WCG USA starts tonight

The US qualifier for World Cyber Games 2009 will take place this weekend, in the city of New York.

The qualifier will kick off in a Round Robin, featuring two groups of each five teams. Group A will be played Friday and Saturday. Group B will be played on Saturday and Sunday will feature top four playing a double elimination bracket, to determine which team will go to Chengdu.

Evil Geniuses will for the qualifier be without their captain Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, who due to being Finnish citizen, cannot compete in the qualifier. Evil Geniuses will use Travis "tuBBy" Bechtol as their fifth for the event.

This could very well favor compLexity much more to win the qualification spot for Chengdu. Evil Geniuses earlier this week lost the CEVO-P final against compLexity, cashing in a 0-2 defeat.

The first round in Group A will start at 20:00CET, so be seated and follow the US qualifier for World Cyber Games 2009, as we will bring you all of the action this weekend.
go eg, go turmoil
2009-09-25 18:37
Good luck EG! You got this.
2009-09-25 18:38
the grand final , eg vs turmoil , eg win , gg eg :D anyway gl all:d
2009-09-25 18:40
no Lurppis , no win for EG :) , coL gratz.
2009-09-25 18:42
I wish I could agree, but one man is not one team:)
2009-09-25 19:37
they will not win without lurppis i think :S , but gl.
2009-09-25 19:39
Well its hard to tell, we'll see in a few mins :D
2009-09-25 19:39
He does have a point though. Things will definitely be different without Lurppis strat calling. But I'm sure EG has been practicing with Tubby quite a lot practicing for WCG so I'm sure they have something sneaky planned. :)
2009-09-25 20:35
You dont happen to know who the IGL is now when its not Lurppis?
2009-09-25 20:58
Probably Warden. And trust me he knows what hes doing. You should have seen how he did things over back on GB back in the day. :)
2009-09-25 21:23
Sweet, well they are doing okay. I'll tune into the game right now :)
2009-09-25 22:07
he knows what he's doing... then how come they sucked ass before lurpiss
2009-09-26 11:01
Because they were still getting used to CS again since they had just left CS:S after the CGS died.
2009-09-26 18:29
going to CSS is retarded -_- that game totally sucks ass dude 8-) 1.5 ftw <3
2009-10-06 11:51
gl to all
2009-09-25 18:44
where is lurppis ?
2009-09-25 18:53
If you read the post, you would know. He can't play, as he is Finnish citizen.
2009-09-25 18:56
ohhh :D but they can made exception for him .... ^^
2009-09-25 20:23
Ok, and for everyone else? Why don't they just remove the rule then? :)
2009-09-25 23:17
2009-09-25 18:53
It will be interesting to see if EG can overcome the temporary "loss" of lurppis.
2009-09-25 18:59
I think they can! n0thing and fr0d impressed me at gamegune and if they're still riding that wave they shouldn't have any trouble going to WCG =)
2009-09-25 19:38
lurppis the master brain of EG, bad for EG good for col :D see you at chengdu evolution and co. check out evolution awm action, very skilled.
2009-09-25 19:00
A lot of great teams going. Its a shame EG doesn't have Lurppis but other than that a lot of strong teams and great matches expected! :D Good luck Nepo. :)
2009-09-25 19:04
noo :P first theres was links to Col matches in the "HOT" box, i thougth it was today,.. now I have no choice but see the anticharismatic Eg guys instead XD
2009-09-25 19:05
if eg win , lurppis can go to china?
2009-09-25 19:08
2009-09-25 19:09
2009-09-25 23:17
No, lurppis will not be able to play the Grand Finals, should EG qualify.
2009-09-25 19:11
Unfortunately no Lurppis would not be able to play in the WCG Global 2009 Finals. Merely because he is not qualified by WCG standards as an American. And since EG is registered as an American team Lurppis can not play for them. :(
2009-09-25 20:13
wow col has an easy group at least, every top team except col is in group A. on the other hand it doesnt really matter 'cause they would qualify from the group anyway
2009-09-25 19:09
gl EG ! :) Sorry if I missed the news post, are x3o --> coL --> Turmoil?
2009-09-25 19:11
#18 coL is former x3o, Turmoil is former Gravitas.
2009-09-25 19:25
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2009-09-25 19:28
I am convinced that you have that sentence on ctrl +c. Always ready! =D
2009-09-25 20:00
I wish, but all if not most are originally typed. Typing for the win! ;D
2009-09-25 20:06
Lurpiss bad.....
2009-09-25 19:52
Calling Lurppis bad is just plain erroneous. Don't get me wrong... I don't really like Lurppis. He is pessimistic and apathetic towards the E-sports industry and community. And I wouldn't exactly put him in the CS hall of fame. But Lurppis is still a great player who plays rather well at the international level. Lurppis has had his share of glory days and if you are calling him bad based on his FPR or overall fragging ability in matches that isn't the wisest means of accounting what he is capapable of. Lurppis is the strat caller for EG and as such has to shift his gamesense and play style in ways that often cause his own individual performance to suffer at times. And last time I checked someone who plays at an international level isn't bad. There is obviously a reason they are there. :)
2009-09-25 20:24
EG i think
2009-09-25 20:09
so difficult for EG when without lurppis :(
2009-09-25 20:46
That's a surprise :O
2009-09-25 21:14
WCG Brazil starts tomorrow, no coverage, bets, news thread? :[
2009-09-25 21:36
Send Nix0n a private message and he will tell you what can be done.
2009-09-25 21:39
Don't worry silly! Nix0n and company were probably busy getting WCG USA taken care of. :P I'm sure they wont forget WCG Brazil! :]
2009-09-25 22:06
Canada Quartz87
GotFrag is that way --------> Go there. - EG 3-0 in group.. so much for needing lurppis. Will probably take down Turmoil, going 4-0. coL will 1-3 or 2-2 their group.
2009-09-26 01:53
Don't worry, we will cover it. Groups haven't been announced yet, so not much content we can produce at the moment.
2009-09-26 02:02
Good to know, thanks Nixon
2009-09-26 04:36
EG gl
2009-09-25 23:18
EG stands at a strong 3-0. They are doing remarkable for not having their usual strat caller Lurppis around. Warden seems to be a great in-game leader himself. :) Good luck EG and keep up the good work! :D
2009-09-26 01:58
Exactly my point Fodder and people still try to compare CoL with EG nonsense. EG will push on undeafeated.
2009-09-26 20:15
coL didn't even fair well against Dynamic... why the hell do people still even put coL and EG on the same level. EG is obviously the American team right now.
2009-09-26 20:18
Nixon, how many spots for USA?? One or two??
2009-09-26 02:14
Just one.
2009-09-26 02:15
pretty sure we got 2 spots. look it up
2009-09-26 09:09
Final Turmoil vs CompLexity CompLexity GG
2009-09-26 04:57
col evalution is an exlent player in USA. nothing is behind for him...but EG will be the winner
2009-09-26 05:12
#32 is absolutely 100% correct
2009-09-26 08:34
Comp GG
2009-09-26 17:56
CoL against infamy is just making me laugh, CoL just rushes even evo rushes ramps with an awp which is just pathetic, the match looks more like a PUB than an official match for WCG USA.
2009-09-26 22:01
I really hate FODDER...so much
2009-09-27 01:52
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