[VOD] Discussing six-man roster viability and Major future on HLTV Confirmed with Rejin

mousesports coach Allan "Rejin" Petersen will be joining the HLTV Confirmed show on Twitch tonight at 20:00 to discuss the recent changes in the Danish top teams, including Astralis, FunPlus Phoenix, and MAD Lions.

The Danish tactician Rejin will help us dissect the most important news of the last week, starting with Astralis' signing of Patrick "es3tag" Hansen which some think will change the way Counter-Strike will be played.

Rejin will join the talk show on Twitch at 20:00

We will talk about the ESL Pro League Season 11 results as well as Flashpoint 1, and try to gauge mousesports' form before their return to action this week.

Topic list:

Rejin in the Hot Seat (15 min)
-mouz at Katowice
-Preparation for Pro League
-Coaching international vs. domestic squads
Recent news (25 min)
-Heroic-FPX situation
-Major postponed to November
-AdreN takes over as VP captain
-GamerLegion add coach, disband
Six-man roster (25 min)
-First impressions of Astralis' move
-How could it be executed in practice?
-Why didn't it work in the past?
EPL S11 (25 min)
-Impressions of Vitality with misutaaa
-Astralis, Na`Vi recover after slow starts
-Which international squad will top group C?
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Flashpoint 1 (20 min)
-Good: Banter, MAD Lions & MIBR deliver
-Bad: Stand-ins galore
-Ugly: FPX debacle, production issues
Playtime (10 min)
-Leftover topics and viewer questions

Alongside Rejin, the HLTV Confirmed panel will consist of Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, Milan "Striker" Švejda, as well as James "BanKs" Banks who is standing in for the unavailable Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill.

