NiKo: "It's great that we proved everyone we can still fight against top teams and lift trophies"

We caught up with the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 MVP by HLTV x betway, Nikola "NiKo" Kovač, and heard about his individual form and the importance of this win for FaZe.

FaZe showed dominance from the first match at BLAST, destroying favorites Astralis 16-2 on Inferno, and went on to drop only one map, an inconsequential one to Liquid, before lifting the trophy.

Bringing in more structure unlocked NiKo's individual level, the Bosnian said in the interview

Following the grand final, we talked to NiKo and heard about turning around FaZe after the initial struggle, the comeback against NiP on Nuke, and plans for the future.

How much does this victory mean after the struggles you had with FaZe?

It means everything, it is a huge, huge boost of confidence for everyone, teamwise, individually, it is just amazing that we have managed to win this event. Even if we wouldn't have won it, we would still be really proud of the run we had here, it is great that we proved everyone we can still fight against top teams and that we can still lift trophies. I'm super happy for the boys and I'm super proud of them.

How did you turn it around, from a few days ago losing online to, and now beating Astralis and all of these teams to win the tournament?

I guess... I don't know how we lost to to be honest, I guess it was an online game and we didn't really put too much focus on that game, we thought we would win it easily, which we didn't and that kind of messed us up. But our main focus was just BLAST and IEM Beijing, these two events are going to mean a lot to us for the rest of the year. We put all our focus we could into these two events and I'm happy that it is paying off.

Your individual form also showed here, you are the MVP of the tournament. Considering that a month ago you were saying that you don't understand why you were playing so badly, how did you turn it around?

I don't know, everything just clicked here. I didn't really care that I played badly before, I just came here as if it was any other event, as if I didn't play that badly before. I came here and I did what I had to do, and I'm happy that I finally started showing up. I think the most important thing for my individual performance was to bring in more structure to the team, which we have, and that allowed me to play better individually as well. That is one of the reasons I started stepping up again.

Let's touch on the final, obviously the Nuke comeback was pretty big, YNk touched on it before, saying that coming back into games is a focus for you guys. So how did you manage to come back and close out that map?

We never gave up, even though we were 15-8 down, we still had the same communication as at the beginning of the match, when we were leading 2-0. Nothing changed besides the score, our approach didn't change, the mentality that we have shown has been really good. Yeah, it was super-hard to comeback but we managed to do so just because we stayed calm and collected. I'm happy we managed to do it.

Dust2 nowadays, there seems to be a lot of focus on the B site from the Terrorist side, NiP was kind of abusing your B site and then when you switched to the Terrorist side, you were also hitting it a lot. Was there more to it, how did you see it going on in this game?

I didn't really pay attention to it that most of the teams are going B now, we just kind of stuck to our gameplan where we knew how they were holding B and we knew how much focus they were putting on fighting for Long. We didn't want to force the fights there so we sometimes faked it and we were going B because we knew that f0rest likes to play down Mid alone a lot and plopski likes to play around the B site alone. We tried to abuse that, pull some small fakes and tried to end up on B. I mean, I think we still had 3-4 rounds that we won on A that were pretty big, I don't really think the B site is really more favored now for the T side, it was just the game plan we had.

This year you won BLAST Pro Series Miami as well, but that turned out to be a one-off victory. Is this a start of something new?

Well, I hope so. I think we are on a really good path right now, the team's really clicking together and I think that we feel really confident right now and I think that is what we needed the most. FaZe, even before when we were playing badly, we would never lose to teams like or some mid-tier teams, right? We would always get to quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals and that is the team we are going to be from now on, I would say. That is the main focus for us right now, to get there, stay consistently at the top and not lose to teams below, try to go to playoffs all the time. From there we just need more experience as a team, bring in more teamplay and I believe that at some point, we are going to be one of the best teams in the world.

You and coldzera playing together obviously didn't start that well, so a lot of haters, naysayers came up, a lot of comments about you as a team were written. Do you think that this proves them wrong now?

