Boombl4: "We are not yet a top contender; there are instabilities in our game because we are still developing"

We spoke to Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov on day two of EPICENTER 2019 to discuss the matches against Heroic and Vitality, and pick his brain on a host of general topics.

Natus Vincere are set for a rerun of their opening match in Moscow against Heroic after losing to Vitality in a three-map series in the group's upper bracket final. The match against the Danish team, who just came off a one-sided match against EHOME, will decide which of the two will secure a higher seeding heading into the quarter-finals.

Boombl4 says his in-game acumen is developing day by day

In a deep dive interview conducted in Russian, we spoke about ESL Pro League Season 10 takeaways, followed by a detailed breakdown of the squad's series in Moscow so far. After these tournament-specific questions, we discussed how Boombl4 has been finding the in-game leader role and some of the influences that have helped him progress. Concluding the conversation, we asked him about the recent criticism towards Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and whether he feels it is justified.

Before we get into EPICENTER, I wanted to get your thoughts on the results the team achieved in Odense. What were the general takeaways from Denmark?

We came to the conclusion that we are not yet a top contender like, for example, Astralis. There are instabilities in our game because we are still developing. We had a productive bootcamp that was approximately 12 days long. We traveled to the tournament, and even when we had matches, we still tried our best to practice before them and during our days off.

Similar to all of our events, we tried to fix our mistakes online, but unfortunately, we were unable to get practice after we arrived from Denmark. First, we had internet issues that forced us to cancel practice, then Ladislav (GuardiaN) was hospitalised with 39-degree angina. We planned to show a stable game because our form was decent at EPL and we couldn't have forgotten everything in such a short space of time. We put in a lot of work and it should last us longer than a single event. We try to be a stable team and outperform tier two teams, gradually gaining form with the experience that we obtain at events.

Talking about EPICENTER, your first series was against Heroic, where you put up a very convincing performance on Inferno and Nuke, taking them down without a single map going to double digits. It was apparent that you had a solid idea of what they were going to show, what sort of preparation did you go into the opening match with?

Our preparation for that series was pretty standard. We had enough time, we knew our opponents and B1ad3 watched some demos, we knew the maps that we would pick. We picked Inferno specifically because we were confident on the map against them and we wanted to face them on it. Generally, everything went to plan and, individually, we were performing well.

I thought they came into the tournament in poor form because if we look at what they had done at StarSeries Season 8, they had really shown up and brought their game. Perhaps we played on different maps, I think we played Train back then, maybe they're weaker on these maps, but I felt they were in weak form. We had a serious approach to the match, played our own game and everything worked out, we were dictating the pace. This is how we achieved a one-sided result.

The series against Vitality went the way of the Frenchmen, and it actually turned out that you lost both Inferno and Nuke to your opponents, despite having confident showings beforehand. Could you explain why you struggled so much against them?

From what I recall, we lost all of the pistol rounds on Inferno against them and we didn't manage to grab a single pistol round on the third map either. They started snowballing and gained confidence, despite losing the first map, which was actually their own pick. We didn't really talk about it in the moment, but maybe we relaxed a little after the first map because you get this feeling when you're up 1-0 where internally you don't really clasp for every round. As an example, it's the opposite of a situation where you're 15-14 and you understand that it's the final round and you do your utmost. Perhaps we relaxed a little, but generally, our Inferno isn't fully prepared, it's probably our fourth-best map. We beat fnatic on it at EPL, and against Heroic we were confident on the map.

Vitality said they had a long period of preparation, a solid bootcamp, and that they're ready to take the tournament. They were a mystery team for me and things went their way. They had a double AWP setup, broke our game consistently and things didn't seem to work out for us. They started every round with an advantage, or we had a lacking economy and simply lost vision of the game. That made it really difficult to come back from a 7-0 deficit. We had a few really disappointing rounds because our morale was hit, especially rounds where we had a 4v3 advantage, or the A retake round that we simply shouldn't have given away. We were just afraid of taking action, like the situation when we were 5v3 or 5v4 with pistols on B, we had good positioning and we just lost the round because people froze and no one communicated. In the second half of the map, we felt lost and scattered, which led to a lack of confidence. No one took the initiative, myself included. I think that call-wise, the map was a failure because I wasn't entirely sure how to act; they never smoked off Middle. Having said that, we've actually broken down a lot of our mistakes on the map.

