Evil Geniuses win GameGune Mexico

Evil Geniuses claimed winning honours in Mexico City following a 2-1 win over WeMade FOX in the Grand Final.

After coming from the Upper Bracket, Evil Geniuses needed to win just one best-of-three set, while the South Koreans were obliged to win a total of four maps to lift the trophy.

WeMade FOX confirmed why de_train is definitely not their map, as their sloppy defence managed to get just three rounds. In the second period, the South Koreans posed more of a threat, but EG took the four rounds they needed to win the map 16-10.

On de_inferno, the former e-STRO team proved a strong figure as CT, with Keun-Chul "solo" Kang putting an AWP to good use, as they strolled to a 10-5 score at half time. After the break, though, EG were better and it would be only in the very last round that WeMade FOX would secure a win after several close rounds.

The match then went to de_nuke, where EG had come out on top 16-5 the day before. However, this time it would be a much closer fight. After winning the first half 9-6 while on attack, the second half was full of emotions but in the end the American-based team came out on top with a score of 16-13.

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GameGune Mexico 2009 Final Standings

1. United States Evil Geniuses - €12,300
2. Korea WeMade FOX - €6,150
3. United States Turmoil - €3,075
4. Chile vLF.AMD - €1,540
5-6. Chile M I S T R
5-6. United States SK Ladies
7-8. Mexico FragEvolution
7-8. Mexico Enhanced Gaming
9-10. Mexico INFIERNO
9-10. Mexico Style to Kill