I don't want to say anything yet because it is just one event, time will show. I don't want to comment anything because every time I do it it turns out wrong (laughs). I'm just going to stay away from it, but yeah, we are going to prove them wrong, 100%.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
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GOAT!!! It's great to see Niko play well again! No Niko - No Faze. GOD carry!
2019-11-02 23:25
How are you always first, thats insane?
2019-11-02 23:28
using some program to automaticly answer obviously. Just the admins can't see that.
2019-11-02 23:34
We are going to prove the haters wrong, 100%. Nikola "NiKo" Kovač
2019-11-03 06:18
Meaningless win in shit tournament without the NR 1 team in the world.
2019-11-04 02:02
Yeah, a shit tournament with 250k prize pool for the first place, shit tournament with Astralis, NaVi, Liquid... just accept, gonna hurt less.
2019-11-07 00:53
Astralis and Liquid are shit right now and since they didn't invite the best team in the world (EG) It's a pretty meaningless win yes.
2019-11-07 01:10
... what a joke, when the tournament going irrelevant cuz NRG i'snt in, i mean.. Best team in the world.. LMAO Best team in the world(HLTV), get rekt by the real best team in the World right now.
2019-11-07 14:49
Yea they lost 2 times in bo3. Anything else you want to say ?
2019-11-09 04:31
NiKo | 
Serbia dvrtomic 
Couse he is best ever
2019-11-03 21:24
kennyS | 
United States CSDash 
Crazy how he says Niko is the greatest
2019-11-04 19:57
how is be a fan of team carried by a brazilian after years of hate? omegalul
2019-11-02 23:34
2019-11-02 23:38
2019-11-02 23:43
Sakura | 
Japan Ron1E 
Carried by brazilian (even bait play better than baiter)
2019-11-03 06:17
"carried" implies being second worst fragger after broky who is support
2019-11-03 13:53
carried mean be shit before he joins and help the team to be willing to win again and help with strats. fuck you hater
2019-11-03 20:15
not hating, mr.salt.
2019-11-04 14:20
2019-11-06 03:53
Broky isnt the support, hes playing more entry. Niko was the one dropping guns and throwing people flashes
2019-11-03 20:17
United States FrothaIPBan 
Using blast shit format
2019-11-02 23:42
Eg fan scared LULW
2019-11-03 00:16
Argentina Joedash 
i'll say dude, that everyone had chances to win, astralis and liquid also lol, but they sucked against every single team(less c9) and now everyone says "blast forma sucks, thats why they won", i'd say that liquid started to win a lot thx to a blast where astralis sucked af
2019-11-03 00:50
After 2 bo1 the finalist was known. Only 6 teams. This isn't competition this a shit show
2019-11-03 09:29
2019-11-03 10:48
avangar lost first 2 bo1 but they made it to the final dont blame it on format if your team sucks
2019-11-03 12:49
Hahaha your argument proofs me right. I always said major format sucks as well. And you say I am right. In Major we had similar situation when in Quarterfinals was clear who win the Major. Best Format is Dota TI
2019-11-03 13:15
retard comment right there first in miami i think it was faze were down 0-2 and they made it to finals bUt YoU sAiD tHaT AfTeR 2 bo1s ThE FiNaLiSt wAs KnOwN astralis wented 2-0 and then second day they went 2-3 so your logic is so retarded expected from german and about the major if you picked liquid nrg or vitality to win it then it your problem everyone knew that astralis was going to win it
2019-11-03 13:51
no 200IQ comment. I speak in general and you say "when u chose this or this team". I never said I chose a team. I just said the format is shit. When you only can speak in your primitive mind settiings shut the fuck up.
2019-11-03 17:12
the fact Faze only needed to play 3 different maps to win the whole thing is a joke says alot about the format
2019-11-03 18:01
Argentina Joedash 
true, Dota TI is pretty crazy and you've fun with the format. But i remember faze winning the blast miami winninng the 3 last matches and not the first 2 matches of the tournament
2019-11-03 16:54
IMO double elim brackets will always reign supreme, but i am oldschool opinion
2019-11-04 12:26
The goal is to have the best in the finals. So we get competition on the highest level
2019-11-04 14:00
this tournmanet format is shit .....
2019-11-03 01:45
+1 But you don't just 16-2 astralis like it's nothing. They really showed some good form.
2019-11-03 09:25
yes but we see a lot of top teams losing at least 1 map against tier3 tier 4 But lets see in another tournaments Im cheering for Faze get back
