Event status update: How the coronavirus is affecting LAN tournaments*

As the global coronavirus pandemic grows worse and all forms of public events around the world are affected, CS:GO LAN tournaments are being moved online, postponed or canceled altogether. To keep you up to date on how the landscape is changing, we have put together a list of upcoming LAN tournaments, which we will update regularly with the latest information, explaining how the TOs have reacted.


April 15: ESL One Cologne at risk
April 12: ESEA MDL Global Challenge postponed
April 8: Games Clash Arena and Masters canceled
April 3: DreamHack Masters Jönköping moved to an online format and renamed 'DreamHack Masters Spring'
April 2: Valve abandons invite system for Rio Major and introduces the Regional Major Rankings (RMR).
April 1: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown & Finals to be played online
March 27: BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Nordic qualifier Elisa Invitational moved online
March 24: CPH Games canceled, possibly to be postponed or played online
March 23: ESL One Rio postponed to November
March 23: WESG World Finals added

Malta United States ESL Pro League Season 11

When? March 16-April 12

Where? Malta and Denver, United States

Status? Moved online and regionalized, finished

As you may already know, season 11 of the long-standing league has undergone several adjustments to ensure the show goes on. Originally planned to take place in Malta with all 24 teams participating in one continuous tournament before the season finals in Denver, the historic league was moved online and split between Europe and North America, with an 18/6 split between the two divisions.

Both regions will have their own champion now. In Europe, there will be two stages of round-robin groups leading to a grand final, while in North America a single round-robin group will yield four spots in a double-elimination playoff bracket. Action has already begun in Europe with the first two groups of the first stage, and on March 26 the last group will follow and run alongside the North American division.

Meanwhile, four teams pulled out of the tournament at the last minute. Renegades, BOOM, and Sharks withdrew because of the global situation, while Heroic lost their roster to FunPlus Phoenix, with ESL inviting BIG, Spirit, Swole Patrol, and MIBR to fill the vacant slots.

United States Flashpoint 1

When? March 13-April 19

Where? Los Angeles, United States

Status? Moved online, ongoing

Flashpoint managed to get all the teams to Los Angeles and kick off the action on LAN in their studio, but a few days into the competition the organizers were forced to review the situation and have the teams continue the event online, albeit from within the city as all 12 participants stayed in the Californian metropolis.

The first phase of the tournament was suspended for a few days and is currently underway. It will come to an end on March 24, when each group's finals will be played, with the second group phase scheduled to start three days later, and the playoffs on April 9.

Group B (Snakes & Ratters)
United States Chaos
United States Gen.G
Brazil MIBR
North America Envy

Group C (Assisted Living)
United States Cloud9
Sweden Dignitas
Canada Orgless
Denmark FunPlus Phoenix

China WESG World Finals

When? March

Where? Chongqing, China

Status? Suspended

WESG and two of its qualifying stages, in Latin America and in the Asia-Pacific region, announced the suspension of their events in January already, as the Finals scheduled for March were supposed to take place in China, where the outbreak originated.

Most of the qualifying process has already taken place as 15 out of 20 qualifier spots have been handed out, with four more being invited directly to the World Finals. The remaining five will come from the suspended Latin America and Asia-Pacific finals, for which the respective organizers are yet to announce a more detailed plan.

The following teams have qualified so far:

United States ESEA MDL Season 33 Global Challenge

When? April

Where? TBA, United States

Status? Postponed

Season 33's Global Challenge has been moved to a later date that is still yet to be determined. The organizers have stated that they're aiming at holding the tournament at some point during the 34th season (which will be a training season and have no Global Challenge at the end) and before the start of ESL Pro League Season 12, as the $50,000 tournament will have three spots on offer in the prestigious league.

The following eight teams have qualified in their regions' Premier and Open divisions:

Denmark Copenhagen Games

When? April 8-11

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark

Status? Canceled, possibly to be postponed or played online

Unsurprisingly, Copenhagen Games announced the cancelation of the event shortly after the Danish government extended the prohibition of gatherings of over ten people to April 13, which directly affects the original dates of the tournament on April 8-11.

