Complexity stunned by SMASH in last EU Minor open qualifier

The team list for the closed qualifier for the Europe Minor is now complete following the end of the fourth open bracket.

The third time was not the charm for Complexity after they succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of SMASH in their third attempt to qualify for the closed bracket. Benjamin "⁠blameF⁠" Bremer's troops, who had impressed at BLAST Premier last week with victories over Astralis and Vitality, almost completed a reverse sweep in the series but were made to pay the ultimate price after wasting a 14-11 lead on Inferno, a map where they had endured a rough 0-8 start.

The failure to reach the closed qualifier is a bitter pill for Complexity to swallow, almost three months after the team's creation. They will return to action in a week's time at DreamHack Open Anaheim, where they will face a stacked field of contenders, including forZe, MIBR and Gen.G.

Complexity fail to qualify for the closed bracket

Meanwhile, Copenhagen Flames picked up the other spot in the closed bracket following a 2-0 victory over Illuminar, Poland's last hope of having a team at the Rio Major. Paweł "⁠innocent⁠" Mocek's side, who are trying out Karol "⁠rallen⁠" Rodowicz and Michał "⁠snatchie⁠" Rudzki, had begun the day with a 16-3 thrashing of SKADE but were denied by Danes in the decisive round of the qualifier.

This will be the first-ever Minor closed qualifier for Copenhagen Flames, who ended 2019 with a runner-up finish at Qi Banja Luka. Asger "⁠AcilioN⁠" Larsen's troops, who are ranked fifth in Denmark, will be looking to build on this success in the European closed qualifier for FLASHPOINT, kicking off Friday.

Featuring a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket, the closed qualifier will be held from March 7-8. The top eight sides will secure berths at the Minor, from which two teams will secure direct entry into the Rio Major's New Challengers Stage.

The final team list for the qualifier is the following:

Poland Karol 'rallen' Rodowicz
Karol 'rallen' Rodowicz
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Poland Paweł 'innocent' Mocek
Paweł 'innocent' Mocek
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Asger 'AcilioN' Larsen
Asger 'AcilioN' Larsen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Poland Michał 'snatchie' Rudzki
Michał 'snatchie' Rudzki
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer
Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Hahaha "JUGGERNAUT" cant even win vs tier8 team in a bo3
2020-02-14 01:07
New Zealand rOtten_97
2020-02-14 01:07
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
This results wont be tolerated
2020-02-14 01:07
xxaxaxaxaxaxaaxaxxaxaaxxxaaxax rush guettin another deserved sack??????🧐🧐🧐🧐
2020-02-14 01:08
No he will be able to keep stealing paychecks for 1.5 years like he has done for the majority of his carreer.
2020-02-14 01:15
I'm not a big fan of Rush, but he's been their best player in both the qualifier and Blast (technically poizon was rated higher, but Rush had a higher KDR and a better +/-).
2020-02-14 03:54
becoz csgo is just about de killz
2020-02-14 09:41
It's not but if you watched the matches his kills were impactful and he clearly helped call rotations for his team because of his presence on sites. But yup you're right, good job!
2020-02-14 15:06
rating > k/d na brain
2020-02-14 11:42
you get his point, rush is by far not the worst player in complexity
2020-02-14 14:01
who is the worst then
2020-02-14 14:01
not for me to say
2020-02-14 14:02
New Zealand rOtten_97
Well it's definitely not one of the EU kids, and oBo is better than rush, so that leaves you just him.
2020-02-15 01:49
Literally said it's not for me to say, because it wasn't my point
2020-02-15 03:38
Statistically speaking you're wrong here (in the context of the games we are talking about, at least). K0nfig was been their worst player, and RUSH was far better than oBo overall. As I said, I don't like RUSH, but he played very well at Blast and wasn't bad online.
2020-02-15 17:00
Thank you for understanding my point!
2020-02-14 15:32
That better rating was poizon at .01 you silly fucker.
2020-02-14 15:07
o, my bad then
2020-02-14 15:28
It was kind of a bait on my part, because I figured someone would say something about it if I omitted the .01 part (1.16 vs 1.17).
2020-02-14 15:34
"he's by far their best player, even though one of them was better"
2020-02-14 14:06
Lower kdr, worse +/- ratio with a rating .01 higher. But I know, it's tough being stupid so you get a pass!
