Ukrainian EM4 qualifier finalists found

The Ukrainian qualifier for the fourth season of Extreme Masters got one step closer its end, as eight teams was cut down to the final four.

The qualifier saw eight teams competing in a double elimination bracket, playing best of one map. The qualifier attracted the best of Ukraine, with KerchNET, Amazing Gaming, HellRaisers and pro100 as the main names. KerchNET who lately have been showing strong results, continued their dominance, and went flawless to the overall final.

The newly respawned HellRaisers should not have such a great comeback, as they started out losing to pro100 in the upper-bracket semi and later Amazing Gaming in the lower-bracket final. This did however secure them a spot amongst the final four.

Secured spots could be seen in the remaining matches, where not many rounds were played seriously. The four teams will next weekend be playing to determine the Ukrainian slots for the fourth season of Extreme Masters. The winning team will qualify directly to the European Championship (formerly known as the Main Round), second place will drop in Qualification Round 2, while third and fourth place will fight their way through Qualification Round 1.

Extreme Masters IV Ukrainian qualifier finalists 

Ukraine KerchNET
Ukraine pro100
Ukraine Amazing gaming
Ukraine HellRaisers
Stay tuned for the final fight in the Ukrainian qualifier, which we will bring you next weekend.
Amazing Gaming ftw !
2009-09-06 00:24
go go go HellRaisers & KerchNET GL
2009-09-06 00:24
Sweden laughtrack
Go KerchNET :D
2009-09-06 00:28
Knet vs a-gaming in the final i think. Ex DTS lost their leadership.
2009-09-06 00:33
16 replies
What do you mean lost their leadership? They still have their ingame leader, they just aren't sponsored anymore, I don't see how that affect their game.
2009-09-06 02:05
15 replies
So this is why their game going down, their not sponsored any more. I think it was obvious in ASUS summer. DTS.chatrix used to be unbeatable.
2009-09-06 03:10
14 replies
I agree with u, DTS had some time that they were very strong team that could compere with top5, but now it seems going down :/
2009-09-06 10:05
Why would their game go down due to SPONSORSHIP?!
2009-09-06 13:53
12 replies
Not enough money to buy salo.
2009-09-06 15:18
7 replies
2009-09-06 15:35
6 replies
He means - lard or fat, i don't know exactly how to translate =). Ukranian national food )
2009-09-06 18:03
5 replies
Ok, I owned him so he had to become corny.:D
2009-09-06 19:35
4 replies
Owned me?
2009-09-07 02:02
3 replies
Nope, I thought you were the first guy sorry. =)
2009-09-07 19:45
2 replies
I meant HR can't buy salo, that's why their gameplay is down.
2009-09-07 22:46
1 reply
Yes I know=D
2009-09-07 22:59
So you think they play just for fun? You are naive or what?
2009-09-06 21:06
3 replies
No, but I still don't understand why the TEAM would become worse by not having DTS behind their backs.. You originally said HR would lose to KNET and AG due to DTS not being behind them, how do THEY AS A TEAM, become worse by that? Ofc they will seek sponsorship further on, but the players themselves are still the same except for -pops +v0lt. You still haven't given me ONE reasonable argument..
2009-09-06 21:47
2 replies
There's you an argument. If there is no money, then it means, they will have less bootcamps. If they have less bootcamps, they won't be able to prepare for big lan events. No money = no trips to a dreamhack, gamegune or others big events. No big events - no challenge with a good teams on LAN. If there is no challenge, then the level of their game will decrease. :)
2009-09-07 12:35
1 reply
Yes, I know it WILL decrease. But that wasn't the issue? What we spoke about was how it would go in THIS event! And it's this weekend, so still the sponsorship doesn't matter that much imo..
2009-09-07 19:45
A-gaming I guess :P
2009-09-06 00:51
GL to HR and KerchNET, my favs. Hoping for some real excitment
2009-09-06 01:09
Hellraisers ftw
2009-09-06 01:16
Hell Raisers !!!
2009-09-06 01:39
HellRaisers !!
2009-09-06 01:50
Why play the LB-final and stuff when you just need 4 teams to go through..
2009-09-06 02:05
2 replies
winner will play with 4th place team and 2nd will play with 3rd
2009-09-06 10:06
1 reply
Oh ok ty. Then they should've taken it serious! :P
2009-09-06 13:52
2009-09-06 02:25
KerchNET easy imo
2009-09-06 02:43
HR don't desapoint me FFS! GL
2009-09-06 03:31
good luck HellRaisers & KerchNET
2009-09-06 05:23
Amazing gaming
2009-09-06 06:53
nope, line up of HR will be with zeus, -volt )
2009-09-06 09:21
it was previsible that these 4 teams would qualify :
2009-09-06 09:23
Very bad game hellraisers.I think in final hellraisers will play better.
2009-09-06 10:34
2009-09-06 11:16
hr gl
2009-09-06 11:21
btw one question on ESL's site says :All cups should be concluded by 9th September. so they need to finish it until wednesday
2009-09-06 11:22
go go HellRaisers
2009-09-06 12:21
GOGO Amazing Gaming !!!! Bad game for HR
2009-09-06 13:37
go KerchNet and pro100
2009-09-06 13:59
hr o_o_o
2009-09-06 14:57
HR fans will be disappointed in the end. They probably won't win a single match.
2009-09-06 15:22
2 replies
well they don't necesarily need to win even if they lose they'll be in QR1
2009-09-06 16:20
1 reply
Oh.. didn't notice that. So they have quite enough time. In this case i guess they can come up with something interesting. Good luck to them!
2009-09-07 13:23
I hope for some nice CS.
2009-09-06 21:47
pro100 will win
2009-09-08 00:25
2009-09-08 08:12
ukraine scene is quite interesting atm :) gl all teams, gogo A-gaming
2009-09-08 16:24
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