2019-11-04 02:01
NiKo | 
Serbia dvrtomic 
2019-11-03 04:49
kNgV- | 
Brazil SkindCS 
Cold is who deserves this MVP
2019-11-04 16:40
100% 💥
2019-11-06 18:59
2019-11-02 23:24
Germany TasuketeJ 
Literally every top team is going with the SG meta. Not only are they the team that have been most vocal against this shitty Scope weapon meta but they also have started playing the scoped weapons very late compared to others. Besides all the other teams have used the SGs too, isn't it a level playing field then?
2019-11-03 02:13
Why is that shame? Its being smart. If you want to win in harder way, use revolver only.
2019-11-03 02:33
jhd | 
Finland JHdash77 
Sharks flair btw
2019-11-03 07:31
expected af from brazil, adapt to meta or be pleb
2019-11-03 10:50
United States unban_forsaken 
nope, they really can't. Complete fluke at a tournament with shit format
2019-11-02 23:24
Netherlands Son_of_chrisj 
I think they can
2019-11-02 23:29
That tells you what? Which tournemant have they been good except Blast?
2019-11-02 23:30
Netherlands Son_of_chrisj 
I’ve hated faze ever since NiKo joined but this new lineup can do somthing. I’m not saying they will compete in top tier I’m saying they could
2019-11-02 23:32
Denmark TurboHenning2 
What could they do, if not compete in top tier?
2019-11-02 23:35
' I’m not saying they will compete in top tier I’m saying they could' he's saying the team has potential but it's not guaranteed that they will succeed. It's not that difficult to understand
2019-11-02 23:49
Denmark TurboHenning2 
mens stop bully
2019-11-03 00:07
sry mens <3
2019-11-03 00:13
Nah, they still have to prove themselves, this blast shit is just not a real event. If they win iem bejing yes maybe, but I doubt they will even go to the playoffs
2019-11-02 23:57
NiKo | 
Croatia mimi031 
He left cuz he was tired of carrying mousesports and couldnt win anything with them. So he tried with faze but it was a complete fluke.
2019-11-03 00:50
All in mouz were happy that this toxic guy gave them money instead of doing his brain farts in mouz.
2019-11-03 09:31
Denmark Kon10R 
"Hate" is a strong term in my book, and you are obviously looking at one of the greatest players in CS GO. Just appreciate professionals, dedicating their lives to be the best of the best ... I'm Danish, Astralis-fan (flag and flair checks out and all that primary school BS, that some people in here find REALLY smart ...) but Faze were juzz GREAT in this tournament, right?! You may be able to obliterate "hate" in your heart and soul if you start appreciating GREATNESS!
2019-11-03 02:54
The only one with a brain in this comment section
2019-11-03 05:32
NiKo | 
Other Nearby5 
First guy I see that likes some good cs dosen t matter the team
2019-11-03 08:51
+1 bro You don't just 16-2 astralis, comeback from 8-15 on nuke on the t-side... They played really well
2019-11-03 09:27
I’ve hated them because they have dominated mousesports for years on end and every time I saw they played I was worried. Another reason is their fan base. It’s honestly the absolute worst. Calling mousesports Their budget team and all.
2019-11-03 17:13
Denmark Kon10R 
Hating a team because of being stronger than Mousesports and/or their fan base ??! Now, you should have a REALLY SERIOUS talk with the guy in the mirror to sort things out! ;O) I don't "hate" elephants for being bigger than lions ... And yes: You find airheads in all camps ... but you may also find friends ...
2019-11-09 09:05
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Ly intelligent mens no homo)))
2019-11-03 17:34
Serbia Niddzaa 
2019-11-02 23:24
Denmark Kon10R 
Pleeeez ... The "ez" stuff was hot several months ago when the Ence hitsong came out. But there are no "easy" games in the CS GO top at the moment. It takes HARD work and professionalism.
2019-11-03 02:59
Serbia DjapeZ 
16-2 XD EZ
2019-11-03 13:44
Denmark Kon10R 
Yeah ... 8 or 10 hours a day for years to be amongst the top 200 players on the planet ... Sounds EZ to you, right?
2019-11-03 19:34
Serbia DjapeZ 
EZ to destroy Astralis
2019-11-08 20:58
Denmark Kon10R 
Well ... The coach from EG called it "annoying" to play against them. Should I listen to him or you?
2019-11-09 09:00
Serbia DjapeZ 
idc really XD
2019-11-11 15:13
Norway BakeAndShake 
what the frick you are so retarded
2019-11-04 08:34
Norway TheMushrix 
+1 nordavind major 2020
2019-11-04 12:56
Norway BakeAndShake 
2019-11-04 15:39