As for Nuke, I think the fact that we gave away Inferno with such a lop-sided score had an impact. A similar situation had happened at DreamHack Malmö, where we played against them and convincingly won their pick, Nuke, then on the third map, Overpass, they destroyed us 14-1, which gave us some flashbacks. We kicked off on the T side, and, again, didn't win the pistol round. They started snowballing and it was as if we were experiencing a continuation of the second map. It felt like they were prepared for our T side on Nuke, they had an idea of what we were going to do and what rounds we had prepared. Teams generally have a pretty wide pool of specific rounds on the T side of Nuke, and they play them out, so it's difficult to shine individually because the CTs have a positional advantage. They were definitely ready positionally, for example how ZywOo played in Hanger controlling our rounds when he usually plays Main.

We felt that they were well prepared, and, to reiterate, we didn't feel very confident after the second map, because at the end of the day it was our map pick, and it was one of our strong maps. Perhaps not one of the best, but still, it had an impact on us and we spiraled into the abyss, so to speak.

Let's catch up on more general topics. You mentioned you had moments where you weren't sure how to act during the match as an in-game leader. Since some time has passed now, could you give a gauge of how comfortable you feel in the role?

With every day of practice and every match that we play, I gain experience both as an individual player and as a captain. At the moment I am trying to understand the T side from a macro perspective, so things like how the CTs position themselves. Andrey (B1ad3) helps me a lot with this. It allows me to control the CTs' movement by forcing our game onto them, which in turn means that I can understand where they are positioned. This is done so that we can exploit areas of the map where there are few opponents or where it's simply awkward for them; we want to stretch out the defence. I can't say I have an understanding of this dynamic on all of the maps, perhaps I've more or less developed some understanding of how to use this on Nuke. If teams prepare for us, which most teams do, it obviously harder to play.

In the game versus Vitality I experienced an issue where I struggled to adjust when they understood what we were doing. They had adjusted to us, but I wasn't able to adjust to counter it, and it became difficult to get back into the game. We didn't have rounds we could latch onto. Of course, we had some moments in the match, but I find it difficult to adjust, maybe I need to find a different approach. When the opponent understands what you're doing, while you're sticking to the same thing, it just doesn't work out, and that was a real struggle for me. Adding on top of this was mounting stress because we had had such a great performance on the first map. It was very difficult to come back on Nuke.

B1ad3 is a recurring figure in your answers and we learned from flamie in Odense that he spends a great deal of time working with you individually. Talk about that interaction and how he has helped you with the role of the in-game leader.

B1ad3 helps me in all aspects, because a captain is responsible for everyone when you play on the T side, and there are also maps where you need to control everything on the CT side and have an understanding of the macro perspective, things like where the opponents have a weak spot or where we are feeling a little shaky. Counter-Strike is largely based on advantages, and B1ad3's main objective is to show and explain where we have advantages and how to utilise them; he does a lot of work all around. Even when I suggest certain rounds, he explains to me why we shouldn't do certain things because there are risks associated with that decision. We try to build our game in a way where eight out of ten times there are no risks, for example. We take a risk-averse approach because we need to develop a steady game.

Otherwise, as I said before, we work a lot on the macro aspect of the game to develop an understanding of how the defence works when we're on the T side, and how to gain information as the CTs. This is done to develop an immediate understanding of their positioning, even if it's a single player that we have information on; it also helps to understand what kind of round we should expect. We work on all existing aspects of the game. I feel like with every tournament my understanding develops, but at this point, it's not enough and there's definitely a lot of room to grow. I hope that we continue to gain experience and start grabbing victories.

In the period of time that you spent with Zeus before GuardiaN's arrival, how different was the in-game approach compared to what you have developed now?

When I arrived in the team it was a really big deal for me because I really wanted to work hard. I understood that I joined the team that I had dreamed of joining, it's the best team in the CIS region. Everyone assisted me in understanding how I needed to play and fulfill my role, electronic really helped me a lot.

electronic helped Boombl4 a lot when he was only starting out in Na`Vi

Our current game is built differently than when we played with Zeus. He had more of an individual approach where we would move towards a certain area of the map, he would have a gut feeling and would explain the move to make. Currently, I think we have a smarter approach to the game, playing off of the advantages that we discussed earlier, as opposed to an intuitive approach. We try to make correct decisions so that there's more stability to our success.