2020-02-14 15:09
you talk from experience, right?
2020-02-14 19:10
Oh man, that sick burn really showed me. What's next, you fucked my mother?
2020-02-14 19:21
I'm not your age dude, I'm way more mature than that
2020-02-14 23:27
You are, guaranteed, a lot younger than me. You clearly aren't mature given your responses.
2020-02-15 01:01
I mean, I'm not the one that insulted someone else because I failed to clarify what I was trying to say
2020-02-15 14:21
You're right! I was vague about the rating. It was purely intentional. But you DID try to insult me, while not even considering if what I said was designed to illicit that form of self-congratulation so I could make fun of it. So, I mean, you're still a childish hypocrite who sucks at logic.
2020-02-15 16:47
I mocked your phrasing, I never insulted you, don't be stupid
2020-02-15 18:01
The entire purpose of mocking someone is to insult them indirectly.
2020-02-15 19:13
whatever you say, dude...
2020-02-15 23:27
Being dismissive doesn't make your assertions any less incorrect, my friend.
2020-02-16 00:33
Can't edit that last comment. Anyway, I'm not even being an asshole here, but you DON'T seem like a total idiot. Anyway, point is, this conversation isn't a hill to die on, if you get what I'm saying.
2020-02-16 01:35
do you think we better take it on PM? I don't want the casual reader to see an endless thread of nonsense by us
2020-02-16 05:32
Eh it's fine. Let's just move on! I was purposely an asshole, which isn't really your fault in any way, so at the end of the day I'm fine with dropping it. I'm also not some vindictive person who wants to waste your time over trivial bullshit that isn't super important to either of us!
2020-02-16 06:09
Australia CaZeR01
If you were mature you wouldnt say your mature my guy
2020-02-15 01:16
so what should I say?
2020-02-15 14:22
Australia CaZeR01
You would egnore him
2020-02-15 15:55
To be fair, he engaged in the exchange with a purposeful insult to my comment, rather than wondering why I'd omit the rating difference. He can't ignore it, he wanted to be insulting while playing the enlightened card. It just backfired here because my comment was specifically for that purpose. That said: at least I can admit I was being immature!
2020-02-15 16:50
Australia CaZeR01
Have i just been spoken to by a philosofer?
2020-02-16 00:21
2020-02-16 00:29
For sure
2020-02-14 10:06
2020-02-14 10:19
hulk smash vs juggernaut
2020-02-14 01:07
Top5 team they said
2020-02-14 01:08
they are new, they still beat astralis on lan lmao, what teams have? Sure this is bad, but overall they still are on the up and up. Smash isnt a bad team, they have a high skill ceiling and its 2020 bro, its not 2014 where 3 teams can play. there are tier 4 teams with skills to beat an top 20 team, esp in a bo1. Im shocked a bo3 is where, but still. cs go is growing and the depth of competition is so DEEEp
2020-02-14 01:10
Godsent roster now is ranked 18 in the world, when they were on nochance without an org and before smash signing, they were nowhere to be found. Rankings and the numbers arent what they used to be in this game, its unreliable. Online, even more unreliable. What matters is their LAN success. If it was success online but BAD lan, id be more worried. its karma for jason lake being a huge prick
2020-02-14 01:11
But if you can’t win online, you won’t qualify for LAN, unless you pay TO a lot of money like BLAST.
2020-02-14 01:17
+1, doesn't matter how good you're on lan if you can't qualify to play there.
2020-02-14 03:57
don't think the online excuse works here. this wasn't some random online group / league game but they really needed this to even have a chance to get to the major, which is literally the most important event. and failing in the open qualifier, not even closed qualifier, is even worse. plus the loss against BIG might be excusable but losing against tier 4/5 teams twice isn't.
2020-02-14 01:18
rofl BIG look way worse than this smash team recently. numbers dont tell the story, smash and the group of guys are motivated esp by the odds. its cs go not professional sports, there are plenty of talented kids ready to whip ass. its not 2015
2020-02-14 03:19
sorry but neither pact nor smash are actually good teams.
