-11-01 10:27
hahaha why would they hold onto a player with 0.9 rating?
2019-11-01 13:31
newfag spotted
2019-11-01 14:39
lmao NA
2019-11-01 09:00
TenZ & me vs Daps and any 1 of the C9 members for 10k let's go 2v2 . see if he talk shit then.
2019-11-01 10:09
Finland Qurko
2019-11-01 10:12
With the removal of tenz, I lost interest in this iteration of Cloud9.
2019-11-01 11:58
2019-11-01 13:40
TLDR: TenZ is bad
2019-11-01 14:04
daps "TwoFaced" Toledo
2019-11-01 14:57
I'm actually fucking rofling at these kiddies jumping to suck TenZ's baby dick right off his tiny body. Daps trashes TenZ in this article? How about when TenZ trashed Daps on his stream when he talked about why he was benched. He legitimately had the gall to come into one of the biggest organizations in NA, play with some of the most well known NA cs players and what does he do with that opportunity? He whines and complains every day to his teammates about how the system doesn't work when he is the reason it doesn't work. 0.93 ratings over 4 months of play and you want to tell me "ClOuD9 rEaLlY mAdE a MiStAkE hErE". Join reality please.
2019-11-01 15:47
I played with daps back in the day, way back and from my experience with him, and he seems to have not changed - he is brutally honest. We were happy to have him on our team, and while I thought I was personally very far ahead of him in terms of game knowledge, he left our team to pursue bigger and better things. But he didn't mince words when he was asked why he's leaving - he stated what he saw as the problem and that he didn't expect us to fix it, so he was out. He was 100% right so while I was sad to see him go, I was glad he was pursuing his goals, as I was not in a position to do the same myself. Was very happy to see him get to the top tier of cs, even if he didn't get over the hump, he certainly made it to the place many of us players want to make it. That all being said, I expect he is 100% correct about TenZ as he was about my group way back then. And so what if he is brutally honest? Honesty is refreshing, so - grow up TenZ and don't get MAD. GET EVEN!
2019-11-01 17:09
i think tenz did acknowledge his role in what happened, saying he wasnt buying in and not giving his best effort. I think that shows a level of self-awareness there, a spark that he can transform into
2019-11-01 17:51
good luck daps, keep working, you have been a big part in the rise of NA results. I think you can get another contender in shape here, even though the expectations are higher now. Koosta's level is rising, but gotta get autimatic comfortable he is forcing just a bit. this can be a very good core.
2019-11-01 17:38
The problem is that daps is as average as you get in this game. Very bad player, whom doesnt belong on the highest level. Sadly sometimes people talk themselfes into solutions and clearly this guy is sucking his way to stay in the team somehow. Also how often do you see a player flame a ex-teammate even in CS? This player is a very good example of a washed up gamer. Never had the ability to compete against the best, and just talks shit everytime he opens his mouth. Its like playing against 10 year old battlenet kids. Seriously, youre bad and now you are going to tarnish the C9 brand. Just quit the game.
2019-11-01 18:39
nt tenz
2019-11-02 01:43
from MAJOR WINNER, to a CLOWN TEAM what a joke!!
2019-11-02 17:39
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