FunPlus Phoenix become last Flashpoint partner as team list is finalised

The list of participants for Flashpoint 1 is now complete after FunPlus Phoenix became the eighth and final member partner and the organizers invited Chaos, HAVU, and Copenhagen Flames.

The number of founding teams for Flashpoint 1 has been decreased from ten to eight, with the Chinese organization, who made headlines late last year by winning the League of Legends World Championship, becoming the final partner.

Flashpoint did not confirm reports linking FunPlus Phoenix with a move for the Heroic roster, which is slated to compete in ESL Pro League Season 11.

FunPlus Phoenix have officially entered CS:GO (Photo by Riot Games)

Meanwhile, BIG surprisingly withdrew from Flashpoint at the last minute after securing a spot via the Global Qualifier in early March. The German side will be replaced by Copenhagen Flames, who finished top-six in Los Angeles.

The remaining spots had originally been reserved for founding members but will instead be filled by the two losing semi-finalists of the qualifier, Chaos and HAVU.

Flashpoint 1 will run from March 13 to April 19 and will have the following 12 teams in attendance:

The event will begin with two rounds of GSL groups, in which the teams will garner points based on their placing, and conclude with the top-eight sides duking it out in a double-elimination playoffs bracket.

The entirety of the first season will be played in a studio in Los Angeles, California after Flashpoint decided to move away from their plans to hold the playoffs in Stockholm because of concerns amid the coronavirus outbreak.

