MYM sign Begrip & zet

Meet Your Makers have officially confirmed their return to Counter-Strike business with the acquisition of Begrip Gaming's squad.

Meet Your Makers had been on the lookout for a new Counter-Strike division since they announced in mid-August their return under a new management, now based in Germany.

It had been suggested that MYM were keen on a reunion with the ex-WICKED team, who achieved, among others, a first-place finish at ESWC 2008 in San Jose.

However, MYM have now confirmed they have landed every player from Begrip Gaming except Fredrik "hibb" Isacsson, who does not have enough time for Counter-Strike affairs due to his part-time job in Finland.

"They [MYM] approached us after our perfomances at the Swedish WCG qualifier," Faruk "pita" Pita told "We were kind of interested but it was after the IOL Finals that we really decided that we wanted to join up with the new MYM.

"The difference in support is that we can and will attend every event in the world, with Begrip it was a little bit more difficult."

To fill Isacsson's shoes, MYM have brought in Marcus "zet" Sundström, a free agent after being released from SK Gaming on Tuesday due what the Swedish giants described as lack of dedication to the team and the game.

Despite having played for mTw this weekend at Komplett Gamer Challenge, Sundström has now commited himself to the new MYM team, who will compete in the Extreme Masters European Championship.

Quizzed on the motive behind Sundström's arrival, Pita said: "Our choice of taking zet instead of hibb was not because we had some problems with hibb, it was because hibb could not play as often as we wanted to. zet is a really good player, and we hope that he will get back to the same level he had in 2006. I also wanted to thank our sponsor Puma."

Meet Your Makers have now the following line-up:

Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk "pita" Pita
Sweden Andreas "moddiii" Fridh
Sweden Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson
Sweden Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
Sweden Marcus "zet" Sundström
Netherlands sundertw
great news GO pita !
2009-09-20 18:47
xaxaxa lol !!!!!!!
2009-09-20 18:48
2009-09-20 18:48
GL zet!
2009-09-20 18:49
nice : >
2009-09-20 18:49
Gl guyz!
2009-09-20 18:49
nice news, good luck MYM i wonder if ex-wicked will find any professional organisation now :D
2009-09-20 18:49
zneel, hibb, striker, tentpole, JAEGARN - new mix of sweden :d? maybe hibb&striker to sk?
2009-09-20 18:49
4 replies
2009-09-20 18:52
not striker, spawn :)
2009-09-20 19:00
hibb said that he do not have time to train 5 days a week!
2009-09-21 11:18
hibb just said he hadn't got the time and you automatically place him in another team..
2009-09-21 21:58
Fast one MIRAAAAAAA ;)
2009-09-20 18:49
NICE =) Good luck guys, great team!
2009-09-20 18:50
go PITA go MODDI go DELPAN go ZET!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-09-20 18:50
2 replies
and go Jumpy :D
2009-09-20 18:51
1 reply
no need go for Jumpy he will jump and leap over them :DPDPDPDPDPDP)
2009-09-20 18:59
what a fuckin lineup... :O
2009-09-20 18:50
what nationality is pita ? go go go :D
2009-09-20 18:50
23 replies
poor :( B&H
2009-09-20 18:52
1 reply
What do you mean by "poor:("?
2009-09-20 19:02
he is Bosnian but live in Sweden
2009-09-20 18:53
20 replies
he is swedish and bosnian..
2009-09-20 18:58
19 replies
but he said that he was 110% Bosnian before here at hltv
2009-09-20 19:01
17 replies
that doesnt change the fact that he is a swedish citizen, right? half swedish, half bosnian.
2009-09-20 19:09
16 replies
i have no clue...i just believed him when he said that he was 110% Bosnian :)...but if he is swedish citizen also... he isnt only Bosnian.
2009-09-20 19:15
thats like giving an alien an citizenship and sayings hes half alien and half swedish thats retarded hes bosnien but lives in sweden thats it
2009-09-20 19:18
14 replies
Would you call a boy who was born in sweden but has bosnian parents not swedish? Seriously wake up dude.
2009-09-20 19:22
10 replies
Is he born in Sweden?
2009-09-20 19:28
9 replies
2009-09-20 19:35
8 replies
:) i didnt know that...thats very strange...i would never call my self finnish just because my mother is from Finland.
2009-09-20 19:40
haha hyvlarn im not born in Sweden, was borned in Foca, B&H 1990 ;)
2009-09-20 19:53
5 replies
hahah potukli se svedjani za faruka haha :D
2009-09-20 20:00
thats what i thought :)
2009-09-20 20:05
haha seriously? I thought u said it to me at SLAP :D but still doesnt change the fact that u are half swedish half bosnian (swedish citizenship)
2009-09-20 20:43
2 replies
The fact that he lives in Sweden doesn't make him half swedish. If his mother or father is swedish origin, then you can call him half swedish.
2009-09-21 17:31
1 reply
that wasnt what he said...if pita have swedish citizenship he is atleast half swedish even if he was born in Bosnia.
2009-09-21 18:30
not :)
2009-09-20 20:02
why is that? i mean if he is a swedish citizen he is... And if he lives in Sweden ans speak swedish and a are also a swedish citizen he cant be 100% Bosnian imo.
2009-09-20 19:28
2 replies
i speak serbian and also english, so am i half english half serbian ?? get seriuos pls hes 100% bosnian and cant be swedish except he lives there..
2009-09-23 01:43
1 reply
are you stupid?? ofcourse your not english just because you speak english! but if pita have swedish citizenship he cant be 100% bosnian. He is half swedish then.
2009-09-23 02:11
haha swishnian:P
2009-09-21 14:02
funny :)
2009-09-20 18:51
zet to get revenge on SK.
2009-09-20 18:51
mym > sk
2009-09-20 18:51
2009-09-20 18:51
Very good MYM recruit :) Oh ! ^^ ex-MYM?SK ! ex-MYM?Begrip !
2009-09-20 18:53
Nice lineup but I though that ex-wicked will join mYm ehhhhhh... Anyways GL
2009-09-20 18:53
hibb was solid, can zet fill his shoes? weak mym lineup plenty of better teams out there like ex-WICKED
2009-09-20 18:54
9 replies
I think this team is better then ex-wicked atm....and this is more a team for the future.
2009-09-20 18:55
6 replies
with that statement you should wait for clash betwen ex-wicked and MYM
2009-09-20 18:59
lol! wanna bet ?
2009-09-20 19:24
3 replies
yes sure...i know this team is better.
2009-09-20 19:42
2 replies
Coming from a swede with fakenick, just saying :)
2009-09-23 17:16
1 reply
w0w do we have a funny guy here?
2009-09-23 17:48
fully agree
2009-09-22 16:47
The EX-wicked team also demands more salaries than this team does :)
2009-09-20 18:59
zet > hibb. just look at their achievements
