meyern: "I don't think I was the missing piece in MIBR"

The 17-year-old says he understands MIBR's decision and wants to make 9z the first Argentinian team to reach a Major.

Ignacio "⁠meyern⁠" Meyer says he was not surprised by MIBR's decision to remove him from the starting lineup just six months into his tenure. The 17-year-old was expected to boost the team's firepower after impressing for Isurus and Sharks, but he was unable to replicate his previous form, averaging just a 0.97 rating for the Brazilian giants.

meyern wants to kick-start his career in 9z after a disappointing MIBR spell

The Argentinian player, who was replaced by Alencar "⁠trk⁠" Rossato in MIBR, believes that he had plenty of opportunities to prove his worth with the team and that his inability to shine proved that he wasn't the right fit for the squad.

"A team always knows what the weakest link is, but I honestly don't think I was the weakest link," he said in an interview with Globoesporte. "It was just a matter of pieces. I do not think I was the missing piece in MIBR.

"I tried, I thought at the beginning that I was the missing piece. But with time, we started having some results that weren't the best and there are always many things beyond results, beyond what you see on the scoreboard, that have a big role inside a team. There were many things that I just couldn't have, I don't know if it was because of lack of experience or because of the way I am, because everyone is different. I have my way and perhaps it wasn't the best for MIBR.

"I think I had time to show my level. Perhaps it wasn't as much time as a player in my situation would have liked, but it was a lot of time. It was six months, and a player can shine in that period and prove that he can stay."

Back in Argentina, meyern is hoping to prove his doubters wrong and kick-start his career in 9z, in which he has reunited with his former Isurus teammate Maximiliano "⁠max⁠" Gonzalez. He hopes that this will be the team with which he will realize his dream of guiding an Argentinian side to success at the highest level, including a Major appearance.

"When I was in Isurus, I thought that was the team with which I'd be able to achieve that," he said. "As time went by, things happened, defeats and sad things came. Today, I think I am in a cool position to realize that dream and I have with me people who respect me a lot and who I respect.

"It is a very long road and we will have to work hard. The good thing is that I am not alone in this dream and we will work hard to realize it."

