flamie: "It's not easy to jump from tier two to tier one, but Perfecto is playing so well"

Na`Vi survived day three of IEM Katowice and we interviewed Egor "flamie" Vasilyev to discuss the team's progress with Ilya "Perfecto" Zalutskiy and their comebacks in Poland.

Natus Vincere are now one victory away from qualification for the playoffs after playing three series at IEM Katowice so far, beating FaZe in the opening match before losing to fnatic to drop down to the lower bracket, where they eliminated NiP.

flamie commended Perfecto for his progress

On the way to the lower bracket final, flamie & co. came back from significant deficits on three separate maps facing FaZe and fnatic, with the Russian attributing that to the work of their psychologist in our next interview from Katowice, in which he also discussed Na`Vi's impressive progress with Perfecto.

You won your BLAST group and are doing well here so far, how are you managing to improve this quickly with Perfecto?

I think we only had nine days of practice or even less before BLAST, but when a new player comes it's always a new motivation and new goals for the team. We discussed that even though we don't have so many strats and stuff like that, we can play old ones, or we can improvise during the game. Right now, not everything works because teams can adapt to our playstyle, but I think we're doing a great job now and improving game by game.

What do you make of how Perfecto is handling himself?

In the beginning, I think it was a little bit hard for him because he changed a lot of positions. For me, it was a bit hard, as well, because I changed almost all my roles on CT sides and got some new roles with the second AWP again, and I'm starting to grind from zero. I think Perfecto is playing really well considering how much time he has played with us, it's not easy to jump from the tier two to tier one, but he's playing so well, winning a lot of clutches and not being afraid of anyone. I'm really happy that he's our teammate.

You pulled off some pretty big comebacks here, from down 0-6 and 9-13 on two maps against FaZe and once more against fnatic, what do you attribute that to?

I would attribute that to our psychologist because he's working with us a lot and he teaches us to understand that you can win the game from any score, you can make a comeback, if you played a bad first half you should recover mentally and play better in the second half. CS now is very interesting, everyone is making comebacks. If you, for example, play a bad T side, you take some SGs on the CT side and you can make a comeback. You just need to believe, take the pistol round, the first gunround, and you can snowball.

On the other hand, you also dropped a 10-5 lead on Mirage against fnatic, how come you weren't able to get going on the Terrorist side?

I think the problem is with our map pool a little bit. On T side of Mirage, we're not playing a lot of new stuff, they knew what we were going to do and we didn't play well. I think fnatic played really well on the CT side of Mirage and they just played better. We lost some focus after the first half, we were maybe a bit overconfident, maybe that's why. I don't know.

You mentioned how short on time you've been with Perfecto, but you've always been a team to set high goals, what are they here?

Our team is always setting the highest goals at the tournaments, to win or at least to play in the final. Yeah, we didn't play that much with Perfecto, but we won the BLAST group, we won against Astralis, we showed that we can play well against good teams. Of course, sometimes we need more time, but I think now our goal is just to play better and maybe pass the group stage, quarter-final, semi-final, step by step. There is no big goal to win now, but the goal is to play as much as we can and as well as we can.

To go a bit off track, Na`Vi were one of the teams to partner up with ESL recently, what was behind that decision?

We always go to ESL tournaments and we have a good relationship with them, we know how they do the tournaments, everyone does, so I think all the best teams decided which league we should play and that's why we play ESL.