2009-09-20 20:13
Very Good Line-Up GooD Luck MYM!
2009-09-20 18:54
1 reply
Ha ha right, one more strong team from Sweden Good luck MYM.swe :))
2009-09-21 03:17
meet zet, your maker!!
2009-09-20 18:54
Nice. Unexpected
2009-09-20 18:55
loool :D , good luck MYM.
2009-09-20 18:55
wOw cool gl guys
2009-09-20 18:56
gogogo, now they have blood in their eyes to destroy SK and conquer the swedish scene. good luck fellas. <3 pita.
2009-09-20 18:57
Cant wait to see them playing against Fnatic!
2009-09-20 18:59
GL boys!
2009-09-20 18:59
2009-09-20 19:00
now they will crush all
2009-09-20 19:00
2009-09-20 19:01
Once again the talent-factory Begrip provide players for new-age teams. Best of luck in MYM!
2009-09-20 19:01
5 replies
Now 'im wondering who'll be the new Begrip. They will produce new top players as usual :)
2009-09-20 19:04
3 replies
Yea, it is really a lot of the Swedish players we see(have seen) play on big teams, that started or played in Begrip.
2009-09-20 19:10
2 replies
f0rest dns tentpole dsn...they all played in begrip!
2009-09-21 08:51
If this MYM is the former wicked organization, then I don't put much hope into them for travelling around the world and attending all the tourneys. I remembered in an interview by that TAZ said they would even walk to gamegune spain if wicked don't cover their expenses. I think lack of fund and credit is the reason neo's team leaving this organization. i just hope this mym cash in all their promises and they can attend a lot of international tourneys. i just hope this MYm is no bullshit as ex-wicked. ALso neo finding a good org to back them up///
2009-09-21 12:02
that's right begrip is like sporting training academy in football. always "creating" new stars creating it's not the term lol :S
2009-09-20 21:49
greats news, gl MYM!
2009-09-20 19:02
wasnt hibb a sicko? dont think zet can match his skillz
2009-09-20 19:03
2 replies
sure he can
2009-09-20 19:11
1 reply
he can't!
2009-09-21 00:29
nice to see puma as a sponsor in esport who leads the new mYm roster btw?
2009-09-20 19:04
omg..nice..puma sponsor :>
2009-09-20 19:05
4 replies
also FSHost :P
2009-09-20 19:09
3 replies
who is FSHOST ?
2009-09-20 19:10
2 replies
FSHost game hosting lol?
2009-09-20 19:11
Hosting center, game-servers and web.
2009-09-20 19:13
Bulgaria Geko
big one :D
2009-09-20 19:05
WOOOW nice news,great lineup with zet GL MYM ^^
2009-09-20 19:06
ex-WICKED = crac clan ? :D
2009-09-20 19:06
2 replies
Yeah, like crack clan would make the same mistake again considering what happened last time.
2009-09-20 19:16
not Crack Clan anymore, but power gaming.. And they already have a team :)
2009-09-21 15:26
Aimers only...dont see nice future for this team...
2009-09-20 19:06
6 replies
2009-09-20 19:09
well... you got a point. would be really awesome seeing snajdan instead of Jumpy imo.. could really bring tactic-wise to the next level
2009-09-20 19:09
2 replies
Jumpy is one of the best ingame leaders in sweden, why would they take in snajdan instead? They have a great lineup as it is O_o
2009-09-21 01:21
1 reply
yeah sure. but snajdan is probably the smartest player that there is ; p but i think jumpy should get the chance. done well so far
2009-09-21 18:03
this team once crash fnatic and they have no future? ahahahaaaaaa
2009-09-21 15:07
That's bullshit lol
2009-09-21 16:01
2009-09-20 19:10
wow! nice lineup :) go faRRe =)
2009-09-20 19:12
fox | 
Portugal J0n1p3r
2009-09-20 19:14
is very solid line, gogo begrip!
2009-09-20 19:16
haha GL MYM , gl marcus ;-)
2009-09-20 19:17
nice....a rising team!
2009-09-20 19:18
sick. :)
2009-09-20 19:21
2009-09-20 19:22
sweden scene look now stronger than ever :)
2009-09-20 19:24
gogogo mym
2009-09-20 19:26
Very nice!
2009-09-20 19:28
wOw, didn't expect that... another bunch of great player lost by Begrip. it's like it's the only purpose of this orga, just a talent-pool xD too bad for hibb, I really hope zet will stop sucking so this team can keep getting better on an intenational level.
2009-09-20 19:30
gl zet:D i wait -NiP-zet come back!
2009-09-20 19:30
begrip > sk :D begrip has lot of potential ! great pick mym
2009-09-20 19:31
NICE :)))) great news
2009-09-20 19:31
actually quite a good line up and a lot of promise for these guys
2009-09-20 19:37
2009-09-20 19:38
new MYM looks amazing zetaaaaaa <3
2009-09-20 19:39
this is awesome! I knew Zet wasnt gonna quit! I wanna see Begrip/MYM(:O) do really good, just as good as at IOL!
2009-09-20 19:40
damn nicee:D! gl MYM !
2009-09-20 19:50
wtf the polish formers?! stfu german owners
2009-09-20 19:50
2009-09-20 19:51
wow great
2009-09-20 19:52