2020-03-11 22:15
North America ProudNAfan 
Ez event for NA GenG future top 1
2020-03-11 22:15
Canada Jonesyk 
2020-03-12 00:08
Brazil _FaZeUP 
ez 4 Mibr
2020-03-12 13:27
2020-03-12 16:46
Indonesia lumayan 
2020-03-12 04:51
complexity > genG cry is free koosta fanboys
2020-03-12 07:35
0/8 Complexshitty just a piece of shit
2020-03-12 12:57
India nitinS 
Ez for Dignitas
2020-03-12 10:11
top 1 by beating 1 top 20 team? LOLOL flashpoint is a fucking joke
2020-03-12 21:54
decent team list. betting on finales being geng vs mad lions weakest team is probably envy, havu or copenhagen flames will be an interesting event to watch, looking forward to the promised content
2020-03-11 22:17
Canada Herodionus 
It's a solid tier 2 or 3 tournament, but it's pretending to be a tier 1
2020-03-11 22:19
wouldnt surprise me if geng or mad lions would break top 10 this year. 100T, vitality and even EG look weak and inconsistent. Rest of the teams look fine, liquid doesnt look as strong, mouz had a bad loss to 100T. People will say faze look weak but theyve actually looked solid, by far the best team at shutting down s1mple (fnatic only won cause the rest of navi had a bad game imo) but yes ofc its hard to create a tier 1 event when all the teams in top 10 join the other event and the 2 hyped teams outside of top 10, coL and OG, also dont join ur tournament
2020-03-11 22:24
Norway rain4prez 
MAD Lions can’t break into top 10 without god HUNDEN my friend
2020-03-11 22:37
United States JoshDAA 
2020-03-11 22:42
2020-03-11 23:57
2020-03-12 01:46
Still can’t believe how they’d cut fucking Hunden. The dude brought them where they are. Unless there has been a major sudden argument between him and the team it’s some AleksiB v.2 shit here. You can’t tell me they actually think they can’t reach higher heights with hunden so he has to go, and replacement is fucking Acilion😂
2020-03-12 02:49
United States _icedtea 
"some AleksiB v.2 shit here." cant agree more
2020-03-12 02:58
Maka | 
Russia DiCaprio 
actually aleksib shit is hunden v2 shit I think hunden played with %80 of danish pros
2020-03-12 08:37
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a german has not been this wrong since you decided to invade the soviet union in -41 fucking hell kid get a sense of how CS works before you start commenting here xaxaxaxaxa
2020-03-12 08:05
Said by fan of guy who was deleting cheats in front of 2 admina xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2020-03-12 11:13
Said by polish person who has no resemblence of a CS scene at all OR can handle hosting a crowded event lmao xaxaxaxaxaxa
2020-03-12 13:00
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
2020-03-12 20:11
United States @FyreCS 
Do you know anything about BIG withdrawing my friend? Any reasons?
2020-03-12 16:18
Taking over in EPL for Heroic
2020-03-12 18:52
United States @FyreCS 
ah, thank you my friend! That is good news for them then! Why would Herioc back out from epl wtf XD
2020-03-16 18:30
Heroic roster was acquired by funplus and with them being a founding partner of flashpoint, heroic could not field a roster for EPL
2020-03-17 14:06
if everything goes as planned (which may not, especially after covid outbreak), these organisations might make enough money to buy some serious fire power for the future. This is a tier 2 event at the moment because of the teams that take part init, but the financial aspect should be better than a major.
2020-03-12 01:38
Being able to buy firepower because of a big bank doens’t mean good players actually wanna come to the team. Numbers aint everything
2020-03-12 02:50
I'm sure names like poison and blamef didn't want to go to a tier 2 na team but top salaries encouraged them to. If someone is offering to build a team around you and pay you top dollar, there is an incentive
2020-03-12 03:45
But there is a reasonable chance complexity could fight for a top 10 spot. Teams like envy never will
2020-03-12 08:58
they couldnt before their big signings, only one player remains from that old roster. Teams like envy have money to bring not shit players in and be competitive. Guarantee Michu wasnt cheap he is carrying them
2020-03-12 17:12
You would be surprised to see what money can do! In this day and age I think professional players understand better that when you draw the line, it's all about the money. Look at legendary players like pasha or GTR, maybe f0rest... What is their biggest regret? The fact that CS started making money when they started fading away. How much money did they make from the game? Will it be enough to live a decent life? No. Will they get an 8 to 5 job after they retire? I don't think so! So yeah, the younger generation has seen this and most probably they will not turn down the chance to earn big cash!!
2020-03-16 17:09
Ofcourse there is some truth in that. But prestige is overlooked man. They all earn enough. f0rest for example has made over a million in prize money.. salaries not calculated. Trust me, with good investments he can live a happy unconcerned life(money wise)
2020-03-16 19:16
I have seen their winnings, but how much do you think did they manage to save? I do think they need some support in investing their money as well, because most probably they don't have the knowledge and the time to do it themselves. Prestige matters, but that's something that you can build if you're good enough. When Astralis was created, they have had no reputation. They were just the ex TSM roaster, known for always choking in important matches. Now they are the most successful team in CS history.
