BLAST Group A, ICE Challenge Fantasy games live with cash prizes

We have opened the Fantasy games for ICE Challenge 2020 and the first BLAST Premier group stage, with cash prizes for both events provided by our partner 1xBet.

Fantasy has been updated at the start of the year, as we explained in the post ahead of DreamHack Open Leipzig, with users in Money Draft leagues being limited to just two players from the same squad, among other changes.

Aleksib and allu will face off in the first match of ICE Challenge

The same system will be used in the two Fantasy games starting soon, those for BLAST Premier Spring Series Group A and ICE Challenge. The events vary in duration and teams attending, but the cash prizes for both events will be the same - $175 provided by our partner 1xBet.

1. $150
2. $75
3. $25

Join the public leagues and win prizes by following the link below:

HLTV x 1xBet ICE Challenge League
HLTV x 1xBet BLAST Group A League

The winnings will be paid out via PayPal, with the winners being contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile.

If you are new to Fantasy, check out our Introduction and Money Draft announcements. Let us know your feedback on the changes in the Bugs & Improvements forum.

United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
OG best? LANtuu carry?
2020-01-29 17:18
Argentina Chief02 
2020-01-29 17:21
2020-01-29 17:22
Sweden quacke 
2020-01-29 17:26
Aleksib revenge
2020-01-29 17:27
Canada 0_WeWe_0 
2020-01-29 18:29
Denmark simple_0_major 
2020-01-29 17:29
Only 175 cmon make it 1k with 10 places paid. Thanks.
2020-01-29 17:29
France LeDiplomate 
2020-01-29 17:33
Korea XigNGODtop1 
2020-01-29 17:34
lets go navi
2020-01-29 17:41
2020-01-29 17:47
only 100 for first place really
2020-01-29 17:55
2020-01-29 17:57
Mmm cashy washy gimme gimme
2020-01-29 18:16
2020-01-29 18:18
Why Perfecto is the costliest!!!!!
2020-01-29 18:20
Finland schurmn 
Perfecto more expensive than s1mple, seems reasonable
2020-01-29 18:40
Russia CepGamer 
He has better rating, seems legit. Also S1mple wasn't #1 this year, so someone had to claim the spot. /s Seriously though, I'd like to see who picked him up for real.
2020-01-30 05:34
Turkey Kukiv 
Lets go pro season is back
2020-01-29 19:08
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
How will teams play in both of these tournaments at the same time? Like Na`Vi?
2020-01-29 19:15
blast runs really long time as it is kinda league type thing, navi group is later time
2020-01-29 19:45
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Right. Thanks. Didn't see.
2020-01-29 19:48
just look at the schedules
2020-01-29 20:37
2020-01-29 21:45
@professeur Im interested, how is winner determined in Blast Premier Fantasy game ? We will have new Fantasy game for Blast Premier Group B, C separated?
2020-01-30 01:39
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