Wow... I did not see this coming at all. Great lineup from MYM and I'm glad zet found a home! :D Best of luck to MYM in the future! Long live MYM! :D
2009-09-20 19:54
2009-09-20 19:56
gl MYM
2009-09-20 19:57
Belgium kridele
Kinda good, let's see what they can do!
2009-09-20 19:58
2009-09-20 19:58
i like it
2009-09-20 19:58
gj ZET
2009-09-20 19:59
i will laugh my ass of if Sk gets owned by zet & his new team.
2009-09-20 20:01
nice..! gl MYM ;]
2009-09-20 20:04
Thailand hahahoha
begrip might suit zet better since they have an aggressive style as i saw.
2009-09-20 20:07
ex-wicked are better anyway...
2009-09-20 20:10
Gl+Hf zet gogogo
2009-09-20 20:11
I hope people give this line up some fair time to prove what they can do. It would be nice to see them grow stronger through more LAN exposure offered to them by MYM
2009-09-20 20:14
Sweden Vilseledd
nice, I hope MYM really can sponsor them
2009-09-20 20:15
2009-09-20 20:16
Omg, this could be the new swedish top team, no joke. MYM just showed up from nowhere :P, what happens to "Begrip" now then? I wish new MYM gl and HAVE FUN!
2009-09-20 20:17
3 replies
begrip will have new talent players and some of them will be top players in other top teams someday in the future like always...
2009-09-20 20:39
Indeed, they are still number 2 on my list of best teams in Sweden, with our without Hibb :D
2009-09-20 21:05
1 reply
2009-09-20 21:07
this lineup has great potential... gl
2009-09-20 20:17
nice new... GL zet & mYm
2009-09-20 20:19
2009-09-20 20:28
very nice comeback for mYm,good luck ;]
2009-09-20 20:27
Go go begirp
2009-09-20 20:27
MYM - they only looking for cash fucking suckers !!! fu MYM
2009-09-20 20:30
1 reply
you're just saying that cause they didnt recruit Taz, neo and the gang
2009-09-20 21:06
Go MYM GO....GL hope zneel gets a new team soon
2009-09-20 20:32
1 reply
Yeah, a team that can give him more time to evolve than SK did.
2009-09-20 21:06
very nice
2009-09-20 20:33
zet > hibb
2009-09-20 20:36
YEs very good lineup!! MEET Zet, YOUR MAKER!
2009-09-20 20:43
Golden Five !!!
2009-09-20 20:58
Sry this is not the topic but i would like to know. what happens in mtw matches with zet..i mean in general. I didnt read any information about :S ON : I donno, i think they will do good.. and attending all the international events will make them improve a lot. Of course they are a very good team.
2009-09-20 21:07
3 replies
zet was just a stand-in in that match as whimp could not play. But, as usual, it started strange rumours about zet joining mtw or whatsoever.
2009-09-20 22:08
2 replies
I mean he plays the hole tournament? or he was only for a match? mtw wins? thats all i want to know XD thx jonathane!
2009-09-20 23:06
1 reply
Only that match, as far as I know.
2009-09-20 23:08
2009-09-20 21:09
2009-09-20 21:10
Good Luck
2009-09-20 21:13
it was better in
2009-09-20 21:24
omfg nice , awesome LINEUP!!!
2009-09-20 21:27
zet is back on track!!! MYM's return makes the searching of the new SKs even more interesting. Still, I think that MYM made a mistake when they decided to pick a Swedish team. They will never win the WCG quali and the domestic scene has already 3 better teams (fnatic, SK and H2K).
2009-09-20 21:30
4 replies
wcg is just 1 event man :)
2009-09-20 21:59
omfg dont tell stupid things begrip > h2k and SK only fnatic is the problem
2009-09-20 23:56
2 replies
H2k and SK are strong teams, they are not easy to beat, we will see two new players soon and it might change how SK play.
2009-09-21 16:03
1 reply
i agree with u let see what will heppend in the future
2009-09-21 20:35
SK isn't better, and H2O ... who knows ...
2009-09-20 21:41
sick news!
2009-09-20 21:47
GL MYM & hibb :)
2009-09-20 21:48
oh yeah babys, gogo ZET
2009-09-20 22:05
Hopefully Begrip now MYM with its potential is the right place for zet to recover and show his full potential.
2009-09-20 22:09
3 replies
Thats exactly what I was thinking. I'm tired of people who are clueless of what zet used to be saying hes a washup. There is no such thing as a washup. Once you get to that level that kind of potential never goes away. Just look at how the old 3 core members from coL on EG are still growing and coming back stronger than ever. This will be the perfect opportunity for zet to shut people up and stun the world yet again. :)
2009-09-21 02:05
2 replies
He could perform good, but also bad, we've seen him perform very bad lately, the other players have performed better than him lately so people are questioning zets position in the team, which is understandable.
2009-09-22 15:16
Well that is false about EG, all of them was better a time ago, especially frod. And to comepare zets lvl now to the one he had 2-3 years ago its like comparing f0rest to some random semi pro guy. I hope for all my heart that zet gets his comeback, but I seriously doubt it. Peace :-)
