suNny: "Our main goal is to be ready for next year"

Miikka "⁠suNny⁠" Kemppi sat down with to get us up to date with what ENCE have been doing since DreamHack Masters Malmö and what their plans for the near future are.

ENCE had a rough first day in Beijing, losing to 100 Thieves in two maps and coming back from the brink of elimination against ViCi in a three-map series that saw Jere "⁠sergej⁠" Salo clutch late in map two to turn it around for the Finns. suNny and company will now face off against 100 Thieves once again today in the Group A decider match for a spot in the playoffs.

ENCE have been unable to mimic their good practice results at IEM Beijing this far

ENCE have been working hard since DreamHack Masters Malmö, practicing long hours, although the results haven't followed yet as ENCE struggled on day one of IEM Beijing. The event in China is the first real test the Finns have had since putting in the hours together, says suNny, who revealed that the team's main goal is to use the last couple of months this year to make sure they are ready for 2020.

You've had some time off before this event, can you tell me a bit about what you have been up to during that time?

We took a small break after Malmö, since half of the team was ill there, but after that we started to practice a lot. We had really long days, seven or eight hours of practice plus two hours of theory. We also had a one-week bootcamp before coming here. That's pretty much how we've been doing it, it has been mostly about adjusting me to the team a little bit more and fixing the mistakes we made at the tournaments before this one.

How have the adjustments been going?

We did really well in practice, we've been getting better every day. During our bootcamp it felt like we didn't even lose any practice matches, although obviously those results don't count for much. We were unable to show them in our first game here and although we had a good T-half on Train against 100 Thieves things just collapsed.

Why do you think you weren't able to translate the practice results?

I don't know, to be honest. It felt like we had bad comms in the first map, and we started to wake up but it felt like we were kind of scared to win, if that makes any sense. We just need to go match by match and focus on our own game now.

ViCi took took the first map against you. How did you rally from that?

It felt really weird. It was a long day, but we still shouldn't have played such a tight match against them. If that's the way we have to do it from now on, that's just the way we'll do it. The whole team went outside after the first map and Twista was pretty mad. He basically said "what the fuck are you doing?" because there were some rounds in which we just died one by one without any plan, so to speak, but yeah... sergej clutching in the second map kept us in the game and then allu did some pretty good calling on Mirage, which made it easy.

The Train rounds at the end were very close. As you said, it came down to some clutches. It could have slipped away. How did you manage to pull through in the end?

The whole game was pretty weird because it felt like when we played online before the event everyone was in really good shape, but suddenly in the first match and in the beginning of the ViCi match we couldn't kill anyone, and if you don't get the kills on the CT sides then it makes things really hard. We can just thank sergej for Train.

You're facing 100 Thieves again, how are you feeling about the rematch?

At this point, without so much LAN experience as a team... I mean, we had three events, but you can't really count them because we weren't able to practice before them, so we can only talk about the matches yesterday and we just have to make sure to not make the same mistakes.

We obviously want to win against them, it felt like we should have at least played the third map in the first match after the Train T-side we had. You should always be able to close that, but they played really well and I just hope that we'll be more awake since the beginning this time around and then we'll see. We're still confident even though we weren't able to show it on day one.

You had a good T-side on Train against 100 Thieves, as you said, what happened on the CT side?

It's really hard to play when the opponents enter sites and get the entry without giving us a chance. They basically ran the two same strats, they popped inside with good flashbangs and went outside always getting the entry. These days if you get the entry with the SG you can just hold angles against the M4s and it's really hard to play against them. The SG is OP.

Have you felt a lot of pressure to perform here? Do you think it's affecting the team's mindset?

We set pretty straight goals for the team and our main goal is to be ready for next year. We won't be happy if we go out in the group stage but we're still taking these events as practice to get ready for 2020. It sucks to know you can win but then you don't perform as in practice, so yeah... it's hard to answer, we're just going to play the best we can and try to win.

Have you made a plan for the end of the year to make sure you're in shape next year?

This event is our first real test because now we have some practice, so we're seeing how things go having practiced. We'll have a week at home and then we come back to China. We'll practice some in between, but we're just trying to focus on what we're doing wrong after each map and match and I think it'll be this way until the end of the year. We'll have another bootcamp after our next event, so it'll just be about practicing a lot.

