esq.wind snare ari

South Korean WCG representatives esq.wind have reportedly decided to bring in veteran Su-Young "ari" Chung.

The South Korean player had been a free agent since being released from WeMade FOX in late February after a runners-up finish at Extreme Masters Asia.

And, according to a report in Deluxe Gamer, have opted to replace Hyunwoo "m0ng" Kim with Chung ahead of the World Cyber Games, which will take place in November in Chengdu in less than two months' time.

esq.wind at the WCG qualifier

This change leaves esq.wind with the following line-up:

Korea Jonghyun "jonghyun" Park
Korea Bumgi "peri" Jung
Korea Jihoon "oa" park
Korea Jaekun "kuni" oh
Korea Su-Young "ari" Chung

solid move imo
2009-09-13 23:56
2009-09-13 23:56
wOw~~ wheres hee then?
2009-09-13 23:57
1 reply
hee : will be recruited soon enemy : already in the army mal : no obligation (in korea it's an obligation:( participated in korea IEF tournament as a member of repinZ . ari : yet, he's with esq IEF final : esq win repinz
2009-09-15 11:39
witch one is hojob??
2009-09-13 23:58
2 replies
I think hojob is peri
2009-09-14 04:17
'hojob' is peri
2009-09-15 02:46
nice gl
2009-09-14 00:02
I thought he went to the military?
2009-09-14 00:04
15 replies
So did I.
2009-09-14 00:12
8 replies
Ah well, I'll bet someone will come up with a answer. :D
2009-09-14 00:17
1 reply
Hopefully :)
2009-09-14 00:22
WHAT? haha :D
2009-09-14 00:52
5 replies
So did I = I thought that ari was doing his military service, just as theRIFFER stated.
2009-09-14 01:13
4 replies
Aww. I though you should be in military also at the moment. Sorry :P
2009-09-14 12:01
I don't know how long military service is in South-Korea but as far as i remember, WMF have been with the lineup they have now quite some time.
2009-09-14 22:37
2 replies
South Korean compulsory military service lasts 20 months and MIRAA refers in this news that ari was released in February.
2009-09-14 22:51
1 reply
Ok :P Didn't really re-read the news, it wasn't their when i first read it.
2009-09-14 22:55
So did I. I will get a hold of a Korean speak fellow to find out.
2009-09-14 00:48
4 replies
Is this official by the way, or is that source more of a gossip site?
2009-09-14 01:41
1 reply
Assume it's official, I'll get a 100% confirmation once my South Korean friends wakes up.
2009-09-14 01:47
he lied because he hates eSTRO /wmf :?!
2009-09-14 07:56
1 reply
And comes back 7 months later? :P
2009-09-14 23:37
Does any South Korean coment on here to say about that ? =P
2009-09-14 02:53
good choice
2009-09-14 00:12
1 reply
2009-09-14 00:19
OMG!!! this should shock WMF!!
2009-09-14 00:47
1 reply
they already did
2009-09-14 04:36
I am really looking forward to seeing what esq.wind is capable. Even more so now than ever. I really am still just in awe from how they thwarted WeMade FOX not too long ago... :)
2009-09-14 00:54
hee where are u? -_-
2009-09-14 01:02
If this'll be good remains to be seen, GL tho!
2009-09-14 01:03
CUT LSW AND SNATCH ARI. Stupid WEMADEFOX. Lsw needs to be cut!!!!!
2009-09-14 03:42
ari is a fucking beast!!!!
2009-09-14 03:43
1 reply
Use the edit-button.
2009-09-14 23:37
OMG nice ari . I love ari :D. But where is hee ? join esq.wind too plz :D. I would see ari hee bail solo and termi over again
2009-09-14 03:46
3 replies
glow is the best Korean player atm.
2009-09-14 23:38
2 replies
yeah maybe you are right , but solo and glow are insane .. but i liked more when they were estro than wmf .. but if i could choice the line up for wmf would be solo glow bail ari hee . Insane team :D
2009-09-15 01:52
1 reply
You just said termi instead of glow lol xD
2009-09-15 19:37
Nice move!!!!
2009-09-14 04:09
glow, ari, solo, bail, termi.
2009-09-14 04:54
4 replies
that would be amazing. ari should really go back to wmf... that would be incredible....
2009-09-14 05:26
1 reply
ari at the end of WCG will join wmf (:
2009-09-14 22:01
yeh that would be a beastly lineup
2009-09-14 06:31
2009-09-14 23:38
WMF are stuck. Now they may be regretting why the removed hee and ari in the 1st place itself. LOL THEY LOST TO EG. *_*
2009-09-14 05:45
2 replies
who played great?
2009-09-14 08:50
I think ari went to do military service.
2009-09-14 23:38
hard to tell which team is better esq or WMF , Chengdu will tell i guess :S , but ari is a solid player , gl esq.
2009-09-14 05:47
wow... if ari was able to keep playing why didnt estro/wemadefox keep him, he was like their best player by far :( :(
2009-09-14 06:30
1 reply
He probably wasn't :P
2009-09-14 23:38
w00t.. niceeeeeee... welcome back ari..:) we all missed ya !
2009-09-14 08:48
2009-09-14 09:20
WMF should get rid of lsw and termi and bring back ari and hee
2009-09-14 10:11
2009-09-14 15:46
nice move by esq.
2009-09-14 16:02
where hee?!
2009-09-14 17:54
best WMF lineup solo glow bail hee ari
2009-09-14 17:55
ari used to be a beast, hope he can keep up
2009-09-14 18:00
I'm not sure but as far as i konw.. mong originally plays for clan theNucleus I heard mong is recently playing in team Nucleus in a tournament and maybe he has a personal reason or something for why he's not in esq. better check through irc.. so I guess ari replace mong? - but this is also a news to me hmmm and guys!! hojob means noob, newb in Korea -.-; I dunno why a word 'hojob' is going around here... someone used this as a nick?!?
2009-09-14 18:19
oh, now esq.wind will be so much better, maybe we will see a new korean fantastic team like eSTRO was.
2009-09-14 19:03
ari is great
2009-09-14 19:04
Ari.... So disappointed! :S But solo > ari so... It's not so serious.
2009-09-14 19:32
ari gold???? :O
2009-09-14 22:16
next year wmf line up solo glow bail hee ari hopefully
2009-09-14 22:40
2009-09-14 23:39
peri and ari omg niceeee :DD
2009-09-15 01:52
Solo(Caller/Awper) Ari(Attacker) Glow(Attacker) Bail(Support) Termi(Support) would win!
2009-09-15 01:56
where are hee ? :x
2009-09-15 01:57
i miss you hee! The best Korean player!
2009-09-15 14:18
where are Clipper and bebe ? :DD
2009-09-15 16:37
1 reply
clipper : military
2009-09-16 11:46
nicks and peri = jung ari = chung :D:D:D lol :D
2009-09-16 21:57
2009-09-17 11:06
hee stop cs?
2009-09-17 11:11
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