2020-02-14 04:07
idk what u dictate as good because b1g has been losing to shit teams and for their players and the org.. come on..lmfao smash and pact are both highly competitive cs teams, not top 10 but ud be an idiot to take them lightly. U just dont get the actual gap has shrunk, kids all over r good bro its 2020
2020-02-14 06:07
xD smash dont have any good player, and pact Has minise
2020-02-14 06:33
The eternal T3 player
2020-02-14 08:07
2020-02-14 16:05
Lol using recently while big recently won a tourney where they were the worst ranked team there and stomped through the first open qualifier.. What smash and pact have done xdd
2020-02-14 06:08
germancs hahahaha better chance at reinvigorating the nazi movement
2020-02-14 06:10
They only beat astralis and vitality becuase they had 2 months to prepare and look at their demos. Also losing to smash in a bo3 is unacceptable even when its online. This just shows that blast is a fluke and wont happen again. They tried 2 ( or 3 idk ) to qualify in open qualifiers and didnt achieve that haha Competetion is deep yes, but this line up from complexity should destroy them 2-0 quickly, the only reason why they are even top30 is that they bought their place into blast haha
2020-02-14 01:14
it doesnt work, like so: THEY SHOULD EASILY BEAT 2-0 bro if the team we expected always won, wtf would we be doing by being entertained by this? exactly. Anyone that thought smash didnt have a chance is clearly cs go iq = 0. It had the makings of an upset and ESP cus the win at blast. They have inflated egos, overlooking opponents. It happens. ESP a new team and playing inferno as the 3rd map which is key to rotations and chemistry, doesnt surprise me the names on smash and them winning. Put like a 100# ranked team we know no1 on and they lose bo3, OKAY, then its as bad as ur saying but nah. Ive seen way worse losses
2020-02-14 03:21
North beat Astralis on lan
2020-02-14 03:41
Canada $t4Rboy
The problem with esports is just this: Consistency. It'll never be taken seriously while teams vastly below in tier still even have a chance vs top pro teams. They beat Astralis and Vitality on LAN, then lose to a noname team in the FIRST round of a major tournament qualifier. Unlike professional sports where this would never happen - in esports - all it takes is 1 of these kids having cold hotpockets or being left on read by their crush and they now are enduring an "off day" and their performance suffers. "Esport players are real professionals," they say... Laughable. Let's just give them $30,000/mo and hope they adhere to the one expectation expected of them: To win.
2020-02-14 07:59
This is something I agree on, professionalism Sports is also something where a heathy percentage of self-selected able young bodies did it for school teams, then got to college where only the best talent got the opportunity to sit on the bench for a couple years in a pro team while they proved themselves again. Professional sports teams would blow out the best drilled college teams. No video game even with millions of players could hope to compare with the organization snd dedication of sports
2020-02-14 09:04
but even let's say football, little teams beat big teams all the time, especially in cup competitions?? sure, the chance is slim, but then again, it's slim in csgo too. upsets happen everywhere lol. a team can be top of the league in their country, unbeaten, and still lose against some small club because they try super hard and surprise the opponents...
2020-02-14 09:21
Germany grabke
+1 Upsets happen everywhere and for sure outside esport. Its important how Col responds now not that they did miss the major.
2020-02-14 15:33
Canada $t4Rboy
Lmao. coL made LEGENDS @ London 2018. coL made CHALLENGERS @ Katowice 2019. coL made it to CHALLENGERS @ Berlin 2019. coL couldn't qualify for Rio 2020. Basically, they're on a LITERAL decline for the past 18 months. At no point should they go from beating Astralis in LAN to losing to this trash online. It just shouldn't happen. Their inconsistency is intolerable - given they pay top dime for their expected product to coL and its parent group. This is a drastically unacceptable result. Period.
2020-02-17 10:31
Canada $t4Rboy
coL players make like $50,000/month. There's no excuse for not qualifying. They have 1 job. To compete. They just beat the best team in the world on LAN and lost to this trash online. That result is unacceptable by any measure. As I stated, consistency in esports is a joke for 90%+ of the teambase.