2009-09-22 18:54
nice gl!
2009-09-20 22:10
o man wtf! mym will PWN
2009-09-20 22:10
I think Zet will show his potential. Btw who is the AWP in this team?
2009-09-20 22:10
3 replies
Delpan, one of the sickest awm i ever seen!
2009-09-20 22:15
2 replies
ye i think he have been the best awp player at every event he have been to :) he is sick.
2009-09-21 01:02
1 reply
They've got to watch out for walle though! :P
2009-09-21 02:06
I'm really glad the begrip players gets a stronger organisation but I'm also worried about their player switch. You should not change a winning recipe! Let's just hope Zet will have some kind of comeback and fit into the team
2009-09-20 22:11
Spain alexp16
2009-09-20 22:12
I hope for Zet they will beat SK :D
2009-09-20 22:15
sick players can go far! <3 MYM!
2009-09-20 22:16
Hibb and Striker > SK|Zet, because NiP|Zet is diffrent story :P anyway good luck
2009-09-20 23:14
nice lineup gl delpan
2009-09-20 23:14
it wont be MYM as before, lower rank
2009-09-20 23:23
13 replies
they're better
2009-09-20 23:56
12 replies
better than exMYM nope
2009-09-21 02:19
11 replies
2009-09-21 02:20
10 replies
ex MYM > MYM, easy
2009-09-21 13:00
9 replies
say that when they win a event, which they never do.
2009-09-21 14:26
8 replies
truth hurts xD
2009-09-21 17:47
7 replies
for the ex-wicked fanboys yes.
2009-09-21 18:22
6 replies
for u swe bigminders
2009-09-21 22:37
5 replies
Bigminders? Look at the teams from our nation, we're not even half as self-confident as the polish fanboys about our teams, and look at the result from events. :D
2009-09-22 15:40
4 replies
yeah some teams, but not all of them u think every kidd in sweeden is pro player Y_Y - what tournaments have won begrip with that lineup?? more than exMYM i dont think so
2009-09-22 20:20
1 reply
They just entered the professional scene, ex MYM has been around for years and they didn't win alot, right?
2009-09-25 20:26
I'm not an ex-Wicked fanboy, but they can beat MYM, easy
2009-09-25 07:36
1 reply
I wouldn't say easy.
2009-09-25 20:41
nice, zet :]
2009-09-20 23:31
great news, gogogo
2009-09-21 00:00
MYM are not stupid, I think they have realized that this roster will deal serious damage. I think so too. gl
2009-09-21 00:07
it's interesting 4 me, that they haven't brought in Zneel instead of hibb ... :-/
2009-09-21 00:08
tbh these are some huge news for me! gj & gl
2009-09-21 00:14
1 reply
not only for you, i got very excited to! :D
2009-09-21 00:33
Hibb was the best player in begrip. Now I feel that they wouldn't have good results with zet...
2009-09-21 00:51
6 replies
hibb wasnt the best player in begrip :)..moddiii is..and pita have been sick lately to..i actually think that hibb was the worst player :).
2009-09-21 01:01
5 replies
2009-09-21 01:07
Will see what they can win without him.
2009-09-21 01:16
2 replies
they will win more with zet coz zet have more exp. and same skill lika hib so ftw..
2009-09-21 02:45
1 reply
Hibb has alot of experience as well. :)
2009-09-25 20:44
and delpans awp was sick 2 :D
2009-09-21 10:33
I was under the impression hibb called strats, if this is true who is going to call now?
2009-09-21 01:30
1 reply
jumpy calls the strats and did it when hibb played there to.
2009-09-21 01:38
that's a surprise
2009-09-21 02:19
why wouldnt they get ex-WICKED lol biggest spastics
2009-09-21 02:30
1 reply
They denied the offer.
2009-09-21 03:14
how can u say that they are better than SK unless u've seen the new additions in teamSK?
2009-09-21 03:29
Good luck ! zet ! zet ! zet ! zet ! MYM|zet[A] XD !!!!!!!
2009-09-21 04:32
nonono , zet ? pff >_>
2009-09-21 05:18
lol.... GL zet.....
2009-09-21 05:59
gl zet, gl begrip^^ may be hibb go to h2k?
2009-09-21 06:13
1 reply
hibb go to work, i think
2009-09-21 06:20
Germany M1n1M3
nice move gl 4 begrip the first game vs sk will be great ^^
2009-09-21 07:44
Oh God!!! =D
2009-09-21 08:15
zet meat=(
2009-09-21 09:08
gl zet
2009-09-21 11:44
Marcus "Delpan" Larsson Marcus "zet" Sundström
2009-09-21 12:07
France gOrdiii
Im really wondering who SK will pick now. I thought that they would take two begrip guys, like Delpan and Jumpy. But now ? If they cant pick H2k guys, who remain ? I just see the young wooSai (fury, hyvlarn etc) or old faces like snajdan. Gimme some insight swedish boys..
2009-09-21 12:34
8 replies
I'm hearing rumors everywhere about SK practicing with face and khrystal. And to be honest, if SK wants a comeback, the players from h2k is the only substitutes as far as I can see. But we will have to wait and see.
2009-09-21 13:12