For the time being, the organizers are looking into possibilities of postponing Copenhagen Games to a later date or having parts of it played online.

Some of the most notable teams who are listed as participants on the website are:

Brazil ESL One Rio Minors and Major

When? April 26-May 24

Where? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Status? Postponed to November, second Major canceled

On March 23, ESL announced that the first Major of 2020 would be moved to November and its prizepool increased to a record-breaking $2 million. Meanwhile, the second Valve-affiliated tournament of the year, originally scheduled for the first two weeks of November, was canceled altogether.

The postponement has created an additional six-month gap between the previous Major organized by StarLadder in Berlin and ESL One Rio, adding up to a total of 14 months. Valve has abandoned the invite system for the Major and, as previously reported by HLTV.org, has adopted a ranking system called Regional Major Rankings (RMR).

There will be two RMR Series, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, each one with $255,000 on offer. Valve has also encouraged other tournament organisers to come forward and submit proposals for competitions that can be held as part of the RMR circuit.

The teams that previously held spots at the ESL One Rio Major (top 14 at the StarLadder Major) and the ones that had qualified for the Minors have been invited to compete in the first RMR Series, which will be held by ESL.

Other Russia BLAST Premier Spring Series Showdown & Finals

When? June 2-7 and June 16-21

Where? Unannounced and Moscow, Russia

Status? Moved online & regionalized

The remainder of BLAST Premier's Spring Series has been revamped in light of the pandemic as the organizers decided to move both events to an online setting and split them into regional divisions, similarly to ESL Pro League.

The format was changed as a result, with the $375,000 Showdown event now featuring ten teams in each region, split into best-of-one round-robin groups of five, which will lead into a best-of-three bracket stage. In Europe, there will be an eight-team finals and half of its participants will come from the respective Showdown, while the Americas will have a four-team finals, for which two teams are already qualified and two will advance from the Showdown.

Showdown (May 31-June 7)

Finals (June 15-21)

Americas (4 teams)
Europe Complexity
United States Liquid

Poland Games Clash Arena and Masters

When? June 5-7 and September 11-13

Where? Gliwice and Gdynia, Poland

Status? Canceled

The organizers of the $100,000 Polish tournaments, which in previous editions attracted some of the biggest local sides as well as foreign teams such as Heroic, FURIA, and Sprout, announced that they have taken the last possible measure, canceling both eight-team events taking place in June and September.

Sweden DreamHack Masters Jönköping

When? June 9-14

Where? Jönköping, Sweden

Status? Moved online, renamed and regionalized

After previously suspending the Masters event and postponing the Jönköping and Dallas festivals to August, DreamHack has announced that the tournament has been moved to an online format and renamed 'DreamHack Masters Spring'.

The prize pool has been increased by $50,000 to $300,000 and 32 teams will be taking part in the tournament across four regions: Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.

Portugal Moche XL Esports

When? June 27-28

Where? Lisbon, Portugal

Status? Studying options, decision to be made in early April

The third edition of Moche XL in the Altice Arena in Lisbon was set to bring 2018's champions, MIBR, and five other teams to the Portuguese capital in late June. Questioned about where the $100,000 tournament stands, E2Tech revealed to HLTV.org that Moche XL and its partners are studying all options and waiting until the beginning of April to make a final decision:

"Hosting Moche XL Esports in June 2020 at Altice Arena is at the moment seriously under risk. E2Tech will wait until the beginning of April to make a final decision but it is already, along with its partners, studying every option to make sure that it can offer a solution that can please all esports enthusiasts."

Keep an eye on this article if you want to stay up to date with how CS:GO is being affected by the global situation, as we will update it whenever new information comes out about events in the foreseeable future.

Germany ESL One Cologne

When? July 6-12

Where? Cologne, Germany

Status? Qualifiers amended, event at risk

2020's edition of perhaps the most prestigious non-Major tournament of the year is currently at risk due to the German government suspending all large gatherings until August 31 — well after ESL One Cologne is supposed to take place.