With Danya (Zeus) there was a degree of instability, which we still have now, but comparing the time frame that we played in, with Danya (Zeus) I played for around six months, whereas with Ladislav (GuardiaN) we've been together for around three or four months. It's all a matter of development, some teams have been together for a whole year, and we just need more time.

Recently there has been a lot of criticism towards GuardiaN and his individual performance from both the community and pundits, an example of which would be Thorin's recent video. What are your thoughts on the criticism and the situation as a whole?

Honestly, it's unpleasant to hear this directed at any player. There's the example of HUNDEN, who used to play for Tricked, now he's part of MAD Lions. People would write "GOD HUNDEN" as he had bad stats, and I think in an interview he mentioned that at some point he stopped reading comments. In reality, I think that if people keep saying things like "kick him" or "he's bringing you down", it will have an impact on the player, even though they might not read about it, they'll hear about it either way.

Hate has always existed, and there's no way of getting rid of it, unfortunately. I would just like for people to read this interview and stop because there really is no point to it. Personally, I just have an approach to life where I try to have more positive moments than negative ones. I just don't understand the point of it, a person finds it important to express their opinion even though they aren't professional players and don't understand a lot of the aspects behind why a certain play was made, etc. I disagree with it.

When I joined Na`Vi I got a lot of hate as well, but I tried to abstract myself from it because I understood that it would happen. It was a new level of play as I had joined the top tier of teams and I needed to get used to it. I still haven't gotten used to it, I haven't played enough events. To me, this whole thing is totally new, to a point where certain teams study me and try to adapt to how I play individually. It's strange in that when I first arrived, in a way, it was easier to play because opponents didn't know what to expect from me.

Honestly, I avert my eyes when it comes to these sorts of things, but I think that subconsciously, even though I may abstract myself from the hate towards myself, it might have an impact on Ladik (GuardiaN) and the whole team, but I guess it's an individual thing that varies from person to person.

Concluding the interview, I wanted to pick your brain on some of the things you feel have changed in your understanding of the game since you arrived from Winstrike. How has your overall comprehension of Counter-Strike changed?

I've started to understand more of the intricacies of the game. When we constructed rounds in Winstrike, for example, I would just watch demos of top teams and emulate them, but I didn't understand why they did certain things. Now, at the top competitive tier, I understand that a single round can affect the outcome of a match. It's an improvement in understanding, and I have got to play a lot more LAN events against tier-one opponents.

I'm gaining experience as both an in-game leader and a player, and at this level, players explain why things are done and the thinking behind it. My understanding of the game has changed since I joined, my vision of it is different. Things that used to confuse me have now become clear as day.

