Jason Lake: "We will see if it's possible to attend the Americas Minor, but if not we will be ready to navigate the one in Europe"

Complexity owner Jason Lake has confirmed to HLTV.org that his team will attempt to qualify for the first Major of 2020 via the Americas Minor Championship.

The North American organisation formally completed their team on Wednesday with the double signing of Kristian "⁠k0nfig⁠" Wienecke and Valentin "⁠poizon⁠" Vasilev, bringing the number of European players on the roster to three.

A rule introduced ahead of the StarLadder Major would allow a team to participate in a qualifier in a region other than their own "if the organizer can be convinced that there is a valid reason why the team would be unable to attend all required parts of the qualifier in their home region and why the team should be allowed to play the qualifier in the region."

Jason Lake talks about Complexity's plans to qualify for the next Major

An example of this situation, StarLadder adds, is a team that stays "in another region for at least two months prior to the start of the tournament" and that can prove that "this condition has not been created to be able to take part in a qualifier of another region."

With Complexity's headquarters being located in Frisco, Texas, the team will spend most of the year there and will compete in several North American leagues and tournaments. This would qualify the team to be granted an exception under the StarLadder Major's rules, but it is unclear at this point whether the qualifiers for the first Major of 2020 - which has not yet been announced - will follow the same guidelines.

"We will see if it's possible to attend the Americas Minor, but if not we'll be prepared to navigate the difficult one in Europe," Jason Lake told HLTV.org.

"Our goal was to build the best roster we could and I was not going to allow a difficult qualifier to deter us."

