National EM qualifiers over

Almost all national qualifiers for the European Championship are over and has compiled a list of all the teams involved hereupon.

There is only one slot to fill on the list, in the Qualifying Round 1, which will go to the winner of the Dutch qualifier, to be played later today.

A total of 36 European teams have reached the Qualifying Round 1, where the winners will be rewarded with a spot in the next round. The 18 teams that progress from the second qualifying round will then reach the much-wanted European Championship, which will kick off with six groups of six teams.

The draw for the Qualifying Round 1 will be made this afternoon, so stay tuned to for all the action regarding the European Championship.

European Championship
Qualifying Round 2
Qualifying Round 1
Denmark mTwDenmark dakarma
Sweden wooSai
Denmark Roskilde Ravens
Denmark Spirit of Amiga
Germany mystical Lambda
Denmark Mirror.p00nSweden SK Gaming
Romania neXtPlease!
Sweden fnaticSweden Begrip Gaming
Bulgaria Exitus Letalis
Sweden H2k-GamingGermany n!faculty
Bulgaria Home Dominant
Germany mousesportsGermany You Don't Know Me
Poland Delta
Germany AlternateBulgaria HEADSHOT
France Dimension4
Poland ex-WICKEDFinland munkka
Finland [aalon]
Poland Frag eXecutors
France iGamerz
Hungary volgare
Finland Crack Clan
Switzerland ARTLEZ
Switzerland CFD
Finland Elukkaveljekset
Austria plan-B
Austria Geh aB Clan
France MilleniumSpain UNIBET
Netherlands TBA
France oXmozeUkraine HellRaisers
Spain UNIR
Spain x6tenceUnited Kingdom The Last Resort
Spain Ledpc
United Kingdom DignitasNorway hevn
Czech Republic eSuba
Norway VitriolicRussia PARASHUT
Estonia Glitz!
Ukraine pro100
Poland nitro-team
Belgium Antwerp Aces
Russia EYESports
Netherlands Shadows
Italy Snabba
  Croatia team skozi
  Slovakia Defeaters
  Turkey Dark Passage
  Greece Delinquent Habits
  Serbia PlayMore
  United Kingdom Team Coolermaster
  United Kingdom virtuoso
  Portugal k1ck eSports Club
  Belarus Sport in the Game
  Lithuania PinCho Baltics
  Denmark DSRack
  Russia tp.uSports
  Russia 5F
  Ukraine kerchNET
  Ukraine Amazing Gaming
  Latvia iGO
  Norway Deageless
  Norway visage

Let the Games Begin!!
2009-09-14 13:30
wooo.. i sure hope we see some new rising teams!
2009-09-14 13:36
1 reply
2009-09-15 10:51
no VP :(
2009-09-14 13:36
go go Begrip! gl PM
2009-09-14 13:39
why does denmark already have 3 teams, while the others only have 2 or 1? something i've missed?
2009-09-14 13:46
2 replies
denmark has 5 spots + mTw cuz they are the continental champions
2009-09-14 13:49
1 reply
aren't they the european champions? but fnatic won the GLOBAL finals, why don't they get as much?
2009-09-14 17:03
haha now that's a long list of teams. so many teams for such an obvious top8 (won't say 5) though... kinda sad.
2009-09-14 13:46
1 reply
Czech Republic SirAster
I mean, taht mTw won the title last season + 2 team as sweden germany ,....
2009-09-14 13:48
I want begrip in extreme finals i think they do some big damage at the top teams
2009-09-14 13:50
nitro lu? neXtplease~gl
2009-09-14 13:52
My personal top 10: 1 Fnatic (anything else would be a backstab to my country) 2 mTw 3 mousesports 4 Ex-Wicked (If they're really gonna play, I mean, they dont have an organisation?) 5 Begrip (Can take a higher placing if they put up an A-game!) 6 H2k-Gaming 7 Millenium 8 Sk gaming (If they even make it this far) 9 Alternate 10 WooSai As you can see, Im hoping for my swedish teams in the top 10, WooSai really impressed me so they are a huge danger to every team. They have shown that they can do crazy tactics, can they do it in a big tournament? SK will probably be a huge failure again, dont think they got it just yet. Fnatic is Fnatic and as long as they play an "ok-Fnatic-Game" then they are good. Begrip is on a roll, gogo delphan. My second favorite team tbh. H2k is also dangerous with a lot of good guys. Im looking forward to seeing a lot of the other teams too, such as: n!faculty, Crack Clan, Ravens, Ledpc, SoA, Vitriolic, Dignitas and HellRaisers. This is the event of the year! :D
2009-09-14 14:06
40 replies
I don't know... I liked every part of that top 10 except for you putting Begrip over H2K. I really think people give them too little credit.