ESL has acknowledged the situation and is currently at work trying to find out what the ban means for the $1,000,000 tournament. Previously, the organizers amended the qualifying system, assigning a number of direct invitations to the event itself and its Play-In stage, which was originally meant to be played on LAN.

2020-03-22 19:01
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major will be canceled
2020-03-22 19:04
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
First post hunting is illegal
2020-03-22 19:03
12 replies
i dont do this
2020-03-22 19:05
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
nt law breaker
2020-03-22 19:32
10 replies
snitches get stitches
2020-03-22 20:32
5 replies
Immagine ALEX who left the tema because he is tired of traveling And this year everyone will play from "home" lel
2020-03-22 20:53
4 replies
Underrated comment lmao.
2020-03-22 23:25
2020-03-23 00:26
Australia Chereska
2020-03-23 00:29
Asia primoknows
2020-03-23 12:23
+1 Disgraceful!
2020-03-22 21:10
3 replies
Brazil |LUCAS1|
say that to your german friend
2020-03-23 02:44
2 replies
That user you speak of is in a fact a very nice guy and the person who is first-post hunting is actually Fallenzera (somebody you may have heard of) masquerading as him.
2020-03-23 18:34
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Brazil |LUCAS1|
WTF! brazilians being brazilians...
2020-04-03 19:26
2020-03-22 21:18
2020-03-22 19:02
1 reply
2020-03-22 19:08
:( sad
2020-04-09 00:47
sooo sad
2020-03-22 19:01
RpK | 
India kholwal
Haha made it.
2020-03-22 19:01
so bad
2020-03-22 19:01
1 reply
No thanks to you guys
2020-03-29 22:13
Brazil ToupixBr
Press F for Lan events
2020-03-22 19:01
Sweden Tomper
2020-03-22 19:01
How is the rio major still in doubt that thing is getting canceled/rescheduled 100%
2020-03-22 19:02
wrong orgless
2020-03-22 19:02
2020-03-22 19:03
Brazil oldStar
2020-03-22 19:05
The major should be postpone but not online
2020-03-22 19:05
4 replies
Brazil renatorib
+1 or create a new major online in the middle but postpone esl one rio in lan to after pandemic let's make the esl one online happen
2020-03-23 00:27
3 replies
North America Ringil12
I think the problem with online is that people might have to go to a central location for the minors and the major to play online and have decent ping, and some countries have travel bans
2020-03-23 05:42
2 replies
Also a major with no crowd noise would suck ass to watch
2020-03-27 00:36
1 reply
+1 I paid for it ):
2020-03-29 08:39
Canada teb951999
Very Nice KekW
2020-03-22 19:05
Damn bat soup
2020-03-22 19:06
Sad times
2020-03-22 19:06
New Zealand takej
2020-03-22 19:06
First online major KEKW
2020-03-22 19:08
mens this is sad
2020-03-22 19:11
F :(
2020-03-22 19:12
3 replies
Well if there's no crowd it's an EZ win for NaVi right?
2020-03-22 19:33
2 replies
>Event in doubt >Even if it happens, probably gonna happen online. eZ iF n0 cR0wD, 0 iq
2020-03-22 19:36
1 reply
axaxaxa malding as always
2020-03-22 19:36
Bulgaria goshyy
Its better if major is cancelled rather than being played online in my opinion, onliners such as North will most likely get really far meanwhile teams that are used to play in front of crowd like Astralis, Na'Vi, Liquid, Fnatic will get dumped on in the quarterfinals or even before the quarterfinals..
2020-03-22 19:13
4 replies
they are dumb if they make it online
2020-03-22 19:26
3 replies
Australia SUNSPY
ESL : Don't fucking do it, its the craziest thing you could do Volvo : Major is online have a nice day
2020-03-22 19:31
2 replies
we would have onliners to win a major, just dumb :D
2020-03-22 19:32
1 reply
Canada razneK1789
yeah i could win major finaly
2020-03-22 23:09
2020-03-22 19:14
please find a cure fast for the love of god...
2020-03-22 19:16
i'm gonna kys myself if esl cologne will be cancelled
