ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals reaches playoffs

The playoffs bracket for the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals has been set, seeing six teams make their way to the Jyske Bank Arena in Odense.

Liquid and fnatic will clash in a rematch of their ECS Season 8 Finals semi-final bout to kick off the bracket stage on Friday at 16:00 , where the Swedes will look to claim revenge over Nick "nitr0" Cannella's troops.

The second quarter-final match will see Evil Geniuses look to improve upon their recent run of form in a fight against mousesports, with the two sides facing off in a rematch of their own from the playoffs of CS:GO Asia Championships 2019.

Liquid and fnatic will face off in their second consecutive playoffs match

Meanwhile, Natus Vincere and Astralis assured themselves a spot in the semi-finals after topping their groups, and now await the winners of the first two matchups on Saturday.

Below you can find the quarter-final match-ups:

United States Liquid vs. Sweden fnatic
United States Evil Geniuses vs. Europe mousesports

The complete schedule for the playoffs looks as follows:

Friday, December 6

16:00 United States Liquid vs. Sweden fnatic | BO3
19:50 United States Evil Geniuses vs. Europe mousesports | BO3

Saturday, December 7

16:00 Russia Natus Vincere vs. Liquid/fnatic winner | BO3
19:50 Denmark Astralis vs. Evil Geniuses/mousesports winner | BO3

