dupreeh: "I think 2020 is going to be somewhat of a test year"

To close out our BLAST Pro Series Global Final live coverage, we talked to the MVP of the tournament, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen.

The 26-year-old talked us through the grand final against Liquid, in which the Danes once again proved their dominance over the North American squad, completing an undefeated run at the Global Final to clinch their sixth trophy of 2019.

dupreeh looked back at the highlights of 2019 for Astralis

As the Bahrain tournament was the last of the year for Astralis, we also got dupreeh to look back at some of the team's highlights and asked him about how the landscape will change in 2020 with rumored new leagues coming in and changes to the BLAST format.

Despite the 10-1 start on Inferno, it looked quite tough for you to close out, in the end - tell me about the dynamic there.

I think everything just worked out really well for us in the beginning, we played really well, communication was on point, we had a really good idea of what they were going to do. We played the utility game perfectly and we just played our A game, I don't think they had a chance at that moment. I think we started being a little bit too eager, going for too many aggressive plays when it actually worked out really well for us just playing passively and using our utility whenever they used it. But we started out really great, which boosted our confidence.

Nuke looked to be getting close again after Liquid clinched that second pistol round to go up 9-7, but it seems that every time they are in a good position, you come back with something incredible like that forcebuy.

I don't know what happened in that round, I just remember that people were dying and, all of a sudden, gla1ve started killing people with the Deagle and then we won the round! That's just what happens sometimes in CS, people just make magic out of nowhere. Big kudos to gla1ve for winning that one, but I think we have to give a lot of credit to device and gla1ve on Nuke because they are the ones that are really, really great at playing the outside area, denying smokes and getting information, how many people get towards secret and everything. That just makes the job for me, Magisk, and Xyp9x so much easier, that we know if only one guy crossed or the entire team crossed, when to rotate and when not to rotate... They do a massive job outside.

We talked about your own performance earlier after that first series against Liquid and you kept going after that, earning your second MVP. Was there anything special about this tournament?

I have a little joke inside the team that whenever I have a really good tournament there is also someone else in the team having a really good tournament, and they end up playing just a little bit better than me. Obviously, I'm really happy to get my second medal and the first of this year. Being a really aggressive player and having a playstyle that is as aggressive as mine, it can be really hard to claim these MVPs, especially because sometimes you run in and get slaughtered, sometimes you just get unlucky with your timings. But when timing is clicking and you know how to approach everything, it just gets so much easier, and I think that first game I had against Liquid just gave me a really good confidence boost and I just kept going.

When Bahrain was announced, it was a big question mark when it came to the CS crowd, what did you think of the support here, after all?

I think it was great. Obviously, it was a small venue and there weren't as many people as we've been used to, but it was great to see that so many decided to come here and cheer. And everyone loved Counter-Strike, they seemed to be cheering for all the teams, so it wasn't really a one-sided crowd at all, so that was really great. It's great to see that a place where we don't really go that often to play Counter-Strike wants to support the scene and show that esports is a great thing. It's been a huge pleasure to be here and I'm looking very much forward to the next time we go to the Middle East to play Counter-Strike.

You had some ups and downs in 2019. First of all, what are you most proud of from this year, and, on the other hand, are there any regrets? Anything you could improve for 2020?

Let's start with the proudest moment. For myself, that was when we won the Major in Katowice just after my father passed, as a more personal one. That's the win that means the most to me in my entire career. But winning both Majors and still being able to claim as many trophies, we won three out of four last tournaments we played in, and obviously we had a disappointing loss in Odense, but that's what happens. It's really great to end it on a high note and win here, show everyone that we're still the best team in the world, and going into the Christmas break that we did everything we could and won. I don't think there's anything I want to regret. There have been some decisions that some people might think we could have done better, but that's how it is, you make decisions and sometimes it's the right one, sometimes it's the wrong one. Overall, I'm just happy that we had a really good ending to the year.

With so many rumors going around about 2020 and how the landscape seems to be in for a change, how do you think next year is going to look? Is it going to be very different from what we're used to?