North America fernando_123 
Niko top 1
2019-11-02 23:25
Gl hf
2019-11-04 07:25
JD | 
Poland Banzanic 
2019-11-02 23:26
fucking tilts me that they're talking like this is a normal big event, this is fucking blast ffs, most random event ever, only thing you did is to win some random bo1 and beat nipple in bo3
2019-11-02 23:26
Netherlands gay_marriage 
True bo3 would be more fair
2019-11-02 23:28
El Salvador Sp1x 
Classic superstar ego. If they do something at the next event then sure, but this tournament proves nothing.
2019-11-02 23:54
Not ego but confidence. U gain confidence from every small achievement and u have every right to be proud of it. But guess kids on hltv always find their way to undermine others' achievements.
2019-11-03 01:45
2019-11-03 01:58
El Salvador Sp1x 
Niko definitely has an ego. It's great to be confident, but winning a couple bo1's hardly proves you can compete for trophies, especially considering the horrible results they've been having just this week. If they perform well next tournament, then I can confidently call them a top tier team. But until then, I'm not convinced.
2019-11-03 02:24
All i can say is that im glad, that nobody cares about ur opinion
2019-11-03 11:20
El Salvador Sp1x 
This is a forum. No one's opinion really matters.
2019-11-03 17:11
U mb right , but as for me Astralis, Liquid and e.t.c. tried to win blast too.
2019-11-04 07:31
Indonesia shifty1809 
2019-11-03 03:03
India MistaJ 
Playing and winning Two or three matches in a row proves something .
2019-11-03 02:08
they beat both navi and astralis in bo1. pretty much no team outside of the top 10 can take maps off of astralis and navi on lan. it rly does prove something.
2019-11-03 07:03
NaVi lost like every match at starseries tho
2019-11-03 09:30
Navi isnt a great team anymore, basically any top 20 team can beat them from time to time
2019-11-03 10:19
lmao its fucking blast use your brain for a second please, we could do the exact same trash event just next week and the results would be totally different, we could 100% have an astralis/liquid or navi final and it wouldn't be a surprise since it BO1 and the results are ABSOLUTELY random/irrelevant, both faze and nip are trash when attending real events and I won't start believing otherwise until I see them proving themselves in a normal event, + Faze actually won the exact same fluke blast event earlier this year and they kept on being trash right after but nice try
2019-11-03 08:18
Lol m8 you are mentally ill check a doctor jeez
2019-11-03 08:29
can't stand dumb people who don't want to use their brain, if you have nothing interesting to say just dont write shit you pleb
2019-11-03 08:43
United Kingdom SickaBoy 
astralis and liquid are teams that should be 2-0'ing every1 in bo3s so what diff does bo1 make, bo1 makes it harder for underdogs since their map pools are worse than tier 1 teams but anyway free money for faze, thats what matter
2019-11-03 09:52
oh flair checked out btw, as expected
2019-11-03 08:19
Bo1 are no matches. Everyone except stupid faze knows that Bo1 is best way to win for noobs.
2019-11-03 09:25
United States DiabIo 
destroyed by liquid LUL
2019-11-02 23:29
Bosnia and Herzegovina Alekk5 
Destroyed by liquid? Faze already qualified for the finals before the game against liquid. They had no reason to do anything that game. They could've just camped spawn every round. It was pretty obvious that they weren't trying because they still had a BO3 to play after that game. Liquid was like 5th place at the tournament lmao.
2019-11-02 23:38
Its pretty funny that liquid is still better than faze haha
2019-11-03 00:02
It's pretty funny to know that ur opinion doesn't matter haha
2019-11-03 01:46
United States KevinUSA 
2019-11-03 06:30
thats not even an opinion. based on results, liquid is way much better than faze, even after the player break xd
2019-11-03 12:58
Norway TheMushrix 
2019-11-04 12:58
lulquid > faze
2019-11-04 19:58
Brazil yalamix 
2019-11-03 00:08
2019-11-03 00:15
Albania Udfj 
thinking blast proves anything with a bunch of bo1s and nip final. wait for epl and then talk when youll face fnatic&vitality in bo3s
2019-11-02 23:30
Ethiopia BlackBird101 
2019-11-02 23:41
zonic | 
Colombia MonstarX 
2019-11-03 00:57
rain | 
Slovakia timky 
we will see, but they look hungry now, which Ive been missing in them the most during last months... Semmler was right tho, the level of CS is just the same as it was, this BLAST shows it again
