Valve announces RMR points system for ESL One Rio Major circuit

Valve has announced how the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) points system will work to determine the 24 teams attending the ESL One Rio Major later this year.

With the invite system abandoned by Valve, teams will earn spots at this year's Major by collecting points in a series of RMR competitions, the next of which, called ESL One: Road to Rio, will kick off in a week's time.

Valve has also decided to reward teams for their heroics at the StarLadder Major, though with only a very limited number of points going to the top-16 finishers. Astralis earned 800 points for winning the tournament, while the remaining Legends received 600, and the teams who placed ninth through 16 collected 300.

Astralis are currently leading the RMR table with 800 points

Both ESL One: Road to Rio and the Fall RMR Series will be sponsored by Valve, with $255,000 being divided between six regions. Details are still scarce about the Summer Series, which is expected to run between the Spring Series and the player break. There will be a 25 percent increase in the number of points awarded in each RMR tournament held after ESL One: Road to Rio as Valve wants to reward teams hitting peak form in the run-up to the Major.

Teams will be allowed roster changes between each RMR event but at the cost of 20 percent of the team's points per player changed. Replacing three or more players will result in a reset of a team's points. This, combined with the fact that teams can only register five players and a coach (who can step in but also at the cost of 20 percent of the points for the tournament), has the potential to hamper Astralis' plans to introduce a six-man lineup as they would be penalised for every change.

Below you can find the points' distribution that will be in place for the ESL One Rio circuit:

StarLadder Major
1. 800
2. 600
3. 600
4. 600
5. 600
6. 600
7. 600
8. 600
9. 300
10. 300
11. 300
12. 300
13. 300
14. 300
15. 300
16. 300
ESL One: Road to Rio
1. 1600
2. 1500
3. 1400
4. 1300
5. 1200
6. 1100
7. 1000
8. 900
9. 800
10. 700
11. 600
12. 500
13. 400
14. 300
15. 200
16. 100
RMR 2 (Summer)
1. 2000
2. 1875
3. 1750
4. 1625
5. 1500
6. 1375
7. 1250
8. 1125
9. 1000
10. 875
11. 750
12. 625
13. 500
14. 375
15. 250
16. 125
RMR 3 (Fall)
1. 2500
2. 2344
3. 2188
4. 2031
5. 1875
6. 1719
7. 1563
8. 1406
9. 1250
10. 1094
11. 938
12. 781
13. 625
14. 469
15. 313
16. 156

Each region will be allocated invites to the ESL One Rio Major based on how their teams performed at the StarLadder Major. The invitations are the following:

Europe: 3 Legends, 6 Challengers, 2 Contenders
North America: 3 Legends, 1 Challenger, 1 Contender
CIS: 2 Legends, 1 Challenger, 2 Contenders
South America: 1 Contender
Asia: 1 Contender
Oceania: 1 Contender

