MAD Lions, MIBR top Flashpoint 1 group standings; playoff matches determined

MAD Lions and MIBR have claimed the top seeds heading into Flashpoint 1's double-elimination playoff stage.

The No. 1 playoff seed was clinched by MAD Lions, who held a flawless record in Phase 2 after notching series wins over Chaos, c0ntact, and FunPlus Phoenix without dropping a map to double their points from Phase 1.

MIBR were able to tie the Danish roster in points with a win over Gen.G in the Group C grand final, but the tiebreaker went the way of MAD Lions as a result of a higher total map win percentage across the two phases of play.

MAD Lions claim the top seed heading into the playoffs of Flashpoint 1

HAVU, meanwhile, inched out a third place finish over their final opponent from Phase 2 in the form of Cloud9 as a result of a higher match win percentage as the tiebreaker, calculated by the number of total best-of-three series won by the number of series played.

Damian "daps" Steele's men were assured a fifth place finish regardless of their result against MIBR as they had ended Phase 1 with 30 points to their name, with the 50 points from a second place finish being enough to put them above Chaos, Orgless, and FunPlus Phoenix and avoid a four-way tiebreaker.

Joshua "steel" Nissan and company took home the sixth seed by boasting a higher match win percentage over their opposition, while FunPlus Phoenix's default loss in Phase 1 came back to haunt them as they lost a tiebreaker against Orgless, leaving them as the lowest-seeded team heading into the playoffs.

The final standings for Phase 1 and Phase 2 according to the playoffs points are as follows:


1. Denmark MAD Lions - 150 points
2. Brazil MIBR - 150 points
3. Finland HAVU - 125 points
4. United States Cloud9 - 125 points
5. United States Gen.G - 80 points
6. United States Chaos - 65 points
7. Canada Orgless - 65 points
8. United States FunPlus Phoenix - 65 points


9. Europe c0ntact - 60 points
10. Sweden Dignitas - 60 points
11. North America Envy - 45 points
12. Denmark Copenhagen Flames - 30 points

The match-ups for the first round of the upper bracket look as follows:

Denmark MAD Lions vs. United States FunPlus Phoenix
United States Gen.G vs. United States Cloud9
Finland HAVU vs. United States Chaos
Brazil MIBR vs. Canada Orgless