2019-11-02 23:30
I mean look at pre astralis era where faze and sk were best. And look at it now. Thats completely different imo. Astralis did so fucking good and put the skill ceiling with tactics and utitliy usage, even skill to a whole new level
2019-11-03 00:02
rain | 
Slovakia timky 
You are right, but thats one team.. 5 players.. others simply couldnt catch up in over a year. And to be honest, they seem to decline again too (Astralis). So for me , I dont think the scene moved a lot forward.
2019-11-03 12:03
Simpletronic > Nikozera
2019-11-02 23:30
ofc better, not a fan. coldzera is smart but nothing more
2019-11-03 00:29
Omegalul nice joke. simple and electronic are washed up
2019-11-03 10:16
Ethiopia BlackBird101 
washed up when they barely even lived a third of their lives
2019-11-03 23:31
Turkey i_eat_kebab 
2019-11-02 23:34
2019-11-02 23:35
Ukraine ksay 
>every time I do it it turns out wrong >we are going to prove them wrong, 100% GGs in the chat
2019-11-02 23:44
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22 
2019-11-02 23:54
Brazil oldStar 
Same here ! lol
2019-11-02 23:55
wow, on this event... clap clap faze. hahah
2019-11-02 23:44
wow win 4 bo1 and 1 bo3 and you are real champ
2019-11-02 23:50
😂😂 Exactly this. Even hltv ppl know the real nikobrain lma♿️
2019-11-02 23:59
United States inflict 
no way niko thinks winning a bo1 tournament is proving they are a top team
2019-11-02 23:54
2019-11-03 00:28
dude is so desperate, can't blame him
2019-11-03 08:27
LOL not as desperate as you, commenting multiple times under this article
2019-11-03 11:57
2019-11-03 12:53
difference is that I give facts, not some delusional opinion like you
2019-11-03 13:06
Are you okay Mr Baguette?
2019-11-03 13:44
Yeah like that last blast tournemant that faze won, proved it hahahahahahahahaha
2019-11-02 23:59
Russia LeGoBoys 
B L - can still fight A S T
2019-11-03 00:20
We got delusional Andy over here
2019-11-03 00:32
at roflochamp, cia in a year
2019-11-03 00:27
Niko still thinks he can IGL? this is shox G2 all over again
2019-11-03 00:27
If only Blast was relevant. Also FaZe will most likely not replicate this performance.
2019-11-03 00:32
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
this is even bigger fluke than Aderal9 winning in rigged major.
2019-11-03 00:36
why so much hate lately on niko and faze? Can someone explain? Im not into it
2019-11-03 00:36
because nikoclan = cringe clan
2019-11-03 01:36
broky | 
United Kingdom Rahimy 
People will hate, after all this is a sport, so people will hate on teams they don't like
2019-11-03 01:45
Always remember that haters will hate
2019-11-03 02:29
okay thanks, i tho smth happened so thats why i asked
2019-11-03 02:40
hate is obviously against the dumb fans overreacting as usual, not against the pros
2019-11-03 08:26
Mongolia EastwooDFaze 
Funny to read bunch of noobs criticizing the pros. Any of them will fuck us 1v3 any given day!
2019-11-03 00:44
how does it taste?
2019-11-03 01:29
U tell me
2019-11-03 01:48
Germany sketchbook 
They will fuck you and your friends 1 vs 3 maybe, but any decent players with a good amout of time invested in the game would win a 2 vs 1 against any of them. But lets see they finally showed a bit of hope, maybe they can do as well in the next tournament. But i doubt it.
2019-11-03 10:10
>"I don't want to comment anything because every time I do it it turns out wrong" >"we are going to prove them wrong, 100%" So.. back to slump?
2019-11-03 01:00
back to baiting rain and olof every round
2019-11-03 10:22
if olof is awper how u bait him 0 iq leftist logic right there
2019-11-03 12:55
i didnt know, that having a sniper rifle magically protected players from getting baited by their teammates. does it work like magic underwear that those american mormons wear? if i play awp in mm game, every time i scope in on 1 spot, i get shot from another spot in 3 seconds, and all my teammates are standing behind some cover, looking at the wall, instead of covering their angle. and they only try to peek after i got killed. so, you can get baited with awp. not sure what your logic is here. ruski brain.
2019-11-03 13:38
0 iq comment right there MM game =/= official game btw if you look how olof plays you will know that he tries to make plays or stay passive
2019-11-03 13:47