2020-03-22 19:16
3 replies
Australia SUNSPY
kys myself LUL xD
2020-03-22 19:30
2 replies
- | 
United States Libtard
smhing my head
2020-03-22 21:38
1 reply
Poland Kobel_
lmao my ass off
2020-03-23 01:12
I really hope the major doesn't get canceled and somehow will still happen. A major with no crowd is not a major
2020-03-22 19:17
1 reply
Austria doMK0
There is no way man ;(
2020-03-23 06:43
Lebanon Dogman69
just cancelinho the major, no point in online
2020-03-22 19:18
In the headline "the coronavirus" should be replaced by "the virus SARS-CoV-2" since "Coronaviridae" is the name of the family of all coronaviruses, most of which don't cause any problems at all. Just saying
2020-03-22 19:19
2 replies
Ok educated wannabe
2020-03-22 20:12
Brazil Karlogaria
Ok Mr Obvious-but-whatever-statement
2020-03-22 21:26
Great and interesting thread. Thank Mr Striker.
2020-03-22 19:29
So if the major gets cancelled, will we have 2 majors in half a year after coronavirus (hopefully) or 3 majors in a year or there won't be a Rio major later at all?
2020-03-22 19:29
United States big_brain
mibr in snakes and ratters
2020-03-22 19:31
If Rio major gets cancelled and fall major gets played under normal circumstances we wont have a major for 14 months Ouch...
2020-03-22 19:34
astralis plays so bad because they dont need to prepare major
2020-03-22 19:37
Pls dont make the major online
2020-03-22 19:37
1 reply
That would never , ever happen
2020-03-22 21:05
Why? It's just a flu
2020-03-22 19:46
1 reply
Austria doMK0
And you are just an idiot
2020-03-23 06:44
stay strong and safe, brothers
2020-03-22 20:00
It’s just a flu
2020-03-22 20:12
2 replies
2020-03-23 00:21
Austria doMK0
Its neither true nor funny dude. People are dying, the mortality rate is 20 times higher than for influenza, and that goes for states with great healthcare. The worst is yet to come, hundredthousands will die worldwide, this is no exaggeration
2020-03-23 06:48
If only there wasn't a gap of 10 months between 2 majors already , we wouldn't have had to wait for like a year for another major. Should've had esl major in jan-feb. Last major was in August 2019 , and it seems like we won't be having the major on time so probably rio major will be in july/August.
2020-03-22 21:04
- | 
United States Libtard
I sure hope Cologne will still be on LAN But way too early to know what’s gonna happen with corona yet
2020-03-22 21:37
i dont wana see major canceled =/ i wouldnt mind Major online it would be one of its kind first time and probly only time Major would be played online or mabe they can make it LAN but without Crowd like the last two Biathlons were.
2020-03-22 22:23
Inb4 North win all the events
2020-03-22 23:43
Lithuania KingOfPing
If esports postponed or canceled their events its gonna be nothing live to watch :D real sport everything canceled, now esport almost ends esl 11 left .. shit happens but that is reality.
2020-03-23 00:32
Slovakia yozhko
Corona let us have our Major. Please. :( We only have 2 a year :(
2020-03-23 02:01
it's just a marolinha
2020-03-23 04:58
Austria doMK0
As far as its possible, they will be played online. But i see a lot of limitations here for teams from overseas, so the more realistic scenario is cancellation for all of these events (BLAST Spring final wont be held in autumn, etc...). Noway there will be any LAN event before july/august, even then it's very much unclear.
2020-03-23 07:25
2020-03-23 10:32
Europe farmmoney
easy money on underdogs again ;] thanks corona
2020-03-23 12:03
Expected since Feb
2020-03-23 13:37
2020-03-23 13:39
Please pin this thing to the front page
2020-03-23 16:45
United Kingdom Leftie
Got an ESL Cologne ticket, really hope it doesn't get cancelled :(
2020-03-23 16:49
Philippines skrieeee
I blame the ccp for it.
2020-03-29 14:13
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