I kind of agree with you there, they could really have a suck lineup like this: Allen, a very experienced player with impressing game IQ. Robban, a really talented player who is really allrounded- Walle, also a very allrounded and experienced player, when he has the awp in his possession, he is a raging bull. Snadjan, probably a sure shot in this situation. Snadjan is one of the smartest In game leaders ever to set a foot in the CS scene. Really experienced. Hyvlarn, a rising star with tons of potentials. Really motivated too. Also a good pick could be Baengan, Striker or Fury. Baengan is really underestimated and he reminds me of Zet alot in the younger days. Striker and Fury are known for their skills and are also rising stars, hopefully SK can see this and they'll bring one of these guys to their roster.
2009-09-21 15:12
6 replies
I want to see SK|Snajdan very bad
2009-09-21 15:33
1 reply
2009-09-21 21:30
what about blomstar?
2009-09-22 00:10
1 reply
Is he really, REALLY, on SK's level?
2009-09-22 11:23
I don't think Striker is on that level, I think he's an unstable player.
2009-09-25 20:46
1 reply
I beg to differ
2009-09-25 20:58
lol gl Pita! hey zet, pls leave this game..
2009-09-21 12:47
14 replies
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 14:02
1 reply
haha :) funny guys. i love this web site`s users :p if i leave from this site, you will miss me :)
2009-09-22 02:17
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 15:05
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 15:30
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 15:31
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 15:59
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 17:20
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 18:21
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 19:18
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 19:48
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-21 22:49
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-22 11:36
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-22 11:48
hey SorenseN, plz leave this site.
2009-09-23 02:42
jumpy learned all strats from snajdan xD from blank time anyway great team they can go far tehy have skill potential a exp in zet everything you need to get a top 3 placeings
2009-09-21 12:54
2009-09-21 12:58
GL New MyM
2009-09-21 13:01
how old is Jumpy?
2009-09-21 13:18
1 reply
2009-09-21 15:37
ex-Wicked >> mym
2009-09-21 13:29
1 reply
i dont think so..
2009-09-21 15:13
who is the ingame leader? jumpy?
2009-09-21 13:38
3 replies
Yup, one of the best In game leaders in Sweden atm. The only one who tops him is cArn, at least thats what I think
2009-09-21 15:04
2 replies
walle is good to. :) i think :p
2009-09-21 16:02
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He is way better if he can focus on his own game, not on the whole team
2009-09-21 21:28
gl Marcus ! Gl guys!
2009-09-21 14:28
wow GL
2009-09-21 15:03
Mym prefered ex-Wicked but Begrip was cheaper, thats all.
2009-09-21 15:08
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what's up with all polish guys beeing so BADLY in LOVE with ex-wicked? okey they are good, but they aren't that good... just admit that some teams have done well lately and therefor they get their chance
2009-09-21 18:12
2 replies
...and demand less salary, which seems to be the main problem for ex-Wicked to get an orga.
2009-09-21 18:49
That was fact, no idea whats your problem.
2009-09-21 19:57
amazing team:)
2009-09-21 15:17
HF marcus ;p
2009-09-21 15:28
new #1 team is MyM!!
2009-09-21 16:58
h2k better...
2009-09-21 17:07
GL guyz
2009-09-21 17:14
GL zet!
2009-09-21 17:17
ns gl to these guyz
2009-09-21 18:07
go mym gl in future !
2009-09-21 18:20
nice one ;) gl pita
2009-09-21 18:48
gr8 news , nice team gl
2009-09-21 19:32
Good to know that zet got a new home. Don't like to miss a player like him in CS good luck MYM
2009-09-21 20:03
My new favorite team :) go pita go pita !
2009-09-21 20:33
Wait WUT!!!! :O:O:O:O:O Best news of 2k9!!!
2009-09-21 23:32
I've worked since 2006, and kept my playing as a hobby I do on my sparetime. Can't be both cs-pro and work-pro :( Good luck as hell guys!
2009-09-22 06:23
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u&zet too!
2009-09-22 06:33
To be honest you're better than many full-time players, but I'd choose work over bein a proffessional cs player too.
2009-09-22 15:42
GL irl hibb <3 Make a lot of babies!!!
2009-09-22 23:38
MYM BECOME GERMAN basEd,persons are in management,all of german :D
2009-09-22 12:09
nice , gl mym & hibb =)
2009-09-22 16:41
2009-09-22 23:40
Pita the man !
2009-09-23 02:51
2009-09-24 19:59
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