cs_summit 6 Regional Qualifier bracket and schedule announced, group stage distribution revealed

Beyond the Summit have announced details for the upcoming cs_summit 6 Regional Qualifiers in Europe and North America, as well as the group distribution of the main event in both regions.

The announcement comes following the conclusion of the first phase of the event, the open qualifiers, which produced five teams advancing to the Regional Qualifier in Europe (FATE, AVEZ, Japaleno, PACT, and Nordavind) and three teams in North America (Chaos, TeamOne, and New England Whalers) over the course of the weekend.

fnatic will face Nordavind first in the European Regional Qualifier

The next phase of the Regional Major Ranking tournament will be played on June 22-23 in both regions, followed by the main event's group stage, which will kick off on June 24. The organizers have revealed the matchups of the Regional Qualifiers as well as the group distribution of the main tournament, which you can see below.


The European single-elimination bracket of the Regional Qualifier and its schedule looks as follows:

Monday, June 22

15:00 - Sweden fnatic vs. Europe Nordavind
15:00 - Denmark Heroic vs. United Kingdom Endpoint
15:00 - Sweden Dignitas vs. Bulgaria FATE
15:00 - Denmark MAD Lions vs. Poland PACT
15:00 - Europe Complexity vs. Sweden Japaleno
15:00 - Germany BIG vs. Finland HAVU
15:00 - Europe c0ntact vs. Poland AVEZ
15:00 - Europe OG vs. Germany Sprout

18:00 - Quarter-finals

Tuesday, June 23 - Fifth-place decider bracket

15:00 - Decider semi-finals
18:00 - Decider final

The winners of the quarter-finals and the winner of the fifth-place decider bracket will move on to phase three of the tournament — the main group stage played in a GSL format, which have been distributed in the following fashion:

Group A
France G2
Europe MOUZ
Europe Qualifier
Group D
Europe FaZe
France Heretics
Europe Qualifier
Europe Qualifier

North America

Over in North America, a double-elimination bracket will be played in the Regional Qualifier for three spots in the next stage. The bracket order and schedule can be found below:

Monday, June 22

21:00 - United States Cloud9 vs. United States New England Whalers
21:00 - United States Triumph vs. Brazil Yeah
21:00 - North America Envy vs. Brazil TeamOne
21:00 - Brazil MIBR vs. United States Chaos

00:00 - Upper semis & lower bracket round one

Tuesday, June 23

21:00 - Lower bracket semi-finals
00:00 - Lower bracket final

Below you can see the group stage distribution of the main event, which will begin with a GSL format, followed by a double-elimination playoffs bracket:

Group B
Australia 100 Thieves
United States Gen.G
Other Qualifier
Other Qualifier
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2020-06-15 18:22
6 replies
Poland Hanse
2020-06-15 18:22
1 reply
RIP mouz
2020-06-15 20:46
India mr_magician
Not this time my friend!!
2020-06-15 18:24
1 reply
2020-06-15 19:07
ez for havu
2020-06-15 18:27
veryEZ4BIG, major finals coming!
2020-06-15 18:30
Gl teams
2020-06-15 18:21
so many match in one time
2020-06-15 18:22
Finland IFK
rip HAVU
2020-06-15 18:23
2020-06-15 18:23
Morocco Oxion_CS
2020-06-15 18:24
Europe BruceKoston
Ez group for Riders
2020-06-15 18:26
a qualifier for a trash vacation tournament lmao, why isn't fnatic invited and why do they go to a qual just to play that garbage event? Nonsense
2020-06-15 18:26
5 replies
Croatia _doppler_
because it is a major qualifier maybe?
2020-06-15 18:29
maybe because fnatic is trash?
2020-06-15 18:29
A trash vacation tournament that qualifies teams to the Major?
2020-06-15 18:35
2 replies
summit qualifies you for a major now?? Cs is falling hard since corona
2020-06-15 19:00
1 reply
The are 3 bigger events where teams gains points to get in a major, I think it is good solution.
2020-06-16 07:52
Should have been double elimination
2020-06-15 18:27
2020-06-15 18:28
2020-06-15 18:29
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
EU fnatic Complexity MAD Lions OG BIG NA MIBR Cloud9 Chaos
2020-06-15 18:33
9 replies
challonge.com/wyamvz05 challonge.com/ymge1p5d Chaos make it with coach? I think Triumph: and EU - OG + Sprout
2020-06-15 18:57
8 replies
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
Chaos are playing with coach? I didn't know that. -Chaos +New England Whalers then. I can see Sprout win it over OG but I think OG will win here.
2020-06-15 19:02
7 replies
NEW are a bit of a risk but I can see them making a run. OG are notorious chokers so.... maybe
2020-06-15 19:04
6 replies
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
Maybe is a good word to put it.
2020-06-15 19:04
5 replies
yeah, but overall your picks are very similar to mine with only a couple of changes
2020-06-15 19:05
4 replies
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
Yeah the only difference is that I pick NEW over Triumph and you pick Sprout over OG.
2020-06-15 19:12
3 replies
so I think that we are about equally likely to get some points!
2020-06-15 19:13
2 replies
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
I think so to! GL.
2020-06-15 19:30
1 reply
2020-06-15 19:31
single elimination sucks tho probably lots of upsets
2020-06-15 18:42
So there is a chance that mibr, furia and liquid in the same group? For the 3 time
2020-06-15 18:44
1 reply
Japan nakTriceps
hope not
2020-06-15 18:57
Ez riders
2020-06-15 18:50
maybe a group 100T can win!
2020-06-15 18:52
poor bastard that gets into NA group A that shit is stacked lol
2020-06-15 18:56
Poland smutnyyy
2020-06-15 18:56
United Kingdom _eilrahC
Sooo easy for Endpoint. UKCS going to major for the first time in many years? Ez
2020-06-15 18:57
Norway TheMushrix
rip fnatic
2020-06-15 19:01
Group a from NA too Strong
2020-06-15 19:04
United States B0b3rT
Let’s go whalers! If not us who if not now when?
2020-06-15 19:11
United States MossSauce
ofc lucktality gets trash group
2020-06-15 19:13
wheres CIS
2020-06-15 19:30
3 replies
Shit summit, they will not make CIS, SA and i don't know about Asia
2020-06-15 19:55
NAF | 
Scotland AulrenT
Already announced, CIS RMR tournament is that WePlay one
2020-06-15 20:00
1 reply
2020-06-15 20:46
Ez for BIG
2020-06-15 19:32
It shouldn't be a thing that one out of c0ntact, Sprout, AVEZ and OG will have a spot, while Heroic-Fnatic and Big Complexity have to kill each other.
2020-06-15 20:02
EZ 4 furia best onliners atm
2020-06-15 20:12
2020-06-15 20:35
Whoever makes these brackets sucks at their job. Fnatic vs Nordavind and then Fnatic vs Heroic (I think) this wont even be fun to watch, its pretty much inviting Fnatic to play. Then MAD Lions vs PACT, and then MAD Lions vs Dignitas, again pretty much a invite for MAD. The third one could be something as it should be BIG vs Complexity, but then again.... and the fourth bracket is just dumb, OG will probably win even though there are teams that are far better than OG in the other brackets, but they are pretty much sacrifices to Top Teams
2020-06-15 20:38
1 reply
Unless some team does an upset, mostly looking at Heroic and Dignitas to do it, then this will be pretty boring
2020-06-15 20:39
AVEZ vs SPROUT and we've got polish players on cs_summit EZEZEZEZEZEZ
2020-06-15 20:49
wtf this na group a
2020-06-15 22:13
and want Riders at 90%, lets go
2020-06-15 22:46
Everyone on the left except for mibr will win
2020-06-16 00:35
Czech Republic PaYaB
mouz needs to wake up now..
2020-06-16 20:34
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