Argentina Ignacio 'meyern' Meyer
Ignacio 'meyern' Meyer
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Brazil Alencar 'trk' Rossato
Alencar 'trk' Rossato
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Uruguay Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalez
Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalez
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Maps played:
Good luck!
2020-07-04 13:46
10FACEDTOLEDO broke mentally another talent
2020-07-04 13:49
Ukraine volod1m1r
of course he wasn't the missing piece, HE WAS THE ONLY GOOD MISSING PIECE IN A PUZZLE OF BOT PIECES xa
2020-07-04 14:22
2020-07-04 14:28
Switzerland Infi2k
2020-07-04 21:07
2020-07-05 02:36
2020-07-05 10:04
tbh I think this was the better thing that could happen to Meyern, he is young and skilled, he will be fine you can bet on it. I always followed mibr and like Zews said when he left, they have a culture that will never change cause it's rooted. We who followed them, we can see this, before the untouchables pieces. I honestly dunno how they don't be in shock when Cold left them. Even though Cold left them, they continues with that mentality. A kind of dome must have been formed around their minds so make them think they still the SK of 2017, 2018 because in every interview when they lose or they receive criticism, in every single one, they always say like "we don't need a coach" or "we have more Titles" "have no one in our level". Bro they used to be humble in the past and to me, this is the thing that took them so far and makes them one of the bests. Now looks like they are satisfied or tired to even try to be better than they have been in the past. It's fair comprehensive it was that but they ALWAYS SAYING "we have 14 hours training a day". As Fallen always say in the past "no matter how many hours training, if you don't have the right mentality, you're wasting your time." They have a whole story behind them to not be humble but to ME, that's the piece who are missing.
2020-07-04 15:00
Canada cLutcheR7
i agree but I think ever since 2020 they know themselves as wash up and they know and aware the titles are soon to be irrelevant. I mean still relevant but you can't brag since they are not the same team as before and also i think they just use them as excuses cause they can't think of any.
2020-07-04 15:07
Brazil aNaDoRR
2020-07-04 18:14
Couldn't agree more!
2020-07-04 23:26
I feel like meyern dodged a bullet mibr is a straight mess
2020-07-04 16:18
2020-07-05 21:07
Brazil moonski
+1 rofl
2020-07-06 19:57
Brazil lipedeex
The fact that he joined the mibr made him appear to the world, he has much more relevance now
2020-07-04 18:25
2020-07-04 21:49
2020-07-05 21:07
2020-07-04 13:46
gg, f, wasted talent
2020-07-04 23:50
2020-07-04 13:47
2020-07-04 15:22
2020-07-04 13:47
Brazilians malding incoming
2020-07-04 13:47
Brazil Kly(u)
sshhhhhh, they're sleeping, speak lower
2020-07-04 13:49
They are not woken up yet
2020-07-04 13:50
u sure?
2020-07-04 13:53
aaaaah, some of them have broken sleep schedule
2020-07-04 13:53
Hi good morning How are u?
2020-07-04 14:36
Hi, i am good what about you?
2020-07-04 14:51
Im fine thank you Wanna take a cup of coffee with me?
2020-07-04 14:54
Of course man, where do you want me to meet you?
2020-07-04 15:12
My house 😏👉👌
2020-07-04 15:48
We gonna watch Netflix? 🥵🥵
2020-07-04 17:10
Yes 😏😏
2020-07-04 18:02
Oh dude u got it 😏
2020-07-04 23:47
fnx | 
Brazil Jontsz
now it's like 8 in the morning what're you on about
2020-07-04 14:38
thats the broken schedule, how can normal people wake up at 8 in the morning?
2020-07-04 14:51
I though he would come to Europe :(
2020-07-04 13:47
Movistar Riders?
2020-07-04 13:50
Ukraine YUR4S
2020-07-04 13:51
Vodafone or x6 before they signed cf
2020-07-04 23:30
good luck meyern, hope you go well and back to some brazillian team like t1 or sharks.
2020-07-04 13:47
T1 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkHahhahahahahahahahakkkkkkk
2020-07-04 14:27
2020-07-04 16:30
#152 got it
2020-07-05 03:34
team one, not tier 1 omegalul
2020-07-05 18:07
Eu quis dizer isso, a teamone é mto ruim, é dela q tô rindo msm
2020-07-06 03:41
Bulgaria cuddleslut
True, you weren't
