zneel: "I feel very disappointed"

HLTV.org caught up with SK Gaming outcast Jim "zneel" Andersson for a chat about his time with the Swedish giants.

SK Gaming announced this morning they had parted company with both Marcus "zet" Sundström and Jim "zneel" Andersson following a recent run of disappointing results.

Andersson, who had joined from Begrip in August, has now become a free agent after less than two months at SK Gaming, during which he attend three events, without reaching the final in any of them.

In this exclusive interview with HLTV.org, he reveals how he discovered he would not continue at SK and also comments on his future as a professional player.

SK Gaming announced this morning that you and zet were no longer on the team. What are your feelings right now?

Of course I feel very disappointed at the moment. But if they think they’re doing the right decision, I can’t blame them.

There had rumours about your exit for quite some time, but when did SK tell you that you would not continue?

Well if there’s one thing I’m a bit frustrated about it’s this. I haven’t actually heard from anyone in SK about this whole situation, except from RobbaN about two days ago. I’ve basically read everything at rakaka.se, and I think the SK-management should have had the guts to talk to me personally about this at some point.

What was the reason given by SK for not wanting you in their ranks anymore?

Since I just heard from RobbaN about me and zet leaving I’m not so sure. They haven’t said anything about why I had to leave, or what I did wrong really. I really don’t feel so updated on this question.

According to the official announcement, you "did not fit correctly with the team". What do they mean by that?

I don't know, they haven't said anything to me before, you'll have to talk to SK about that.

Do you feel you could have continued at SK?

Yes, definitely. It would have been really fun still playing with them, since I really enjoyed it.

How would you rate your displays during your time at SK?

I´m satisfied although my conditions weren't the best – not that much practicing, get to know all the players and find my role. I don't know what they expected from me in 1-3 weeks, clearly they're not satisfied with my performances.

You joined SK at the beginning of August. Did you ever think that, less than two months later, you would be back on the market?

No I didn't expect that. Too bad.

Do you regret leaving Begrip Gaming, who recently won the IOL Final 4, for SK, considering you are now a free agent?

No I don't, only the way I had to leave them – behind their back.

What do you mean?

SK told me I had to keep it as a secret, so I was not able to tell them what was going on. Then of course, it came as a shock to them. It was frustrating, but we're friends again.

According to rakaka.se, SK Gaming are training with face and kHRYSTAL from H2k. What can you say about this?

Nothing, it's their choice. Good luck.

What will you do now? Will you continue playing? Do you have any offers already?

I don't know yet. Maybe I will continue playing, haven't decided anything yet. Offers? Yes ;)