you can still bait a passive player with the most passive weapon, just stand behind him in cover and look at a wall niko does this at least 50% of his time in game, stand looking at a wall waiting for someone to start fighting his teammates, so he can maybe get 1 free kill and then die, so after game he can look at his stats and tell himself "its not your fault"
2019-11-03 14:11
rain and broky are going first then niko behind and olof watching with awp and but still niko baits him ok show me proof that he baits olof
2019-11-03 14:14
ok last time someone asked me to prove niko baits, i only had to watch 1 pistol round of the first game i clicked.
2019-11-03 14:16 here we see, olof made a big mistake, not spotting the 2 players push up mid. when he dies, niko doesnt help rain, cold, and broky, to take site, and then retake on banana, but he sits there does nothing and gives up a free frag so, he didnt bait olof here, but it was still pretty bad, and he did bait the 3 other players on the team to do 0 damage. i'll keep looking for more rounds.
2019-11-03 14:18
ok in this situation if these 2 ct push banana and then kill faze? then they will look like retards because nobody defend banana from these 2 ct
2019-11-03 15:18 literally 4v1 on that side of the map and still baiting while his teammates are getting shredded right next to him by NAF. he doesnt even stop baiting after NAF runs out of bullets olof has to come in behind to save his ass. then after olof saves him, niko immediately baits him again for 1 free deag kill onto stewie, which costs them the chance to get a plant. if he covered olof and took the chance to fight stewie 2v1 before olof dies, instead of baiting him, they could probably plant. so, there is your example of niko baiting olof. took about 10 minutes to find. i can do this for hours though. niko never stops baiting. whether they win or lose. its just easier to see it, when they lose the game and he isnt getting carried by olof rain and cold
2019-11-03 14:26
again niko is only with deagle without armor what he can do olof peaked wide then stewie come and niko was flashed and he went back and olof couldnt get cover because he took wide peek and about naf it smg vs deagle if you dont hit hs you die
2019-11-03 15:20 this is how shit niko is, when he cannot bait his team. just jump out yolo with a krieg looking the wrong way because he literally doesnt know how to engage an enemy that isnt already shooting at his teammates.
2019-11-03 14:28
no time that why there is 20 second to enter in the site and niko went first liquid players could be everywhere that why he looked there they could be balcony small pit pit stairs
2019-11-03 15:22 here, niko can see stewie on the boxes when he jumps, but clearly doesnt call it to rain. he did not get flashed there, his hands are both on the krieg. no excuse for that. here you can see NAF aimbotting through wall to get info, but thats besides the scope of this conversation. you can see from twistzz POV, a few seconds after, how niko is sitting in back of site, looking at long range down CT, while olof AND cold are already holding CT from close positions. thats completely wrong. he should be at least spotting ruins for info and bait Liquid to engage him from there, so olof and cold and broky dont get completely rekt, and nitro is forced to come to close range with the awp to get a shot at anyone. this happens almost every round niko plays. nearly every round faze loses, is because of niko. niko will never wide strafe a corner just to create room for his team, and risk taking a bullet to the face. he is just not a team player. other players always have to create room for him to play.
2019-11-03 14:44
first clip- niko didnt saw him because 2 things first is 4:3 alot people who use 16:9 or 16:10 will see something there but players who use 4:3 will not see and stewie was on the edge of the box and niko was next to the wall how do you expect to see it? even stewie didnt saw niko second clip- it could be miscommunication or olof didnt tell that he will watch ct and someone should watch ruins and there is still possibility that niko thought that someone is watching ruins idk what to say about situation i will just say missplay from faze side
2019-11-03 15:27
Sweden Jetobutter1 
"We would never lose to a mid-tier team like" Yeah, have really fallen from being one of the greatest to being regarded as "mid-tier"
2019-11-03 01:02
vberg | 
North America Mang0 
Fluke tourney, once honeymoon is over back to slump
2019-11-03 01:04
