Invites for final Asia, Oceania RMR tournaments announced

Perfect World Asia League Fall and Perfect World Oceania League Fall are the two final Regional Major Ranking tournaments for their respective regions, with details and invited teams now revealed.

Following the news regarding which organizers will be in charge of which Fall RMR tournaments, Perfect World has come out with details about the Asian and Oceanic competitions. Perfect World already held an RMR event, the summer one for Asia which saw TYLOO crowned champions, while Oceania didn't feature an RMR event in the summer, only the Road to Rio one hosted by ESL in May.

Renegades are favorites to lock in the Major spot in POL Fall

Liam "⁠malta⁠" Schembri spoke about their 2020 feeling like a wasted effort and aired his concerns about Renegades attending any international LAN this year, but his team are still favorites in Perfect World Oceania League Fall and earn a Major spot, with ORDER, Ground Zero, and Chiefs the other four invited teams:

Renegades currently sit atop of the RMR rankings with 1600 points, but everything is still up in the air as winning POL Fall will net a team a whopping 2500 points, as well as $12,500 from the $50,000 prize pool:

1. $12,500 + 2500 RMR Points
2. $10,000 + 2344 RMR Points
3. $7,500 + 2188 RMR Points
4. $6,000 + 2031 RMR Points
5-6. $4,500
7-8. $2,500

Perfect World Asia League Fall will feature more teams than the Oceanic tournament, ten in total, with TYLOO, ViCi, and TIGER among invites. TYLOO have a significant lead heading into the event, 400 points, but are still far from safe as only the #1 ranked team earns a spot at the Major.

The prize pool for PAL Fall is double of the competition in Oceania, $100,000, with the distribution being as follows:

1. $25,000 + 2500 RMR Points
2. $20,000 + 2344 RMR Points
3. $15,000 + 2188 RMR Points
4. $12,000 + 2031 RMR Points
5. $9,000
6. $7,000
7-10. $3,000

The tournaments are expected to take place in late September and October, with more details about the formats, schedule, and qualifiers to come.

Australia Liam 'malta' Schembri
Liam 'malta' Schembri
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2020-08-04 11:59
2020-08-04 12:28
2020-08-04 12:01
Germany ppgod_
very good
2020-08-04 12:01
France Carrotaboy
Asian cs best cs
2020-08-04 12:05
ropz | 
Germany lor3nz
why did invictus get an invite if D13 and Divine Vendetta have more RMR points?
2020-08-04 12:18
Maybe because they are the runner-up at PAL summer
2020-08-04 13:03
maybe they declined invites
2020-08-04 13:06
No one declined invites honestly this is bullshit. DV and D13 can easily qualify through open qualifiers but why so they have to play qualifiers when a team ranked lower to them doesnt have to?
2020-08-04 14:57
Mongolia Sythapilla
D13 changed 1 player. -Mistercap +Shinobi.
2020-08-04 13:41
ropz | 
Germany lor3nz
still have more points with deductions included
2020-08-04 13:43
United Kingdom Multiplism
They only did Top 4, and then the highest placed team in PAL Summer.
2020-08-04 16:52
Highest PAL team is Tyloo. Invictus are ranked 7th and they should also play a qualifier instead honestly it aint fair to DV and d13
2020-08-04 21:11
United Kingdom Multiplism
TyLoo was 1st, so the next team in line would get it, and that team is Invictus.
2020-08-04 21:30
Oceania and Asian is a joke
2020-08-04 12:27
Japan Inlivino
Indian scene, lul
2020-08-04 13:02
Had the best aimer in the scene though...such good flicky aim, better than s1mple
2020-08-04 13:18
2020-08-04 13:50
Double LUL
2020-08-04 18:27
Lul India is part of Asian scene too xaxaxaxa
2020-08-04 17:23
Yes, India has no scene
2020-08-04 18:27
congratulations to renegades and tyloo
2020-08-04 12:30
Germany zwet
Renegades go to major !!!!
2020-08-04 12:58
Sweden Fizze
2020-08-05 18:52
Go go TIGER,do it!
2020-08-04 12:59
Pakistan HunteR3411
no divine vandetta ? they rank over Vici
2020-08-04 13:01
This 2 teams who win will compete in "who will take more rounds at major"
2020-08-04 13:08
Slovakia xaboff
Renegades no question
2020-08-04 17:27
2020-08-04 13:19
2020-08-04 13:51
Germany Nachofish
please Tiger would be great to see at the Major
2020-08-04 14:45
Honestly with this current lineup they cant even take two rounds off the bottom seeded cis and na teams. Tyloo is way better
2020-08-04 21:12
Germany Nachofish
i mean obv but I allways like seeing new nationalities at the major esp if its from a country like mongolia dont rly got that much to cheer for in sports
2020-08-05 13:03
So why is IG invited when divine vendetta and d13 arent ik IG was second but valve told organizers to invite based on RMR points
2020-08-04 14:54
2020-08-04 16:19
tyloo will destroy all asian teams
2020-08-04 16:47
Ez for Tyloo & Renegades
2020-08-04 17:24
ez for tyloo
2020-08-05 12:05
TBD win no doubt
2020-08-05 18:56
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