I think there are going to be a lot of new things coming into play, with new leagues coming in and more exclusivity, and it's going to be really interesting to see how the BLAST format will work out now, as well. I think it's going to be a weird year in some ways, there will be a lot of new tournaments coming in, and the travel schedule might look a little bit different, but also for the better, maybe it's going to be for the worse, we don't know. I think it's going to be somewhat of a test year next year, with all of these new leagues coming into play. I think it's going to be an interesting year in different ways, but it could also end up being a year that could be a little bit frustrating.

Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
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Russia BEpis_man 
Hopefully Fnatic can test them
2019-12-14 21:18
Spain Granjero 
2019-12-14 21:21
2019-12-14 21:54
2019-12-14 22:00
United States DervGuy 
I just want the top 5 next year to have that Summer 2019 Liquid, Malmo Fnatic, NY EG, and EPL Mouz, but consistently. That would be fucking amazing.
2019-12-14 23:37
United States Gryff1n76 
I would prefer StarSeries EG but to each their own
2019-12-15 07:56
Starseries eg lost to nip in a bo3 and didnt 5-1 astralis So lol
2019-12-15 09:33
Not good enough, braindead team,
2019-12-15 01:53
2019-12-15 03:23
about time
2019-12-14 21:18
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
amazing interview dupreeh, thanks u
2019-12-14 21:18
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
2019-12-14 21:18
What means that
2019-12-14 21:19
rap god dupreeeeeh
2019-12-14 21:19
hopefully G2 disband next year.
2019-12-14 21:20
Why :(
2019-12-14 22:45
bad team. apparently no results and IGL is bad. Also they can't play tactical maps.
2019-12-14 22:47
They're currently playing good in summit 5
2019-12-14 22:49
it is summit with 2 stand-in teams and 1 new team. Also 1-1 vs OG. And then this is a casual event. Seriously this team should either keep French core or Serbian duos and kick others.
2019-12-14 22:58
Myanmar xdcc 
Major spot tho. They have to keep 3 Frenchies or have to get 1 of espiranto/letn1/ottond. Also G2 CEO did a video way back when he made the changes. This lineup is just transitional if he will get opportunities to get bigger stars he will and he felt like french cs was too limited.
2019-12-14 23:48
Can't they sell 3 french and get 1 and keep the major spot. Anyways this team ain't working. Hunter is taking away all the space. I think JaCkz,kennyS,AmaNEk all can be really effective when they're given proper space like shox did. Just his team failed because of lucky and not proper IGLing. He should've handed AmaNEk IGL role. He actually restricted kennyS a bit but ensured he had his moments, gave himself space for mid-rounds and late rounds, made JaCkz proper entry and lucky 2nd entry+support. The roles were decided. Now it seems like nexa gives kennyS and hunter all the space while JaCkz is certainly best aimer on the team.
2019-12-15 15:25
G2 fix -huNTer -nexa -kennyS -AmaNEk -JaCkz +device +dupreeh +Xyp9x +Magisk +gla1ve they might even be able to win 4 majors with this lineup
2019-12-16 00:22
+1 with more money and bigger and chiller org.
2019-12-16 00:38
India Jazz_B 
2019-12-15 07:28
hopefully FaZe disband too. happy?
2019-12-15 15:26
India Jazz_B 
#45 Actually Vitality should disband. So shameful one player is carrying 4 bad players so hard.
2019-12-16 05:17
Ok so you think I'm Vitality fan? lmao G2 disband.
2019-12-16 07:57
India Jazz_B 
Maybe not a Vitality fan, but definitely a dumb person. Because you don't know how to appreciate someones hardwork.
2019-12-16 17:31
lmao hardwork means nothing. Do hardwork on useless things and see. If you're braindead like you, do as much hardwork possible you ain't gonna win chess competition. Hard work is only important in relevant thing dumbfuck.
2019-12-16 17:41
India Jazz_B 
They reached finals kid. They did screwed up in the finals but that doesn't mean they need to disband. 0 IQ kid.
2019-12-16 21:07
ok cool
2019-12-14 21:21
Back to back to back to back
2019-12-14 21:25
Russia f0wlie 
What an interestingly smart thing to say after you've been at the very top for over a year consistently. Clearly shows that this team is extremely dedicated and most likely they will stay there for another year to come.
2019-12-14 21:28
Almost 2 years
2019-12-14 22:56
Slovakia pgb1 
Test of cheating
2019-12-14 21:31
Denmark MetatronKbh 