yeah niko, you know it's pretty hard to antistrat a brand new team that was completely dead before right? faze was prepared for everyone but hf in your future tournaments when everyone else is prepared for your 5 new strats 0-2 in groups
2019-11-03 01:35
joke md1 tournament
2019-11-03 01:44
Japan Amatsuk1 
lmao that's it The team got potential hope to see you soon competing in top tier events just don't choke
2019-11-03 01:51
fnx | 
Other individual 
plenty of clueless people in the forum who said they need real igl
2019-11-03 02:42
LOOoOL top teams ALWAYS had a decent igl, and that fact won't change because faze somehow won an irrelevant Blast tournament that doesn't count for shit, my god you're the exact kind of people that make this tournament even more bullshit, imagine making conclusion out of such a random 2 days tournament with shittiest format ever, we could do the same shitty event next week and the results would be totally different
2019-11-03 08:24
Mad french retard check a doctor holy moly you are retarded for sure
2019-11-03 08:37
XDrive19 who's only purpose is to spam "omg mad bettor" , gtfo or learn to use your brain, it's a forum which is normally for everyone to expose their opinion and have a discussion about the specific subject moron
2019-11-03 08:45
CIS kryto203 
2019-11-03 11:57
hello nitro will like to talk with you nitro was never real igl after stanislaw left nitro took over igl
2019-11-03 12:57
United States GiantDays 
bo1 tourney lmao
2019-11-03 02:56
You are thank you
2019-11-03 03:00
Well, glad to see him less toxic nowadays, hope he could be a good igl
2019-11-03 04:50
2019-11-08 01:59
Give credit when credit is due. Congrats on the win but Blast is such a bad event. A bunch of Bo1. They played 8 maps and win. Not much to talk about. A group stage of other events may have more games to play. Would be a joke to consider this kind of event to hold any sort of prestige.
2019-11-03 05:28
+1 obviously, only newfags and delusional bandwagons to say otherwise
2019-11-03 08:21
Device: I can fight against top teams but I can't lift a trophy :(((
2019-11-03 05:46
2019-11-03 12:31
Frankie | 
Russia Noover 
electronic MVP
2019-11-03 05:47
Bo1 cobra lmao
2019-11-03 05:54
when astralis was destroyed i know they wins this
2019-11-03 06:17
Algeria W0r 
Yeah Nip in final, top teams
2019-11-03 06:28
You retarded or baiting?
2019-11-03 07:38
Algeria W0r 
maybe go speak with other retards like yourself
2019-11-03 16:14
So astralis, liquid, Navi is not top teams? He said nothing about the final
2019-11-03 16:18
Algeria W0r 
Ok now we can talk Navi have their ups and downs Astralis and Liquid especially lately are not in shape They still are top teams but the tournament format (BO1) is not the perfect format to say wohoo we are back boyz! He better Wait and see cause this blast thing proves nothing
2019-11-03 18:21
? astralis was at this turnamnet aswell
2019-11-09 13:09
Algeria W0r 
If You mean the old one, Yes and they lost. But today is a new day
2019-11-09 13:36
yes? so why comment on an old irrelevant thread about todays match?
2019-11-09 13:36
Algeria W0r 
Old yes but not that much, irrelevant I wouldn't call it that way. His "WE CAN STILL FIGHT AGAINST TOP TEAMS" is questionable
2019-11-09 13:40
how is that? they lost vs astralis the rest was good?
2019-11-09 14:00
Algeria W0r 
man lost! that's it ? 32-2 is not losing they've been destroyed or as HLTV stated : Astralis maul Faze Have a nice day
2019-11-09 15:49
Mongolia tuvshuudri 
always love the team
2019-11-03 07:37
>I don't want to say anything yet >we are going to prove them wrong, 100%. pick one
2019-11-03 08:17
FaZe started winning when they started using the meta weapons. Who knew with their superior aim this would help
2019-11-03 08:39
Hahaha niko u won a tier 5 tournament. Be proud Loser.
2019-11-03 09:21
best of 3 vs nip top teams pick one?
2019-11-03 10:21
“How did you turn it around, from a few days ago losing online to, and now beating Astralis“ lol vp getting rekt by hltv autor
2019-11-03 10:41
could be ez tournament for virtus plow
2019-11-03 10:48
2019-11-03 10:51
Vietnam rollofocker 
hope they turn it around, we'll see at a decent event not this blast format which only exist so more people lose their bets.
2019-11-03 11:19
what an idiot. next event they will fail. nobody did take blast super serious.
2019-11-03 11:22
Hahahha only at blast because top teams doesn't care about that shit tournament
2019-11-03 11:26