2020-02-17 10:38
You have very little cs go knowledge, if you think smash is a no name team and the roster... maj of the players have existed for years of experience in tier 2-3, players who played for big orgs... lmao so dumb
2020-02-14 19:01
Canada $t4Rboy
Coming from a GODSENT fan - another noname brand. From one trashcan to the next, Lol. Well, I guess somebody has to like the Tier 6 teams. SMASH is TRASH and so is their player base. A bunch of international misfits who couldn't hack it in better tier CS. Maikelele - for one. Lmao. STYKO - who has had like 50 teams. kYRSTAL who couldn't hack it with GER orgs. Like, stop talking kid. Go buy one of their jerseys and support this trash. Bottom line; Complexity, backed by the Dallas Cowboys' org (the highest valued sporting franchise in the world), should NEVER have lost to this mismatch of trash team. It shouldn't happen. Shame on Complexity for their inconsistent performance.
2020-02-17 10:25
I appreciate your thought you are right cs go is growing and its really amazed to see new team in the higher level. In fact in the competitive scene it is very important to have new faces in the tournament otherwise this game become booring. So its very good they compete and win it is very important for an individual player because they need some boost in the professional career and according to me it is really important for an team and player itself. Good luck SMASH!!
2020-02-14 10:29
Always knew disco doplan had it
2020-02-14 02:56
Brazil NTClliW
2020-02-14 04:47
2020-02-14 07:28
2020-02-14 16:22
Poland gr0za
2020-02-16 14:36
United States Frotha
2020-02-14 01:06
They wouldn't go through closed quals anyway, too strong teams there, ez upsets
2020-02-14 08:06
Canada U_S_of_Gay
Juggernaut kkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-02-14 01:07
2020-02-14 01:07
Poland Julka
2020-02-14 01:07
no polish team?!
2020-02-14 01:07
Poland Kobel_
Why would there be one, they all did awful in the quals.
2020-02-14 01:08
Ukraine Taira
2020-02-14 01:07
2020-02-14 01:07
Poland Julka
2020-02-14 01:07
2020-02-14 01:10
Can i eat your pussy?
2020-02-14 01:25
Mongolia Sythapilla
no. he don't wanna take corona from you.
2020-02-14 01:28
Nt mongoloid, gtfo
2020-02-14 01:29
2020-02-14 01:07
2020-02-14 01:07
Jason Lake malding hard
2020-02-14 01:07
United States IndeedGG
Ah shit here we go again
2020-02-14 01:07
2020-02-14 01:07
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz
grux GOD
2020-02-14 01:07
Russia ArtyoMM
2020-02-14 01:07
Brazil Karlogaria
Can't understand a "LANer" team at all
2020-02-14 01:08
Poland Kobel_
2020-02-14 01:08
expected from fluke team
2020-02-14 01:08
2020-02-14 01:08
2020-02-14 01:09
lmao... even iam a fan of complexity. but this game... LOL.. cant say anything..
2020-02-14 01:08
online game, smash had time to prepare for them. plenty of demos. and overall they seemed tired as fuck and comms were a shit show.
2020-02-14 08:49
classic reason. the schedule is prepared. and they knew it. so for me, its not a reason. this team cant be top 10 this year. have no mentality and so much internal problem they have to deal with it.
2020-02-14 15:23
lmao are you living with them now?
2020-02-15 03:06
2020-02-14 01:08
Stunned? Both are Tier 3
2020-02-14 01:09
Expected, they will change some players now I think
2020-02-14 01:09
Sweden Trkmag
disco godlan
2020-02-14 01:09 this guy died
2020-02-14 01:10 lmao wtf is this guy real
2020-02-14 01:12
Yeah and he posts like 2-3 threads a day on HLTV
2020-02-14 01:16
This guy has no idea how to bet as a profi. Normal u calculate how much you bet in terms of risk. Nobody would bet all on complexity.
2020-02-14 08:00
World Notb8ing
2020-02-14 01:10
smash cheaters
2020-02-14 01:11
2020-02-14 01:11
2020-02-14 01:11
Ooof maybe he was..
2020-02-14 01:16
Ffs Col, beat Astralis and Vitality 2-0 but lose to Smash
2020-02-14 01:11
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w
2020-02-14 01:12
Thats a wow
2020-02-14 01:12
Stacked qualifier. What does this mean "The top eight sides will secure berths at the Minor"
2020-02-14 01:14
World Beard43
Top 8 go to the minor, bottom 8 eliminated.