2020-03-16 23:15
We can’t now how much they saved or how smart they are financial. Thats all speculative. But i like to think they have some help from family early on and then obviously could get financial advice just like any random person can get?? Anyways, i am not saying money doesn’t mean shit. It does. Example of qikert, who stayed “loyal” to avangar when navi wanted him.. better salary and better chance of a notable career, resultwise.
2020-03-17 00:29
chrisJ | 
Poland Chiirs 
Yes. Format seems to be better than MDL, but team aren't much better than MDL.
2020-03-12 07:39
United States stotte 
Envy with MICHU and Calyx will probably be underrated. MICHU and Calyx bring astonishing firepower to the team. I think their games will be closer because of that and ONLY because of that. They are good DESPITE Nifty.
2020-03-11 22:30
not sure if 2 people can carry them but would be nice if they could be good
2020-03-11 22:31
s0m | 
United States Festive_ 
moose and ryann might get good but it’s not like nifty is great with rising talent so less likely
2020-03-11 22:35
United States stotte 
moose IS good. ryann is a support player. He's not going to be fragging spectacularly.
2020-03-12 00:48
How is calyx any real firepower tho..? And also michu.. who had on and off good games in polish leagues with tier 3/4 teams. Don’t get me wrong, i hope they succeed but i feel this aint the mix of players to do so
2020-03-12 02:51
Situation in polish league was completly diffrent from this what flashpoint give to michu, he is one of this players who need organized team and gameplan to play his best and envy gives him that, and in his polish team he was one of two IGLs which only marks how bad situation i side of team was.
2020-03-12 11:19
The reasoning is not relevant. It was what it was.. he got a chance to prove himself now. So let’s see
2020-03-12 11:22
Daddy | 
Other aland 
Agreed. moose hella underated, he was in rank s right?
2020-03-12 07:15
Nifty is really good stfu
2020-03-11 23:59
Indonesia lumayan 
Lol someone is mad
2020-03-12 04:52
I'm really mad >:(
2020-03-12 12:09
Indonesia lumayan 
Aw :(
2020-03-12 14:31
2020-03-12 22:52
I could see a world where Dig, FPX, or C9 make the final as well. Obviously Dig needs hallzerk if they want to get that far but if f0rest goes off, and GTR performs well they could make a deep run. I've actually been surprised with GTRs performance.
2020-03-11 22:45
United States jay_320 
Same. GTR looks reinvigorated. I wonder how long that will last however.
2020-03-12 00:44
I dont see him hitting a star form, but he could be a decent midfragger like how Flamie used to be
2020-03-12 01:06
They feel really good being back together. GTR was amazing against fnatic and I think that Dig knows how to get the best out of him. If you look at Friberg now and Friberg the player that was removed from NiP roaster in 2017, you can see a big difference as well. I guess Dignitas provides them a mental coach and the results can be seen in the game.
2020-03-12 01:46
Them also playing some pretty shit teams like AVEZ helps. GTR has been pretty good but I think it might be the time away and just reinventing his attitude and just working at the game in a solo standpoint helps. Plus Ftiberg did have the stint with Herouc where he looked good and he wasnt that bad when he was standing in for GL. I just think it was they needed a young gun 5th that had a better attitude and was more of a team player
2020-03-12 01:53
Norway TheMushrix 
2020-03-12 08:45
I would of said the same thing but now I don’t think they will make quarter finals, kicking hunden is going to kill them
2020-03-12 01:30
AcillioN is actually a decent IGL. I think if they can find a good level of antistratting they could get through from sheer firepower. Few months time they could crack the top 10 if AcillioN does well with the team
2020-03-12 01:51
I want to see them do well honestly, AcilioN has some big shoes to fill, let’s just hope he does as much off line as hunden did like actually studying other teams and counter-strating them. Hunden did a lot more than just igling
2020-03-12 06:57
I'm well aware, but I tie that into what an IGL should do. I think they'll develop a looser style of play, but not like oldschool NA, more like Boston C9 as a semi strategic team with some deadly aimers. AcillioN is also a decent fragger for an IGL. I have hopes and I see them doing well, I just wonder how long itll last
2020-03-12 21:00
Just such bad timing to have to reoverhaul an entire Strategy for a team
2020-03-13 00:35
They dont even realistically need to overhaul, just adapt AcillioN into their basic setups and normal strats, then build off of them. They might be a bit puggier for awhile but I have Hope's for the roster
2020-03-13 02:15
Zeus | 
Ukraine 1Brian 
2020-03-11 22:15
United States oddinary 
2020-03-11 22:15
Canada Herodionus 
Lmao what a downgrade
2020-03-11 22:15
Ukraine patau_dodik 
2020-03-11 22:15
North America kire101 
2020-03-11 22:15
/????sw//ws??? content
2020-03-11 22:15
Netherlands meneertjesem 
Big lmao
2020-03-11 22:15
Germany BIG2020 
probably get invited to EPL
2020-03-12 00:15
Wait you are laughing about them because they play in epl?
2020-03-12 08:48
Portugal EMBERj 