Let's stick to the reality, Russia is the country in the world where there is the most cheating, I think the system is very corrupt, if we take sports, the system is at the very top said that their practitioners should take doping so Russia can do not come to the Olympics, there is also talk that they do not go to the World Cup in football, you had a national team player who was taken for doping after the European Cup in football. That you say ASTRALIS cheats just says how stupid and incredibly unintelligent you are. Therefore, I hope that the E-sport will also remove Russia from the map. I'm not saying that Russians are evil people, but you are very poorly educated and have no sense of what is happening in the world, and not even in your own country. and if you can't stand the truth it's your problem ,,,, wake up.
2019-12-14 21:53
2019-12-14 21:58
Denmark Notallama 
+1 He ain't Russian though LOL
2019-12-14 22:00
Malaysia ILove2ChOke 
Lol he aint a ruski
2019-12-15 00:31
Ukraine illinoize 
agree but what
2019-12-15 02:13
is a joke from epl s10 finals, chill mens))
2019-12-16 00:23
literally nobody cares lol
2019-12-14 21:39
Europe Vallon3 
Literally only you don't care lol
2019-12-14 21:45
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
talk 4 urself prokda
2019-12-14 22:10
United States camdavis9 
this just shows why Astralis has been the best for so long and so consistently. They are never satisfied with where they are and they always play like they have something to prove. If they just all retired and disbanded right now they would easily be the greatest and most dominant roster in counter strike history. The craziest thing is after all they've done they could easily win more majors and big lan events to add to their resume.
2019-12-14 21:40
+1 they seem to understand what it takes to reproduce results. They're humans, despite making "Astralis of 2018" a csgo benchmark of dominant rampage, they had faced setbacks even in 2018. I had personally rooted so hard for them in Berlin major and believed that the post Katowice setback was just what they need to build up the intensity for the major. Amazing how they're a tightly knit and supportive family and take care of each other. All great rosters come to an end but I don't want to think about that rn :)
2019-12-15 03:48
India Jazz_B 
+1 They really work hard on their game. Their result shows it all. GOAT of CS GO
2019-12-15 07:30
Astralis will not win major in 2020, trust me
2019-12-14 21:40
Denmark Cleandog 
Not outside the two major wins they will have in 2020, true!
2019-12-14 21:56
Most likely but you never know.
2019-12-14 21:58
Denmark RUZUR 
If you are right and you know for sure that Astralis will not win, then dont be an idiot and spoil the whole 2020 for the rest of us. ;)
2019-12-14 23:52
2019-12-14 22:09
New Zealand Smeagoll 
1 fluke win<<<<<<millions win
2019-12-14 22:25
Colombia MonstarX 
20 Tier trophies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Tier trophies
2019-12-14 22:45
Good tournament for dupreeh
2019-12-14 22:11
Better than device
2019-12-14 23:01
Denmark DanishDelight 
yes you are!
2019-12-15 16:03
Thanks kardesh
2019-12-16 08:34
Is this major ? Sorry i'm new here
2019-12-15 09:15
Denmark DanishDelight 
No, it's the olympics. Going to Tokyo 2020
2019-12-15 16:03
ok thanks my brother
2019-12-15 16:25
Denmark DanishDelight 
yw men:)
2019-12-15 16:52
World Beard43 
"...it's going to be really interesting to see how the BLAST format will work out now..." No it won't. Oh wait, I guess it will for Blastralis.
2019-12-15 11:49
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
Dead meme since they have attended and won more normal tier 1 events than Blast events. 0/8
2019-12-15 12:10
World Beard43 
NT blastralis showed their poor sportsmanship already. I supported them before, now they can stick to blast for all I care, crowd cheating sellouts.
2019-12-15 22:41
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
lmaaao you're trying way too hard -8/8
2019-12-15 22:48
World Beard43 
I'm just saying what most people think about them.
2019-12-15 23:19
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
Wrong. You're bandwagoning what the loud minority of haters are saying. There you go I corrected it for you.
2019-12-15 23:30
World Beard43 
2019-12-15 23:31
Yea fuck them for forcing the crowd to call out positions. Oh wait
2019-12-16 08:44
Denmark DanishDelight 
2019-12-15 16:01
who cares about major , its all in the money
2019-12-15 18:06
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