Denmark Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
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Maps played:
Bulgaria Valentin 'poizon' Vasilev
Valentin 'poizon' Vasilev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2019-11-06 23:00
if col don't make it to the next major it's gonna be a major letdown lol
2019-11-06 23:05
wtf ok
2019-11-06 23:11
Lake Jason
2019-11-07 00:30
Dumb rule. If your HQ is in NA you should be able to qualify through NA. Imo whatever region your team is in at the time of the qualifier is the region you should attend. If more EU orgs played Asian quals then majors would be much better
2019-11-07 00:54
United States legoyoda99
valve our social media intern lives in Australia so I think we should get to compete in that minor
2019-11-07 04:39
Ahahaha n1
2019-11-07 09:00
North America FLiP___
2015 envyus should have been allowed to play as NA, ok buddy
2019-11-08 23:54
if theyre allowed to americas minor its gonna be easy as hell. furia, intz, sharks, envy, atk, eunited, whatever happens with c9. only furia acceptable loss and potential 3 spots
2019-11-06 23:20
thanks for furia
2019-11-06 23:59
Don't forget about the new Gen.G NA team possibly in the works ...
2019-11-07 00:04
they will just replace c9 in the list as theyre rumoured to be going after autimatic, daps.
2019-11-07 00:06
Dunno about that, I honestly don’t think C9 is gonna disband this soon. It took awhile for Vitality to breakthrough initially, just give them sometime and they might get some shit figured out
2019-11-07 00:11
no vitality were playing much better than current c9
2019-11-07 00:20
with happy? nope.
2019-11-07 07:34
true but Vitality had 2 solid french players, 2 average very experienced players and an insanely talented youngster and overall the team looked like it had potential. C9 has NA Zeus, 0 motivation auti, 2 tier 2 players and subroza. I doubt that team will achieve anything close to its former roster
2019-11-07 00:24
Well C9 also had a talented youngster, a solid IGL, star rifler and solid AWPer
2019-11-07 00:47
mixwell solid awper lul he is so inconsistent
2019-11-07 14:18
Solid awper that barely saw any top tier teams picking him up despite having played professionally for like 4 years. Only decent team he was ever a part of were Optic, not even G2 wanted him. Who's your star rifler and youngster btw
2019-11-07 15:04
I assume he's referring to the C9 that was supposed to have Auti as the star rifler and Tenz as talent.
2019-11-07 19:24
I mean I guess but TenZ really wasn't ready to play at the top level for a team when he does shit like this imgur.com/a/msAae9J
2019-11-07 20:27
Well it's really really hard to scout in CS. In fact I think the number one improvement proffessional CS orgs could make is taking which players are signed out of the players hands and into an actual scouts hands. I mean here we have Tenz at 18 acting like a child(He was also using an A1 towards the end of his time in C9...like why) and at 15 Obo was able to shut his mouth and put up respectable to star player level numbers for six months straight on a worse team. At least theoretically. Obviously not now.
2019-11-07 21:07
In a way I feel bad for him because he had the opportunity of a lifetime, playing for one of the most prestigious NA orgs in CS, yet in his immaturity he fucked it all up and now most t1 teams will likely stay away from him. He had hype surrounding him, the potential was there and might've fucked up his entire future as a professional player.
2019-11-07 23:32
He may have. Then again Daps may be saving the pro world some time. Tenz may just not have the chops for T1 CS. That's my take. Although I'm sure he'll re-surface in the T2 scene and we can see what happens with him. Maybe he and Zellsis will join up together.
2019-11-07 23:37
Zellsis is the biggest feelsbadman of your scene lmao
2019-11-07 23:58
aha You are not kidding. Dude went from a first round ace to who the fuck knows where in a single game. Never came back. lol
2019-11-08 00:03
more like a minor letdown.
2019-11-07 01:34
bisch keeenig? ;D
2019-11-07 06:58
2019-11-06 23:01
is it you think you see? i am not in danger skyler i am the danger. guy opens his door and get shot you think thats me? no. i am the one who knocks.
2019-11-06 23:16
2019-11-06 23:01
2019-11-06 23:01
2019-11-06 23:02
Lebanon Dogman69
they will still NA
2019-11-06 23:01
Australia opzy
I dont think so. Renegades always played through asia when they lived in the us
2019-11-06 23:04
South Africa @FyreCS
This is true
2019-11-06 23:06
Finland Vkims
Yeah but its not that simple. You can for example look those brazilian teams, some of them go through NA qualifiers, some of them go through SA qualifiers.
2019-11-06 23:06
Australia opzy
im talking purely major quals, all teams in NA and SA go through the Americas Minor
2019-11-06 23:11
Finland Vkims
Another example was that bravado team. They played in NA qualifiers while having full South african team. And every other African team played in Africa qualifiers which would lead to Asia minor
2019-11-06 23:13
Kazakhstan JPDragao
i remember og lineup from eu, they locaded in na and played EPLNA still played in eu minor
2019-11-06 23:40
old rules, starladder changed them for berlin major
2019-11-07 00:32
Finland Vkims
I know that. The thing is, apparently rules are changing someway, or atleast that kind of picture I got from Lake's interview. Also there has been exceptions in that nationality rule already in te past major cycles. So will see how this turns up to be. Even Jason Lake said he dont know if they can play in america minor or not.
2019-11-07 08:47