Sunday, December 8

16:00 Grand final | BO5

United States Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
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Maps played:
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Why is it always so ez for Godstralis. LETS GO!
2019-12-05 21:57
Brazil CharlesManson 
Liquid < fnatic EG < mouz Navi < fnatic Astralis > mouz Astralis < fnatic EZ FOR EU CS
2019-12-05 21:58
small correction Liquid >> fnatic EG > mouz Navi < Liquid Astralis < Evil Geniuses Liquid >> EG
2019-12-05 22:03
Liquid > fnatic EG > mouz (this is sad) Liquid > Navi Astralis > jEtlaG Astralis > Liquid
2019-12-05 22:06
Argentina [Darkaren] 
flair checks out Mostly because of the fact that you still to this day know you're Astralis' bitch
2019-12-05 23:24
??? Reply needs to have actual content
2019-12-05 23:54
2019-12-06 04:34
Denmark Menterx 
+1 don't do drugs kids...
2019-12-06 05:27
Australia CaZeR01 
I think you flair checks out buddy, liquid are clearly better than fnatic
2019-12-06 00:48
Argentina [Darkaren] 
How is that related to anything, I believe your reading comprehension is awful my dude.
2019-12-06 01:13
Norway TheMushrix 
well they did absolutely destroy 100t
2019-12-06 08:37
United States sorcrcrc 
that is irrelevant
2019-12-06 13:02
Canada Abolition 
if he said "Liquid > Astralis" I can guarantee you would say "LMAO IDIOT NA ASTRALIS ALWAYS > LIQUID XAXAXAXAXAXA SO STUPID" (or something along these lines) expected from hitler's summer home
2019-12-06 00:50
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Well I'm not that type of a person, I just find it funny how even as a fan he knows he's a bitch. For me, I'm 100% rooting for fnatic to win it, even if I think they're big underdogs. Have a nice day mr. shithead.
2019-12-06 01:10
how is he a bitch just because he has an opinion
2019-12-06 01:35
a pretty accurate one as well
2019-12-06 01:35
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Well there's a difference from being called a bitch to being called Astralis' bitch, which I mean, he certainly is, if an Astralis fan comes swingin his massive 4 major fueled cock then he has to shut up and listen. And him having an opinion has nothing to do, it's just the average Liquid fan/player mentality that will let Astralis dom them because they know their place like the good bitches they are. Simple math.
2019-12-06 01:53
I think Astralis will lose
2019-12-06 03:41
Argentina [Darkaren] 
against fnatic? 4 sure
2019-12-06 04:05
well explained i guess
2019-12-06 05:33
flusha | 
United States ctb^_^ 
he admitted astralis will beat liquid lol why toxic
2019-12-06 09:31
Portugal Digassmen 
I think navi will upset liquid
2019-12-06 02:21
I dont
2019-12-06 02:35
Portugal Digassmen 
Overall the navi team is playing good on every map, liquid players, 2 or 3 play perfectly on one map and the next map they play terrible, stewie for example
2019-12-06 15:25
United States hleev4 
hope so
2019-12-06 05:51
Portugal Digassmen 
I want to see NAVI win a major next year, they deserve it if they keep playing like this
2019-12-06 15:26
United States hleev4 
yeah, to see guardian get back to his A game and them winning a major together would be awesome
2019-12-06 17:42
+1 men accurate prediction
2019-12-06 04:26
Edward | 
Ukraine kirBi_1 
2019-12-06 08:25
2019-12-06 18:31
Australia faaavn 
2019-12-05 22:16
New Zealand Smeagoll 
Fnatic>Liquid Mouz>EG
2019-12-05 22:20
Liquid>>fnatic EG>>>>mous
2019-12-05 22:29
Rejin | 
Netherlands Bruno_cs 
2019-12-05 22:45
Liquid > fanatic EG < Flagsports
2019-12-06 04:56
Sweden Fizze 
2019-12-05 23:13
Canada roylin 
Navi > all
2019-12-05 23:42
Iran 0_WeWe_0 
They are looking crisp on d2
2019-12-06 01:03
draken | 
Brazil 0v3rg0d 
Liquid > fnatic EG < mouz Liquid > Navi Astralis < mouz Liquid < mouz
2019-12-06 02:15
Brazil GuigsXP 
Liquid < fnatic EG > mouz Navi < fnatic Astralis > EG Astralis > fnatic
2019-12-06 06:59
Sweden flippig 
2019-12-06 07:36
2019-12-06 13:23
2019-12-05 21:58
Russia BEpis_man 
2019-12-05 21:58
Looks like another Astralis vs EG semifinal and Astralis - Liquid final
2019-12-05 21:58
2019-12-05 22:10
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Rinse and Repeat. I think Liquid needs some change in strats against Astralis. Liquid's semi riskfree CS is not working against Astralis. They get some rounds with off plays, but it causes them disadvantage in most cases. And NAF, EliGE and Twistzz usually do stand up to the task, but Stew needs to be more consistent. Nitro is playing decent, plus he is igl
2019-12-05 22:46
Liquid play so scared of Astralis. Look at how they played fnatic at ECS vs Astralis. I'm not stupid, I realize you have to respect Astralis, but that "we can't lose" mentality isn't there. They'll hard aggress other teams because of their skill and play hesitant vs Astralis, which is silly because when they did well earlier in the year it's because they played not scared. I also agree with you completely, just adding this in.
2019-12-05 23:40
Denmark Menterx 
Yep, big difference in we play not to lose and we play to win. Astralis had this problem in the past.
2019-12-06 05:31
Liquid earlier in the year played so fearless. I have no idea where it went but you could see it at the major. They're getting better but Astralis just look more composed at all points.
2019-12-06 16:35
Norway TheMushrix 
I dont think we have seen them in a bo5 for a while if i am correct
2019-12-06 08:38
We have not. We may not for a while yet still, depends on if they clear fnatic today (50/50), and then Navi (who they have a good record against but they've shown signs of weakness against them in the past).
2019-12-06 16:34
NAF | 
India FosFate 
That's true indeed. Look at how they might play Fnatic again today. It feels a different unit mentality wise. I also noticed that Twistzz loses his clutch capability against Astralis, maybe because of same confidence reasen. Let's see if they pass fnatic (shouldn't be a big deal tbh) and Na'Vi (they are looking scary) to maybe have a shot at Astralis once more in a Bo5.
2019-12-06 11:53
Yeah. Twistzz after the break has felt somewhat underwhelming to me. Stewie is especially mediocre and makes some of the dumbest mistakes I've ever seen. It's frustrating because we all know Liquid aren't bad but it's been rare to see the full lineup go off recently.
2019-12-06 16:39
NAF | 
India FosFate 
2019-12-06 11:53
India KNOX23 
2019-12-05 21:58
Russia SAMURAJheh 