Canada Damian 'daps' Steele
Damian 'daps' Steele
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Joshua 'steel' Nissan
Joshua 'steel' Nissan
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
MIBR = onliners proof: MIBR on LAN MIBR online Debate me brazilians!
2020-04-06 02:04
further proof in this thread
2020-04-06 02:05
trk | 
Brazil KsRmiTch 
Qual o problema?
2020-04-06 13:29
There's no problem at all my friend, win is win, no matter what. Since mibr is playing poorly, we need to start from the bottom again to maybe reach the top once again in the future.
2020-04-06 02:10
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
+1 alpha mentality
2020-04-06 03:11
NEO | 
Brazil JEH! 
nice nick name LUL
2020-04-06 03:50
god nick kkk
2020-04-06 04:35
Indonesia lumayan 
win 2 times against daps with 100 ping? win is win? lul my ass
2020-04-06 07:17
Still crying dude?
2020-04-06 07:30
Indonesia lumayan 
still denial dude? lol
2020-04-06 07:31
Look, mibr is trash but not as gen g, koosta sucks, bntet has his stats farmed from tier10 china cs, s0m is a little bitch, daps is probably one of the most unskilled igls right now. The only good one is autimatic and he's underperforming since that cloud9 turned into a shit
2020-04-06 07:34
And your excuse is the "100" ping of the igl, lmao
2020-04-06 07:35
Indonesia lumayan 
excuse? its a fact tho lol. mibr will get rekt by gen.g in LAN
2020-04-06 08:00
Denmark Zorrondo 
indonesia malding cuz its best player can't even win on a tier 4 NA team.
2020-04-06 10:19
Fuck off dude, mibr just come back, stop crying.
2020-04-07 01:07
Brazil Proliz 
gen g won in 3 months what mibr failed in 2 years
2020-04-06 08:06
Achievements for Gen.G: We have no achievements recorded for Gen.G.
2020-04-06 18:30
Indonesia lumayan 
lol what a stupid comment
2020-04-06 21:16
Even if daps had 3 ping he wouldn´t do shit, daps is perhaps the less skilled igl in the top 30, so daps isn´t a decisive factor for gen.g, and mibr is looking way better not just because it is online, in general, time is finally paying off for the brazilians
2020-04-06 16:36
Daps is a fucking bot, he with a ping of 100 or 5 makes no difference. A tip for you is to put the daps to die first, this bot is always left in the clutch.
2020-04-06 17:51
Brazil aexy 
And ?? nobody cares about these statistics, it must be complicated for a hater like you, who lives talking about mibr here on hltv, mibr passed, they are playing well, damn if, if it is on lan or online, cry hater
2020-04-06 02:10
Brazil renatorib 
they won two majors playing online with holograms in lan KEKW
2020-04-06 02:12
Brazil tglifeez 
2 time lan world champion, cry little kid
2020-04-06 02:16
Brazil Projectrv 
yes they are and what more?? /closed
2020-04-06 02:24
Sweden MaNiHa 
They’re just playing super easy teams right now
2020-04-06 03:17
Read my name pls
2020-04-06 03:21
lol 8/8
2020-04-06 04:36
Now it's Online Era bro, thanks god they are onliners
2020-04-06 13:07
The real fact is, you'r a fan os us brazilians and Mibr, and lost time searching this facts in seach for attention. #peace
2020-04-06 13:19
Brazil you_cego_fdp 
2020-04-06 15:38
Canada Tgsu 
So what? Whats wrong with being onliner? Negative people has problems for every solutions
2020-04-06 16:03
Brutal savage rekt
2020-04-06 17:39
Finland Cucumber)) 
2020-04-06 02:04
3 founder teams eliminated YIKES.
2020-04-06 02:05
2020-04-06 02:14
tier99 league who cars
2020-04-06 02:06
malta cs omegalul
2020-04-06 02:25
nt trashpoint
2020-04-06 02:25
Indonesia rezrex 
Malta cs tier 999999999999999999999999999999999999
2020-04-06 06:56
2020-04-06 06:58
Indonesia rezrex 
at least we have Asian God on our side rather than country who don't have a scene
2020-04-06 07:11
2020-04-06 07:12
Indonesia rezrex 
u don't know? expected from low tier human
2020-04-06 07:18
another delusional monaco kid thinks BnTeT is theirs xaxaxa everyone knows that hes Polish Legend
2020-04-06 07:21
Indonesia rezrex 
nice troll man
2020-04-06 10:51
NAF | 
Canada Dash_ 
2020-04-06 02:09
lulquid 0 majors astralis 4 majors
2020-04-06 02:25
Brazil ndkzin 
mibr vs mad lions ez finals predict at tier2 league LUL
2020-04-06 02:10
No it's Havu vs Mad Lions ez win for Havu
2020-04-06 08:37
2020-04-06 14:30
You mean c9
2020-04-06 21:18
Brazil ndkzin 
so, what were we talkin about? hahah
2020-04-15 03:01
Yes consolidation final Havu vs Mad lions that's what I meant. Havu ez win vs Mad lions and then get their revenge vs MIBR in the grand final GGEZ
2020-04-15 08:39
Brazil ndkzin 
lets see it haha, its gonna be a great game thats for sure
2020-04-15 23:08
Yeah I hope Havu can win Mad Lions so we get to see a Mibr vs Havu rematch
2020-04-16 08:23
Damn it dig legends didn't make it :(
2020-04-06 02:10
Guardian is just too heavy
2020-04-06 05:13
To carry I know :(
2020-04-06 05:16
Australia aussie_billy 
Lmao dig with guardian was so fucking embarrassing to watch, I'm not surprised they didn't make it
