Nine to Five 2 Fantasy game live with cash prizes

You can now play the Fantasy game for the second stage of the Nine to Five 2 tournament, set to start on Monday, and have a chance to earn a part of a $200 prizepool.

Nine to Five 2 follows the first portion of the tournament called "Dawn", from which eight teams advanced to the second stage after playing out four GSL groups, with the likes of GamerLegion, LDLC, and CR4ZY making it through to the next stage.

The second stage will see them join eight more teams who received invites, such as Complexity and Gambit Youngsters, and play a Swiss format, with the top-eight sides moving on to take part in the playoffs alongside Endpoint, HAVU, Winstrike, and Hard Legion.

Complexity return from the break early to play Nine to Five 2

To play the Fantasy game for the Swiss stage, head over to the official league to play for prizes, or you can create your own league, drafted live or on a budget, to play against your friends or members of various communities.

A prizepool of $200 is allocated to the official HLTV x Nine to Five league:

1. $110
2. $60
3. $30

The winners will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes. Cash prizes will be paid out exclusively via PayPal.

Nice I already made team ez
2020-07-25 19:43
200$ lol
2020-07-25 19:48
Portugal Hmikas
Hi :)
2020-07-25 19:57
Hi my name is Sean kaempf, and I will really like to win, I have never won anything, and this would be dream, I dream of using this money to get a computer please team win for me
2020-07-25 19:58
Brazil felipin69
Hi my name is Felipe, i can give u some really good tips that u will deff get ur team better if u want it
2020-07-25 21:05
Bulgaria numb123
where's tikitakan in fantasy?
2020-07-25 20:00
Poland Hanse
It happens quite often lately
2020-07-25 20:02
Yea , sometimes they cant create all teams sadly :/
2020-07-25 20:12
Poland Hanse
This one is really tight ngl
2020-07-25 20:02
Hungary vori981118 Join this draft guys, its live in 15 min
2020-07-25 20:15
Russia ToughGuy
complexity farming tier3 tournaments
2020-07-25 20:26
2020-07-25 20:48
Germany I_say_Ok
May the best player win!!!
2020-07-25 21:22
Result is: CoL 3-0 Alternate Attax 3-0 Gambit Youngsters 3-1 Syman 3-1 Cr4zy 3-1 AVEZ 3-2 Iluminar 3-2 3-2 Gamer Legion 2-3 LDLC 2-3 tikitakan 2-3 lvlUP 1-3 Izako Boars 1-3 selectah 1-3 Excellency 0-3 Big Academy 0-3
2020-07-25 22:30
CoL not even there
2020-07-26 16:29
United States 8lessed
2020-07-25 23:02
Czech Republic MaN0fy
I cant pick players from Tikitakan, why?
2020-07-26 10:37
Be aware, complexity was swapped for navi junior))
2020-07-26 16:30
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt
2020-07-26 16:32
Finland NIPZUZ
obviously means that complexity is skipping this tournament and navi junior is replacing them
2020-07-26 18:44
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