shame..he is good player and i hope that this mess will not affect on his skills
2009-09-15 22:43
maybe will improve because of that. who knows :D
2009-09-15 22:54
good for zneel maybe he can find a solid team and beat up on SK since they are faltering latley.
2009-09-15 22:46
nice reading MIRAA. You improve the "value" of this site with your fine articles and interviews.
2009-09-15 22:47
Thanks, it is great to hear such comments. Be sure to expect more interviews in the future ;)
2009-09-15 22:49
2009-09-15 22:54
2009-09-15 23:11
Chile VATZ 
2009-09-15 23:31
+ lately hltv.org became rly beast, keep rising
2009-09-16 12:17
SK Management seems a little fucked up.
2009-09-15 22:47
I must say, zneel was the best in the team...
2009-09-15 22:49
the only logical explanation for your post is that you are blind; literaly! don't take it personaly, I respect everybody's oppinion, but this is impossible
2009-09-15 23:14
Slovakia mscL 
Ain't funny. He wasn't the best 4 sh0.
2009-09-15 23:21
have u watched the wcg sweden??? h2k vs sk. zneel cost them the entry to the wcg in 2 OT. 3 on 2 situation and they cover b bombsite. i remembered crystal and niko carried two awps with little hp to retake the site and defuse. come on , that round is fucking ridiculous. sk's decision is right. cut zneel. fucking weak player!!!
2009-09-16 03:44
If they were 3, why do you blame zneel and only zneel for it?
2009-09-18 23:57
well they could give him another shot I think. gl at the future mate. and for who that does the reports, please use their nicks not their last names. its so annoying.
2009-09-15 22:53
i feel sorry about him.. but it's better for SK to keep RobbaN, walle and allen in the line-up. they are solid, mainly RobbaN
2009-09-15 22:50
2009-09-16 08:50
2009-09-18 23:57
United States BGS 
2009-09-15 22:50
hope zneel find a good team.. gL buddy =)))
2009-09-15 22:50
how long is it to chengdu event>?
2009-09-15 22:51
The event is 1-3rd of October, so roughly 3 weeks.
2009-09-15 22:56
okey thanks
2009-09-15 22:57
Nixon, do u have any informations is it possible that khrystal and face are going to play for SK, how much percent? :))
2009-09-15 22:58
I know nothing.
2009-09-15 23:01
I would say it like this: SK would not kick zet and zneel if they not already have two players that will replace them. That is what i'm thinking :D
2009-09-15 23:01
sk have to pay their players, so they would have fired them now if they had thought that anyways they wouldn't win anything for them.
2009-09-15 23:20
hope he comes back even stronger in a new team and SHOOT the heads of SK :)
2009-09-15 22:52
2009-09-16 18:08
SK only had to kick zet for snajdan to call tatics. zneel deserved a better chance. too bad they didn't learn anything in the get_right case.
2009-09-15 22:52
snajdan as a strat caller? walle & robban are good enough at this, sk need fresh blood and sick aimers, like fury or moddiii (imo)
2009-09-15 23:22
Romania chns 
walle himself said that a change of style is needed....so yes...they need Snajdan they shouldn't kick zneel,hes a great player!
2009-09-16 12:11
yes snajdan is a stratcaller and probably the best of all times 2....he is better then walle and robban as igl.
2009-09-16 16:25
Greece Vik1 
well , i am gonna tell u why they kicked you. U lost a very important 1v1 @d2,and ur not in the level of get_right.
2009-09-15 22:56
LOL!thats what cs is all about,losing one important 1v1 round
2009-09-15 23:08
for sure loosing a 1v1 against threat is really shameful ;)
2009-09-15 23:23
rofl zneet leaves Begrip to SK, Begrip destroys SK at IOL Season 4, zneel is replaced by moddiii, looks like you made a terrible decision zneel.
2009-09-15 22:59
Sweden pita 
Kicking zneel from SK was and is the biggest mistake SK has done since releasing GTR... SK = LOL orga tbh :))
2009-09-15 23:15
Sweden Vilseledd 
yeah haha, esport player of the year 2010 to zneel :P
2009-09-15 23:35
Sweden pita 
Yeah, zneel is one of the best players ive ever played with. Dno whats up with SK, weirdos ^^
2009-09-16 00:06
Some one said that SK kicked zneel for adding you, pita :)) How about that?
2009-09-16 05:45
I think pita will stay in begrip and bring in zneel^^
2009-09-16 14:29
is that "someone" you? :P
2009-09-16 14:29
2009-09-16 19:32
tbh,pita, you were not wise when U said "SK= LOL org". Because of that U will never been picked by SK... You want to play for Begrip 4ever, don't U? LOL
2009-09-16 19:34
SK AREacting unproffesional :)
2009-09-16 21:34
My goal with playing cs is not joining SK. Its becoming the best, and right now we wope their asses, so i dont need those thoughts about SK atm :PP
2009-09-17 07:04
nice answer :)
2009-09-17 09:22
nice answer,pita... Then, show us how you become the best with Begrip...
2009-09-17 10:54
Ofc they look here and refrain from contracting him just due to that comment!