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Kirill 'Boombl4' Mikhailov
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Poland Astoner55 
Gl boombla!!!
2019-12-19 12:24
Japan (o) 
atleast he's honest
2019-12-19 12:29
2020 -GuardiaN +sh1ro
2019-12-19 22:43
Sweden Rezeter 
they should kick simple. He is so toxic they will never win anything with him. He is only a baiter and noob nowadays anyway.
2019-12-20 02:45
United States Grishh 
He most def is a baiter
2019-12-20 17:48
Let me guess your age or IQ.
2019-12-20 20:32
Same number prob
2019-12-23 00:08
s1mple | 
Portugal SARRO 
Are you stupid?
2019-12-20 21:12
Sweden Waduhek 
Guardian is playing real bad so he should be the one to be removed
2019-12-21 09:40
kick guardian already
2019-12-19 12:27
on last game guardian played solo
2019-12-19 12:44
GuardiaN 40 year old player "still developing"? what a joke kick him
2019-12-19 12:27
ur brain is 40 year old
2019-12-19 12:28
Sorry but something is clearly not clicking with the team. And the one player consistently bottom fragging and whiffing is GuardiaN. He should be removed for another player who works better with the team as a whole, because it's stupid that they have electronic, s1mple, an IGL who is able to frag and still can't win matches.
2019-12-19 12:32
who said that if igl is able to frag = good igl ? :D maybe his calls just piece of trash or smthing not hatin', just sayin'
2019-12-19 12:44
Honestly i think his calling is pretty good for sure not that good like gla1ve's one but still merged with very good firepower he is good IGL for NaVi, Sometimes is really hard to play when your AWPer have very low impact and generally always bottom fragging
2019-12-19 12:53
boombl4 is better than zeus at fragging no question, and the strats dont seem to be the problem, the problem is guardian missing easy shots when he's an awper
2019-12-19 13:02
The calls don’t seem to have any major problems
2019-12-19 13:06
India KNOX23 
He just had recovered from 39 degree angina ffs Cheer him rather than demotivating him He was really upset after epl semis if you had seen him on the desk
2019-12-19 13:23
It's unfortunate if that happened, but he needs to start fragging. He still whiffs too much and he hasn't fragged consistently as an awper in the past 5 months alone. Could say he was the same in FaZe before he joined Na'Vi.
2019-12-19 13:25
if? Did you read the interview?
2019-12-19 15:18
Yes I did.
2019-12-19 18:02
India KNOX23 
1.24 on train 1.27 on inferno Thats the guardian you want
2019-12-20 16:06 You can see there is a problem and it's not only against t1 teams
2019-12-19 13:30
India KNOX23 
He is coming out strong after the heroic match
2019-12-20 16:07
Yes bottom in kills
2019-12-20 16:59
Slovakia Fortal 
Kick him? The only reason guardian is still playing is because he hasn't won a major yet. He came so close so many times. And he deserves to win one. So does s1mple. And now they have the roster to finally do it. By the way, can you not read? Or is your brain the size of a chickpea? Or do you just not have anything better to do with your time than write "kick guardian, he's sh*t" in the comments of an interview where the interviewee politely and explicitly asks you not to do exactly that? What's the matter with you?
2019-12-19 15:19
he doesnt deserve one anymore
2019-12-19 16:44
Did u ever wonder why no pro player possess mentality like urs?? Coz if they did, they wouldn't be pro. So keep commenting on forums. That's how far u can go.
2019-12-19 17:05
What are u on about)) I will get far in life ez I have my limitations in csgo its impossible for me to be pro anyway.
2019-12-19 18:01
As i said
2019-12-19 21:45
To say it is mentality is wrong tho))
2019-12-20 08:28
British english??
2019-12-21 12:52
Why i got to write perfect english in csgo forum mens((
2019-12-21 23:07
India KNOX23 
+1 Actually flamie and electronic also deserves a major win Flamie has always performed in every major Electronic is a monster after s1mple Best duo s1mple and electronic
2019-12-20 16:08
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
just give us more time - cis teams for last 15 years in cs
2019-12-19 12:29
Dosia | 
Latvia hellsave 
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2019-12-19 12:37
Russia GramDEL 
2019-12-19 13:15
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2019-12-19 17:39
Na`Vi 2010?
2019-12-20 20:42
Sweden flippig 
2019-12-19 12:30
shox | 
India prat_pps 
Instabilities = guardian?
2019-12-19 12:32
Romania En!gma0 
GuardiaN just can't quit. He doesn't know what else to do.
2019-12-19 12:33
Listen boombl4 i know its hard to deal with the boome- I mean with GuardiaN .. but hang in there buddy everything will get better soon!
2019-12-19 12:34
Libya green_wizard 