every reason to make fun of BIG is good reason
2020-03-12 13:18
dead league
2020-03-11 22:16
Europe ipufosenia 
1 million dollars for shit tier teams RIP
2020-03-11 22:16
India X3pHyR_2k 
2020-03-11 22:16
If m16r will not take this they can literally disband right after event lol
2020-03-11 22:17
s1mple | 
Russia h3x0r 
After Rio Main Qualifier*
2020-03-11 22:21
wow big
2020-03-11 22:18
Brazil rodrigo0079 
literally::::: who?????
2020-03-11 22:20
s1mple | 
Russia h3x0r 
Heroic roster
2020-03-11 22:21
mir | 
Russia M13F 
Heroic Tier3 event
2020-03-11 22:21
rain | 
Netherlands Yourii 
Heroic is already in ESL Pro League
2020-03-11 22:28
mir | 
Russia M13F 
Big replacement
2020-03-11 22:33
Such an easy tourney for Gen G
2020-03-11 22:21
luckily g2 is in epl
2020-03-11 22:22
United States WilsonDS 
I think that the unique style of the league could make it actually very interesting to watch, despite the lack of top tier teams.
2020-03-11 22:23
I just want to see how GenG do, wont bother after that, the lack of good teams is very underwhelming though
2020-03-11 22:26
Germany grabke 
Excuse me what unique style ??? Doing two meaningless Group Phases for playoff seeding ?
2020-03-11 22:29
Indonesia st4yn1ght 
Youve seen the video format yet?? For me it is interesting
2020-03-12 03:54
Portugal dracø 
I didn't, could you sum it up please?
2020-03-12 09:33
t3 event lmao
2020-03-11 22:26
Portugal TwistedJayPee 
2020-03-11 22:27
Sweden TomPony 
2020-03-12 00:31
Twistzz | 
Greece 1926 
wait...wasn't chaos eliminated by orgless?
2020-03-11 22:31
Yes, there were only two slots originally at the qualifier. With the partner teams dropping from 10 to 8, they invited more teams that participated in the qualifier
2020-03-11 22:40
Twistzz | 
Greece 1926 
oh okay thank you :)
2020-03-11 22:41
Reasonable teams don't want to waste 2kk dols to partner with that sh%t
2020-03-12 00:03
Sweden Akoulad 
ugh nice teams lol trashpoint
2020-03-11 22:34
Poland Julka 
Bruh moment
2020-03-11 22:36
where is clan BIG
2020-03-11 22:37
2020-03-12 08:49
Poland LeNootNoot 
Imagine going from EPL to Flashpoint despite the fact you know you have no fucking chance of winning either.
2020-03-11 22:38
2020-03-11 22:39
They will participate in EPL
2020-03-11 22:55
teams will pay fines if outside top20. entire team list is basically outside top20
2020-03-11 22:43
North America SLGam1ng 
Gen g mad lions
2020-03-11 22:51
NAF | 
Canada Waveform 
Tier 2 teams pay out the ass for being low ranked. It's a league designed for tier 2 teams. Think about it for a second. Thorin wins again?
2020-03-11 23:24
Why does this make sense
2020-03-12 03:53
just shows how fucked up rating system is. They have attended ONE lan and are suddenly #15?
2020-03-11 23:38
North America SLGam1ng 
look at the teams behind them
2020-03-12 00:00
Indonesia st4yn1ght 
One lan and they won it
2020-03-12 03:56
Canada SparklMastr 
Probably has to scrap that because top 15 is playing epl
2020-03-11 23:20
Perfect statement. Didn't realize that lol. An seven though I cheer for MIBR they are top 25 and freefalling
2020-03-12 00:02
you forgot. Flashpoint make their own ranking...
2020-03-12 01:09
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2020-03-11 22:53
Poland Juross205 
I don't know too.
2020-03-11 23:13
Unknown team
2020-03-11 23:31
Another weak team.
2020-03-11 23:05
Poland Juross205 
Tier 999 counter-strike.
2020-03-11 23:11
Why did BIG leave?
2020-03-11 23:12
They get EPL spot.
2020-03-12 01:08
Tier 69 event with huge prize pool, lol
2020-03-11 23:12
Poland Juross205 
500k for winner?
2020-03-11 23:17
Europe EnceIsSoBad 
Hopefully not.
2020-03-12 00:14
Poland Juross205 
Prize pool 1mln usd, so it may happen.
2020-03-12 02:13
Daddy | 
Other aland 
what, it's a huge event
2020-03-12 18:28
It's good to see irrelevant teams and players getting some support
2020-03-11 23:19
s1mple | 
Lithuania Makatas 
Can someone explain me what does it mean to be a member?
2020-03-11 23:21
I think they share in the money the league makes. Orgs buy in like an investment.
2020-03-12 00:46
s1mple | 
Lithuania Makatas 
But they get the spot too?
2020-03-12 01:17
2020-03-12 10:26
Australia csRIOTgo 
why BUG clan withdrawn?
2020-03-11 23:21
Russia Pierock 
because flashpoint is shit tier league
2020-03-11 23:24
Germany currrro 
they get Heroics Spot in EPL
2020-03-11 23:29
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Hell yeah, now for sure DIG wins
2020-03-11 23:27
Big dig
2020-03-12 18:07
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Is back in town
2020-03-12 18:08
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
BIG withdraw because they wanna play ESEA MDL Season 33
2020-03-11 23:29
2020-03-11 23:30
Germany AdiZen 
probably because of corona
2020-03-11 23:31
propably cuz they take over heroics epl slot
2020-03-11 23:33
2020-03-12 00:01
2020-03-12 08:49
What a shit league lmao
2020-03-12 00:01
Mediocre league, look at these teams
2020-03-12 00:01
Havu gonna win this ez
2020-03-12 00:13
Europe EnceIsSoBad 
2020-03-12 00:14
Sweden TomPony 
Dignitas got this, guardian has been doing nothing other than spanking his meat and awping all day for months now.
2020-03-12 00:31
This league just gets worse and worse.. Dignitas, get your monay back asap!
2020-03-12 00:44
United States jay_320 