Liquid will destroy them I think
2019-12-06 04:57
Sweden Ardoz 
2019-12-05 21:59
Turkey mbee 
Liquid - NaVi Astralis - Mouz i hope so mouz win this tournament.. but it's very difficult..
2019-12-05 22:00
Vietnam Mraatos 
Honestly who cares Astralis is gonna win anyways
2019-12-05 22:02
fnatic > NA mouz > NA NaVi > fnatic Astralis > mouz
2019-12-05 22:03
fnatic > Liquid? delusional Re-watch ECS pls
2019-12-05 22:11
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 0 chance for lulquid without NA crowd prepare for 32-0
2019-12-05 22:12
2019-12-06 18:31
NAF | 
India FosFate 
lmao Liquid 2-0 fnatic this time. They ain't getting even one map this time.
2019-12-05 22:47
2019-12-06 18:30
NAF | 
India FosFate 
2019-12-06 19:15
2019-12-06 19:27
NAF | 
India FosFate 
sure was
2019-12-07 08:37
North America X3phyR 
Let's go
2019-12-05 22:05
2019-12-05 22:08
Russia sanyabondarev 
Na'Vi vs Astralis in the final
2019-12-05 22:09
Mouz to win it all! Probably not. Should win against Bots EG (who get carried by a European) and then lose against Astralis.
2019-12-05 22:11
mouz top 1
2019-12-05 22:15
I'd love to see that final. Tired of watching Liquid losing to Astralis. Can't imagine the feeling of hope then being beaten to 2-1 many times. And this recently.
2019-12-05 22:24
Tbh navi is the only team that is able to defeat astralis here
2019-12-05 22:20
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Nt but flag checks out. Navi literally has the most retarded fans in the world overhyping the team after one good game. And then back to being shit the next game. Navi will lose the semis to either fnatic or liquid
2019-12-05 22:27
same was said about the match against eg
2019-12-05 22:47
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Yes when this roster was formed I remember how everyone was saying they will dominate and win every event even the next major blah blah. And even then I was saying that this team would be shit , as proven by the events that followed. Zeus made Navi , without him u are nothing
2019-12-06 04:48
Doesnt counter my #34 comment
2019-12-06 11:34
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Yes , it doesn't , they legit beat eg. But u guys are on this Navi bandwagon again and it crashes everytime and I can't wait to see it again
2019-12-06 11:38
Nothing i can say except we will see
2019-12-06 12:03
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Bruh, Astralis is the team with most retarded fans. EG is a close second, cause EG fans jump trains between EG and Liquid. Russians/Ukrainian fans come later
2019-12-05 22:48
Canada Abolition 
literally every team has a couple thousand boatloads of retarded fans, you can't rank idiocy
2019-12-06 01:01
Denmark Menterx 
2019-12-06 05:32
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Yeah, that's true. But I've found most dicks to be fan of Astralis, maybe cause those idiot fans are more expressive online. Like it's okay to taunt a bit, but these guys act like they are playing and winning lol; hating indiscriminately on other teams. Pretty sure most of these guys didn't know Astralis before 2018
2019-12-06 11:57
Canada Abolition 
I guess I can't disagree with you on that, I had replied to a tweet about Liquid vs Astralis & I said Liquid needs its individuals to start showing up (nitro going 3-20, stewie going 6-19 etc) & some guy replied with an insanely aggressive tweet like I offended him personally "And u think all 5 players of Astralis showing up? Lmao Remember the last event? Gla1ve is top fragger for them Where's dev1ce?magisk? If 5 of Astralis players step up,it will be just like 2108 Nobody can stop prime Astralis back in 2108" Prime example of a dick. I think it's honestly mainly when a team is winning, the Brazilian fans are very toxic whenever a Brazilian team is winning especially if it's vs an na team, there was a lot of toxic Liquid fans when Liquid was winning, when EG won a tournament or two the EG fans were toxic etc etc.
2019-12-06 17:50
Btw if its navi vs fnatic, fnatic has no chance
2019-12-05 22:51
If they had played at more tournaments with their current line-up, I’d totally agree with that, but considering that they haven’t been active that recently, I think they’ll lose 2-0 to Astralis if they meet them in the grand final. Besides that, the only relevant team they’ve beaten so far are EG, and they have some jetlag issues. They also won against Mibr and Tyloo, but tyloo is barely a tier 1 team and mibr is also playing with a new line-up. I’m rooting for Na’vi, but beating Astralis or even Liquid is I think too much to ask from them right now.
2019-12-06 08:03
Lmao Is this a meme whenever eg lose blaming it on jetlag even when it happens on 2nd day and they played good 1st day
2019-12-06 09:21
Switzerland byter 
Navi looking on fire though... Might take this one
2019-12-05 22:20
United Kingdom godis7 
mouse will surprise everyone. 4sure.
2019-12-05 22:23
Grand final Navi x Astralis
2019-12-05 22:23
Grand Final Navi Astralis or Navi Mouz I hope mouz beat astralis but there is %20 chance for mouz it looks impossible but always believe
2019-12-05 22:46
Mousesports gonna upset guaranteed. Natus Vincere & Astralis grand final.
2019-12-05 22:48
Europe clockworkk 
Astralis - Liquid final again
2019-12-05 22:48
Poland LiquidWater 
bo5 finals good.
2019-12-05 22:52
2019-12-05 22:57
United States @FyreCS 
Astralis/ Navi final Rip Liquid :(
2019-12-06 00:39
Libya serialfucker 
fnatic take my power
2019-12-06 00:43
Spain akproxx 
I think fnatic and navi can win like eg and liquid
2019-12-06 01:06
France Hapens 
2019-12-06 01:23
2019-12-06 01:27
Denmark ImNotBez 
EZ for the GOATs
2019-12-06 02:31
Fnatic EG NaVi > Fnatic Astralis > EG Astralis 3:1 NaVi (NaVi can take them down on Dust2 and nuke only)
2019-12-06 02:34
+ overpass
2019-12-06 09:29
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
ez for NaVi and goat s1mple
2019-12-06 03:34
Ez for Russian Navi!
2019-12-06 03:59
Russia zLex67 
Fnatic > flukequid EG > mousesports Navi > flukequid Astr > EG Navi 50/50 Astr
2019-12-06 06:24
Blind Navi fan
2019-12-06 06:55
Croatia Netkov 
Ez NaVi
2019-12-06 08:51
Denmark r0zen^_^ 
Navi looking super stronk this event! Good matches ahead of us 💪🏼
2019-12-06 09:11
Astralis got this!
2019-12-06 09:24
2019-12-06 09:59
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara 
Ez for Tom Cruise
2019-12-06 11:04
Fnatic greatest team ever
2019-12-06 12:56
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