Finland Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi
Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi
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Finland Jere 'sergej' Salo
Jere 'sergej' Salo
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Kaze | 
Malaysia hangrae
2019-11-08 05:56
''Yeah, definitely. He has more firepower than Aleksi, and (...) with Aleksib we just tried to play default and did the same executes all over again, so that's how it's different with allu - always trying something new'' -Snaerial
2019-11-08 14:36
2019-11-08 22:48
Why admin delete the coment above?
2019-11-08 15:12
because it was a fucking retarded comment thank god he deleted it
2019-11-19 14:32
Where's #1
2019-11-13 06:30
ENCE always making excuses
2019-11-08 05:56
Finland iBait
2019-11-08 06:03
Norway k3ron
2019-11-08 06:52
Australia csRIOTgo
leggooo lets make it Viral LUL
2019-11-08 14:47
2019-11-13 06:30
2019-11-08 06:57
2019-11-08 07:07
Good luck mens of ENCE
2019-11-08 05:56
China SkywakerR
Oh my god
2019-11-08 05:57
Portugal joaosenra
Lets kick Aleksib the guy who build this team ..... ENCE 2019 kkkkk
2019-11-08 05:57
Denmark DeusDenK
daps felt this
2019-11-08 21:15
2019-11-14 15:33
Allu built the team. r/quityourbullshit
2019-11-23 20:24
Portugal joaosenra
Wrong Allu build a tier 1000 team, then Alleksib shows up and build a tier 1 team with chance of winning any tournament
2019-11-23 22:21
Allu invited Aleksib and everyone else in the team you refer as tier 1 team.
2019-11-24 12:25
Portugal joaosenra
yEAH but Alleksib build the team in game, lets enjoy Ence without Aleksib
2019-11-24 15:22
I’m sorry I didnt understand that you meant ingame. Have a nice day mens))
2019-11-29 22:31
Portugal joaosenra
Rest in peace Ence
2019-11-08 05:57
2019-11-08 05:57
Asia Blitzer
nice one
2019-11-08 06:00
thanks dad
2019-11-08 06:00
Norway k3ron
2019-11-08 06:52
oh really cuz I thought the main goal was to start winning
2019-11-08 05:58
Finland jakem0n
+1 and to have fun xD
2019-11-08 10:39
Finland Palomies
no, the main goal is to have fun
2019-11-08 16:07
Argentina n4ziS1mple
at least your guys are playing for fun
2019-11-08 05:58
Iraq Bebestan
Hi my name is Aleksi “allu” Jalli. Playing csgo in the professional competitive scene is not about winning but about having fun with my best friends Mika “sunNy” Firepower, Sami “xseveN” Jump-peak, Jani “Aerial” Snake, and Jere “sergej” Farm-kills. AleksiB is not my friend therefore, because he likes playing bench on mirage, I put him there forever.
2019-11-08 18:05
Brazil Pepe__
2019-11-08 18:18
2019-11-09 03:49
2019-11-17 05:31
xddd kek
2019-11-08 05:59
2019-11-08 06:00
nt, continue having fun with your boyfriend ;)
2019-11-08 06:01
Iraq Bebestan
Hi my name is Aleksi “allu” Jalli. Playing csgo in the professional competitive scene is not about winning but about having fun with my best friends Mika “sunNy” Firepower, Sami “xseveN” Jump-peak, Jani “Aerial” Snake, and Jere “sergej” Farm-kills. AleksiB is not my friend therefore, because he likes playing bench on mirage, I put him there forever.
2019-11-08 18:05
God | 
Russia amc20
lol procrastinate til next year
2019-11-08 06:02
Russia ToughGuy
but but allu's tweet
2019-11-08 06:02
2019-11-08 06:54
No shit.
2019-11-08 06:03
2019-11-08 06:03
Hey guys maybe when Ence gets back to #2 they will make another roster change
2019-11-08 06:03
No they won't make roster changes They'll not be top 5 anymore LUL
2019-11-08 06:12
2019-11-08 06:28
Sweden changrai
”We want to be top 1 thats Why we kick aleksi”
2019-11-08 08:05
2019-11-08 06:06
Libya nanaichini
bad excuse maybe you should be ready for 2030
2019-11-08 06:08
"[T]here were some rounds in which we just died one by one without any plan" That says it all.
2019-11-08 06:08
allu genius IGL
2019-11-08 06:13
Finland Faust_fSt
That's like saying ALEX is responsible for each kill zywoo gets
2019-11-08 06:14
2019-11-08 06:23
Drunk. Go sleep.
2019-11-08 07:22
Finland Faust_fSt
No. If he's implying that allu - as IGL - is responsible for each fight every ENCE player takes, it's the same as saying ALEX is responsible for every zywoo kill. It really isn't a hard comparison to understand.
2019-11-08 07:25
I didn't talk about anything allu is doing I just said that he's shit as IGL and he shouldn't have kicked Aleksib
2019-11-08 07:45
Dam you are stupid !
2019-11-08 07:58