2009-09-14 14:12
1 reply
H2k is a great team, yes. But Begrip ran over them last time they met. Begrip is the better team at the moment.
2009-09-14 15:47
+10000000000000000000000000000000000 couldnt agree more on the lower part!:P i think your also going to be right on alot of your predictions, but i see mousesports above mtw^^
2009-09-14 14:14
22 replies
Denmark Danny D3
Because of the latest result or?
2009-09-14 15:30
1 reply
2009-09-14 16:26
Mouz lost big time against TBH.MSI which surprised me alot, also MJE, zonic and Sunde are 3 of my fav players and I cant betray em :D
2009-09-14 15:47
19 replies
wouldnt call it big time 16-13:P but ofc its a match they should have won. lately mouz have been playing great(supercup, gamegune, esl pro series).
2009-09-14 16:27
18 replies
If u saw the match, their CT side was lame. Really lame :) Supercup was really good, yes. They didnt participate at gamegune? :D
2009-09-14 16:54
15 replies
gamegune bilbao^^
2009-09-14 18:09
14 replies
Wasnt that a long time ago?
2009-09-14 18:20
13 replies
couple of months
2009-09-14 18:28
12 replies
exactly :D
2009-09-14 18:32
9 replies
yes and they have staid on that same form.
2009-09-14 19:31
8 replies
true, but TBH.MSI says different, we'll see today when they will face Alternative. I think they just thought they could glock TBH to death :)
2009-09-14 19:37
7 replies
well i think we shouldnt base their form on one match online^^ but your right, lets see today
2009-09-14 19:43
6 replies
I bet on mouz ;D dare to bet against, mate? :)
2009-09-14 19:59
5 replies
haha no, i already have all my money on mouz:P they better win!
2009-09-14 20:03
4 replies
damnit :(
2009-09-14 21:02
3 replies
2009-09-14 21:38
2 replies
hahaha I was really impressed! Even by the manager, he was awesome
2009-09-14 22:00
1 reply
haha yeah:P
2009-09-14 22:10
lol it was not more then 2 months ago
2009-09-14 18:58
1 reply
exactly. couple of months ago.
2009-09-14 19:32
Yeah its only natural Mouse Sports is on fire as of late. For so long they have been hungry for a string of international events and they are finally starting to get a taste of it and won't let go of so easily just yet. I'm really looking forward to see how Mouse Sports deals with EG though in their next encounter. Will be a great match. :)
2009-09-14 16:57
1 reply
agree. deffinatly looking forward to see how EG is going to do it. and i got a feeling its not going to be the same story as the last extreme masters;)
2009-09-14 18:10
EYE top 10 for sure but i dont know where to place them
2009-09-14 15:27
1 reply
They impressed me too, though this is just my personal top 10 list
2009-09-14 15:46
Denmark Danny D3
SoA haha both p00nhandlers and dakarma have a bigger chance than SoA..
2009-09-14 15:36
3 replies
Well I just likes SoA, havent seen Dakarma or p00nhandlers that much :)
2009-09-14 15:45
2 replies
Denmark Danny D3
Check out the lineup of p00nhandlers ;) Timm 'ArcadioN' Henriksen Rasmus 'FaagaN' Møller Thomsen Oliver 'Minet' Ari Minet Martin Alexander 'trace' Bang Heldt Jack 'wazorN' Henriksen
2009-09-14 16:07
1 reply
ArcadioN! Wow, gotta watch them more :D
2009-09-14 16:12
Millenium? Ur kidding right? Even bussifuori can beat them!
2009-09-14 16:05
3 replies
Let me quote myself since you had trouble reading the row in the first post... "My personal top 10:" PERSONAL. Feel free to do your own mate.