2020-07-04 13:48
Georgia Megobari
2020-07-04 13:48
Poland Hanse
Skill is missing piece in MIBR
2020-07-04 13:48
2020-07-04 18:04
2020-07-04 18:47
Argentina Joedash
And brain
2020-07-04 21:35
2020-07-05 01:32
Indonesia segopecel
Good luck
2020-07-04 13:49
2020-07-04 13:49
This lad is actually humble and respectful.
2020-07-04 13:50
Czech Republic bagin__
2020-07-04 13:50
Hey, head up dude, ur still joung, and tbh MIBR is just a trash team nowadays not your fault it didnt work out....
2020-07-04 13:50
Thanks bro,im Meyern but im fake flagging ,i was waiting for your reply to read it in the comments
2020-07-04 16:01
nt toledo
2020-07-06 00:39
2020-07-04 13:52
gabriel "twofaced" toledo
2020-07-04 13:53
Chile cristiaan
2020-07-04 15:32
Just like the old days
2020-07-04 21:31
Ukraine YUR4S
gl meyern Mibr is a trash team they didnt even make it to the DreamHack
2020-07-04 13:53
Mibr is missing a whole team. Their current roster won’t go anywhere
2020-07-04 13:54
2FacedToledo probably broke his mentality
2020-07-04 14:00
Brazil Lemonitos
Feels like the missing link is 30% of the time inconsistency from 3 other players in MiBR... meyern in that environment wasn't enable to hard carry as much as cold used to do.
2020-07-04 14:06
The only consistent player is taco? Consistently bottom fragging
2020-07-04 14:06
Brazil Lemonitos
I'd say TACO is a very decent entry fragger stuck in a team of washed up strats and inconsistent "star" players.
2020-07-04 14:10
im agree
2020-07-04 14:13
Brazil hugoooo
Oh yea, that's why he stayed on Liquid for years and won 5 Majors with them
2020-07-04 19:13
Brazil Triarii
LMAO so delusional
2020-07-04 19:51
what a fuck, probably you are silver kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-07-05 01:27
Meyern never even got close to carry he was consistently in the bottom of the scoreboard and was losing gunfights thats not position thats not fallen fault if you lose a 1v1 against another player you were just outplayed and meyern was always outplayed by others
2020-07-07 01:17
Denmark Jonasnhj
True that
2020-07-04 14:01
So humble. Expected from messi homeland
2020-07-04 14:02
Any portugese arrogant CSGO player?
2020-07-04 15:23
2020-07-04 15:50
Brazil hugoooo
coachi, if he counts as Portuguese
2020-07-04 19:14
Argentina ivanpb
Thanks poland :)
2020-07-04 18:31
Wtf is that AD below the article
2020-07-04 14:02
2020-07-04 14:02
Good Luck meyern , You're so good
2020-07-04 14:04
Czech Republic Rewask
He wasn't the missing piece, that's clear. Best of luck to him in the future!
2020-07-04 14:04
RpK | 
France pol44r
Deserves a better team, idk if he speaks English good but goign international mihht be good
2020-07-04 14:04
Ofc you werent, look at LULBR, now they are even worse
2020-07-04 14:05
Bulgaria goshyy
2020-07-04 14:12
Portugal Faneca
No, they aren't
2020-07-04 14:57
You mean they were already worst ?😂
2020-07-04 16:02
He is right mibr is just shit
2020-07-04 14:06
GL ignacio <3
2020-07-04 14:08
He cheat!!!!!! Kidding Good luck man
2020-07-04 14:11
meyern is just weak player. He is not trash or anything, he is just weak. It was understandable for MIBR.
2020-07-04 14:13
in shark he was a monster
2020-07-04 14:14
In Sharks he was playing like a TOP 20 Player. But rn. he is weak, let's be honest.
2020-07-04 14:19
Portugal Agricultor
How can you say that when he hasnt played one game with the new team?
2020-07-04 14:23
Because I have seen how he played in his old team. And that's how his current form looks.
2020-07-04 14:28
Argentina sdufen
Maybe mibr gave him a role that doesnt fit with him
2020-07-04 22:20
No. He is just weak and that's it.
2020-07-04 23:29
Brazil llskll
Top 20 playing against low tier teams.
2020-07-04 17:59
Still he looked like a future TOP 20 Player. Rn. he isn't even half as good as he was back then.
2020-07-04 18:48
He wasn't the missing piece. MiBR has a lot of bigger problems. Taco being a complete bot, KnG making a lot of stupid decisions in key moments, the lack of good coach, bad strategies, etc.
2020-07-04 14:15
Brazil Lemonitos
fer also does a lot of hard reads that just end up in him dying and losing... they have good impact most of the time though. And coaches have little impact in teams like that.