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Denmark Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
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Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill
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James 'BanKs' Banks
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Denmark Allan 'Rejin' Petersen
Allan 'Rejin' Petersen
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2020-03-25 13:50
Germany BIG_FAN 
Thank god no sponge
2020-03-25 16:13
Xyp9x | 
Denmark grindz 
2020-03-25 13:51
Armenia NarArmGamer 
2020-03-25 13:51
2020-03-25 14:37
Serbia TheSerb 
Lol not even close JRE is the best
2020-03-25 14:50
Armenia NarArmGamer 
What is JRE? Podcast? About CsGo?
2020-03-25 15:15
Finland Cucumber)) 
2020-03-25 22:19
valde | 
Denmark QBE_ 
When with blameF men//
2020-03-25 13:51
Fuck Astralis
2020-03-25 13:52
nice 2 see
2020-03-25 13:52
Russia coroNaViruss 
2020-03-25 13:54
2020-03-26 03:12
2020-03-26 22:07
Finland KuKkaa 
Disgusting six-man roster
2020-03-25 13:54
Hungary faltopfake 
I hope the display won't change from 5 to 6 player in one team. Counter-Strike was always a 5v5 game, and it should be.
2020-03-25 13:55
Looks like 6 man teams will become more common.
2020-03-25 14:17
Canada Sharkey3322 
I don't see it working like they want, but we will see.
2020-03-25 15:38
may work for Astralis because they've got a lot of discipline and all that, but I still see it causing a lot of internal problems. Why am I always the one getting replaced, why is he playing more than I am, I am your 6th but I barely played any matches, the 6th guy not blending in properly, etc etc. I'd like to be proven wrong but we'll see.
2020-03-25 16:20
Finland J3bediah 
I believe 6 man rosters will not work at tier 1 scene.
2020-03-25 15:39
No Rejin vs chat?
2020-03-25 13:55
Boring guest, won't come but ty
2020-03-25 13:58
Russia ToughGuy 
2020-03-25 14:03
Make it 6v6 and add respawn instead of wait till everyone dies Ez revive csgo scene. 🔥
2020-03-25 14:04
How can you revive something not dead?
2020-03-25 14:09
U think multinationals and game developers only look at the CURRENT situation?? Oh it will die sooner or later and i think pretty soon tbh. Updating this would be totally kickass
2020-03-25 15:36
tarik | 
United States Wowzaaa 
This gotta be the dumbest comment right here. Respawn in CS? Nice joke.
2020-03-25 19:46
Other games = super popular. Why dumb in cs???
2020-03-25 21:53
tarik | 
United States Wowzaaa 
Because Cs has been based off of defuse for 20+ years. Changing that now would make 0 sense when the game is thriving.
2020-03-25 23:28
What is dead may never die
2020-03-25 17:52
6 man roster is like polymory .. it will never work
2020-03-25 14:17
who cares?
2020-03-25 14:19
Canada cobainnn 
very cool, will be tuning in!
2020-03-25 14:32
i had sex
2020-03-25 14:49
2020-03-26 00:00
F*ck you >:(
2020-03-26 09:09
2020-03-26 11:10
i love you
2020-03-26 11:49
2020-03-26 15:28
in confused, do you sell viagra -50%?
2020-03-26 15:35
2020-03-26 17:09
North America Molnar42069 
I am fine with it if they have to stick with 5 with one only being able to be used in extreme circumstances. Bullshit if they can go into a major and can change their active 5 map to map game to game.
2020-03-25 14:58
2020-03-25 15:20
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
vs twitch chat needs to come back @prof
2020-03-25 15:33
We'll do small tweaks and it will return... soonTM
2020-03-26 01:49
Maden | 
Serbia bra1np 
6 man da best, so they can train aim 3v3 very ez... so yes, 6 players, coach, analyst and psychologist and it's gg... like 9-10 people in one team
2020-03-25 15:36
Finland J3bediah 
This is gonna be a banger like always!
2020-03-25 15:41
Russia NorthRussian 
Major price pool should be increased to 3.000.000$+,because teams will not get a big bunch of money from the team stickers and sponsors.
2020-03-25 16:00
2020-03-25 16:05
Germany Camoracs 
Reijn vs chat?
2020-03-25 16:08
Fuck 6-man, this will be bullshit
2020-03-25 17:13
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
It will be really interesting
2020-03-25 17:25
WaNna hear a joke? Two dead hookers wash up on the shore...
2020-03-25 17:57
WaNna hear a joke? Two dead hookers wash up on the shore...
2020-03-25 17:57
6man seems really retarded, paying someone to sit on the bench and possibly never play? and how will that 6th man feel? and how will his skill drop when not getting to play on big stage at big tournies?
2020-03-25 19:55
Turkey Slapdash 
I agree. Even when he plays imagine this, you get on the active roster at the last tier 1 tournament before the major to let dev1ce rest. You perform really well and win the tournament. Wouldn't you want to be in roster at the major as well?
2020-03-25 23:30
yea but instead u get put back on the bench so device can take his spot back and u have to sit back and watch from the sidelines...i would never be a 6th man if i was a pro. Id rather play on a t2 team then sit on the bench of a t1 team.
2020-03-25 23:38
Turkey Slapdash 
Yeah me too.
2020-03-25 23:47
Chile nachooww 
new cs 6vs6 mens))
2020-03-25 20:22
Finland Pitsa31 
6 man roster sound good imo. Of course current rules limit the possibilityes much, but I think it nice idea to have some rest to some players. I hope they make rule change so they can change players mid game, like in other sports. Yes, I am aware the struggle to train with six men roster, but it is intresting idea. This is what I would like to see: more substitutes. I know it sound crazy, but hear me. They have their number one roster with 5 players playing and possible 1 or 2 at bench. The team also have 5 or more players on reserve. When number one goes to tournament, they take 6 or 7 to play. Meanwhile reserve can participate to other event. This already happens on other sports. I know it sound bizarre but imo it is best way.
2020-03-25 20:33
this makes no sense...so ur saying that a team can qualify for an event with their starting 5, and then their back up 5 can go play the event even tho they are nowhere near as good as the starting 5 that qualified for it?
2020-03-26 00:04
Finland Pitsa31 
Kinda. Of course if my system would go as norm, it probably would cause so kinda rule changes to prevent that situations. But more like soccer or hockey kinda thing. Either second team play MDL or participate in tier2 tournaments with invites (Like soccer). Or complitly own league for back ups (Like NHL have AHL).
2020-03-26 12:30
I dont think your idea would work very well, I like the idea of a 6 or even 7 man roster with being allowed to change the roster during tournaments; but maybe not from map to map, instead you go through the tournament selecting your roster for each series, you could change your teams play style and some of the roles based on who your next opponent will be. Much like in football where some teams will change tactics based on different factors like who the opponent is.
2020-03-26 16:25
I don't really like it, and I don't think it will work well most of the time.
2020-03-26 21:31
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