We will be back with much more from GameGune Mexico, bringing you HLTV demos, photos, POV demos and statstics.
EG definantly top 10 in the world. come see us!!!!
2009-09-13 02:43
26 replies
lol not....they beat a good team now...wow gratz but i dont think that it makes them top10...lets wait and see when they get to play vs mTw SK fnatic mouz and ex-wicked.
2009-09-13 02:49
7 replies
2009-09-13 02:52
1 reply
ok i can name more... mibr, alternate, CC, h2k, tyloo and more teams :) imo....but maybe i change my mind if EG beats some more good teams in the next big event.
2009-09-13 02:55
2009-09-13 03:12
4 replies
Yes and thats probably the worst ranking in the !!history!!! EG had not even come like top8 in any event and still they got in top10 in that ranking. EG isnt with in top10 in any good ranking.
2009-09-13 03:31
3 replies
they got top 4 last gamegune. lost to lemondogs who won the whole thing.
2009-09-13 07:31
2 replies
top4 in dreamhack summer, not in gg
2009-09-13 07:34
lost vs millenium ... :s
2009-09-13 14:34
Dude... EG won't stand a chance against Euro teams.. You know... Americans suck at CS :)
2009-09-13 03:13
6 replies
EG can beat any Euro teams in WCG 2009 final.
2009-09-13 04:05
5 replies
nice joke :P
2009-09-13 06:12
2009-09-13 08:54
You can't be serious really. :P
2009-09-13 14:14
I love sarcasm
2009-09-13 21:02
lurppis cannot play for WCG, so i believe they are using tuBBy, whom is good but obviously they will suffer without their 5.
2009-09-14 05:31
nutso you are clearly an idiot. enough said
2009-09-13 03:20
4 replies
ya quote me on that yeah_guy fgt
2009-09-13 03:55
3 replies
2009-09-13 04:13
stfu fanboy, your team is not top10!
2009-09-13 09:41
1 reply
why would u even brought that up? stop being a prick, and congratulate the EG.
2009-09-13 13:55
Yeah, sure... maybe they are in top5 ? Man, we saw what happened in the KODE5 Finals (in Germany if I am not mistaking), they couldn't even beat 1 team. If you want it like this, then VL (a greek team) who won against mTw.dk (same lineup as now) is better than mibr, sk, fnatic, etc., because mTw has beaten all these teams in 2008. But it isn't like that. In one sentence, a victory against a good team does in no way mean a higher rank in CS history.
2009-09-13 10:45
2 replies
ile | 
Finland VAYKKiS
2009-09-13 15:25
2009-09-14 12:58
I dont think so mate, sry :)
2009-09-13 12:49
2009-09-13 14:13
nahhhhh u forgot a 0 , 100
2009-09-14 12:58
2009-09-13 02:44
2009-09-13 02:45
dont belive :0 this is so sad
2009-09-13 02:45
happy for EG really :) nice to see former coL players back on top i guess
2009-09-13 02:47
jup its realy nice to see EG 1st :)) you diserv it guys
2009-09-13 02:48
whens the next event where EG/SK/fnatic etc will be at? :>
2009-09-13 02:49
3 replies
chengdu china or whatever
2009-09-13 02:51
Global Challenge Chengdu (1-3 october).
2009-09-13 02:52
Come to China WCG2009 final
2009-09-13 04:07
Really sad to see that WMF dint get EG the 2nd time aswell.. :(
2009-09-13 02:50
5 replies
Really sad to see that WMF dint get EG the 2nd time aswell.. :( Didn't they lose the first time too. :P
2009-09-13 14:16
4 replies
having trouble reading english?? read through it again and see that you actually make no sense whatsoever..
2009-09-13 19:34
3 replies
You say that you're sad that WMF didn't get EG the 2nd time _ASWELL_. But they didn't even win the FIRST time, so it's kind of hard to get the 2nd time _ASWELL_?
2009-09-19 00:34
2 replies
2009-09-19 02:04
1 reply
Nothing to say?
2009-09-19 11:51
gg but WMF have little problems now, i think...And this gamegune didnt visit good teams..So i think this event was just ff..
2009-09-13 02:51
EG should practice extra hard now and euro teams dont underestimate EG
2009-09-13 02:53
NICE! EG <3!
2009-09-13 03:02
2009-09-13 03:07
nice EG! WMF --'
2009-09-13 03:09
niceeeeeeeeee Evil Geniuses =DDD
2009-09-13 03:14
EG domination
2009-09-13 03:20
really suprised and happy for EG, gj (:
2009-09-13 03:25
gj EG. can't wait to see what Chengdu brings
2009-09-13 03:27
not bad for chile
2009-09-13 03:30
if eg kidz went to china with flu they would separated and miss the wcg finals :)
2009-09-13 04:09
1 reply
m1hka | 
Russia m1hka
LOL, they can't participate WCG 'cause they have a foreign player (lurppis).
2009-09-13 10:06
anyway congratulations to eg :) nice beginning
2009-09-13 04:11
Poland mki`
Everyone would put WMF in top 10 but not EG. That's a shame since EG beat WMF 4-1 on maps overall in this tournament. Pretty much raped WMF --- so EG DEFINITELY top 10
2009-09-13 04:25
13 replies
Couldn't agree more. EG going back to its rightful position as top 5 worldwide. :)
2009-09-13 04:27
7 replies
Russia _mdn
2009-09-13 05:08
fnatic, SK, mTw, ex-WICKED, mousesports, ALTERNATE and maybe h2K and Begrip are over EG, so definetly, they aren't top 5. Good job EG, and gL for the future!
2009-09-13 05:09
2 replies
I'm not so sure. I really think EG is at least top 5... if they can take down WeMade FOX they can surely have a good shot at taking down SK.
2009-09-13 11:33
how can u say they are not Top5, they havent played vs Top5 for a long time now, so we'll have to wait for WCG to make conclusions
2009-09-13 12:45
they are NOT top5, you fvcking tard!
2009-09-13 09:43
Singapore Nephalith
As much as I like EG, saying them top 5 at the moment is retarded. Not until they beat some of the big names of EU.
2009-09-13 11:22
top5? Now that was exaggerating..
2009-09-13 14:17
WMF lost to no name team in WCG Korea so they aren't in good form now.
2009-09-13 09:39
i think it just shows WMF are not constant enough to be in the top 10. There is a great difference between WFM's lvl when they play in korea with their public cherring for them, and outside of korea. EG still have to prove what they are worth against the euro teams
2009-09-13 13:42
3 replies
The Korean WCG was IN Korea, and they weren't really good. :)
2009-09-13 14:18
2 replies
yeh i remembered that after posting... maybe are they in a bad shape, dunno. I'm not ready to admit EG is in the top10 ;)
2009-09-13 15:06