2020-07-04 14:30
A good coach could have a lot of impact, especially to a team that is trapped inside 2016-META.
2020-07-04 15:47
Brazil Lemonitos
Isn't zews a good coach?
2020-07-04 18:51
2020-07-04 19:21
Yeah the fact that TACO's entries aren't working as before takes a huge hit on mibr Perhaps an aggro coach can solve this team out idgaf tbh
2020-07-04 17:37
Portugal Agricultor
9z is fkn rich
2020-07-04 14:22
Good luck manito!
2020-07-04 14:26
United States EAGLE_SLAM
I feel MIBR is trying to replicate the success they had in the past and are looking for strats/ a player that doesn't exist anymore. they bring in all these new players and limit their play style to what they think is "right". Outdated IMO. Best of luck to meyern going forward
2020-07-04 14:27
manito you can be a great player! focus on mind game
2020-07-04 14:34
jR | 
Sweden ScineLyy
U're right, but tbh u wasn't that good aswell.
2020-07-04 14:35
Good Luck.
2020-07-04 14:48
2020-07-04 14:51
All the haters saying too much about brazilians. Too much rage in CS cenario. Wish all the best to Meyern. Such a good guy.
2020-07-04 14:51
Yeah no shit
2020-07-04 14:52
Sweden Kasidro
He should be glad he escaped that sinking ship. mibr with its current core will never succeed. They are to stubborn and stuck in bad habits. Unless they can break free from that and completely change the way they play noting will change. They will have the odd good result but nothing consistent.
2020-07-04 14:54
Switzerland x676
meyern pete, you ruined your career going to 9z, who do you think you are? 6 month in t2, proving nothing and you act like a well rounded experienced t1 who already had succeeced abroad as is back to his scene to make a dream team. The nerve of you.
2020-07-04 15:03
ok medkit
2020-07-04 15:18
2020-07-04 15:34
Brazil SecondKS
OMEGALUL hahhahaa
2020-07-04 18:51
axaxaxax gj men))
2020-07-04 20:24
trk <3
2020-07-04 15:00
u mean Tarik right?
2020-07-04 17:17
who da fuck are u
2020-07-04 18:18
nah u who tf are u? trk bot lul
2020-07-05 05:52
morra desgraçado
2020-07-05 16:58
This is a International Site bro not a fucking brazilian site
2020-07-05 17:44
dane-se, bucéfalo.
2020-07-08 00:10
kontol bangsat memek kuda
2020-07-05 17:45
Follen always manipulating thoughts on people
2020-07-04 15:12
cam | 
United States girls
xD you think?
2020-07-04 15:17
mibr is dogshit change my mind they should change the entire roster if they want to compete somewhere else than NA Or is it just the right time to disband?
2020-07-04 15:27
water is wet change my mind
2020-07-06 03:43
you basically agreed that mibr is dogshit :D glad to hear
2020-07-06 03:45
yes I did are you dumb?
2020-07-06 03:46
why you asking me if I am dumb are you braindamaged?
2020-07-06 03:47
meh, 0/8
2020-07-06 03:48
so basically u are
2020-07-06 03:50
Brazil parrud0www
You wasn't
2020-07-04 15:35
"I just played better than fer, so they thought i was cheating"
2020-07-04 15:36
9Z should go all in and buy Luken aswell. Then we can talk about reaching a major spot.
2020-07-04 15:36
Luken won't leave his team located in na to be stuck in Argentina with +100 ms
2020-07-05 03:59
9Z is leaving to brazil in the future, and sharks is shit without meyern, i can see Luken leaving on it's own after his contract ends.
2020-07-05 04:16
I can't see him tiering down his career going from Europe back to Brazil, also, sharks will play EPL. Meanwhile 9z is a team that could overcome on sa, but they have a lot of big fishes, like isurus, imperial or pain
2020-07-06 18:14
right now luken is playing from argentina, and when play with sharks he is with loss issues
2020-07-05 18:40
Yes he was not the missing piece of the puzzle coz the whole team is already broken by constant losses lul
2020-07-04 15:40
Mibr will miss you friend much love -SeanKaempf
2020-07-04 15:46
The Missing Piece in MIBR is disbandment..
2020-07-04 15:47
Screw off
2020-07-04 15:47
Broo, Celebrate ur Indepedence day with purity in heart and soul and in words now F*** OFFFF...
2020-07-04 15:48
Denmark dyinbyran
lol mibr
2020-07-04 15:51
MIBR is a retirement home without cold. The team just won’t frag without him. It’s like Navi without simple.
