olofmeister: "In Odense, I couldn't hit a bus if I wanted to"

In our second interview from Bahrain, Olof "⁠olofmeister⁠" Kajbjer commented on FaZe's two latest tournaments, IEM Beijing and ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, and the importance of a good finish to the year at the Global Final.

FaZe are heading into their last event of 2019 on the back of a tough exit at ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, where they went out in the group stage at the hands of MIBR and 100 Thieves, with olofmeister putting in one of his worst tournaments of the year despite improved form since the player break.

ESL Pro League Finals was a tough event for FaZe and olofmeister

The Swede told us about his dip in Denmark, describing it as "one of those events where nothing felt right," and gave us his thoughts on a number of other topics, such as his progress with the AWP, whether FaZe's crushing loss to Astralis in Beijing is playing on their minds ahead of BLAST, and his former teammates' and fellow countrymen's success in fnatic.

Since your win in Copenhagen, you came third-fourth at IEM Beijing and went out in the group stage in Pro League last week. How is the team feeling about these two results?

In Beijing, at the start we were pleased with our result because we beat Evil Geniuses and we were doing pretty well. And then we faced Astralis and... I don't even know what happened, I don't think anyone really knows what happened (laughs). We got destroyed, basically. We didn't get into our game at all and they just wrecked us.

Going into Odense, we had higher goals than going out that quickly, but I think the game against MIBR especially affected us a lot. We thought, and we still think that we had that game. We made some stupid mistakes. We lost a super-important round where I f**cked up, when FalleN had a Scout in mid on Mirage, I let go of an angle for one second and then with that he got NiKo and wrecked everyone else with the Scout, that was just a bad timing and we lost 13-16 off that I think. And when we played 100 Thieves, I think that's a hard game no matter what, but I think we could have done better. Lately, they've been showing they're a really good team, so yeah, I think the MIBR game is something we should have won and I think that affected us in a lot of ways.

You had been looking in better shape throughout the second part of the season, but Odense clearly wasn't going well for you individually, what happened?

I don't know man, I couldn't hit a bus if I wanted to. I don't know what to say, it was just one of those events where it didn't feel right anywhere. I couldn't hit easy shots, the confidence wasn't there. It's hard to say why, but it was a really tough event for me, and I know that. Hopefully, I can play better here.

You've now had a bit of time to get used to the AWP, how has your progress been in that role?

I mean, it's hard to say now when I played so badly in Odense (laughs). But in general, it's easier, of course, because you get more confident. It was hard in the start, taking some duels, because I hadn't done it in such a long time, to be aggressive and also just hold certain angles. But just learning where to go more aggressive and what angles I can take and what I feel comfortable. It's still something I learn and I still try to look at demos of others AWPers and try to learn as much as possible, get some tricks, because it's just a big difference from back when I used to AWP a bit more.

This will be your last event of the year, how important is it for FaZe to end the year on a high note and be able to do well here?

It's super important, of course. We want to win it and that's our goal, but, at the same time, we have No.1 here and I think Liquid is No.4. Astralis is the team everyone wants to beat, but we want to at least get into the final and then we will see what we can do from there. Of course, it's important to do well, it's only four teams and only good teams, but it would mean a lot for us to end it on a good note.

You mentioned the Astralis loss in Beijing, that must be playing on your minds in a potential rematch...

Yeah, of course.

... have you been able to figure out what to do next time you play them? It's possible it will happen here.

For me, personally, 16-0 is something you don't forget, right? (laughs) It plays on your mind in one way, but, at the same time, what I told the other guys is also that one month ago we beat them 16-2 before that tournament. It can go very fast in Counter-Strike. Of course it's going to be in the back of our heads, but for me, it's more about trying to get revenge, you want to try to prove that we are better than that.

I noticed you comment on fnatic's success on Twitter briefly — as a former teammate of most of those players, what do you think about the meteoric rise they've had?

Actually, I'm just super happy for them because I know how hard they have been working and what they've gone through, and I was in the same boat before and now I'm kind of back in what they used to be (laughs). I'm just happy they're doing well and hopefully they can keep it up.