very interesting! Would be nice if a german team like mouz wins the major in brazil
2020-04-18 00:29
Very exciting
2020-04-18 00:30
See y’a in h3ll Germans
2020-04-18 00:33
Sweden wtf_men
cya in 10
2020-04-18 00:44
2020-04-18 05:00
german team?
2020-04-18 00:33
Finland 6hoo
german organisation
2020-04-18 00:38
its like 100t reprent the americans.
2020-04-18 16:23
its like 100t reprent the americans.
2020-04-18 16:23
Finland 6hoo
2020-04-18 17:26
Germany Kit_su
Karrigan best german igl, chrisJ also german check his twitter
2020-04-18 07:51
its like say geng is a asian team
2020-04-18 16:08
Germany Kit_su
no, that's racist. I am not saying they are german because they look german but also because they speak german/have strong ties to germany
2020-04-18 22:40
Geng has strong ties to Asia xD
2020-05-04 05:14
Germany Kit_su
idk they just look asian dont they? Do they have strong ties to their motherlands?
2020-05-04 19:41
Don't get me wrong, but u don't get Asian phenotypes by accident
2020-05-07 07:26
German already won a major in 2016
2020-04-18 00:38
with 7-1 score
2020-04-18 02:09
Ok they win 2 major
2020-04-18 02:10
They were throwing to let them win even 1 score
2020-04-18 08:40
Ok true, s1mple can wait for next as this is a holy reason
2020-04-18 00:41
with an overall 7-1 record
2020-04-18 00:44
ye nobody cares where the org is from. Its the roster in the org that matters. LOL you gonna count germany as major champ when mouz wins? no lol stupid logic
2020-04-18 00:48
thats why mad polacks got angry when vp dropped the polish lineup lul
2020-04-18 01:13
literally 0 correlation to what i said 0/8 bait attempt.
2020-04-18 01:25
i agree it was a shitty attempt, but #1 really got u 🙈
2020-04-18 10:41
He is one of the worst baiter of this website
2020-04-18 01:31
No Polak 0Major Ruski 1Major
2020-04-19 13:07
? you new fag ?
2020-04-19 14:15
VP Ruski org so Polak 0Major Ruski 1Major u are the newfag.
2020-04-19 14:46
No, I know about vp pl roster ruski org. i'm just asking are u new fag because ur baits are so fucking horse shit.
2020-04-19 14:49
+1 Germany will be on top of the world yet again
2020-04-18 01:33
2020-04-18 01:44
German Org, not German team ;)
2020-04-18 02:13
Lol you here again Stop it get some help
2020-04-18 05:33
What about bIg
2020-04-18 05:55
Who? Ah, you mean bug Ah, you mean 2-manshowg Ah, you mean flukeonlinewinsg
2020-04-18 06:02
2020-04-18 06:58
2020-04-18 08:52
Yup mous best European org there is.
2020-04-18 09:12
Its European team you dummy
2020-04-18 11:08
Estonia RopzTop1
international team you mean
2020-04-28 07:27
Mouz isn't German it's European/international. If a team represented the country of their organization then Fnatic would be representing the UK which makes no absolute sense.
2020-04-29 13:20
German team = 0 Germans
2020-04-29 21:49
Finland Karppanator
Convoluted but necessary tbh
2020-04-18 00:27
Thorin | 
Germany ZaYnD
2020-04-18 00:27
I read it. I promise
2020-04-18 00:27
sh1ro | 
Russia R3YBAH
Me too!
2020-04-18 00:27
Pretty great, I really enjoyed the part with the dragons.
2020-04-18 00:31
So faze can bench Olof and still have 240 points
2020-04-18 00:27
NiKo | 
France Neitsa
they won't, unfortunately
2020-04-18 00:31
United Kingdom StonkBonk
Yes but they won’t
2020-04-18 02:07
They will have there score reset but it might still be an alternative due to the poor performance lately
2020-04-19 00:32
Europe Vallon3
Yes, yes, I see.
2020-04-18 00:28
nice, could work well.
2020-04-18 00:28
2020-04-18 00:29
RIP es3tag
2020-04-18 00:29
2020-04-18 00:29
I liked this. Wouldnt even mind if 1 huge major a year became standard, with a circuit like this every time.
2020-04-18 00:30
+1 mens))
2020-04-18 00:34
1 big major and $1.000.000 Cologne every year would be great
2020-04-18 00:36
Sucks Cologne will probably not be a thing, thank people not immediately going Fallout Bunker mode and some people still not practicing social distancing because all major events are likely to be cancelled here in Germoney till August 31st. Hope Belgium is doing fine at least, I'd love to go to Rampage in Antwerpen if shit comes to fruition :^)
2020-04-18 04:12
+1 one huge major > trash majors
2020-04-18 00:42
2020-04-18 00:30
where did they announce it?
2020-04-18 00:31
Sweden Lagge15
hahaha Miraa, I was waiting so long for the article so I started writing it myself as a blog post! Good work though. Much more clear than their tables and blog posts that was missing dates and update status.