2020-04-06 02:11
f0rest | 
Estonia VssVK 
rip my boys at DIG =( if only they had hallzerk
2020-04-06 02:11
Bruh, it's MIBR x FPX and Mad Lions x Orgless Flashpoint twitted it on Twitter
2020-04-06 02:12
That bracket is wrong. They are updating it right now.
2020-04-06 02:14
MAD Lions > FPP Gen.G > Clown9 HAVU > Chaos MIBR > Orgless
2020-04-06 02:18
Brazil luis130201 
c9 win for sure
2020-04-06 02:22
sorry but c9 is winning
2020-04-06 02:32
yeah if JT kills more than 5 maybe
2020-04-06 03:32
Ok watch
2020-04-06 05:12
Imagine thinking mibr will beat Orgless.
2020-04-06 11:17
Like last time? lol WARDELL already said he's quitting csgo after this event so no fucks given anymore MIBR's in a better form plus FNS is the worst NA IGL You're either delusional or baiting
2020-04-06 12:45
Sry to ruin your dreams, but an NA t2 mix beats the Brazilian bots any day of the week.
2020-04-06 13:08
Yeah you're baiting Mongol
2020-04-06 13:42
contact and dignitas omegalul
2020-04-06 02:22
trk | 
Brazil NahT_ 
10. Sweden Dignitas - 60 points mens :(
2020-04-06 02:23
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
Big chance for mibr to finally get a trophy. I can see them win against malding lions as long as fallen don't mess up with the map veto.
2020-04-06 02:31
Brazil kotopro2 
Well they say that now they play all maps, If thats true, they can ban mad Lions best map maybe And mibr insisted so much on that inferno that now they are actually pretty good at It and teams pick It up vs them thinking that It would be an ez Win , lulz
2020-04-06 03:44
Brazil Karlogaria 
This tournament is an obligation for MIBR...
2020-04-06 05:55
Them reaching the playoffs is already an upset.
2020-04-06 11:31
4 teams qualified going through playoffs and founders eliminated NICE TIER 5 CHAMPIONSHIP
2020-04-06 03:24
Yes orgless playoff spot is impressive as hell. I mean they won 1 whole game during this tournament, 1 out of 4 games was a win so basically they are gods and plyoffspot is deserved.
2020-04-06 12:14
Expected, the only tier2 teams in this tournment
2020-04-06 03:35
At best. Most are tier3
2020-04-06 05:15
Canada Anaryke 
Gen.G vs C9 gonna be an interesting one
2020-04-06 03:57
Brazil Karlogaria 
Let's see who is worse
2020-04-06 05:54
U mean let's see who will destroy the Brazilian bots in the lower bracket.
2020-04-06 11:32
who from brazil touched you when you were a little kid? :) mdr
2020-04-06 18:21
nice brazil!
2020-04-06 04:17
KngV and fer are gods Meyern qnd Fallen 1/2 god Taco godzin : )
2020-04-06 04:40
Rather, they are playing a tier 3 event.
2020-04-06 05:15
fnx | 
Brazil nneark 
we will also win the EPL
2020-04-06 07:38
Lebanon Rural0ff 
That's just a fantasy. Just say it mibr onliners you may have gotten to the playoffs but if this was a lan game u will get destroyed. Just ask chaos
2020-04-06 13:20
Not likely, however it’s hard a to even consider NA EPL as a tier 1 event when it only has two good teams. Tier 1,5 at most, more likely tier 2 event.
2020-04-06 14:22
fnx | 
Brazil nneark 
3 teams in the top 10 and FURIA in the top 11 and you say it’s a tier 2 event?
2020-04-06 18:30
If not, what do you call EU EPL, it’s clearly much more stacked and there is not Tier 0 or tier S over tier 1. So NA has to be lowered.
2020-04-06 22:11
dicknitas rofl
2020-04-06 07:25
2020-04-06 08:19
Europe EnceIsSoBad 
2020-04-06 08:44
Finland Sergej22 
2020-04-06 09:02
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
Dignitas didn't reach the play-off. Sad(
2020-04-06 09:52
2020-04-06 09:59
Germany dig_is_goat 
Dig :((
2020-04-06 12:03
Gz to orgless for getting a forfeit win creating a playoff spot for them. Deserved.
2020-04-06 12:05
Imagine having a tournament where you win 1 out of 4 games and go to playoffs. Oh wait, we do have that as sad as it sounds..
2020-04-06 12:10
Serbia DjapeZ 
NA CS XD Only 1 NA team in semis
2020-04-06 12:48
MIBR está voltando, flashpoint vai ser o primeiro troféu do ano, só pra ganhar mais confiança pra jogar o Major em casa.
2020-04-06 13:40
Kinda sad that Dignitas can't even reach the Top 8 in a league with budget teams
2020-04-06 16:48
Poland friendlySeb 
I'm surprised that MIBR got the 2nd seed. I wasn't even sure if they get to the playoffs.
2020-04-06 16:53
Poland friendlySeb 
I'm surprised that MIBR got the 2nd seed. I wasn't even sure if they get to the playoffs. While Copenhagen Flames that were last, really have some potential, i just think they need a little bit more of firepower and experience. I don't think refrezh was the right choice. I think going international is the best thing that could happen for them.
2020-04-06 17:09
2020-04-06 18:14
Strange tournament. What I do not understand why teams like Navi and g2 and all other big teams not playing when it’s such a high price pool. Don’t get it. This tournament sponsored by mad lions or something ? Just to promote how good they are ?
2020-04-07 04:00
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