2020-02-14 02:45
2020-02-14 13:23
SMASH > PACT > Complexshitty > BLASTRALIS > Team Lulquid
2020-02-14 01:14
2020-02-14 01:15
Russia pizdekt
today you win astralis tmw you lose to smash welcome to 2020 csgo meta
2020-02-14 01:16
Its really rediculous
2020-02-14 01:21
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
Astralis is the new mibr
2020-02-14 06:58
karma be careful with words Next time 😂
2020-02-14 01:16
2020-02-14 01:16
Complexity offliners AHAHAHAHAHA
2020-02-14 01:17
Kazakhstan Olegorex
5 eu > 3 eu
2020-02-14 01:18
Nice try juggernauts, try again next major.
2020-02-14 01:19
Was a hard game to watch. A lot of col players were going for aggro surprise kills and it didn’t work. Also from the blast post game interviews I thought rush said he was a support instead of entry now? He was aggro. My feeling was there was probably more than a few mentions of smash probably cheating on their comms which didn’t help. Col have said they are a lan team which puts a limiting belief in their own heads, however small. Smash have been playing online for a long time and it’s their home.
2020-02-14 01:21
bl nuggerjauts
2020-02-14 01:23
United States sorcrcrc
2020-02-14 01:23
From this result, I think it's clear that complexity are a better team on LAN. No, they won't make roster moves as if you read the article with BlameF he says that complexity looking at this as a long term project and I doubt they're just going to start benching players who have only played 1 LAN and like 5 online qualifiers. On the other hand, I love these players, but these results won't be tolerated. If you're a tier 1 talent, hmu. I'll pay your buyout and give you the highest salary in the scene. LET'S BUILD A JUGGERNAUT! (I was paraphrasing)
2020-02-14 01:25
Astralis lose to this OMEGALUL
2020-02-14 01:26
Smash > Astralis
2020-02-14 01:41
This marks the first time in human history a better team has lost to a worse team. Who gives a fuck.
2020-02-14 01:29
Other syrso
Flag checks out lmao This team is trash
2020-02-14 01:55
I care 0% which team is trash.
2020-02-14 05:40
Blast was a fluke
2020-02-14 01:33
Col have another chance to qualify for the major?
2020-02-14 01:41
2020-02-14 02:18
2020-02-14 02:18
2020-02-14 02:18
I don't understand how Heretics got the closed invite over Complexity
2020-02-14 01:41
Other syrso
And why exactly should complexity get an invite? They're clearly trash, as they have shown often enough. They don't live up to the expectations
2020-02-14 01:56
Clearly. It's not like they beat Astralis and Vitality
2020-02-14 04:02
It was 1 month after the invitations are u dumb?
2020-02-14 07:22
World Notb8ing
It just about esl ranking really, which is just a total mess, however as complexity was a new team it wouldn't have really helped even if hltv ranking was used for instance as back when it was decided who got invites they had barely played any games anyway I think.
2020-02-14 02:01
Which sucks but what's worse is I wanted Sinners and Complexity to come through this qualifier and either or didn't
2020-02-14 04:03
2020-02-14 01:42
Ukraine 2r1st
2020-02-14 01:45
Japan Legoshi
Complexity was never a good team just upset 2 games irrelevant team by next month
2020-02-14 01:49
Brazil parrud0www
2020-02-14 01:52
Argentina nymeros
See coL? this is what happens when u face a team who doesn't have an apEX
2020-02-14 01:59
yes because apEX is the only problem on vitality
2020-02-14 04:16
True. There’s the players who don’t need to chase the dragon anymore, the overhyped awper, the salty igl and the weird coach.
2020-02-14 05:41
Argentina nymeros
im not saying that replacing him will make vitality Major champions... but yes.
2020-02-14 18:17
Blast is irrelevant tournament so nothing wrong here that CoL losing to tier5 teams in Major qualifier
2020-02-14 02:00
Rip The Juggernaut 🤔
2020-02-14 02:11
Done with this fucking team
2020-02-14 02:16
Pago knut
2020-02-14 02:19
they're just the opposite, fellas they're LANers, not Onliners
2020-02-14 02:20
United States D0xx
2020-02-14 02:26
Estonia RopzTop1
+1 only shows up on LAN
2020-02-14 05:08
Yeah and this attitude is so stupid. It’s like saying “I’m a great lover” but if you don’t have the skills to get someone into bed to do your work it’s worthless.