2020-04-18 00:31
Vitality 600 points or 360?
2020-04-18 00:32
360 because of the two changes
2020-04-18 00:33
Thank you
2020-04-18 00:33
Two changes? -alex + misutaa Its one change or did i missed something
2020-04-18 00:59
Sweden quacke
NBK played the Berlin Major. It's also -NBK +shox
2020-04-18 01:05
The -NBK +shox was after the major as well.
2020-04-18 01:05
Ah right i forgot thx
2020-04-18 11:07
-NBK +shox???
2020-04-18 01:10
Sweden quacke
Does this mean FaZe lost 40% already due to replacing NEO and GuardiaN since Berlin? In fact teams that should have lost points: ENCE -Aleksib +suNny (20%, 480p) Vitality -ALEX -NBK +shox +misutaaa (40%, 360p) NaVi -Zeus +GuardiaN (and then +Perfecto instead) (20%, 480p) G2 -Lucky -shox +nexa +huNter (40%, 180p) CR4ZY (c0ntact) -nexa -huNter +emi +SHiPZ (40%, 180p) MIBR -zews -LUCAS1 +kNg +meyern (40%, 180p) FaZe -NEO -GuardiaN +broky +coldzera (40%, 180p) North -JUGi -valde +MSL +cajunb (40%, 180p) NiP -f0rest -GeT_RiGhT -Golden +nawwk +Plopski +twist (60%, 120p) DreamEaters (Hard Legion) -speed4k +rAge (20%, 240p) Am I right?
2020-04-18 01:04
You’re right
2020-04-18 01:05
Sweden quacke
Interesting, thank you! For anyone interested, complete standings as of now: 1. Astralis, 800p (assuming they won't field es3tag) 2. Virtus Pro, 600p 3. 100 Thieves, 600p 4. Evil Geniuses, 600p 5. Team Liquid, 600p 6. ENCE, 480p 7. NaVi, 480p 8. Team Vitality, 360p 9. mousesports, 300p 10. Hard Legion, 240p 11. G2, 180p 12. CR4ZY, 180p 13. MIBR, 180p 14. FaZe, 180p 15. North, 180p 16. Ninjas in Pyjamas, 0p EDIT: As it's a regional ranking regions won't be mixed like this when it's all settled. This is just the total points tally for all teams right now. Very interesting that it puts NiP at the bottom and Hard Legion stay ahead of so many teams. FaZe will have a hard time regardless of if olof is benched before or after RtR, and it's very good for 100T and VP who have looked weak since Berlin. I'd say the biggest winners here are 100T, VP, Hard Legion and the biggest losers are Vitality, FaZe, NiP. Will be so exciting to see DIG, Complexity and GODSENT get into the mix when the tournament starts!
2020-04-18 01:24
Don’t forget that NiP lose all points. If you change three or more players, points get reset. Also it’s a regional ranking, so there’s more to it than just combining the teams and seeing who has more points
2020-04-18 01:20
Sweden quacke
Yikes, that's a blow. Like Nikosimus say below, are the points tied to the players or the teams? Do DIG and Fnatic earn points for aquiring f0rest, GeT_RiGhT and Golden? EDIT: That's true, but that seems complicated for the smaller tournaments in Asia and Oceania with fewer teams. Do they get the top 8 points or bottom 8? Or do they have a unique points system?
2020-04-18 01:23
There’s nothing to suggest points being tied to players (which is the case in ESL’s ranking). What matters here is how you’re ranked in your region. Valve hasn’t announced a specific points distribution for the smaller tournaments, so I guess they use the points from the top, same as in the other regions. We’re trying to get confirmation
2020-04-18 01:36
Sweden quacke
Ah that's true, makes a lot of sense. Very excited for this to start, it almost feels more exciting than the Major itself.
2020-04-18 01:43
If DIG gets no points for their players then VP wouldnt either
2020-04-18 02:15
Sweden quacke
VP gets points for keeping the core of AVANGAR. The Berlin AVANGAR lineup is the same that signed for VP, so they keep their points.
2020-04-18 10:28
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao
The points are tied to a 3 players core. Its like if Dig would have aquired forest, Get Right AND Golden, they would have taken NiP points You need to maintain at least 3 players that played for the team to maintain the spot, or take the spot from the previous org
2020-04-18 06:03
Sweden quacke
That's true, no team changed 3 players since the major aside from NiP, (aside from AVANGAR and c0ntact making org changes), so that's cool.
2020-04-18 10:30
Russia Nikosimus
Idk if it counts but DIG should have 120 as well, no? f0rest+GeT_RiGhT
2020-04-18 01:09
Sweden quacke
I'm not sure if the points are individual, but I think it's based on the team itself. Otherwise G2 should stay at 300p, OG should get 300p even if they aren't even participating as of now, DIG should get 120p, and Fnatic should get 60p for Golden. And given GuardiaN was on the NaVi roster at one point between Berlin and now, one could argue they should get an extra 60p though I highly doubt that's how it works. It seems complicated. We'll see on the 22nd!