Still developing? How much longer do you guys need? LOL
2019-12-19 12:35
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
-guardian +sexpower
2019-12-19 12:36
Russia GramDEL 
Would be awesome if forze let him out
2019-12-19 13:16
2019-12-19 12:39
boombl4 needs 100,000,000,000,000,000 calories to activate beast mode
2019-12-19 12:42
allu | 
Finland Tempppi 
navi pls disband
2019-12-19 12:43
are you butthurt?
2019-12-19 15:55
allu | 
Finland Tempppi 
njet men)))
2019-12-19 15:58
I think your butt is hurting because something huge went inside your butt
2019-12-19 16:04
allu | 
Finland Tempppi 
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2019-12-19 16:06
lmao yes like him
2019-12-19 16:23
allu | 
Finland Tempppi 
oh nooooo
2019-12-19 16:25
Poland Kleigen 
Still developing since 5 months, lmao.
2019-12-19 12:43
Mousesports developed themselves for 8 months since they finally won something important
2019-12-19 12:55
but their awper isnt bot like guardian. guardian worst awper in top 20 teams. and boombl4 is very unexperienced player for t1 team. mouz's problem was inconsistency but navi's problem is cannot playing against t1 teams. they can just play against t2 teams. this is not a good sign for t1 team.
2019-12-19 13:01
I bet with proper AWP like xsepower they easily can comeback to top3 Boombl4 is easily one of the smartest and most skilled IGLs in CIS region challenged only by Jerry i think
2019-12-19 13:13
bro pls watch some navi matches against fnatic and vitality. you will see igl problem in these matches. when things gone wrong they cannot do anything about this. just waiting to lose the match.
2019-12-19 13:15
I bet even gla1ve with his huge brain couldn't deal anything playing 4v5 Maybe they should restructure they gameplan and play more around electronic not only around p1mple
2019-12-19 13:18
Russia GramDEL 
Jame: Am I a joke to you?
2019-12-19 13:17
Hahaha Jame this overrated baiter and piece of shit? Right now it's already 10-0 for forZe
2019-12-19 13:19
Russia Islademuerto 
didnt age well m8, sorry
2019-12-19 14:44
Oops 16-10 and your tiny poor Jame 41 adr Xsepower >>>>>>>> Jame
2019-12-19 15:14
Russia Islademuerto 
He is bu jame isn’t a shit igl
2019-12-19 15:43
But Jerry and Boombl4 are by far best IGLs in CIS region
2019-12-19 15:45
Russia Islademuerto 
That is also true but jame still isn’t bad
2019-12-19 16:58
Albania Number1awper 
chrisj was bot for like 4000 years
2019-12-19 14:05
Dude look some game of woxic when it’s not his day or the ennemies can deny this play he finish with -20 in the end I don’t really understand why they have take guardian ( yeah sniper role blabla ) but you need to have an objective speech. Guardian for the moment miss a lot but changing already a player when nothing is totally in place for say “ ok we have good strat , our igl now are totally in place for call and redirect the game , the 3 others players do their job ...... but guardian still miss and play like shit “. Time to change But when you don’t have any of this things in place you can’t say it’s because or guardian He play like shit because maybe ( is a shit :D ) because the role and execution of the others players are not in place ?
2019-12-19 14:36
2019-12-19 14:46
2019-12-19 14:50
India KNOX23 
Please read the interview or #52
2019-12-20 16:10
Germany ToiletShitter 
Boombla still developing, not even in puberty yet. Can’t wait to see how he develops in the future.
2019-12-19 12:44
from 200kg to 250kg
2019-12-19 14:03
2019-12-27 15:11
Pakistan LoOuU2 
2019-12-19 12:44
I like Guardian, but he's just not good anymore.
2019-12-19 12:48
-Guardian +New younger beast AWPer
2019-12-19 12:51
Navi aka “we are still developing” since 2k18
2019-12-19 12:53
Ukraine ksay 
zeus gut feeling > astralis stratbook
2019-12-19 12:56
Sweden Trkmag 
Blad3 top 1 coach and IGL... F3 legend
2019-12-19 13:05
what are these excuses?? we lost because they won pistols. omg just accept you are not good igl for t1.
2019-12-19 13:07
Then find me better IGL available in CIS region? Jame = Overrated baiter and piece of shit tbh ANGE1 = Washed up shit which trade nice international roster for some ukrainian tier5 team Qikert = Not even dedicated IGL Jerry = He could be nice pickup but probably expensive af
2019-12-19 13:17
its true they have not many options but it doesnt make boombl4 a good igl.
2019-12-19 13:23
Still best or second best available in their region, They should upgrade their AWPer and maybe replace flamie with FL1T
2019-12-19 13:24
India KNOX23 
They reached 3 playoffs of 4 tournaments After the refreshed roster You can't say that's a bad start
2019-12-20 16:11
and they fucking lost against botality again and again. they have 4 bot and zywoo. how the fuck can they lost against them? this is sign of weakness for them. even faze clan can beat them bro this is so stupid.
