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HLTV.org is live from Moscow, ready to bring you comprehensive coverage of EPICENTER 2019.

Day one of EPICENTER 2019 is upon us, with the group stage taking place behind closed doors in Moscow, Russia. Over the course of the following three days teams will duke it out in a GSL, double-eliminaton bracket in looks to advance to the playoffs of the $500,000 tournament, held at the Crocus City Expo.

Three series will take place today, as teams in group A will butt heads, kicking off with a pairing between Vitality and EHOME, followed by Natus Vincere versus Heroic. The concluding winners' series will decide the first semi-finalist of EPICENTER 2019.

Vitality are set to take on EHOME in the opening match of the tournament

Over the course of the tournament, Aleksei "Aleksei_L" Louchnikov and Josip "brcho" Brtan will be bringing you interviews and photography, respectively. For those looking to get the full participants' list and schedule, head over to our viewer's guide to fill yourselves in on the details. If you're wondering about what to look out for in Moscow, make sure to read Milan "Striker" Svejda's five key storylines for EPICENTER 2019.

If you aren't already, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep updated and get a first-hand view of on-goings in Moscow over the coming week.

2019-12-17 11:20
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2019-12-17 11:23
United States Frotha 
Lets go EG
2019-12-17 11:33
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Anyone cars?
2019-12-17 11:24
Subaru XV 2.0 2014 men
2019-12-17 11:26
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Nice care man))
2019-12-17 11:27
2019-12-17 11:27
Lada niva> all
2019-12-17 12:08
expected from hltv
2019-12-17 11:46
Canada letsgoo 
why rusia... the worst country ever. terrorist sponsor.
2019-12-17 12:25
CIS kryto203 
how can you sponsor terrorists???? do you like transfer moneys to cs? why not sponsor ct?
2019-12-17 12:48
Jame | 
Russia Divait 
"watching tv" in 2k19 xD
2019-12-18 02:20
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
say the person from the home of all nazis i think you talk about USA and other NATO countries cuz they all created and sponsored terrorists around the world isis, alquaeda, alnusra, taliban, albanian-terrorists, whitehelmets canada etc
2019-12-18 12:35
ZywOo | 
Portugal dipz0r 
2019-12-18 12:42
Very cool
2019-12-17 12:26
Philippines dafain113 
Sweden #1
2019-12-17 13:18
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