2020-04-18 01:21
Russia Nikosimus
If the points are not individual, why do NiP get them then? The Berlin core is no more so basically this is not the same NiP that played there Another thing is if ESL sticks to the org themselves, not the teams, but imo they wont do it (iirc the only time it happened like that was in ECS and noone really liked that when Dignitas got a spot despite having a completely different roster) tl:dr If NiP get 120 for 2/5 (core lost) why shouldnt DIG get 120 for 2/5 also but in a different org?
2020-04-18 11:20
Sweden quacke
I edited my comment after MIRAA corrected me, NiP get 0 points because they lose their core. Points are not tied to the players themselves, rather tied to the core that played. If a team loses three players, and those three don't stick together as a team for another org (like C9 did with Gen.G, technically the same core, just different orgs) they lose all their points automatically. DIG stay on 0 points and NiP fall down to 0. That's why AVANGAR/VP and CR4ZY/c0ntact keep their points, because their cores are the same as in Berlin.
2020-04-18 11:35
Russia Nikosimus
Yes, got it, thank you :) Sucks for NiP and DIG though
2020-04-18 15:04
Doesn't work like that.
2020-04-18 09:25
2020-04-18 05:42
2020-04-18 00:32
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
getting closer to dota pro circuit system?
2020-04-18 00:33
I think this is just a temporary system for this year EDIT: only the regional divisions are temporary, so yes I guess it's a mini DPC going forward next year
2020-04-18 09:27
Valve is obviously not a fan of 6 player rosters....
2020-04-18 00:38
Now they finally not doing what astralis wants
2020-04-18 01:00
thank god imagine if it becomes a main thing, every game team switch players lul
2020-04-23 00:15
hello mens))
2020-04-18 00:38
this is great thanks volvo
2020-04-18 00:40
2020-04-18 00:42
Pakistan LoOuU2
esetag gotta warm the bench for some time now.
2020-04-18 00:43
I mean, Astralis can probably use their "main" roster for valve-sponsored events and bring him in other big events, which are plenty.
2020-04-18 00:51
Pakistan LoOuU2
seems thats how its gonna be
2020-04-18 13:43
Whats RMR?
2020-04-18 00:45
Read the first sentence past the title and you will know
2020-04-18 00:50
too much reading zzzz
2020-04-18 01:47
hope Rio Major will happen
2020-04-18 00:52
2020-04-18 00:52
Asia: 1 Contender no asian teams = -money nice 80iq gaben.
2020-04-18 00:57
rip es3tag
2020-04-18 01:00
Why play in tier 655 country?
2020-04-18 01:13
NA still gets 3 Legend Spots. Wasted af
2020-04-18 01:37
Finland arska_
should be only 2
2020-04-18 02:16
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao
Liquid + EG + 100T, i think its fair enough to have 3 legends spots for NA, at least in this Major
2020-04-18 06:01
considering EU has Astralis, fnatic, mouz, G2 and FaZe not really CIS having 2 slots is worse than NA having 3 though
2020-04-18 09:46
Slovakia Fortal
Do you think CIS should only have 1, and that it should go to Na'Vi?
2020-04-18 11:27
Based on their starladder performance its not halve just thinking they get 3 randomly
2020-04-18 09:43
2020-04-18 01:41
If Ence gets Jamppii is he banned from R2R?
2020-04-18 02:03
Germany grabke
Are these points for Europe where you have 16 teams ? What about NA and CIS only 12 teams and Oceania / Asia / SA even less.
2020-04-18 02:08
They will just take the top points (suppress the bottom four places).
2020-04-19 13:13
crank | 
Poland WITAM
Fair enough.
2020-04-18 02:42
2020-04-18 02:51
Romania b0jack
2020-04-18 03:03
Denmark Zorrondo
OMG this again isn't this like the 6th post about it?
2020-04-18 03:10
RIP Es3tag
2020-04-18 03:11
Actually the more I think about it probably Rip xyp or Dupreeh. I wouldnt be surprised if Astralis are looking for change and they only loose 160 points if they make the change up front and keep it
2020-04-18 03:13
Finland JooonsMO
Dupreeh, Xyp9x and dev1ce have played in same team since 11/2013. I don't think they want to break up.
2020-04-20 16:55
I would agree, but I can’t imagine they’d sit Glaive for the major, magisk is a top performer, and of they got es3tag I have to believe they want to use es3tag.
2020-04-20 22:06
Finland JooonsMO
I think they will use es3tag just outside of the major. maybe in major if someone cant/dont want to play.