What I meant is that Allu is responsible for the plan. If they don't have enough firepower, they should at least have a plan.
2019-11-08 08:06
Finland Faust_fSt
Yes but the plan probably isn't peeking 1 by 1 as CT.
2019-11-08 09:43
Finland Palomies
He said that in those rounds there was no plan. Calling is mainly on allu, soo...
2019-11-08 16:09
Finland Faust_fSt
I'm pretty sure that their CT defaults don't involve much calling, apart from the utility usage on banana and sometimes awp positioning. Anyone who saw the matches saw that their issue was with repeatedly taking shit duels without any backing up, to a point of utmost retardedness. I'm not saying that ENCE aren't a pile of steaming shit atm, but people overestimate the hell out of the effect of someone's IGL-title - be it in good or bad. Every player in a team makes decisions, and not many of those are based on IGL's direct instructions - at least not in the case of allu calling.
2019-11-08 16:21
2019-11-17 02:09
Switzerland Infi2k
You dont understand anything right? The plan is to be ready in 2020!!!
2019-11-09 08:44
Fuckin retard you are..
2019-11-08 08:16
Germany killmichi
Evil genius ;0
2019-11-08 07:26
Europe braxtey
Next year he will say the same
2019-11-08 06:11
Finland Faust_fSt
Actually a really good interview
2019-11-08 06:14
2019-11-08 06:15
Omfg flags hahahaha
2019-11-08 07:23
Wtf dude, did you even read what he said... Flags for interview? Seriously?
2019-11-08 07:27
Whole comment section reaæuzes how fucking pathetic ence are. First two finns you find are just sucking their dick. It's just so classic.
2019-11-08 08:17
Whole interview was about suNny admitting that they suck? If saying it was good interview, how in gods flat earth you imagine something like that???
2019-11-08 09:45
Its crazy how narrow-minded a person can be. The team made a stupid decision that even the average retarded HLTV user could see was bad. Now that they have horrible results (have only beaten eunited and vici), and seem to have no plan at all to get better; they just keep extending the deadline, while teams like vitality. faze and fnatic are improving and even taking titles. How tf is sunny admitting that they suck such a good thing? They should improve.
2019-11-08 12:38
Europe Niko0
And this is because? Not everybody changes their favorite team for their hltv ranking. Sure they have been pretty bad atm but that doesnt mean you start rooting for Astralis just because they are 1. on hltv
2019-11-19 22:50
I think suNny was realistic and honest here, basically admitting that team is in such a bad shape right now that winning isn't realistic, just learning what went wrong after each defeat. Also I assume that when he mentions that allus calling was somehow good in Mirage, what he says is that it otherwise sucks, especially that "twista was mad because we went there and died 1 by 1 without any plan" makes it seem like he isn't too satisfied to allu as IGL.
2019-11-08 06:15
Germany killmichi
Who would have guessed it before that allu would not be a good igl? Well...literally everyone. All experts and most fans. The hate did not come because of the sunny pickup but because he replaced a for this team unreplaceable player. AlexiB might not be the best igl on an international team (we still need to wait do decide that). But in this special team with comrads from finland he made it work brilliantly.
2019-11-08 07:31
+1 brother
2019-11-14 09:31
Imagen you do everything riight but then you decide to do everything wrong and think it will change someday LUL
2019-11-08 10:31
Ye because winter is coming, cya in spring my homeboy
2019-11-08 06:16
Hungary subzera
yeeah, nooo no. no.
2019-11-08 06:20
2019-11-08 06:24
I thought it was your goal to be #1? What gives?
2019-11-08 06:29
Lmao even Twista is tired of their shit
2019-11-08 06:31
Germany killmichi
Probably next to get kicked then ^^
2019-11-08 07:34
This. If youre not having fun, youre out of the team. This team is all about fun.
2019-11-08 11:18
Germany killmichi
Then i hope they have a lot of fun dropping out of every group stage and going back to tier 3. I bet winning tournaments is not fun at all...
2019-11-08 13:01
Iraq Bebestan
Hi my name is Aleksi “allu” Jalli. Playing csgo in the professional competitive scene is not about winning but about having fun with my best friends Mika “sunNy” Firepower, Sami “xseveN” Jump-peak, Jani “Aerial” Snake, and Jere “sergej” Farm-kills. AleksiB is not my friend therefore, because he likes playing bench on mirage, I put him there forever.
