BnTeT: "The eXTREMESLAND victory gave us more confidence coming into CAC"

We spoke to Hansel "⁠BnTeT⁠" Ferdinand after TYLOO's outstanding group stage performance at the CS:GO Asia Championships to discuss the results so far, YuanZhang "⁠Attacker⁠" Sheng's long-term prospects and the upcoming semi-finals.

TYLOO stunned the community by going through the semi-finals in Shanghai after outshining G2 and MIBR in Group A. The Chinese side are now set to face either Evil Geniuses or mousesports for a spot in the grand final of the $500,000 tournament.

BnTeT attributed his team's success at CAC to mounting confidence

After their spectacular group showings, we spoke with BnTeT to discuss events leading up to CAC, the return and long-term prospects of Attacker, their group stage performance at CAC and his opinion on their potential semi-final match-up.

Before we dive into CAC 2019, let's discuss the return of Attacker to the starting lineup. Has his motivation or playstyle changed since before Danking's addition?

Yeah, I think Attacker is a good player and after he returned, we started to find ourselves again as a team. Right now we're doing what we practiced for a long time. We're just going to play the matches the way we practiced. During his time off, Attacker had time to take some rest and find himself in the game.

In the long-term, will Attacker be staying with the team?

I think he is going to stay in TYLOO. Right now we only have five players, and we don't have a substitute. Yeah, I think we're going to stay like this in the long term.

Before CAC there was a rollercoaster of results, including a loss to EHOME in the Chinese qualifier for EPICENTER. What went wrong in that series?

I think everyone in the team felt off, and our gameplay didn't work out against EHOME, they played really well. I think that day we had a lot of matches; if I remember correctly, we also had eXTREMESLAND, Pro League and EPICENTER. I'm not going to say that we lost because of this, but I feel like too many matches made our concentration and gameplay drop under 100%.

After this blow, you managed to defeat ViCi in the grand final of eXTREMESLAND 2019, lifting the trophy of the event. What was the significance of securing first place after such a long time?

For me, personally, I feel very happy and grateful because it had been a long time since TYLOO had lifted a trophy, I think the last time had been in March 2018, at StarLadder Chonqing. Even if it's not a really big tournament, we played seriously and practiced really hard for this tournament because we really wanted to lift the trophy.

Let's discuss the opening series against G2 - Vertigo is a weak map for the French team, but beating them on Dust2 was no mean feat. What went your way on the second map specifically?

Dust2 is one of our strongest maps, it is also G2's best map. We felt confident after our win on Vertigo; I think everyone was on point and we had the feeling that if we played as well as we had on the first map and got the pressure off, we could take the series 2-0. We also kept playing well because of the victory at eXTREMESLAND, which gave us more confidence coming into the CAC tournament.

The second series against MIBR saw Mirage and Train played out, where once more you managed to take a match-up favourite down 2-0. Take us through the series briefly.

After our win in the first match against G2, our confidence was very high. We just played what we had practiced on Mirage and Train - Train obviously their best map, where they had a 7-0 record. We were not afraid and we felt really well on Train, and we thought that if we just stayed confident, playing what we had practiced, we could take the series 2-0. Basically, we just remained confident and played our game.

Looking at the upcoming semi-final, that'll be either Evil Geniuses or mousesports, depending on the outcome of tomorrow's match. How prepared do you feel against either of the potential opponents?

I think both teams are really great, EG are top 2, and mousesports, even if they're No.12 in the rankings, I feel they're also a top 10 team. I think they are both strong teams, but whoever we face, we are just going to play the same way and won't counter-strat or anything. We're just going to play our game, the way we practiced.

China YuanZhang 'Attacker' Sheng
YuanZhang 'Attacker' Sheng
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Maps played:
Indonesia Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
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Go Tyloo
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Finally a real chance for bntet to show off his true potential
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A team without coach is a team without brain. now they got one.
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"...won't counter-strat or anything. We're just going to play our game, the way we practiced." counter strat of century inc.
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Bntet IGLing is best way to bring back tyloo to top10
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what a player!
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BnTeT , Asia clutch minister !
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Tyloo era
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GODtet with his amazing interviews again. Humble guy
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Almost got to the Final :(
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why no question about their new coach? I want to know if ryk actually put more structure to TyLuL
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Yee... Should ask that question.
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If they process to grand,their is no doubt they can win the event.
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