2020-04-20 23:39
Ence major win!!
2020-04-18 03:58
Yeah no... Not happening
2020-04-18 11:11
it will stfu hairhand
2020-04-18 21:20
So explain how that works for Oceania with 4 teams at the event. 100 point difference? wtf.
2020-04-18 04:02
Didnt understand but ok.
2020-04-18 05:50
Why does the article say at the end that regions will get "invites" (and how many for each region)? I'm confused by that since the whole point of this system is to cancel invites :D
2020-04-18 08:24
The regions dont compete with each other. Cuz obvious. So you have 20 Teams in EU for example. Top 3 teams of the total EU points go to legends, 4-9 to challenger and 10-11 to Contender. Event tho challenger and contender is the same stage, that's about the seeding. Same for other regions with different slot allocation.
2020-04-18 08:58
Oh, I get it now. Makes sense. I guess it was just the wording that confused me. Thanks for clarification.
2020-04-18 10:24
Asia: 1 Contender Oceania: 1 Contender its already for a LONGGGGGGGGGG LONGGGGGGGGGGG TIME this 2 region have no impact at all just scamming people on betting site. they even cant do anything vs T2 teams on EU / CIS. cmon no need slot for this 2 region anymore..
2020-04-18 09:00
Oceania aZZtec
Still better than uk cs
2020-04-19 21:56
Finland JooonsMO
+100 (thieves)
2020-04-20 16:51
Must be legends: 4 eu. 2 na 2 cis
2020-04-18 09:29
I would say 5 EU, 2 NA, 1 CIS forZe/VP is not better than FaZe/G2 or whoever will be 5th in EU
2020-04-18 09:48
Russia and Ukraine should play on EU minor
2020-04-18 11:56
thats even better
2020-04-18 13:23
No, it's based on Starladder Major placings, did you even read? NA had 3 teams in playoffs - 100T Liquid EG, CIS VP NaVi, EU ENCE Vitality Astralis
2020-04-18 10:48
o, my fault, sry
2020-04-18 14:22
2020-04-18 09:33
Finland JooonsMO
Probably navi gonna take 1 of those legend spots... they deserve 2 legend sports since navi and avangar were top8 last major...
2020-04-20 16:49
But we all know Avangar was fluke like Ence For me EU region deserve more
2020-04-20 17:00
Finland JooonsMO
Well those spots are determined by last major. If EU wants more spots they need to play better at major.
2020-04-20 17:18
Yea but at every major is 1 suprise team who get a legend spot For me better is looking at ranking
2020-04-20 18:00
2020-04-18 11:01
guess fnatic will easily get top#1 ranking here
2020-04-18 11:15
Sweden quacke
If Astralis win the first RtR they stay in the lead of the EU ranking. In fact they can finish as low as 3rd and still stay in the lead, and if they finish 4th the only team that can pass them is ENCE, and they need to win. If we disregard Vitality and ENCE as not being in contension for the RtR win (non-top 5), the closest team to beat Astralis is mousesports on 300 points. For mouse to take the lead Astralis would need to be 7th (6th and it's a tie) or lower. The other EU top 5 teams that are up against them are Fnatic and G2, who assuming they win Astralis will need to be 9th and 8th respectively. I think it's safe to assume unless Astralis goes out in the quarter finals, they will stay in the lead in the EU region.
2020-04-18 11:43
Man, you''ve done your homework!
2020-04-18 12:01
Sweden quacke
I think I'm addicted.
2020-04-18 12:03
Nah, you just like to analyze stuff. If this is your hobby, you should get hired as analyst :)
2020-04-18 12:55
Sweden quacke
I love analyzing. CS is one of the best sports to do it to. There's so much data and so many mechanics and factors. That's also why I love F1. I'd love to do some proper analyzing some day! :)
2020-04-18 13:34
This didn´t age well...
2020-05-10 23:33
yeah :(
2020-05-11 10:07
This is a cool system, we're probably gonna get the most stacked major in years good job volvo
2020-04-18 12:03
And in RIO with the best crownd in the world (br crowd) It´ll be epic
2020-04-18 17:39
>best crowd in the world >JANEEELLLLAAA KEKW
2020-04-19 13:16
Not only best. Best by far.
2020-04-21 17:56
Poland SebL
This system is very cool. I like it.
2020-04-18 13:01
nice i like it
2020-04-18 14:38
The thing that bothers me is how will they allocate the spots per region for the next Majors? If this system doesn’t change Au, Asia, SA will forever be blocked at one spot.
2020-04-19 13:17
2020-04-19 13:32
Not easy for Virtus.Pro, good luck bro ;(.
2020-04-20 13:35
Finland JooonsMO
ESL One: Cologne 2020 = RMR2???
2020-04-20 16:45
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