2019-11-08 18:07
Oh yeah, forget this year boys, we are fucked anyway, keep yourselfs for 2020
2019-11-08 06:31
Philippines stiwa5k
What not much LAN experience as a team? They've been together for so long now and have attended enough lan tourneys. Why dint they agree that they suck without aleksi
2019-11-08 06:34
How about be ready for now You’ve had enough time Kick aerial and get Alexib back ffs
2019-11-08 06:39
Australia Chereska
Just having fun this year
2019-11-08 06:48
Finland Palomies
+1 just gonna play faceit points cup from now on
2019-11-08 16:12
Iraq Bebestan
Hi my name is Aleksi “allu” Jalli. Playing csgo in the professional competitive scene is not about winning but about having fun with my best friends Mika “sunNy” Firepower, Sami “xseveN” Jump-peak, Jani “Aerial” Snake, and Jere “sergej” Farm-kills. AleksiB is not my friend therefore, because he likes playing bench on mirage, I put him there forever.
2019-11-08 18:07
>kick Aleksib >be tier 1 Choose one
2019-11-08 06:49
Europe tweekzter
But allu is a tactical mastermind, famously known for his signature tactic going A but then going home. He also has a second less well known tactic of going B but then kicking AleksiB.
2019-11-08 07:51
Fuck, you made me laugh hard, cheers man
2019-11-08 08:45
Europe tweekzter
Thanks, but it's not my quote. :D
2019-11-08 09:25
2019-11-08 06:54
Yeah, just keep on moving the goalpost. You were supposed to be ready for this tournament with the practice and all, but now you just say your main goal is to get ready for the tournaments next year. I swear to god Finnish professionals always do this, they have excuses for everything in sports as well.
2019-11-08 06:59
+1 true Full finnish rosters never win anything big
2019-11-08 21:43
Expect Finland ice hockey team. First they say gold isnt realistic and after 2 weeks they took gold home.
2019-11-10 12:42
Asia mocity123
2019-11-08 07:05
ready for ranking 500 next year
2019-11-08 07:06
Iceland Cirros_V2
next year- "our goal is to be in top 20"
2019-11-08 07:08
Estonia E$t0
This event is our first real test because now we have some practice, so we're seeing how things go having practiced.
2019-11-08 07:13
2019-11-08 07:15
I support the whole ENCE team and am sure we'll be seeing nice stuff for them on 2020. go sunny
2019-11-08 07:52
2019-11-08 09:17
sergej and xseven only good players now :(
2019-11-08 09:20
Aleksib aleksib aleksib aleksib aleksib..
2019-11-08 09:40
Europe Skraj
Typical CS teams "huehue give us at least 6 months before you judge us"
2019-11-08 09:49
be ready to be out of top20
2019-11-08 10:06
2019-11-08 10:10
trash team with really trash people. In Germany we would say a real "Mitten im Leben" Team.
2019-11-08 10:30
2019-11-08 11:18
You wont get any invites next year, back to qualifiers fucking rats :DD
2019-11-08 11:40
Name doesn't check out :(
2019-11-18 10:51
isnt your goal to have fun? :D
2019-11-08 12:41
Sweden DerekZ905
menss we need Aleksib
2019-11-08 12:43
Stfu noob
2019-11-08 12:44
United States XmanB0311
It hurts to be an ence fan:(
2019-11-08 12:58
This kid goes excuse by excuse. He said "be prepared for the machine" and ENCE does nothing but lose again and again hahaha. Hopefully you are regreting about your decision of kicking Aleksib, retards.
2019-11-08 13:26
Everyone saying ENCE is shit and will never make it has no clue about cs, yes, maybe they will not make it, maybe they will, changing such a big role like AleksiB takes time, 100Thieves is old team, everybody knows people play better in FPL sometimes than ENCE did here -> ENCE -> Shut down social-media for players ( you have workers for that) -> Stop read bullshit media -> Media, specially social-media is big fucking trash nowadays. Just negative and negative bla bla bla. -> Stop "winning" games and just play your own game and win if win. EZ 4 ence major winner 2020.
2019-11-08 14:24
You are just a joke man
2019-11-08 14:31
Did you watch the games? ENCE played worse than 5 pro player mix, do you think thats what they played in praccs?
2019-11-08 14:32