This could end up being the future of CS despite the teams being trash now. And I say that because of the names on display here. Gen.G, Dignitas, Envy, C9 and MIBR/Immortals. These are for real brands. I think Flashpoint season 2 ends up looking a lot different then season 1. As is I expect Gen.G to win. The Daps magic seems to be working on young Som and Tim looks like the best AWP NA has produced since ever. I'm tentatively excited about the creation of this league still. Even with them missing out on OG and Col.
2020-03-12 00:48
The problem is the brands have nothing to say in csgo. Cuz they don't get EU top players for their teams. C9 could maybe buy liquids team but it would cost a lot. NA has nothing to offer in csgo. And in OG the players decide what they do. That is the reason why Notail found this clan.
2020-03-12 01:06
United States jay_320 
NA has plenty of good players now. In fact it's close to half the top ten. Regardless. These orgs bring clout and money. Anyway I don't think it's going to be a great season. But in the latter half of the year or maybe 2021 those prize pools will draw players in. I think it's almost inevitable particularly with the way ESL handled pro league.
2020-03-12 01:46
Finland no_man 
2020-03-12 08:15
United States jay_320 
What part? I bet it's that 4 of the 10 best players are from NA just grinds the fuck out of you. Deal with it bruh.
2020-03-12 17:45
Finland no_man 
read #183
2020-03-12 21:24
United States jay_320 
ahaha what a terrible argument. Let's apply a different standard to the North Americans that's how I'll settle it in my brain they are bad. Great logic.
2020-03-12 21:46
Daddy | 
Other aland 
2020-03-12 18:35
device | 
Asia krezjj 
2020-03-12 00:50
Germany Neckarstadion 
FPX bought Heroic roster, that's why heroic is dropping out of EPL. BIG will take their place which is why they are not in Flashpoint anymore.
2020-03-12 00:55
Flashpoint paradise for matchfixer and weird bets
2020-03-12 01:03
LOL tier 3 event finalized
2020-03-12 01:22
Europe brunky 
EPL online: BIG XANTARES is here
2020-03-12 01:22
ESL quallifiers are more stacked than this t1000 league.
2020-03-12 02:09
esl monopoly 2strnk
2020-03-12 02:13
2020-03-12 02:17
2020-03-12 07:47
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
How can this be the "future of CS" when most people don't care about leagues and only watch Majors and other big tournaments? So instead of going the tennis route and having events of various sizes competing against each other, they'd rather have a shitty franchise league with teams out of the top 20 that no one cares about. Next step is to make it pay-per-view, hopefully it fails before that.
2020-03-12 08:12
china numba one
2020-03-12 08:29
So all the member teams paid to get in right? Was it 1 mil or 2 mil? I can’t remember
2020-03-12 08:42
Portugal dracø 
2M xddd
2020-03-12 09:44
That’s what I thought, poor mad lions just wasted their money. Hunden made them play way over their skill level. I don’t think the new igl will or can have the same effect, I guess time will tell. I hope they can make it threw this we need high level teams to make this exciting!
2020-03-12 09:50
Portugal dracø 
I think this will be interesting in its own way tbh. Most of this teams are tier2, but the problem with tier2 teams is that they rarely have the chance to show themselves in big stages and therefore can't develop. The major circuit shows a bit of that, you get low ranked teams having good runs and showing they can do better than their usual results. Ence for example wasn't invited for anything before the major final and after that they started being invited.
2020-03-12 09:59
2020-03-13 00:33
why isn't big there
2020-03-12 08:51
All of throwers teams in one EVENT. Amazingggg
2020-03-12 08:52
EU Teams not allowed to fly to America -> RIP FLASHPOINT
2020-03-12 09:29
I think they are there already
2020-03-12 23:39
Notice that they picked the 3 & 4 of LAN Qualifier cause nobody want join them. Further more, if FPX really pick Heroic, the players will have to play both Flashpoint and EPL at the same time.
2020-03-12 09:37
Albania HLTV_God 
Big will replace heroic in epl
2020-03-12 10:46
nice team list😂
2020-03-12 12:33
Japan Inlivino 
"The best CSGO tournament will be"
2020-03-12 13:09
Libya green_wizard 
tier 99 tournament lmfao
2020-03-12 13:27
Why do you pay 2mln for shitty league if you can qualify for free LOL
2020-03-12 14:12
Brunei cyLoL 
It’s simple business if they pay then they get revenue from the events and money that is made off sponsors. It’s been reported on and videos made about it.
2020-03-12 15:10
Europe MyFaith 
2020-03-12 14:35
Brunei cyLoL 
4 t2 teams rest are ~t4
2020-03-12 15:08
BIG in EPL lol
2020-03-12 15:11
low tier event. may be interesting to watch as these teams are all inconsistent and there will be some upsets but theres no big teams
2020-03-12 17:39
I don't get why more orgs didn't join. I could be wrong, but isn't the prize pool of flashpoint greater than EPL?
2020-03-12 17:46
One thing which was pure joke from the start is that they mentioned multiple times, that teams outside of top20 will pay monthly fine. There are like 2 or 3 top20 teams? I am sad, at first it looked like decent alternative to EPL, but now you got NIPnitas, mad lions (hated a lot lately) and pretty much noone else interesting, unless youre mad NA fan.
2020-03-12 22:37
So a 4 man team and a team with no players , NICE.
2020-03-13 06:25
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