2009-09-14 16:13
2 replies
I did read it, i was just surprised to see them in your list. Have you seen their games lately? Cuz i don't think their better than SK or Alternate, or even WooSai.. Just my 2 cents, like u have yours.
2009-09-14 16:21
1 reply
I think they can do way better than SK and Alternate if they get their game going
2009-09-14 16:24
i love woosai too... they can be in the top 10 for sure, but only if they finaly start training
2009-09-14 16:18
1 reply
+1 on that one :D
2009-09-14 16:24
Good one, except that I think that a lot of teams that you didn't mention would beat wooSai:)
2009-09-14 23:49
2 replies
Yeah I know, but I would get a huge orgasm if all Swedish teams placed in top 10 :) Plus, Hyvlarn is one of my favorite and I also think Baengan is one of the most underrated players of ALL times.
2009-09-15 14:52
1 reply
Yeah I agree with you, everything you said.
2009-09-15 19:35
I can feel it in my pants!! this is going to be a great tournament:D
2009-09-14 14:12
Synck ? :D
2009-09-14 14:15
1 reply
Lost to glitz! in their qualifier.
2009-09-14 23:49
great :D
2009-09-14 14:18
go go digni xD xx
2009-09-14 14:28
GO k1ck! GO foxj! The 3rd best AWP in the world!
2009-09-14 14:29
1 reply
2009-09-14 15:01
does anyone have idea what time will the qualifying round 1 matchups be posted ?
2009-09-14 14:33
1 reply
teams individualy choose date and time to play their matches, but have to play until 23th Sep, so there wont be like nations qualify
2009-09-14 19:03
I'll keep my fingers crossed for n! go ODIE
2009-09-14 14:33
holland has ateam called TBA?
2009-09-14 14:36
1 reply
Denmark Danny D3
I don't think the qualifiers are finished there, know nothing about it though TBA = To Be Announced
2009-09-14 15:36
So when this amazing tornament will start?
2009-09-14 14:42
2 replies
2009-09-14 16:08
feb/march 2010?
2009-09-14 19:04
iGO gl!
2009-09-14 14:44
gl nextplease///do something ...put all you got
2009-09-14 14:45
1 reply
:) lets hope
2009-09-14 14:52
cmon k1ck!
2009-09-14 14:45
k1ck GO!!
2009-09-14 14:48
go glitz go go
2009-09-14 14:54
GL eSuba !!
2009-09-14 14:54
gl k1ck
2009-09-14 15:02
2009-09-14 15:05
gl EYE and PARASHUT=\ virtus:(
2009-09-14 15:06
fnatic ? ... YES,FNATIC GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-09-14 15:07
Vitriolic/SK/Crack Clan gogogogogoogogo
2009-09-14 15:10
SK-Gaming over there, they have to prove something urgently right now
2009-09-14 15:14
wish luck to all bulgarian teams :) go ahead bulgarian lions :)
2009-09-14 15:19
go SK..
2009-09-14 15:24
9 replies
Do you have any knowledge concerning ex-Wicked and if they are going?
2009-09-14 15:51
8 replies
i don't really care :D
2009-09-14 15:55
1 reply
Oh ok, just wondering, since you're from Poland. Thanks anyway :-)
2009-09-14 16:03
there's still so long time until main tournament start, so dont worry before, but still I think they will go, cuz it's in Germany, so next to Poland
2009-09-14 19:06
5 replies
oh right! silly me, forgot about that. But still, hotels and stuff costs serious cash, hopefully they wont have to pay it themselves.
2009-09-14 19:10
4 replies
No they don't for a grown up man:P
2009-09-14 23:50
3 replies
Depends really, I mean, its Germany, as far as I've understood, Poland is not the richest country in the world. On the other hand, the guys in Ex-Wicked dont seem poor. Lets hold our thumbs for em, hopefully they get a decent organisation, thats the least they deserve.
2009-09-15 14:54
2 replies
You don't have to live with luxury:)
2009-09-15 19:34
1 reply
haha I guess you're right :)
2009-09-15 20:18
gl nextplease , but i think mouz and fnatic will reach in big final :ppppPpPPPPP
2009-09-14 15:26
2009-09-14 15:26
no teams from B&H :(
2009-09-14 15:36
7 replies
:( i'm sad atm
2009-09-14 15:45
4 replies
well, I'm almost crying ;(
2009-09-14 15:49
3 replies
Jesus, you take this wayyyyy too serious..
