DreamHack Open Leipzig Fantasy goes live with big changes

HLTV.org's Fantasy returns in 2020, starting with a game for DreamHack Open Leipzig powered by 1xBet. With the new year, we bring changes to the Fantasy rules, amongst others, limiting the number of players that can be drafted from a single team.

With the update, we have addressed a number of criticisms about the Fantasy game, with the most apparent issue being the possibility to build your Fantasy team around a single roster in the Money Draft. The new ruleset limits the number of players from a single squad to two, requiring users to be more diverse with their selections.

MSL's first match since returning to North will be at DH Leipzig

Player prices will now also be adjusted according to their team's rank, making those from higher ranked teams more expensive and lowering the price of the underdogs. The changes won't be massive (around +$7000 for best teams, -$7000 for worst teams), but should provide more balance to the prices.

Alongside that, players will now be rewarded if their team wins (+6 points) and punished if they lose (-3 points), while the points received based on ratings will be slightly lowered. Additionally, padding will now be applied to all players until they are eliminated, after which they will receive -3 points for every round until the end of the tournament.

Roles have stayed the same for the biggest part, but boosters have been changed to be simpler and easier to follow during a live match.

The full list of changes can be found below:

- Money Draft: A maximum of two players from one team can be drafted by users
- Money Draft: Initial player price updated to take into account team rank
- Point system: Players get "Team points" (+6 for win, -3 for loss), while the points from rating have been lowered
- Roles: removed one, added one
- Boosters: redone and simplified
- Updated stats on player card
- Hover on the round breakdown to see player best and worst in each round

DreamHack Open Leipzig takes place on January 24-26, with signups for Fantasy closing a couple hours before the first between Virtus.pro and BIG at 11:00 .

Create your own league and invite friends by going here, or join the HLTV x 1xBet Fantasy League and fight for the $175 prize pool provided by our partners:

1. $100
2. $50
3. $25

The winnings will be paid out via PayPal, with the winners being contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile.

If you are new to Fantasy, check out our Introduction and Money Draft announcements. Let us know your feedback on the changes in the Bugs & Improvements forum.

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Ye nice
2020-01-21 19:22
Myanmar Jiyn[IYN] 
2020-01-21 19:24
ez Jame
2020-01-22 17:43
2020-01-21 19:37
Switzerland x676 
2020-01-21 19:22
Ez4North xaxa
2020-01-21 19:23
United States Bonger 
Sprout will destroy them 😎😎
2020-01-21 19:29
Nt Germano MSL 30 bomb 16-5
2020-01-21 19:39
United States Bonger 
2020-01-21 19:48
2020-01-21 19:23
2020-01-21 19:42
Easy for Norph
2020-01-21 19:23
2020-01-21 20:28
2020-01-21 19:23
United States BlackLiquidFan 
2020-01-21 19:24
Finland Emvi 
2020-01-21 19:28
United States Bonger 
finally Pog
2020-01-21 19:28
Cool changes.
2020-01-21 19:30
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
gj Prof
2020-01-21 19:31
Russia Xterli 
Finally u can win without full grandfinal team
2020-01-21 19:31
Very expected
2020-01-21 19:37
Denmark Notallama 
2020-01-21 19:38
2020-01-21 19:41
2020-01-21 19:37
This actually nice change, that's was stupid with stacking 5 players from one team
2020-01-21 19:37
Germany Neckarstadion 
Isn't it stupid to lower the individual points in exchange for higher team points, since now there is even less of a reason to use a player who is not from the top teams? Bad change imo!
2020-01-21 19:59
2020-01-21 22:57
Yessssss thanks
2020-01-21 20:15
looking much better. Good job!
2020-01-21 20:15
Brazil NahT_ 
great changes gj hltv
2020-01-21 20:19
2020-01-21 20:19
Bulgaria zhelyazkoG 
What is the point, after the tournament for fantasy recap ? Very often best team is made from 3 players from same team, which won the tournament. Or will be different for the new ( fantasy recap) ?
2020-01-21 21:08
Netherlands Sem0733 
Maybe read the article?
2020-01-21 21:15
Bulgaria zhelyazkoG 
I read, but then hltv.org will make news for fantasy recap, and before best team was with 3 players from 1 team .
2020-01-21 21:17
We still don't understand what you mean.
2020-01-22 08:05
2020-01-21 21:15
2020-01-21 21:20
Seems good changes, player pricing used to be totally wack often times and it was pointless take some lower team players as they had default price, lets see if there is some improvement regarding this xd
2020-01-21 21:30
Netherlands poekieswaq 
I love that you can only choose 2 players from 1 team
2020-01-21 21:40
2020-01-21 21:41
2020-01-21 21:50
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
2020-01-21 22:34
2020-01-21 23:33
I hope there's an improvement for when tournaments have games of different rounds played at the same time, beacuse that used to mess up the whole game
2020-01-22 02:30
Great changes
2020-01-22 02:31
Nice changes
2020-01-22 09:44
free 100 U$ against brainlet users LOL
2020-01-22 15:36
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