DreamHack Open stops in Valencia, Montreal, Hyderabad to be held online due to coronavirus pandemic

DreamHack has announced that the Open stops in Valencia, Montreal and Hyderabad have been moved to an online setting as a result of the current global health crisis.

The three tournaments will be held under the name DreamHack Open Summer and will continue to have $100,000 on offer as DreamHack delivers on its promise of "bringing the CS:GO community the world's best action" despite its initial plans having been thrown off gear by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Valencia Open has been turned into a regional European tournament that will run from July 2-5. The Montreal stop will give way to a North American competition, while the Hyderabad Open has been split into two regional tournaments for Asian and Oceanic teams. The dates for these two competitions are still being finalised by DreamHack.

Three Open stops will be held online this summer

The Open stops in Rotterdam (October 16-18) and Madrid (December 11-13), and the iconic DreamHack Open Winter in Jönköping (November 27-29) are still expected to go ahead on LAN, though everything will depend on the evolution of the coronavirus in the coming months.

DreamHack Masters Jönköping was one of the first CS:GO competitions to be disrupted by the global health crisis. The tournament, which was initially due to be held as part of the DreamHack Summer Festival, will be held online in May and June with $300,000 up for grabs across four regions: Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

2020-05-01 16:44
Europe Inhabitant 
No, not really nice.
2020-05-01 16:45
rip best event
2020-05-01 18:27
leaf | 
United States Frotha 
seppuku, anyone?
2020-05-01 16:54
Poland hillock 
i hate this virus
2020-05-01 16:45
Denmark WeAlsoHaveLEGO 
You're not alone
2020-05-01 16:45
Is noice
2020-05-01 16:47
Poland Kurwa_Jebana 
ye no holidays this year very sad. was probably my last year to get all 3 month holidays unless i can get temporarily layed off work next summer.
2020-05-01 16:50
me too bro
2020-05-01 16:59
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
+1 The worst year in my life.
2020-05-01 17:01
Turkey deathofangel35 
2020-05-01 16:45
Slovakia SLAVak 
tbh I got A's from some of my exams even without doing them thanks to the pandemic.
2020-05-02 11:51
RIP India
2020-05-01 16:46
2020-05-01 17:10
2020-05-01 17:47
RIP dreamhack Valencia
2020-05-01 16:47
Finland Smoonah 
got the panners
2020-05-01 16:47
Switzerland x676 
2020-05-01 16:49
Brazil KampBR 
SA dreamhack PLS
2020-05-01 16:50
Sweden Fizze 
Sad :(((((
2020-05-01 16:53
Its not pandemy
2020-05-01 16:55
Cmon people, summer will kill virus cuz he can't survive when high temp outside.... rip Cologne looks like
2020-05-01 16:56
China Yao_Ming 
no it wont lmao
2020-05-01 18:11
Oceania sergei_ 
hyderabad is gonna be a joke of an event rofl
2020-05-01 17:00
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Easy win for Renegades
2020-05-02 16:08
fuck the virus WeirdChamp
2020-05-01 17:12
Hyderabad is kind of a cool name
2020-05-01 17:22
Sweden DEFENSE! 
NOOOOOOOOOO! Was looking forward so much to Hyberabad
2020-05-01 17:22
hyderabat wtf haha
2020-05-01 17:22
nt corona
2020-05-01 17:24
Hyderabad wtf, never heard of that place before
2020-05-01 17:25
Big city in India
2020-05-01 17:46
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Wtf Hyderabad is in Pakistan
2020-05-01 17:49
0/8 nt
2020-05-01 17:50
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
2020-05-01 18:13
NAF | 
India FosFate 
0/8 could've ATLEAST given better link. This leads to the only relevant Hyderabad
2020-05-01 18:27
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Give me the link to download word.exe best link ever
2020-05-01 21:47
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Will do; but first teach me how make and use RDX mens))
2020-05-02 12:00
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
I don't even know what that is , must be an Indian thing
2020-05-02 12:19
2020-05-01 19:04
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Yes Hyderabad is in India too. Never denied that. Learn to read your cheeseburger language
2020-05-01 21:46
India MrP!ng 
You pal are delusional now !! like hell they would do in DH in pakistan
2020-05-02 00:50
thanks china
2020-05-01 17:43
NAF | 
India FosFate 
:( I would've been in DHO Hyderabad (((((
2020-05-01 18:28
Poland SebL 
Atleast they will be online not cancelled.
2020-05-01 18:28
Russia Jet1k 
What about the actual festival part? held on zoom?
2020-05-01 18:42
sad no india dreamhack open wanted to go to hyderbad and chill
2020-05-01 19:22
So the corona virus will still be affecting all the tournaments in this year, maybe the major will be played online
2020-05-01 19:48
Russia NorthRussian 
Valencia is understandable(cuz everyone is panic scums)but... Hyderabad?This is damn autumn,Corona is not a reason to cancel autumn events
2020-05-01 20:47
Hyderabad?i think it happened last year too but was esl mumbai?and who will play in dh hyderabad lol
2020-05-02 00:52
NAF | 
India FosFate 
That was ESL Nationals India in Mumbai. So that was basically just Indian teams. This was DH Open. Decent teams would've come, possibly including: North, Renegades, TyLoo maybe, some CiS teams
2020-05-02 16:10
I see still i cant visit cause im from pondicherry and surely it wont be safe to travel whenever it is Anyways its online , i meant hyderbad is far away so i cant really bother if its online or offline lol
2020-05-02 16:12
NAF | 
India FosFate 
Hyderabad is 1 night bus away from me, so I would've gone there if teams were good. It was August iirc, so depending on situation travel could've definitely been free by then
2020-05-02 20:46
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