2009-09-14 23:50
2 replies
LOL ;)
2009-09-15 01:21
1 reply
2009-09-15 19:37
Im representing bosnia, no prblms
2009-09-17 19:05
1 reply
:b So I hope that you win... as Begrip ;D strong skill :P gl
2009-09-17 20:10
GO K1CK! ;)
2009-09-14 15:39
Hope for lighter oppponent's for PlayMore!!! GLGL
2009-09-14 15:40
what about pgs? szpero was owner of account of LIKWIDACJA shouldnt they be in? btw szpero replace phone1x in pgs who ones that dont know :P then jOOlz replace szpero ;D .. any info about nitro team?
2009-09-14 15:46
5 replies
They are that nitro-team in Q2 round
2009-09-14 15:44
1 reply
r u sure ? O.o :D
2009-09-14 15:50
pgs wont attend cuz szpero isnt in pgs anymore. szpero will attend with his friends - mix team: brd, demo, destru, jACU, szpero they are not very known even in poland, so dont expect much, they just want some fun too bad for PGS :/
2009-09-14 19:09
2 replies
are you serious?:O omfg i thought that he give them likwiadcja acc?:/ really bad ;/ btw hope to see delta win with kerchnet :D <dream> and fx to do better than at gg :))
2009-09-14 19:39
Is that nitro-team?
2009-09-14 23:51
2009-09-14 15:47
Lets go K1CK, we trust you!
2009-09-14 16:02
hevn : D
2009-09-14 16:02
When is this starting?
2009-09-14 16:05
Go neXtPlease! Go you can beat the all Gooo yeeeeee yeeeeee ^^
2009-09-14 16:06
Omg I can't wait! LET'S GO hevn btw!
2009-09-14 16:07
no slovenia team :S
2009-09-14 16:12
lol... dignitas in the european championship, SK & begrip in the qualifying round 2, kN & amazing gaming in the qualifying round 1... (btw, does anyone know which team will play instead of iGamerz? qwerty.ilogames?)
2009-09-14 16:23
1 reply
It would be unfair to award sweden 4 slots in the main round.. i'm sure they won't struggle to win their qualifier game so don't worry.
2009-09-14 16:51
2009-09-14 16:24
CAN anyone tell me when will these games start?
2009-09-14 16:35
2 replies
1st october i think
2009-09-14 16:50
QR1 have to have been played before 23rd Sept according to ninus.
2009-09-14 23:52
SK Gaming good luck
2009-09-14 16:36
go HD!
2009-09-14 16:43
go glitz. prove synck that you owned them because gene is noob not because m was drunk.
2009-09-14 16:57
neXt!Please ^^ gogogo
2009-09-14 17:04
Glitz! no change....
2009-09-14 17:28
2 replies
i think you meant no "chance" ? :D
2009-09-14 17:41
Yes, you're right. No changes in lineup during EM.
2009-09-23 20:07
yea :D
2009-09-14 17:42
Portugal fanatic2k
it would be difficult for k1ck
2009-09-14 18:01
2009-09-14 18:15
The winners of QR1 qualifies for QR2. Is it possible that a QR1 winner plays vs another QR1 winner, or do the winners of QR1 matches play vs clans that are already qualified for QR2? I hope someone has a clue what I'm talking about :D.
2009-09-14 18:26
1 reply
propobly, winners from QR1 will join to players from QR2 and there will be again lottery who play with who
2009-09-14 19:11
gl playmore
2009-09-14 19:21
If p00n trains i think they will did a great damage to top teams xD.
2009-09-14 19:37
fnatic , wooSai , eSuba , Defeaters gl :)
2009-09-14 19:54
nitro-team rotfl, they are going to lose 0:16 to every opponent.
2009-09-14 20:15
Go Vitriolic ! ye
2009-09-14 21:58
PlayMore ftw!!!
2009-09-14 23:43
googogogogogogogogogo SK
2009-09-15 07:05
go Dark Passage go !
2009-09-15 13:59
PinCho GL
2009-09-15 14:54
go go go mTw!
2009-09-15 19:25
2009-09-16 09:03
glitz :)
2009-09-23 19:40
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