LOOT.BET Season 6 playoffs Fantasy goes live with prizes

Skin prizes provided by the tournament organizer will be up for grabs in the LOOT.BET Season 6 playoffs Fantasy game, which kicks off on May 3.

Users can join the HLTV x LOOT.BET league for a chance to win skin prizes worth a total of $250, but selecting a high-performing lineup and fitting roles will be crucial to success in Fantasy.

If Maka continues his Road to Rio form, he will be a great pickup for $207,000

Players from GODSENT, Heroic, Heretics, and others will be available for selection in the Fantasy game for the LOOT.BET Season 6 playoffs, which will be played out using a single-elimination BO3 bracket. Only 11 out of the 12 competing teams are currently known and therefore selectable in the Fantasy game.

The prize pool HLTV x LOOT.BET league is as follows:

1. Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New)
2. AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

A similar skin prize pool was allocated for the LOOT.BET Season 6 group stage as well, with the following users claiming them:

1. Russia chuppar - StatTrak Flip Knife | Night (Field Tested)
2. Sweden TJOCKIS_SAJMUN - AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)
3. Germany MANTWO - M4A1-S | Hyperbeast (Minimal Wear)

Play LOOT.BET Season 6 playoff Fantasy

The winners will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

Thomas | 
Malaysia 1st 
2020-05-01 19:55
2020-05-02 03:22
2020-05-01 19:55
United Kingdom ErectToaster04 
2020-05-01 19:56
syrsoN | 
Sweden quacke 
already signed up mens))))))))))
2020-05-01 19:56
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
HLTV spoiling us with all these fantasy drafts
2020-05-01 19:57
United States Kirbygon 
where big mens)))
2020-05-01 19:59
Removed BIG cuz too good?!
2020-05-01 20:00
CIS Cresscent 
2020-05-01 20:04
Hungary Shiron212 
2020-05-01 20:23
cam | 
United States girls 
the prices of everyone 0mg
2020-05-01 20:31
2020-05-01 20:39
jR | 
Other k23_puetz 
when bracket will be revealed?
2020-05-01 20:56
Hungary subzera 
how tf are people supposed to draft if they dont know matchups wtff
2020-05-01 21:09
LULBET no bracket yet? the playoffs start in less than 24h
2020-05-02 13:49
jR | 
Other k23_puetz 
Winstrike - Nordavind Sprout - Espada Gambit Y. - Nemiga Heretics - Secret. gl hf
2020-05-02 15:55
how is godsent eliminated? because i have already -3 points from styko and he hadn't played yet
2020-05-03 21:48
Russia gemmuu 
Why are the waiting teams already eliminated? Explain please
2020-05-04 04:08
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