why would renegades want to play in americas? renegades just going back for even easier spot especially back in the day when they were shit and farmed it with tyloo. also its not a default thing and has to be asked (like ATK/Bravado South African majority used to play in north american qualifier) Here's starladder rules on it: starladder.com/majorrulebook II. 6. c) "In the case the team wish to participate in another region, the team should confirm the possibility with the tournament organizer prior to registration, otherwise it will be disqualified from the tournament. An example of a valid reason is: - The team is staying in another region for at least 2 months prior to start of the tournament, can validate that and will stay there for a prolonged time that spans over the time of the qualifier for the their home region, and it can be clearly shown that this condition has not been created to be able to take part in a qualifier of other region. If such an exception has been granted, the respective region will be considered the team's home region for the entire event or (if that happens before the end of the event) until the conditions for the exception expire. Example: The team’s home region is ‘Americas’ and its subregion is ‘South America’. They are living in Europe, can provide all proofs on legal staying in the country they reside in. They are participating in European divisions for EPL, ECS or other Europe qualifications for at least 2 months prior to starting of the event. StarLadder considers this a valid reason to allow them to participate in European qualifiers for the Minor."
2019-11-06 23:21
2019-11-07 15:03
Canada U_S_of_Gay
NA>Oceania Not by much but still you’re playing who Tylul and Vici?
2019-11-07 00:00
Australia opzy
wow unpopular opinion alert, eu>asia aswell????
2019-11-07 00:01
Canada U_S_of_Gay
Yeah they chose their true region for minor instead of the harder one where they were based. This isn’t exactly comparing 2 similar situations.
2019-11-07 00:03
this special exception rule wasn't a thing before the last major tho
2019-11-07 14:21
As far as I know, they started to go to NA after they last minor and since then they were at challenger stages...so no need to qualify. Valve said in Dota already that you have to fulfil specific points for a region qualifier. And today 100T aka Renegade would have to go trhough NA qualifier.
2019-11-07 19:33
Denmark baccster
They can't just qualify there because they play there. If majority of their team are European they're probably going to have to qualify through the EU minor. Renegades for example, play in NA but have 4 players from the Oceanic region. Therefore they have to qualify through the Asian minor.
2019-11-07 00:44
They did not HAVE to qualify through there. Which is easier? Obviously, Oceanic
2019-11-07 15:05
Bulgaria vectralsoul
That's the spirit.
2019-11-06 23:02
1000000iq from jason lake, take EU players that can beat NA noobs and then beat said NA noobs in Americas minor, ez major for complexity
2019-11-06 23:03
United States WumboCumbo
2019-11-06 23:03
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_
outstanding move valve: *visible confusion*
2019-11-06 23:02
2019-11-06 23:02
Finland Smoonah
come now who again?
2019-11-06 23:02
nice, one more EU team at the major
2019-11-06 23:03
Such a big brain move from the creator of NA CS
2019-11-06 23:03
I don't see Torbull anywhere.
2019-11-07 02:34
duh that is becuase tor is an anonymous web browser
2019-11-07 04:04
It's not, even though a lot of people think it is. But don't trust Southern lawyers, all I'm saying.
2019-11-07 19:17
Who is Southern Lawyers?
2019-11-07 19:23
Jason Lake.
2019-11-07 19:26
What doink
2019-11-07 19:26
I dunno. He worked in Atlanta for years, not sure the law type but he had a lot of money.
2019-11-08 17:25
Excited to see how this all turns out
2019-11-06 23:03
South Africa @FyreCS
2019-11-06 23:03
Such as badass team owner that is "1"
2019-11-06 23:04
Portugal Agricultor
CMTV style
2019-11-06 23:05
Maybe if you didnt make an all over the place team like this you wouldnt have to worry about it..
2019-11-06 23:06
Top 5 teams were created by the „juggernaut-phenomenon“....LOL....consistent teams are the successful ones
2019-11-07 00:23
Poland Kobel_
Funny if the trend continues. We might end up like in LOL, with a bunch of top "NA" teams with more imports then actual NA players
2019-11-06 23:06
South Africa @FyreCS
I mean, besides EG and Liquid, yeah, that's about it for us :( C9 is a dumpster fire, who knows what other NA is relevant lul
2019-11-06 23:07
Poland Kobel_
nV to some degree? I don't feel like they have much potential though. I'm not saying I dislike the line-up, Complexity might be onto something, but I can hardly consider this NA team per se, even if they'll play mainly in Americas. The region itself became almost synonymous with "rest of the world but Asia" quite some time ago, with all the SA, African and Australian teams moving there.
2019-11-06 23:18
Venezuela Kremator
"rest of the world but Asia" And guess how it was comprised and born as a region...
2019-11-07 00:22
South Africa @FyreCS
Agreed with #32, not much potential in Envy, which is why I don't consider them a challenger even at all for NA scene. Complexity might have something going your right, just sad that its not an NA team since its an NA org you know...
2019-11-10 15:56
bruh I love this guy haha
2019-11-06 23:07
2019-11-06 23:12
They should not be allowed to play the americas minor tbh
2019-11-06 23:12
Poland Kobel_
Agree. It's just an easy way in. Funny how they have plans (quoting their CEO) to be one of the best teams in the world yet they are scared to play qualifiers(!) to Major in the harder region.
2019-11-06 23:17
So you are saying renegades should have to qualify in NA right? I mean they literally live there now because of the tournaments and leagues they participate in...
2019-11-07 15:06
Poland Kobel_
What, no, the opposite. They should be playing in "home" region, as in the region majority of the players are from. The main reason why Complexity wants to go through NA minor is because it's easier to get to major this way than through Europe. They have 3 EU players. They're an European team now. They should have to qualify through Europe.
2019-11-07 18:15
See this is where you are wrong. Complexity has everything set up in NA. The players may be EU, but the org is NA. Renegades don't want to go through NA. Well you are saying they are scared to play EU minor. So RNG must have been scared to play NA right? They want to reap the benefits of playing in NA and then run like bitches for qualifiers back to Oceania/Asia. Same concept. The only difference is their players are from Oceania, but they now play in NA FULL-TIME. Time for them to step up as well. I am sure they would not even made it through some NA qualifiers. Either way, NA org = NA minor if they can show it benefits them or is a better option which it obviously would be. They will compete in NA league and competitions. Why not compete in NA minor? And let's be real. The old rules were written how long ago? So basically you want to hold RNG to a different level of expectations. Got it. Have a good one!