2019-12-20 17:26
ZywOo | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
2019-12-27 10:26
ZywOo | 
Asia Ez4ez 
First, we had internet issues that forced us to cancel practice, then Ladislav (GuardiaN) was hospitalised with 39-degree angina.
2019-12-19 13:09
Russia ToughGuy 
2019-12-19 13:28
2019-12-19 13:12
I'm a Na'Vi fan for years but this is so dumb, Na'Vi is always "developing" and never at peak form.
2019-12-19 13:18
India KNOX23 
Don't worry this time they will
2019-12-20 16:11
Still developing? More like regressing. Give S1mple back that AWP Boombl4 ! (respect to Boombl4 for actually being pretty damn good and seem like a nice guy. But not using S1mple as an awper is just a bad decision IMO).
2019-12-19 13:19
NiKo | 
Asia LustBoi 
GUARDIAN will not play like f0rest so......just accept it already LUL
2019-12-19 13:20
Zeus | 
Israel Gigska 
boombla you just should to say- Im trash igl so that why we see shit results
2019-12-19 13:23
Estonia Leedk 
NaVi gl ! Astralis took 3-4 years to form their team and form , and nobody now hates them... New team , new game stile , new coach and loots of things to do !
2019-12-19 13:27
I doubt GuardiaN will be around in 2 or more years.
2019-12-19 13:37
I am sure he will be round in 2 years
2019-12-19 14:09
Russia Islademuerto 
2019-12-19 14:45
Years go but NaVi still doesn't have enough time to prepare
2019-12-19 13:30
For all those kids who join csgo community before 1-2years until now. Fuck off. Guardian was, is and will be still one of the best awps of all time. Bc hes having bad form right now doesnt mean shit. but you people, moroned people who didnt doing anything just playing matchmaking and reading hltv, do you even realize that the more you hate, the more that player after reading shit will be undermotivated? fuck off guys.
2019-12-19 13:31
Estonia Leedk 
They don't understand it. They think if NaVi will kick GuardiaN they will start to winn all the games and etc =_= btw Guardian was the only one who din't tilt against vitality in this last game , and tried to come back
2019-12-19 14:05
Slovakia SLAVak 
Guardian is also playing more of a support role from what I've seen. He flashes a lot for his teammates and stuff that the awper isn't usually doing.
2019-12-19 14:24
BnTeT | 
Iceland ashyra 
Still doesn’t forgive the whiffs I’ve seen that man have since he joined. Whoever is playing is definitely not GuardiaN.
2019-12-24 19:42
Cut Guardian, he was, and always will be a legend, but he's literally the sole anchor for Navi. Don't let Electronic's peak career performances be wasted like S1mple's was when Edward and Zeus were on the team.
2019-12-19 13:49
He literally admits S1mple and Electronic suck time to time cuz he is clueless and that Zeus had a higher IQ to use the skills of his players than him. I never had a bad opinion about Zeus but he got old and individual skill went down. Boombl4 show there more. But Zeus is a natural leader and he knows outside of the game what he has to do as well. Sth Boombl4 is missing as well. Blade also only a Coach for analyst crap but no personality that lead a team. Sure a lot better than Kane but Boombl4 and Blade can't fulfil Zeus leading skill + S1mple electronic still not the personality to make good decisions outside of the game. ATM they lead Electronic and S1mple to bullshit. Also you have with s1mple the best and fastest awp player on this planet you give him a rifle and then you took an awp player that isn't even top 100 of all awp player atm. Nice trade. Thanks Boombl4 you destroy the last pleasure of watching csgo for me.
2019-12-19 14:06
you malding
2019-12-19 14:14
developing, did navi have this same roster over 6 months? its hard to play focused bcuz too much cyka blyat in teamspeak
2019-12-19 14:25
yeah like boy we can tell
2019-12-19 14:42
Respect to Boombl4, but Guardian is so terrible. He has no future in this team. Or more accurately, the team has no future with him being a part of it.
2019-12-19 14:43
Navi always wanna less change, play risk-averse games. These two habits cost them A LOT. And, Guardian is definitely in a bad form consistently for half a year or more. It is a FACT when you watch him play and look at his stats. For a sniper, missing one shot may cost the whole team a round, and that happens very often on Guardian. Guardian's playstyle nowadays is more like dev1ce: play a good position, play with advantage and hit easy shots. and he still messes up a lot.
2019-12-19 14:47