Ur stupid if you are thinking that Ence can do anything. That Sunny move was the end for Ence and you should just accept It. They havent won a single good BO3 against a good team since the roster move. They are no where close to T1 teams, even Cr4zy without Nexa and Hunter is better than Ence. I have watched the game and i saw them playing so badly that ViCi even took a map from them. Shame what happend to Ence but deserved. They whanted to have fun now i guess they are having fun. Cant wait for next excuse for losing. Probs Media again.
2019-11-08 15:24
ENCE don't have the potential to come back to where they were. allu and suNny are very difficult personalities and with Aleksib they had much much more structure (at least their defaults were proper). Now, they have no tactics and structure at all and Aerial & xseveN are constantly fragging like Bots. Most fans dislike them now and the hate will always stay I think, because it is not only about success but about the snake like behavior of allu, Twista and Aerial. This team is done
2019-11-08 18:03
2019-11-23 22:31
lol they just won't, they suck without igl
2019-11-08 14:37
vitality changed their captain, g2 changed their IGL , and these changes happened after the replacement of alexsib by sunny, and g2 and Vitality are doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than #notsoez4ence omegalul
2019-11-08 17:55
-allu -aerial -xseven +jamppi+aleksib+zehn top5 team
2019-11-08 14:33
2019-11-15 14:43
Xseven was great under Aleksib. I think he personally needs the structure to do well. So I'd replace allu with Jamppi or Ottond to awp and Aerial with Aleksib, and get Sunny to entry as he should. Aleksib igl Jamppi awp Sunny entry Sergej 2nd in aka "star" Xseven support Actual Ence 2.0, not this shit stain of a "team". Edit: I'm well aware this is as likely to happen as an actual French "super" team, meaning zero.
2019-11-18 11:11
well well well maybe keep the igl who got the team into top 5 next time
2019-11-08 14:35
2019-11-08 15:25
They just fucked up everything and everybody knew that this was gonna happen except them, being unprofessional to have fun destroyed the team beyond repair.
2019-11-08 16:00
They will be ready next year to bomb out of every fucking tournament again
2019-11-08 18:02
Poland dreamShow
-sunny +aleksib i think that lineup would make a major final with ease
2019-11-08 18:07
aleksi the problem LUL
2019-11-08 18:06
2019-11-08 18:19
What about having fun
2019-11-08 22:45
Finland spurku
not bad idea
2019-11-10 00:53
Malaysia Suno[t]
gl hf sunny
2019-11-10 05:29
Gl hf sunny
2019-11-10 12:45
2019-11-13 06:32
i love that we keep getting sunnys take on things, as if it was his fault for crashing the team. can we just get an interview with bot allu, just to see his caveman drooling face admit hes a bad IGL and a mediocre awper.
2019-11-13 14:57
Australia zanics
doubt he bothers doing interviews tbh especially those kinds
2019-11-16 10:12
I thought Sunny wanted to win 10 tournaments straight up with ENCE. No but seriously calling is the problem and this confirms it. Seems like allu and sunny aren't capable of calling but at least they're having fun.
2019-11-13 20:17
What an ugly motherfucker lmao
2019-11-14 00:52
Europe nefly
our goal is to blow up and then act like i don`t know nobody
2019-11-14 09:35
rip this year
2019-11-14 09:37
"Our goal is to NOT win, its to piss off Twista, the entire Finnish CS community, our other fans, and to of course HAVE FUN. :-)" -suNny (not really dont sue me you greedy bastard)
2019-11-14 15:44
Allu plotted to get Aleksib kicked so that SuNny can get a paycheck to feed whatever addiction he has that causes him to look like that
2019-11-15 14:46
Or just get AleksiB back to ENCE...
2019-11-15 16:07
Basically, alexib> powering a junkies addiction
2019-11-16 09:54
Estonia RopzTop1
I thought it was to have fun
2019-11-16 10:47
lets go sunny
2019-11-17 15:17
Portugal joaosenra
U main goal should be, get Aleksib BACK AND FAST, before Ence become a tier 2 team if that is not already happen
2019-11-18 03:16
Ready for what? Disbanding the team? Yeah that's probably the best idea.
2019-11-18 10:39
LOL pekka GG best irl name EU
2019-11-18 10:41
Illl tell that at my work ill say listen up ill just fuckin chill and ill work next year ok?
2019-11-18 23:39
Finland Vkims
Go for it!
2019-11-23 20:25
Netherlands PasscaLl
i dont see a reason why this wouldnt work tbh
2019-11-23 22:22
More like, goal to drop out of top 50 by mid 2020. And disband by 2021.
2019-11-20 02:51
Netherlands PasscaLl
disbnd before summer 2020 actually
2019-11-23 22:22
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