2020-07-04 15:57
pretty much
2020-07-04 16:30
and cold looks bad in faze :( or maybe when this online csgo will be over he will play better
2020-07-04 17:47
2020-07-04 15:58
mibr LUL
2020-07-04 16:32
Neither did they, thats why you were removed
2020-07-04 16:33
Brazil oldStar
Next victim: trk
2020-07-04 16:33
World Beard43
GL meyern. MIBR are shit with or without him, but I suspect he knows that.
2020-07-04 16:35
the missing piece in mibr is hard work rofl
2020-07-04 16:42
Denmark KamaraD
FalleN was but not how player. He think what problems in 5th player not in others.
2020-07-04 16:57
Indonesia en1lykS
GL, prove them wrong xD
2020-07-04 16:58
Australia popoto
2020-07-04 17:03
TBH he didn't have time to prove what he's capable of. Maybe he felt "pressured" someway , after all he is only 17. Well, good luck in the future manito.
2020-07-04 17:04
dont worry you wont be the last person kicked from MIBR for no reason... this org has been doing the same shit for years now and they get worse and worse
2020-07-04 17:09
United States xiquo
dont worry bro mibr needs a new igl. -taco +new igl and let fallen work on his awping more.
2020-07-04 17:17
It was a big mistake MiBR losing Zews, EG after a couple of months after hiring him is so much consistent and organized. Indeed MiBR players are so stubborn.
2020-07-04 17:39
2020-07-04 17:42
it's okay meyern, mibr is trash. But you're an idiot for leaving to a team that you know is dead, he could have achieved more things with sharks. Everyone saw that coming, meyern benched months later. 0iq move
2020-07-04 17:45
Kick TACO, had almost 3 years with poor performance and zero tournament with mibr.
2020-07-04 17:46
I feel your pain, he held Liquid back for the year that he played with them.
2020-07-04 18:20
with bit in your team = major is out of question.
2020-07-04 17:48
rip nachito. you will still have chances in the cs world. just work on your english and you will be fine!
2020-07-04 17:57
MIBR core is the problem GL to Meyern, definitely talented
2020-07-04 17:58
Mibr is doing the same thing NiP did back in the day. You dont need a 5th player. Your core is now rotten. You need a core reshuffle
2020-07-04 18:11
yes, org is fine also bcuz core is really popular in brasil so they are still making $ even without results
2020-07-04 18:59
But at least NiP won something and reached high places on tournaments and majors. MIBR is even worse......
2020-07-05 06:56
+1 nip had some moments won iem oakland and some other tournis but mibr with only a zotac cup win in 2018
2020-07-05 10:46
And don't forget about major finals with Maikelele and allu + consistent LAN results. Even with pyth (i.e. without main AWPer) they won DH Masters and IEM Oakland 2016. And the difference between them and MiBR that NiP players didn't make this shuffles. It's all NiP's management fault. They didn't want to do that. While in MiBR the core of players (FalleN, fer and TACO) decided it most likely.
2020-07-05 10:56
missing piece is disband
2020-07-04 18:23
MIBR core is done
2020-07-04 18:31
2020-07-04 18:35
MIbr problem is lack of juice. Old people have less juice then youngsters. All kiddos play like beasts. Taco lost his frag ability for a while. Fallen have alot to do as igl cant carry over 80adr. Fer when lurking, team loses firepower specially on entries still mibr mvp. Kng is awper or riffler? Trk probably a goat escape for mibr issues like always. Mibr deserves respect and has his place in csgo community but we need to be humble with their results and calm the expectations.
2020-07-04 18:38
Venezuela rodux
FalleN is the problem. Meyern was misunderstood, so young and skilled. Is good he left that shitty team.
2020-07-04 18:48
Brazil SecondKS
Big monster!!! MIBR in 3 months!!!
2020-07-04 18:52
expected from two faced toledo
2020-07-04 18:57
He was the missing piece to be frank, in terms of shots.
2020-07-04 19:06
"I don't think I was the missing piece in MIBR" Well no shit sir.
2020-07-04 19:32
I like this kid's attitude, but until we see how this team plays with him, the only Argentinean team with a chance to qualify is Isurus
2020-07-04 19:41