2009-09-18 23:59
Well, Begrip is moving up, SK has already proven, that they are going down.. :) They had a top 3 team, but now and a goooood period off time, they will not have a great team :)
2009-09-20 04:50
Zneel just isn't SK material :)
2009-09-17 22:58
gl zneel
2009-09-15 23:18
SK allways making bad decisions. First GeT_RiGhT, then SpawN, Tentpole, zet and zneel ffs... If they keep kicking away talents like those, they will never get through this situation.
2009-09-15 23:27
Romania chns 
SpawN? r u kiddin?he lost motivation long time ago!
2009-09-16 12:13
SpawN and Tentpole LEFT didn't they?
2009-09-19 00:00
I feel sorry for zneel, such a good player. :| Anyways, it's easier to buy the players rather than beating their team, you know what I mean .. :D
2009-09-15 23:31
SK's supposed professionalism going down the drain, definitely.
2009-09-15 23:35
it sucks that he found out from rakaka. very unprofessional. Makes a mockery of esports i think it is safe to say!
2009-09-16 02:22
All sports have their unsportsmanlike conducts and vicious hits below the belt, why would e-sports be any different ? Maybe they screwed with SK.cs, but overall the organization is really good for e-sports and the fans.
2009-09-16 03:36
Oh yeah don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying anything bad about the SK organisation as such - but for zneel, gaming is a 'career'. To find out second hand in any similar situation or circumstance is bad, AND unprofessional
2009-09-16 03:48
France mso 
2009-09-16 17:52
The player which Sk kicks out actually shines up.. GTR :D and now maybe zneel ? time will tell :D
2009-09-15 23:44
Lithuania fRls 
So if that happens, I wanna join Sk and be kicked out :D
2009-09-15 23:51
Can i say +1
2009-09-16 04:33
2009-09-16 11:24
LOOOOL :D So GeT_RiGhT should thank SK :D
2009-09-16 05:51
solo glow bail termi zneel you heard it here first.
2009-09-15 23:56
United States mah9 
seems like a nice guy, they really didnt give him much of a chance to do anything.
2009-09-16 00:09
Sweden taM 
This isn't the first time they go about recruiting and/or kicking players in a very unprofessional manner. Assuming that khrystal and face join SK it would be interesting to see snajdan and zneel in H2K. Though I would much prefer them to stay in H2K and for SK to find other players. Preferably not in H2K nor Begrip.
2009-09-16 00:18
SK have made so many mistakes now, hope everything works out though.
2009-09-16 00:17
zneel whas good, and he didt deserve to be kicked, but if we say walle robban allen, are too long time together, no way someone of them will be replaced with zneel...
2009-09-16 00:18
Good luck zneel, you truly are a good player and from what I see, a good person. I hope you find a new home. :)
2009-09-16 01:03
Romania chns 
2009-09-16 12:14
now SK will destroy some of the maybe in future best team in the world .. h2k or begrip .. :S
2009-09-16 01:05
wahah so many issues even zneel ddnt know what is happening XD ....
2009-09-16 01:07
Damn, SK Is Sad. Why Zneel and not just Zet?
2009-09-16 01:28
2009-09-16 01:29
Bad to hear these movements from SK. Also bad from Zneels point of view. SK being pathetic.
2009-09-16 01:35
Is SK so mad about winning that they don't dare going down the way hurting their PR. When I hear SK, its like rumors and itching player transfers. Well good players always make their way through.
2009-09-16 01:48
im hoping and guessing wooSai.se picks up zneel, +zneel -fury (most overrated player I know)
2009-09-16 02:09
I wouldn't rule out Molander as a replacement for some reason. Just a strange feeling I have. Sucks for Zneel, and Zet. Anything could have contributed for missing the flight for all we know. Going by what is said by the management it is hard to judge. Two sides to every story. Perhaps we need an interview from zet too!
2009-09-16 03:36
1)It sucks to know that you are fired from Second hand source. 2)It sucks to read the comments where you praise zneel out of humility. Dont praise him only because he is fired and he is a nice guy.Get real.This guy deserves respect.But from only those who really respected him.Not from those who are just putting a few good words here and trying to show their sentimental shit.I hate Hypocrites.
2009-09-16 04:21
im glad to see that he got offers shame on sk why they always play the bad role
2009-09-16 05:06
Lithuania daG~ 
sk are loosing their fans :D:D
2009-09-16 07:12
SK sux big time, not telling him about their intentions is just lame. Of course he is disappointed, SK first picks him and then removes him after just 1-3 weeks..
2009-09-16 08:04
1-3 weeks? Almost 2 months. :P
2009-09-19 00:02
Denmark dubb 
i lost a great amount of respect for SK
2009-09-16 08:18
SK sucks, walle and robban get out there and revive NiP !!111