Russia Ilya 'Perfecto' Zalutskiy
Ilya 'Perfecto' Zalutskiy
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Maps played:
Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Cool interview
2020-02-26 17:34
Brazil Norddeutscher 
Nice edit
2020-02-26 17:35
#2 MIBR | Brazil Norddeutscher sure 2020-02-26 11:34
2020-02-26 17:35
Thanks fellow norddeutscher
2020-02-26 17:35
What can flamie know about tier1 players?
2020-02-27 14:29
Brazil Norddeutscher 
2020-02-26 17:34
2020-02-26 17:35
Lithuania I_eat_kebabs 
Yes the CIA is playing cs and the FBI too
2020-02-26 18:25
India KNOX23 
So is CBI
2020-02-27 13:10
Lekr0 | 
Poland Brisu 
Syman tier3
2020-02-26 17:35
2020-02-26 17:36
fnatic rekt u as expected AXAXAXAXAAXAXAXAXA
2020-02-26 17:37
Finland Smoonah 
Perfecto T3 tbh
2020-02-26 17:37
Maldives s1v9mple 
2020-02-27 00:16
Finland Smoonah 
2020-02-27 03:27
Canada J47 
More like jumping from Tier 7
2020-02-26 17:38
Poland friendlySeb 
More like jumping from Tier 3 to Tier 1.
2020-02-26 17:39
wow yeah its almost like he has some kind of external assistance that makes it so easy for him.
2020-02-26 17:40
I kinda think that Perfecto is the new clutch minister
2020-02-26 17:42
Too early to know yet. When Fitch first joined Gambit he looked really good, but we all saw how that ended. Could be really promising though!
2020-02-28 13:33
Ye and uh thx for the bonus information man appreciate it
2020-02-29 20:39
Brazil fuNNa 
Tier3 btw
2020-02-26 17:43
Russia ToughGuy 
2020-02-26 17:50
CIS kryto203 
Prosto horosho sygraem train Expected from gleb the mind master
2020-02-26 18:03
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
Prosto viygraem ix na treine
2020-02-26 18:31
Ukraine Chipaet 
just another upcoming talent found by Blaid3
2020-02-26 17:52
Nigeria Fraggot 
Who's Blaid3?
2020-02-26 18:10
gla1ve's older brother
2020-02-26 18:47
Ukraine Chipaet 
The coach of Navi
2020-02-26 21:46
Nigeria Fraggot 
that's blad3 not blaid3
2020-02-27 09:34
tier 1 of course lmao
2020-02-26 17:59
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
He means that navi plays against t1 teams
2020-02-26 18:32
is navi not t1?
2020-02-26 20:41
navi is t1. that guy is dumb
2020-02-27 00:13
yeah its not really easy to junp when youre fat as fuck
2020-02-26 18:00
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
2020-02-26 18:31
France LeDiplomate 
Talking about Perfecto, not boombl4.
2020-02-26 18:34
Indonesia lumayan 
2020-02-27 06:20
2020-02-26 18:01
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
He means that they play against t1 teams
2020-02-26 18:32
More like Tier 4 to Tier 1
2020-02-26 18:04
But he did do a good job
2020-02-26 18:05
k0mplex | 
Europe R4as0n 
Just hope they will kick dirty matchfixer. It wasnt only Ramzik, it was all members of Syman.
2020-02-26 18:06
tier 100000000 to tier 2
2020-02-26 18:06
Flamie has good recent form Keep grinding dude
2020-02-26 18:07
its not easy to jump from shit to trash
2020-02-26 18:09
Finland subhumen 
it's not easy to have no scene either...
2020-02-26 18:26
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara 
Perfecto tier3 Flamie tier2 btw
2020-02-26 18:16
Not easy when your ace player only cares about his KDR and doesn't give a fuck about the team :'D
2020-02-26 18:22
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
Check out his interviews, and teamspeak, so u will not think that simple is statpader, he wants to win everything, cuz he deserves
2020-02-26 18:33
+1 Haters wont admit the facts.
2020-02-27 05:11
France Chylvain2 
u want facts ? : s1mple 0 major
2020-02-27 09:16
Majors are overrated. Pronax has a major where is he today??
2020-02-27 13:36
France Chylvain2 
you think u can play top level for a long time ? cya in 5 years when s1mple will be trash
2020-02-27 13:50
Pronax only got carried. Keep hating.
2020-02-27 14:11
France Chylvain2 
pronax was IGL and won 3 major how mad r u ? s1mple tried IGL, sniper, rifler, still 0 major Even Zeus the shittiest pro ever won a major
2020-02-27 14:42
"Shittiest pro won a major" That just shows how overrated a major win is. Major win =/= skill
2020-02-28 03:44
France Chylvain2 
That just shows how s1mple is a choker Cant even win a matchmaking tournament (major)
2020-02-28 10:45
Navi still playing better day to day with perfecto, as the mentioned above perfecto didnt care about who is playing against just smash all of themm good job mannnn!
2020-02-26 18:25
keep interviewing these silver bots that are just lucky that they got picked by a big org. just interview people that actually play in the team and are not getting carried 24/7
2020-02-26 18:54
Ukraine mAngOnice 
Flamie is a god you moron
2020-02-26 19:27
Latvia tibr0 
flamie god
2020-02-26 19:15
NaVi tier 1? hahahaah he moved from tier 3 to tier 2, kappa
2020-02-26 19:33
Top6 team in the world isnt tier1?? Damn then u mean Astralis lost to tier2 few weeks ago?? Pretty embarrassing for the SO CALLED best team in the world losing to a tier2 team!!!
2020-02-27 05:12
im not astralis fan in anyway LOL? they are on their way down NaVi. they are playing horrible cs. i like s1mple and electronic.
2020-02-27 12:46
Surprising coming from a danish coz I've only seen danish people hating on NA and CIS CS. Good to know all danish arent haters.
2020-02-27 13:40
but flamie has turned to shit tbh. i hate dev1ce, most overrated player ever. agree?
2020-02-27 14:06
Nah i think device is pretty consistent player. He is not as skilled as other top players but he makes up for it by his smart positioning and timings. Flamie is indeed impactless agreed
2020-02-27 14:13
if perfecto is tier 2 them flamie must be tier 5
2020-02-26 19:53
2020-02-27 09:21
lol +1000
2020-02-27 19:03
So many butthurt Na`Vi haters who cannot accept Na`Vi's later success. Anyone who think they're not tier1 are just delusional... :)
2020-02-26 20:03
CIS ShimonSS 
They are clearly a t1 team, guys who say otherwise are haters or they need to pull out their eyes from the ass
2020-02-26 20:23
+1 but this huge amount of Na`Vi's and S1mple's haters just show how good they are atm
2020-02-26 20:25
in case u forgot - P1mple 0_majors
2020-02-26 20:43
Finland HARD4ENCE 
That might change this year though..
2020-02-27 00:33
Expected from a danish astralis fan
2020-02-27 05:13
Edward | 
Ukraine kor3y 
Its better not to read comments at all
2020-02-26 22:46
When is Flamie goong to play at tier 1 level?
2020-02-27 00:30
2020-02-27 00:35
Portugal fatheroffive 
Pretty interesting 🧐
2020-02-27 00:39
zywoo played from tier 4 and dominated csgo scene
2020-02-27 09:19
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