2020-02-14 05:42
So damn right!
2020-02-14 06:01
which "should" be good problem is getting through qualifiers otherwise, invites only
2020-02-14 17:21
they can beat Astralis on LAN but can't beat nonamers online lmao.
2020-02-14 02:28
France Uexo
2020-02-14 02:28
France Uexo
2020-02-14 02:29
pick Terrorblade next time
2020-02-14 02:32
Or Spectre to win the lategame
2020-02-14 03:55
2020-02-14 04:07
Lithuania yungz0r
TB is not in meta. They should pick anti-mage to win fast af
2020-02-14 06:30
Haven't played dota in more than 2 years but is AM actually decent? I only remember him being a creep that has manaburn
2020-02-14 08:39
Lithuania yungz0r
da on creep uzhe dolgoe vremya shas imba morph ili otnositelbniy troll
2020-02-24 02:53
2020-02-14 02:34
2020-02-14 02:41
Poor complexity.. This is extremely embarrassing for NA and Jason Lake, and their confidence. This hurts, rip.
2020-02-14 02:43
2020-02-14 02:56
oh rip. I kinda expected this to happen. smash > col > astralis/vitality smash top1 2020 confirmed Pog
2020-02-14 02:57
NEO | 
Poland Amirek
SMASH > PACT > Col > Astralis/Vitality
2020-02-14 12:59
Japan chanse
so sad :(
2020-02-14 03:00
2020-02-14 03:01
Get absolutely SMASHED
2020-02-14 03:29
I love our players as individuals but these results won’t be tolerated. If you’re a Tier 1 player looking for a fresh start at the best facility in the world, HMU. I’ll pay your buyout and give you the world’s highest salaries. Let’s build a juggernaut.
2020-02-14 03:54
ez for god fejtz, nt juggernaut
2020-02-14 04:01
World ZMDR
Alex was right
2020-02-14 04:02
Brunei cyLoL
Used all their luck in blast
2020-02-14 04:09
Asia Blitzer
so many good teams fighting for a spot fnatic, nip, heroic, etc. damn such a stacked qualifier
2020-02-14 04:15
nip is a good team???
2020-02-14 07:13
It would probably be the favorite team in NA qualifier.
2020-02-14 11:50
Asia Blitzer
#11 in the world shit team?
2020-02-14 16:02
Bellow top 25 next month
2020-02-14 16:27
Expected, another fluke inc.
2020-02-14 04:21
Complexity pls keep strong
2020-02-14 05:08
It's going to take some time for complexity to be good consistently, they need to stick together and work through it all.
2020-02-14 05:13
No wonder Navi ran through them. Guys stop making anti strats and try to make your own strats... That's the main problem when u face an unknown team. CoL will bounce back but I think they need more time as a team to furnish their own strats.
2020-02-14 05:19
Brazil Collee
2020-02-14 05:29
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
just saying but even heretics has a spot LUL
2020-02-14 05:39
Welcome back to tier 3
2020-02-14 05:56
k0nfig and oBo didn't play good enough
2020-02-14 06:06
France t3r4byt3
fnatic, NiP, MAD Lions, GODSENT, OG, Dignitas, BIG and Sprout are my bets
2020-02-14 06:11
Hungary subzera
it really is a shame that only 2 or 3 of the teams will make the major. id like to see fnatic, big , spout, godsent and madlions make the major, but that just aint possible :(
2020-02-14 06:20
Cuntfig must have still loving csgo after this
2020-02-14 06:22
Imagine getting outfragged by disco doplan in 2020
2020-02-14 06:27
Russia razorVJ
2020-02-14 06:35
Georgia Megobari
how you can win against Astralis and Vitality and lose to noname mix team???
2020-02-14 06:49
It's just a fluke
2020-02-14 06:50
rip polish scene
2020-02-14 07:04
Sweden Akoulad
"stunned" LMAO everyone knew they were a fluke
2020-02-14 07:23
Denmark zorglubx
I am getting really tired of seeing you men keep repeating the same crap. So get over it and try and be a little more grown up now will you? Just starting to hurt my eyes every god damn time with the Jugg thing. I mean, I am sure even if they got to top10 and lost 1 game, you would keep repeating it.. come on men move on.
