x6tence and PACT through to IEM New York closed qualifier

x6tence and PACT topped the IEM New York open qualifier to advanced to the four-team closed portion.

In the closed qualifier, the two teams will join OG and one more unannounced invited side to play for two spots in the main tournament from August 14-16 in a double-elimination best-of-three bracket.

x6tence, PACT, OG and an invited team will play for two spots at IEM

Galaxy Racer looked more than convincing in the late stages of the open qualifier, where they met Movistar Riders and GamerLegion and lost a total of five rounds. However, the Swedes fell at the final hurdle after they were unable to bring down PACT from a 15-11 lead on the second map of the series, with the Poles mounting a comeback to win the decider in three.

On the other side, eyes were on Nexus as the Romanian side looked poised to make an upset run with a convincing victory against MAD Lions, but they were narrowly bested in the quarter-finals by x6tence, who went on to beat Lyngby Vikings to the closed qualifier spot.

The team list of the next qualifying stage looks as follows:

sobo | 
Canada eef!
galaxy racer sad
2020-08-13 01:47
Poland Julka
2020-08-13 01:47
Finland AleksiBOT
2020-08-13 06:39
Macau Be_Happier
Pact has a great chance to qualify to Main Event
2020-08-13 09:05
Canada LiquidTop1
happiest day of my life
2020-08-13 01:48
Spain DarkSlime
Lets fucking go! #GoX6
2020-08-13 01:48
2020-08-13 01:48
Poland RipereC
Goofy God of vertigo
2020-08-13 01:49
Sweden Fizze
Galaxy racers god of throw
2020-08-13 09:48
Poland RipereC
Yeah xD
2020-08-13 13:18
2020-08-13 01:50
New Zealand rzt
nice for PACT!
2020-08-13 02:13
Legend belgium player boss
2020-08-13 02:19
Poland SebL
x6tence is looking pretty good, I'm surprised. Same with PACT.
2020-08-13 02:20
That moment when u realize ago dont play any other tournaments to focus on main events and they get eliminated by budpest 5.This team is a joke just save mhl and f1ku
2020-08-13 06:48
*save also Furlan.
2020-08-13 10:37
Finland R3ALMM
Mad lions lost to Nexus kekw
2020-08-13 07:02
no bubzkji no mad lions
2020-08-13 09:19
Poland Recruitn1
Wrong they started deteriorate becouse no God hunden
2020-08-13 14:11
Ez for Somali refrezh!!!!!!!!!!
2020-08-13 07:45
2020-08-13 07:54
2020-08-13 09:18
Bulgaria mythr0x
2020-08-13 09:24
Essa for Pact
2020-08-13 10:05
Bro 1hp on clutch vs 2 on 8-15 how possible
2020-08-13 10:36
2020-08-13 10:38
Sweden geekaya
Was looking so good for galaxy racer, just get back to work and progress.
2020-08-13 13:40
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