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He will come back stronger and win 2 majors in a row! #FaZeUP
2019-12-11 18:17
Spain Granjero
2019-12-11 18:17
United States Cherryyy
2019-12-11 18:17
And he does want to
2019-12-11 18:18
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device fan omegalul
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OG fan omeglul
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Turok fan omegalul
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Peanut Brain Fan omegalul
2019-12-12 16:15
Spain Granjero
2019-12-11 18:21
That’s what I thought Farmer
2019-12-11 18:22
Spain Granjero
2019-12-11 18:22
Russia cumdump
faze is never gonna win anything so i aren't think that unless he switches teams ofc
2019-12-11 18:28
es3tag | 
Finland dvlx
Vp omegalul
2019-12-11 18:33
Germany Shackrag
well vp bought avangar but what are c9s plans?
2019-12-11 18:36
Spain N0Love
2019-12-11 20:48
Russia cumdump
current day low energy vp >>>>>>> cuck9
2019-12-11 18:41
2019-12-11 18:43
2019-12-11 19:24
Norway chaoticway
2019-12-12 04:32
Brazil Kelmec
2019-12-11 18:17
Asuna | 
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? Who reads anywyas
2019-12-11 18:17
Mexico tscXvnx
2019-12-11 18:40
2019-12-11 18:17
2019-12-11 18:18
Hi zeus
2019-12-12 03:50
2019-12-11 18:18
2019-12-11 18:18
2019-12-11 18:36
2019-12-11 18:19
get a psychologist like astralis
2019-12-11 18:19
+1, every org should have a professional psychologist
2019-12-11 19:12
2019-12-11 22:53
dont worry u will get hit by a bus in bra71l
2019-12-11 18:19
2019-12-11 18:20
Olof will be back soon
2019-12-11 18:19
United States Frotha
Yeah probably not
2019-12-11 18:24
Nt floppy
2019-12-11 18:25
2019-12-11 18:20
The Ultimate Legend
2019-12-11 18:21
buss down
2019-12-11 18:21
2019-12-11 18:22
nope | 
Finland zntei
ez just jump in front of one )))
2019-12-11 18:23
I wonder how much time, he has left on his contract. It must be a matter of time, before they will replace him and rain.
2019-12-11 18:23
replace olof? never, till he decides to leave.
2019-12-11 18:35
United States fade4182
Highly doubt they replace rain
2019-12-11 18:48
Indeed. NiKo loves playing with rain, he said he is the perfect teammate. As long as rain performs decently he won't be kicked. I'm not sure olof will be kicked either, he has showed he is a capable awper who doesn't take much resources from the team to be set up which fits FaZe perfectly. He just needs to be more consistent.
2019-12-11 20:41
They won't kick Olof or Rain until Major at least, otherwise they will lose their major spot lol
2019-12-11 22:18
youll be back GOAT
2019-12-11 18:27
Russia cumdump
this feels like some sort of plot where he's gonna get assassinated in brazil
2019-12-11 18:28
Argentina Joedash
"Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer murdered in Sao Paulo, Brazil"
2019-12-11 18:33
wtf why he hit a bus? i mean the driver was bad or smth tldr pls
2019-12-11 18:35
For what i understood, he was in the street and saw a bus full of danes so he tried to shoot them. Unfortunately he didnt hold some kind of angle, so he falled on a brazilian dude that killed a guy named Niko. And then a few cowboys from australia showed up. At the end he get rekt but he is still laughing a lot and enjoying life and future!
2019-12-11 19:18
lmao ok ty
2019-12-11 19:19
Hahaaaaaa you should do this more often
2019-12-12 03:38
2019-12-12 04:05
Norway chaoticway
lul cool story
2019-12-12 04:35
why tf would he want to punch someone else’s bus?????
2019-12-11 18:39
+1 cant understand if hes trying to shoot a bus or trying to get hit by one
2019-12-11 18:51
Germany grabke
Doesnt matter just pump the points at these blast events with some fluke bo1 or easy playoffs. Only thing Faze got was 1 Blast Tournament win and they are Number 7 ??? In HLTV Rankings really flawed. ESL Rankings #13 seems way more accurate to me.
2019-12-11 18:41
Everything past like rank #10 is garbage anyways, what the fuck does it matter if they're #7 or #10 or #13. Only top 5 really matters, the other teams below that rarely if ever win any tier 1 tournaments so it's all down to points from semi-good placings and beaten opponents. FaZe got a lot of points from the 3-4th finish at IEM Beijing where they beat the then ranked #1 team twice and Vitality once who was ranked #4.
2019-12-11 23:54
Vietnam Hulkie2K
Only TOP 5 matter??? Wtf dude did you see how ‘world no#3’ EG play? A pure fluke
2019-12-12 03:26
I love olof but faze is dead. He should make a new team with gtr, higher chance of success.
2019-12-11 18:49
Why would he want to hit a bus? Don't they have arranged flights?
2019-12-11 18:56
olof is great, faze is joke
2019-12-11 19:11
goat <3
2019-12-11 20:04
Ukraine ksay
fan of Fnatic | Olofmeister
2019-12-11 20:09
Australia IamthekinG
Great player
2019-12-11 20:56
Maybe practice instead of idle at hltv. Faze are so trashy bad and lazy team. Everyone are bad in that team.
2019-12-11 21:28
good luck olofmeister!
2019-12-11 21:33
Still the best player in the world by a mile
2019-12-11 21:56
Gotta love Olof.
2019-12-11 22:02
go back fnatic
2019-12-11 22:22
I didn’t read the title and only saw the words “olofmeister” “hit and “bus” LOL
2019-12-11 22:49
yea i immediately thought "i couldn't even get hit by a bus if i wanted to" like damn he's that bad at suicide?
2019-12-11 23:52
2019-12-12 03:54
Kazakhstan tomik0
2019-12-12 04:29
Netherlands dabadpad
wasting talent in Faze.. go back to fnatic..
2019-12-12 08:21
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