Sure Liquid flying 7 days in advance from NA, boot camping and getting used to EU time, just to not care in the games sure. Astralis never won in Copenhagen, so you dont think they cared about their crowd? You dont think NiP wanted to win their first trophy in 2 years?
2019-11-03 12:11
There were pretty big names attending the event for a tournament nobody cares about.
2019-11-03 13:21
walle | 
World zhandri 
blast event btw lul
2019-11-03 11:59
United Kingdom Cujoishere 
Can only win on blast events omegalul.
2019-11-03 13:07
As much as I like Niko and as much as I appreciate his performance at this event, his replies clearly show that he should stop trying to be an IGL.
2019-11-03 13:20
2019-11-03 13:42
bo1 tournaments doesn't count that much. BLAST need to change their format if they want their tournaments to be taken serious. It has great production and everything, but the format.
2019-11-03 13:40
+1 blast's production is one of the best but they definitely have to change the format.
2019-11-03 13:47
Germany Camoracs 
They already changed it for next year. Could be a great one.
2019-11-03 14:45
Faze will never win any non-blast tournaments.
2019-11-03 14:15
Japan ayayalaw 
2019-11-03 14:17
Blast Who 🚗
2019-11-03 14:25
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
best of 1 tournament lmao. u proved nothing.
2019-11-03 15:21
Ah, some astralis fan and FaZe hater
2019-11-03 15:46
I am glad aleksib isnt in FaZe #FaZeUp
2019-11-03 15:40
Turkey berkovic 
niK0 LOL
2019-11-03 15:52
Blastralis, Fluketality, No`Win / whos next?
2019-11-03 16:45
gl against EG in Beijing lol
2019-11-03 19:29
best team world #1
2019-11-03 20:33
2019-11-04 00:20
2019-11-04 02:07
Just sad that Blast Pro is the most pointless trophy.
2019-11-04 08:46
the way you think is so funny even pros who won the trophy are so happy and they still think it is important for them you didn't do anything about the tournament why do you think so? lol
2019-11-04 18:39
Sure. Its a tournement that might mean alot to the players due to their recent visit in the slump. FaZe is a team that should be the best in the world, i like the team, its the Event i dont like. Its an Event full of BO1s and only a single BO3, which means that the event means less on the big stage.... You wont win a major by just winning a single bo3.
2019-11-04 19:03
They won Miami too and nothing happened after that
2019-11-04 09:21
they were handed that win on a silver platter and they’re acting like they earned it? Lmao their match vs liquid before the final says it all. They did not deserve to be in the grand final whatsoever. Same with nip
2019-11-04 11:44
proved did you now? all i saw was a fluke due to terrible format
2019-11-04 14:31
Ireland DazzyCS 
*wins one blast pro event* “we can lift trophies” xaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-11-04 20:01
They do pass the eye test. Faze hasn't looked this good in over a year.
2019-11-05 13:54
Dima | 
Russia treys0N 
I hope NiKo will get his the best individual form :)
2019-11-04 20:14
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
niko is handsome af
2019-11-04 21:26
France Dov 
You remember his old haircut ? good he changed it
2019-11-05 17:43
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
yes lmao, now he's looking like an alpha
2019-11-05 18:47
Sweden osty17 
Faze was good but now they not good!
2019-11-05 12:51
Massive props to Broky for just joining a team and playing like he's been there for years. It's nice seeing Faze being competitive again.
2019-11-05 13:53
broky the real mvp maybe we do not see it yet
2019-11-07 20:37
No offense but BLAST PRO events are a pretty big meme, you won a few BO1's then played NiP in the grand final...
2019-11-05 14:23
Bulgaria GodHeaven 
???????????? what now
2019-11-07 20:36
???????????? About to be eliminated in groups in a BO3 event
2019-11-08 09:03
Bulgaria GodHeaven 
2019-11-08 16:15
2019-11-09 13:46
Netherlands glennakiN 
Nice mens
2019-11-07 20:25
2019-11-09 12:07
(Gets 16-0'd)
2019-11-09 12:32
Nepal ramann 
2019-11-09 12:49
Poland morosek 
faze era = 1 week?
2019-11-09 13:02
dupreeh | 
Indonesia Ugha 
Faze = EG?
2019-11-10 02:59
Argentina Fa7e07 
disband inc
2019-11-09 13:03
Netherlands PasscaLl 
at least you tried
2019-11-09 14:00
2019-11-09 18:05
Poland dyzio65 
i just don't like him...
2019-11-10 09:27
I need more of this in my life
2019-11-11 14:34
2019-11-12 09:14
32-2 FaZe era even shorter than EG XAXAXAXAXAXA
2019-11-14 22:52
Snakes | 
Netherlands Xno 
flukeclan omegalol
2019-11-16 16:24
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