1 reply
I'll never give a top10, because there are no such thing really. :P
2009-09-19 00:35
even though eg won, nutso just ruined any hope of americans looking good in this thread. please stop posting you idiot.
2009-09-13 04:53
Am I the only one that thinks "shame on WEMADE" for playing 12hours a day and still not winning this?
2009-09-13 06:58
4 replies
hehaha, i thought about the same thing m8^^
2009-09-13 11:15
Though EG's practicing quite a lot themselves. :)
2009-09-13 14:18
2 replies
Poland mki`
not nearly as much as WMF....but WMF wastes a lot of time...i remember when HLTV went to WMF HQ and they walked in on the team playing clibming maps
2009-09-14 22:20
1 reply
Yeah and that I can't call practicing. :P
2009-09-15 19:41
WMF :(
2009-09-13 07:02
2009-09-13 07:12
Singapore Nephalith
Good for EG. :) The 3 A's are getting back to where they belonged. lurppis is a good caller. It will be interesting to see how will they fare against the European big guns in the next tournament. Surely cArn, ave, kapio, and taz are aware of WMF's defeat to EG by now. EG destroyed WMF this time, but expect WMF to do their homework next time when they meet each other again. =P
2009-09-13 07:39
Congrats EG, I would love to see an American team traveling more and taking parts in European tournaments and such... hope they continue their good results. Plus they have the financial support compared to other americans, along with coL maybe.
2009-09-13 07:55
1 reply
Yeah if anything coL has more financial support than EG. Good luck to EG in their future endeavors! :)
2009-09-13 08:37
congratz EG :)
2009-09-13 09:08
nice nice
2009-09-13 09:35
nice EG !
2009-09-13 09:36
I am really happy that EG is coming back in shape. It seems that lurppis was the perfect addition for them. PS: When will it be the statistics available!?
2009-09-13 09:57
EG is improving. Winning several maps vs WMF is gd.
2009-09-13 10:52
Good job EG
2009-09-13 11:14
gratz EG!
2009-09-13 11:16
GZ EG well played ps: @ eg fan boys, foxes are in bad shape, this victory says absolutly nothing to me. top 5? LOL
2009-09-13 12:07
1 reply
cmon can't you just give EG some credit?? god i can't believe u guys
2009-09-13 13:32
wmf should have won it, looks like they were really enjoying holidays, they're way better than EG imo anyway nice 2 see american stars shining again :D
2009-09-13 12:11
congratz. Finally, your hard work bought off
2009-09-13 12:24
Congratulations EG, you managed to beat a WMF in pretty bad shape while you guys were on a roll :-) Nah seriously though, you did well. GJ to WMF too.
2009-09-13 12:51
gj EG :) Nice play I watch all matches :)
2009-09-13 13:18
2009-09-13 14:34
WeW nice cash prize for EG, congratz!
2009-09-13 14:39
Eg have got good players, but as a team, im not to sure, but anyway gj EG x
2009-09-13 14:46
ouh unexpected that they could beat e-stro but congratulation
2009-09-13 15:04
I have never heard of any of the teams in that comp other than eSTRO, nothing to get excited about EG fans sorry.
2009-09-13 16:02
Nice EG
2009-09-13 16:06
EG > WMF I'm happy to see that. It will be more funny at WCG.
2009-09-13 17:51
frod is fat
2009-09-13 18:53
1 reply
i think you are talking about warden the one in the flip flops and with shorts right? fRoD isn't fat lol....
2009-09-14 00:36
2009-09-14 00:30
2 replies
#95 MEXICO NOOB WTF!! i dont like your comment! really .... en serio que no me gusto tu comentario ese que hisiste y te dire por que! 1- tu no participaste, lo dudo que tu equipo tenga el privilegio de asistir a esta clace de eventos tan grande como el equipo de tu pais o los equipos! la verdad me da orgullo q los equipos de tu pais asistan a competir... sinceramente no me doy el lujo de decirles nooobs! como tu le llamas a los de mi pais! 2- creo q esa clace de comentarios son muy idiotas y mas de parte de ti siendo q uno de los equipos de tu pais quedo en un muy buen lugar! pero en fin la clace de personas como tu no sabe como asistir a esta clace de eventos como GameGune que tiene una reputacion internacional pero lo dudo que tu con tu equipo asistan y en serio mejor no agas esa clace de comentarios que no van.... mi equipo y otros equipos asisitimos para tener experiencias en este juego como counter-strike y tener el privilegio de competir con los mejores del mundo incluyendo Chile! pues tienen tambien su nombre q se da a conoer! en lo personal me gusto asisitir a competir a Gamegune.... ojala que sepas a lo que te dedicas a jugar y no seas tan idiota al hacer esa clace de comentarios. Buena suerte amigo y mejor echale ganas Gracias a HLTV por el soporte... GameGune por su evento la verdad fue el mejor en toda la historia de los eventos en Mexico y Go go! GameGune 2010 y los esperamos con las puertas abiertas!
2009-09-14 06:26
1 reply
OH I see.Couldnt agree more
2009-09-14 07:19
Canada flame7
well I dont consider myself an EG fanboy... infact i didn't really wanted em to win, but I was there and I can say that they do deserve to be called a top team... WMF might not be at their best but beating em is not something that "any team" can do.
2009-09-14 05:47
grats to eg. good win.
2009-09-14 07:03
EG will never be again in top5 .. :S fnatic mTw ex-Wicked mouz begrip h2k ...
2009-09-14 12:13
2 replies
Where is sk?
2009-09-14 18:27
1 reply
SK have problems :)
2009-09-14 19:16
wmf ..... :S
2009-09-14 13:14
wtf is going on with WMF ?? they lost to eqs.wind in the WCG qul , and now they losing to EG aka noobs2k in GG, wtf ?! WMF needs a rost change
2009-09-14 15:23
Why Lurppis is not allowed to play in WCG?
2009-09-14 16:03
4 replies
Me the same question... Who can tell me the reason?
2009-09-14 18:26
2 replies
Poland mki`
doesnt have US citizenship...ESWC allowed 4/5 to be citizens... but wcg requires all to be citizens
2009-09-14 22:22
1 reply
Thanks a lot.
2009-09-15 09:44
Poland mki`
he's not american
2009-09-14 22:21
cuz he is from finlad only man from same country can play with EG its ok now ?
2009-09-14 19:16
1 reply
2009-09-15 09:44
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