anyone with a brain can see that he's not the common factor within mibr's failures. He might have been A reason, but he's not THE reason for mibr's mediocre performance in the past few years.
2020-07-04 19:59
I do
2020-07-04 20:06
you didnt shine ma man
2020-07-04 20:18
meyern >>> mibr
2020-07-04 20:30
Hungary subzera
I dont think anybody did
2020-07-04 20:35
Best of luck, manito
2020-07-04 20:35
cry is free
2020-07-04 20:43
poor meyern :(
2020-07-04 20:49
Ignacio "two faced" meyern
2020-07-04 21:28
octa plural fake masked faced toledo strikes again
2020-07-05 08:00
2020-07-04 21:41
South Africa @FyreCS
Good luck!
2020-07-04 21:43
meyern knows taco is the worst player on mibr LMAO best of luck on 9z
2020-07-04 23:38
he will never achieve this dream, hes sorry. go to college meyern, pro csgo aint for u.
2020-07-04 23:51
he has more future than u i think ♥ hater
2020-07-05 00:23
Chora pro leaf
2020-07-13 01:06
Good luck mens
2020-07-05 00:07
Argentina Konigmdq
good luck good man
2020-07-05 00:53
GL bro :)
2020-07-05 01:33
What a young, humble player. Not blaming anyone for his unsuccessful stint with mibr. You still have a lot of time to improve, go for it. Also the missing piece from mibr is how they actually play. Fer is being too aggressive, losing his team a firepower early in the round, putting kng on higher pressure. Also taco and trk, both does not smartly play the round. If you know you don't have firepower, you need to play smart. And of course, the almighty two faced toledo is behind all this strat
2020-07-05 01:33
Argentina FrAnk0x
I'm not very convinced of Meyern's decision but we should see the other offers that he would have ... Regarding MIBR at this point it already seems to me a team that is sad, Fallen lives complaining about everything and blaming any player who hits a headshot or dodges an AWP bullet ... Fer is a toxic sh*** that basically does not add to the team in any way but only worsens it with his nonsense. Taco at this point has only bright moments and nothing else Kngv seems to me the best of the 5 because he not only plays well but is good people and it shows. Basically MIBR will continue to be a crap or group of professionals resentful for being infatuated by not progressing / updating their game ... the solution is to remove Fallen and Fer
2020-07-05 01:59
For me they fucked up so hard 2 years ago when they kicked boltz and felps. It was the dumbest decision i've ever seen
2020-07-05 11:58
Btw meyern must has low self-esteem if he wants to play in this dogshit team, he is much better than this 4 sure. For me he should create a team with vsm, fnx, good IGL and some youngster (Tier 3/2)
2020-07-05 12:07
9z for me should be like this: - meyern (rifler) - bit (IGL) - vsm (rifler, entry) - fnx (rifler, lurker) - try (AWPer) (this guy is 15 year old and has good rating) What do you think?
2020-07-05 12:13
I think fnx right now is not like on his old days... He have won everything and soon be retired, maybe he still plays on pro scene just for play, the team needs another talent who wants to improve...
2020-07-15 14:31
fnx is still very good. Btw lurker doesnt need great aim. He is very experienced guy and fresh team need someone like him
2020-07-16 17:57
We wish you the best manito, great kid
2020-07-05 05:55
GL in future boy.
2020-07-05 06:58
You are so brave, it takes a lot of courage to speak out.
2020-07-05 14:01
the 'hermano' suffered bullying from the 'fallen', poor him, incidentally, he is not the first ... he is an excellent player but to play in the fallen team there must be two psychiatrists on call at the player's disposal 24 hours a day... :) good luck meyern, thanks for playing with us brazilians ...
2020-07-05 16:26
Argentina laskyys
He deserves better, he'll succeed in home :)
2020-07-05 22:54
2020-07-11 06:13
We all know TACO is the problem
2020-07-11 14:09
Argentina Bulbazord
Meyern, you are the shit. One of the most mechanically gifted players, ever. You just need some smart, experienced players around to shine. You'll get there. We'll be talking about you in the future like we now talk about Olofmeister, or Get_Right. A fucking legend. Never give up.
2020-07-14 04:21
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