2020-02-14 07:24
Not that they'll make it in the closed quali anyway
2020-02-14 07:49
Canada $t4Rboy
(At BLAST, when asked how they intend to contend with a ZywOo) "We have an oBo" oBo's performance vs. SMASH: 41-59 (-18 +/-), 62 ADR, 0.83 rating. (Worst of all 5 players) Oh man, definitely equivalent to ZywOo in terms of consistency... Lmao. Kid prolly got cold hot pockets/ Kraft dinner, or left on read by his crush. Esports consistency = laughable. "Real professionals," they say.
2020-02-14 08:10
United Kingdom n33b
>Already failed twice >Stunned >Choose one, clickbaiter
2020-02-14 08:43
2020-02-14 08:48
Portugal dracø
Anti stratting will only work when there is time to prepare. They had it in blast and it paid out. They srsly need to focus more on their own team if they want to be consistent tho. Time shows that teams that rely heavily on anti strats won't manage more than one-off tournaments (ex. seangares c9)
2020-02-14 09:28
*ALEX liked this*
2020-02-14 09:31
2020-02-14 09:35
Why are they still getting stunned at this point.
2020-02-14 09:36
Hungary Shiron212
Omg Nice
2020-02-14 09:38
Damn, wanted to see Complexity at the closed minor :(
2020-02-14 09:44
Ogs mig
2020-02-14 09:53
I guess they are just better on Lan?🤷🏻‍♂️
2020-02-14 09:54
Lul fluke team Btw wtf fnatic here? Easy win..
2020-02-14 10:10
So many skilled players is the problem I guess
2020-02-14 10:17
2020-02-14 10:48
Ahh the 1 event wonder strikes again
2020-02-14 11:01
Complexity>Astralis Smash>Complexity Smash>Astralis New era for smash has started :)
2020-02-14 11:14
one tournament fluke
2020-02-14 11:22
SMASH, Apeks, Nordavind, Kova, CPH Flames > Astralis, Vitality CSGO 2020
2020-02-14 12:00
Honeymoon over I guess
2020-02-14 12:27
Finland Surnoved
I guess we can say they smashed them
2020-02-14 12:28
Lol. Joke team with a fluke win. Don't deserved to be ranked. Can't even get out of open qualifyer.
2020-02-14 12:37
African Union mikecool
2020-02-14 12:40
Denmark Alphamon
Honestly if you 2-0 astralis and vitality you should have no problems with an open qualifier, never mind two. There are no excuses here, not even "but muh online games". Sure they might perform better on LAN but their performance in the open qualifiers were straight up abysmal, they are far from complete and it looks more and more like Blast was just somewhat of a fluke. Please, prove me wrong.
2020-02-14 12:41
Expected nothing less when disco doplan is on the server. Got both my teams through the qualifiers :) Hoping dignitas,smash and nip goes through to the minor!
2020-02-14 13:04
Lebanon ryBBah
SMASH vs Liquid or SMASH vs C9 would be a great major final. SMASH > Complexity > Astralis
2020-02-14 13:24
xaxaxaxaxaxaxa Flukes 3 bo3s on lan and thought they were legit
2020-02-14 13:39
Astralis lost to this LUL
2020-02-14 13:46
2020-02-14 14:39
2020-02-14 15:08
Turkey sedo7
congratz apeks, they suprisingly did good job
2020-02-14 15:37
What smash did to complexity IS what complexity did to astralis and vitality , nothing to do with online or lan..navi prepared a little for complexity and was a easy game s exactly like furia they surprised at begining just running and HS everyone ..worked just a few matchs
2020-02-14 15:48
2020-02-14 15:46
2020-02-14 16:08
wtf col???
2020-02-14 16:15
Estonia TehkarN
2020-02-14 19:11
more like scandinavian minor
2020-02-14 21:14
i dont really get the last point. "The top eight sides will secure berths at the Minor, from which two teams will secure direct entry into the Rio Major's New Challengers Stage." - how many teams will be going to rio? two teams or eight teams?
2020-02-14 21:30
Sweden Nokkeri
16teams in closed qual --> 8 will qualify for the minor --> 2 will qualify for the closed qual /major qual and thiird place in minor will go to "minor play-ins" where you have another chance
2020-02-15 14:25
thanks :)
2020-02-16 09:41
where's salty RUSH now?
2020-02-15 11:41
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