2009-09-16 08:25
the only mistake SK did was to 'fire' Tentpole. zet and zneel sucked, they would make a big hit if they would get insane aimers, that's the only thing SK misses
2009-09-16 10:08
Didn't Tentpole leave?..
2009-09-19 00:02
What most of you guys simply dont get, is the fact that its the TEAM or the core team members, who are making decisions and not the SK management. So what RobbaN said simply was the only reason you would ever get. Dont blame the SK management for this one. Even tho i feel sorry for zneel because i think he has a huge talent and will start to own like getright very soon. Im pretty sure. Find a good new home zneel!
2009-09-16 08:56
oh, so the guys at SK didn't bother to tell zneel anything, too, except for RobbaN "mentioning" it ? Dude, you are obviously wrong...
2009-09-16 10:46
I love how there was a bds interview (not sure where maybe here) and he was avoiding all the questions and then he is the one who makes the announcement pffft should have been budak!
2009-09-16 10:09
Zneel for fntaic, that's the history of SK, a player not fithing ther team, gos to a rival and became awsome......just wait we will see im in action agains SK and we will RAPE THEM ALL GL zneel
2009-09-16 11:05
OMG, this really did it. Now I don't have any kind of respect left for SK's current management responsible for CS division. How they handle players is just disgusting, to say the least. It's below even basic human standards, not mentioning professional etiquette. The guy doesn't even know why was he kicked ! And the story behind "keep it a secret" when zneel left begrip is sure shady as well, another example of ill-mannered conduct, it perfectly shows what kind of people are leading SK right now. FFS this is one of the most abominable things I've read in a long time... P.S. thanks very much MIRAA for the interview. P.P.S. thanks even more to zneel for this interview and his honest answers. (ahah, compare it to what bds "said" just days ago.) P.P.P.S. what the f**k are you doing, SK ?!
2009-09-16 11:12
totally agree, what a lame organisation SK is.
2009-09-16 14:28
MIRAA can you interview SpawN and see watsup with him
2009-09-16 11:32
sk will be powerfull soon...i trust
2009-09-16 12:33
hate sk
2009-09-16 13:53
maybe now he will become a killingmachine like get_right.
2009-09-16 14:33
Singapore Nephalith 
lol i too, sense a deja vu happening against SK. karma is a b*tch.
2009-09-16 18:30
Lithuania D3t 
sk suck ass, lamest organisation of all time!
2009-09-16 15:08
zneel wasn't good enough, i don't see nothing strange
2009-09-16 15:32
just like pionas in MYM = now zneel kicked.. GL !
2009-09-16 15:57
Agreed... zneel < Tent, so he was kicked :D
2009-09-16 19:27
They should kick one of the members who've been there like over 3 years (walle, robban and allen). They're obviously the reason they don't win anything.
2009-09-16 17:02
sk want money, that's it
2009-09-16 18:04
Who don't? :)) LOL
2009-09-16 20:05
Romania Segue! 
profesionalism 0 from SK.!.
2009-09-16 18:09
gg zneel..
2009-09-16 19:15
Estonia rYm 
sk-gaming never respected their players...
2009-09-16 19:20
it all cames back... you can see it your self..
2009-09-16 20:00
Miraa YOU ARE A BEAUTY for these articals! Me personally, i think the sk mangement have fucked up big time, with all these roster changes, might give the team instibility, and instibility can lead to dangerours things, i wonder what alln, robban and walle are thinking. are they thinkin shit i cant have a bad game or im out? its not the players, its the mangement, EPIC FAIL! xx
2009-09-16 19:57
If the players wouldn't agree about kicking them they wouldn't have been kicked.. :P
2009-09-19 00:04
2009-09-19 22:56
whats the point in having a mangement then ? =/
2009-09-19 22:57
Well, ofc the management takes decisions aswell but walle is basically a part of the management. :)
2009-09-21 22:05
Sweden Ten 
Back in the days all team if the had will to play well as a team, had to play as a team and do those boring pcw:s at late nights and maybe if the team not perform as u wish make a change in the roster. Not make changes just for make changes. I hope SK will ge the fire back to put in the game again, but i don't think they will perform if the players is not committed. no pain, no glory SK Ihope to zneel is playing i a new team soon u deserve that.
2009-09-16 19:58
bad sk
2009-09-17 10:05
2009-09-17 18:39
zneel good luck , find best team for you :) GL guy:)
2009-09-17 19:29
Keep ya head UP :D GL
2009-09-17 22:45
Best of luck to zneel. I know he'll find his way. :)
2009-09-18 02:49
I hope I'll see Snajdan & face back to SK in the future. :D
2009-09-20 10:15
zneel is a great player, they will regret this imo.
2009-09-21 15:02
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