WCG 09 France hits brackets

The group stage at WCG France is over and we now move on to the semi-finals.

The first day of competition has just ended and only four teams remain in the race for a spot in this year's world finals in Chengdu, China.

As expected, oXmoze and Millenium went all the way in their respective groups, cruising to a 3-0 record. On the other hand, D4gaming, playing with two-standins, were the big disappointment as they only experienced the bitter taste of defeat.

The top two teams from each group have now progressed to the semi-finals, where every mistake will count as it will be a single-elimination, best-of-one phase.

The semi-finals will take place on Sunday at 11.00 (CET time), so stay locked to us for full coverage of the tournament.



2009-09-19 18:38
oxmoze vs millenium in final
2009-09-19 19:07
4 replies
really ? OH MY GOD
2009-09-19 19:42
3 replies
Quit it..
2009-09-21 21:37
2 replies
f o
2009-09-22 15:00
1 reply
And you're 22? Embarrassing. :)
2009-09-22 19:18
-M- winnnnnnnnnnnnn
2009-09-19 19:44
Wow I wasn't expecting this at all...
2009-09-19 20:28
wow XD
2009-09-20 11:58
Hope oxmoze will win this Quali
2009-09-20 12:53
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