I went through his last tournaments and analyzed his results for like 10minutes. Which is definitely 100 times more than wannabe analyst Thoorin did. He just stated kill count per match and how much his love s1mple gets oppressed by him. But if you are playing around s1mple and electronic to be your entries and you prepare your strats about them being in the best spots, when your gun is one of the most expensive, so you have far less chances to excel. When your performance is most influenced by how your team covers you. It is extremely easy to have bad stats. His "bad stats" are btw from games where NaVi won like 16:4 with electronic and p1mple getting 70 frags. There simply was not room for him to steal those frags from them. If he was such a drag, they will not get 70 in the first place. Then there are a "bad stats" from matches where at least 3 members of the team have sh1t stats. Not much you can do when the economy does not allow you to get the gun you excel with. For me the best example is K1oshima, he undeniably proven he is an amazing player. Yet when he was in FaZe with NiKo and was not used correctly, he was presented as the only reason why they failed. It is time to really focus on how much toxic are players like NiKo, coldzera, S1mple, how much they place their own personal victories in front of team goals. How much they have to be listened to despite them only being solid fraggers in terms of IGL. I mean take a look at another example - NiKo vs karrigan.
2019-12-19 15:47
2019-12-20 11:26
India KNOX23 
Role of guardian right now is to get the confirmed kills And rest the team will handle I can not agree with you cus you are just blaming a player who has tried to always get good results for the team If s1mple was selfish he would never had joined Navi and represented his country like that And rather stay in liquid
2019-12-20 16:16
He cannot be toxic, because he got homesick and plays for his favorite team? For me the only correct approach of the team members when something like this happens is to spent real effort publicly defend their targeted teammate and to give him extra support and analyze what they can do better to help him. After previous tournament he ended up basically in tears, S1mple just walked by like a spoiled kid. Even if you do think that he is a problem, you do continue to play with him, you have to put your maximum effort to make the team work until last second of being roster the way it is. From my perspective GuardiaN made one huge error - he lets it get to him. The bastard proven how skilled he is, just cause of bad string he now started dropping guns for others. That's just setting himself to fail.
2019-12-21 10:13
More like instability in Guardian
2019-12-19 16:36
United States xiquo 
at least he acknowledges it. once their is synergy within the team then everyone will play better. You guys gotta understand how important communication is in a game. I bet if he was a entry awp he would have even stats all the time.
2019-12-19 16:53
Brazil sprk1 
navi is not a top contender since 2016 I guess?
2019-12-19 17:25
India KNOX23 
They finished #2 in 2018 And reached most of the playoffs in the tournaments they played Faceit major finalists
2019-12-20 16:17
Brazil sprk1 
oh yea, my bad
2019-12-20 16:23
since 2013 i suppose, when they spilit up with edward and markeloff
2019-12-20 20:34
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
This guy played at pro level for 6 months and already thinks he is a mastermind king lull
2019-12-20 13:36
India KNOX23 
He bought a team named quantum bellator fire From nowhere to major qualifiers New brain new ideas new meta
2019-12-20 16:18
He bought qbf?
2019-12-21 08:49
BnTeT | 
Iceland ashyra 
Brought. He in-game led QBF (a straight out of nowhere team) to top 8 of a major. He deserves credit and he will develope to be the next Zeus hopefully (except frag a lot more).
2019-12-24 19:39
yes and never will be
2019-12-20 23:46
2019-12-23 11:21
+xsepower -GuardiaN
2019-12-23 20:00
BnTeT | 
Iceland ashyra 
Especially with GuardiaN. Get xsepower or sh1ro. They’re fools if they say no.
2019-12-24 19:38
how the hell do you expect to be a top contender when playing like this? it's really frustrating having one of the best riflers ever and the single mpst dominant player ever so far and not being at least top 5 it's really stupid in my opinion, kick guardian give s1mple the awp or bring xsepower and just work on the calls and on more maps and it will happen eventually
2019-12-24 23:03
Everyone forgetd to blame simple, the fact is he has not improved any line up he's been apart of.
2019-12-25 06:25
2019-12-26 00:36
Brazil KAUANksS 
xsepower is the best sollution for Na'Vi, guardian is playing bad since he joined in navi, missing a lot easy shots, if xsepower joins navi, hand over the trophies.
2019-12-26 15:56
yes | 
Korea mryes) 
2019-12-28 03:47
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