2019-11-07 19:10
Poland Kobel_
I don't hold them to a different level of expectations. Asia & Oceania is their home region so they ought to qualify through there. Complexity is EU-majority so they should play in EU. Simple as that. It's for organizers to decide whether they allow them to NA minor though.
2019-11-07 19:22
Why? Hellraisers able to play CIS minor with 2 CIS players ( AMGE1 and bondik)
2019-11-06 23:17
Denmark MeToxi
Because they dont have a 3 player majority. If i recall correctly, last major they had the lineup split into 2 eu, 2 cis and 1 asian player meaning they got to chose between eu and cis.
2019-11-07 00:18
Netherlands poeya
col should be in EU minor, 3 from europe and 2 na
2019-11-06 23:23
lol does he realizes there are teams like fnatic in the next eu minor while this "juggernaut" could be tier2 at the very best, if they can't go thrue the free na minor they have no chance
2019-11-06 23:24
he also said if they can't get through the EU minor they don't deserve to be in the major, and tbh he's right
2019-11-06 23:32
this EU minor will probably be weaker than both katowice and starladder. in starladder north, cr4zy, mousesports made it and only nip fell out.
2019-11-06 23:47
Wants to compete in Americas Minor to get that easy spot against NA Nubs loool
2019-11-06 23:29
tbh this is a good thing. hopefully teams start farming americas to make them more similar in strength. the only problem is noone will go to live in asia and I dont think they will be accepted to CIS even if they lived in say ukraine/russia
2019-11-06 23:35
Serbia nocturnSRB
2019-11-06 23:34
DoA team tbh , super team best org in the world btw
2019-11-06 23:36
sadly this team will never win any tier 1 tournament or will not be in top 10.
2019-11-06 23:40
I am interested to see where it goes. I would say they might be able to be a top 10 team. Definitely not much higher though
2019-11-07 15:08
Netherlands itsm
They should have aquired the atk roster imo.. so much potential.
2019-11-06 23:49
2019-11-07 02:58
2019-11-07 15:08
This team will be like optic team with allu, friberg, magisk, hs. not good, not bad.
2019-11-06 23:50
juggernaut btw =DD
2019-11-06 23:58
Let's go poizon and k0nfig!!!! Both players have remarkable talent and deserve the opportunity.
2019-11-07 00:35
excited to watch this team play
2019-11-07 00:54
Good luck competing in Europe Mr Lake. How fucking braindead is this guy? Make a freaking US based roster. Go through NA Qualifiers. Europe is brutal. They'll end up as another no name 34th ranking on HLTV. Why do you wanna ruin your own team like that Mr Lake?
2019-11-07 01:51
Learn 2 Read They're 90% gonna compete in NA minor, and there's nothing that idiots like you can say to influence that
2019-11-07 02:57
For the next major yes. Then what? You think Starladder dictates all tournament qualifiers?
2019-11-07 02:59
You seriously have zero brain. If you'd actually watched qualifiers in the past, you would understand that every single event is going to let CoL qualify from NA.
2019-11-07 03:00
If I watched qualifiers in the past I would understand every single event is gonna treat CoL as an American team going forward? Yeah...and Faze is Brazilian. Wtf you on about? (If I watched an american team in the past I'd know they have to qualify through NA. Wtf are you saying?).
2019-11-07 03:14
In the previous major qualifiers, a Brazilian team played the NA qualifier because they lived in NA. A Russian team played the China qualifiers because they lived in Hong Kong. Open your eyes and you will see that the nationality of the players is completely fucking irrelevant to qualifiers around the globe. Case in point being the South African Bravado/ ATK competing in every NA event.
2019-11-07 09:32
2019-11-07 09:33
+1 Not to mention these guys will be living in NA during all leagues and competitions. I am not sure what people are not understanding. it is about where they are living and there are always exceptions to rules. If they live in NA for 10 months and participate in NA, then why would they not be allowed to do the NA minor...come on people! Read up and have knowledge like this guy ^^^
2019-11-07 15:13
"Teams are eligible to participate provided the majority of their players are CITIZENS of a country in their respective region". blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/1.. "Citizen is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or belonging to a nation. The idea of citizenship has been defined as the capacity of individuals to defend their rights in front of the governmental authority. Nationality is often used as a synonym for citizenship in English – notably in international law – although the term is sometimes understood as denoting a person's membership of a nation (a large ethnic group). In some countries, e.g. the United States, the United Kingdom, nationality and citizenship can have different meanings (for more information, see Nationality versus citizenship)".
2019-11-07 09:44
Don't answer. Like Mr Lake I suspect your understanding reaches 3 months at most. Take me up on this. That team is Euro in a month unless Lake switches a guy or two (but why would he? He just bought Europeans). CoL is a Euro team now and they can squeeze their ass in a minor due to dubious rules. But they a Euro team after that. And have to battle through Euro qualifiers.
2019-11-07 03:09
Estonia mr_abdul
Wish him all the best, seems like he's really invested in his team
2019-11-07 07:32
roeJ | 
Germany L1lK1M
Big respect to coL. Building something from scratch and assamble a cool team is way better than 100T who just take over. The scene doesnt profit from team-takeovers...
2019-11-07 11:34
United States PP_Bizon
The renegades org was planning on leaving csgo, which would leave them orgless, wdym?
2019-11-08 03:27
OK change the logo and i'll be back cheering for you guys. The actual logo destroy the history of the TAG
2019-11-07 13:56
shoudlnt be allowed
2019-11-07 15:11
Valve will not allow it. They banned a Team in Dota already. An NA team that tried a major qualifier in SA. joindota.com/en/news/77025-ccnc-roster-k.. How stupid ypou are if you think Valve will allow it. Cuz then the region qualifier makes no sense. If Complexitiy buys then a EU team okay but not an NA team in europe etc.
2019-11-07 19:36
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