innocent: "When I joined the team, you could smell that something was not right"

In an interview with, the Polish player commented on his swift exit from MAD Lions, revealing that there was tension in the team from the first day of practice.

The project that attempted to unite four Danish players with a Pole ended prematurely as MAD Lions announced on Saturday that Paweł "⁠innocent⁠" Mocek had been benched, leaving the 26-year-old sidelined less than two months into his long-term contract with the Spanish organization. According to a report by DBLTAP, MAD Lions are also considering removing in-game leader Asger "⁠AcilioN⁠" Larsen as they line up moves for x6tence duo Rasmus "⁠HooXi⁠" Nielsen and Ismail "⁠refrezh⁠" Ali.

innocent is optimistic about finding a new home

To hear about his experience with the Danish team, we sat down with innocent, who admitted that the offer came as a surprise and, while not happy with how his tenure ended, he is satisfied that he got the opportunity to play at a high level again.

Talking about his removal, innocent suspects the change was initiated by "a mixture of player(s) and the organization", completely ruling out the possibility of Luis "⁠peacemaker⁠" Tadeu being the one behind it. The Brazilian coach responded to his departure on Twitter, saying that it was "an absolute pleasure to work with Pawel", who went "out of his comfort zone to help" the team.

Moving forward, innocent hopes that finding a new organization to represent isn't going to be a long process as he feels "really good" about his individual form at the moment, but says that he won't be rushed into making a decision.

Did the offer to join MAD Lions come as a surprise? Can you tell us about the process, who approached whom and how the signing happened?

Obviously, it was a big surprise for me. It’s not every day that, all of a sudden, a team with four players from the same country asks you to join and becomes international [because of it]. It was peacemaker who came to me and started to interview me, sort of. After we agreed on everything, we had a team meeting with all the players and that was it. I figured out all the paperwork with MusambaN1 and a week later we were already practicing.

Joining a Danish roster with a Brazilian coach backed by a Spanish organization as a Polish player - what was your experience with the team like initially? Was it hard to fit in?

It was pretty damn hard, I have to say.

I hadn't really had that much contact with the players or the coach before, I was put in mostly new positions and played a really passive lurker role because I kind of felt we didn't have room for individual movements, even though it was said that we would have that from the beginning. I obviously had to remember a big number of tactics and setups on all maps right away and then had to do well against really good teams in good tournaments. And… I liked it. I like big challenges and it wasn't a small one, for sure.

I've always told myself and any of my teammates that if there is a position they don’t want, I will take it, learn it and it will become the position I like. With time, I got a lot better on those spots. It was a shame I couldn’t do it in time to transfer it into official games before my tenure ended, but despite that, I am really happy I joined them. You always learn something new and considering all that stuff above, I think I did pretty well. I am really hard on myself and I would never be happy with it, but from an objective standpoint, it was a decent job and a learning process that I can use in the next project I will be a part of.

The team went on a bootcamp for ESL One Cologne and finished 9-12th, beating mouz and losing to OG and Complexity. What was the feeling in the camp, was the result satisfactory, given the circumstances?

I don’t think anyone in the team had insanely high expectations for that tournament. We of course wanted to win as much as possible, even win the whole thing, but well, I am extremely positive but also realistic. The rest of the team couldn’t get back to practice earlier than the 6th because of various reasons, so we basically came to play events with one day of preparation. After we knocked out mousesports, everyone obviously felt it was a big chance to make it to the playoffs, but that wasn't meant to be.

OG played much better than they had in their previous games, we played a really bad CT side on Nuke, which was a must-win in that series because we also had to gamble with the veto and prepared only Dust2 for them since we knew we would not have time to prepare Inferno. I was really down after that game, that could’ve been a game-changer.

After Cologne, you played two online cups, recording five wins and three losses - twice to forZe and once to x6tence. Were these losses the reason for the change or were there other issues in the team?

I think it’s a bit of both. We lost at least two of these games due to poor T sides and I think everyone was aware of it, but I have to say that when I joined the team, you could smell that something was not right. Everyone seemed happy to play, but even without knowing all members of the team and their relations with one other I could really feel the tension from day one. That's not a great sign when a team has just come back from a month-and-a-half break, so something had to be wrong and it had started way before I landed on that roster.

Sometimes I could hear voices suggesting we had lost this round because of English. I know it wasn't directed towards me and no one ever gave me a bad impression, but I guess it's just natural that you take it on yourself because no one else requires English communication. So, in general, that's why the changes were made, I think I joined at a moment when everyone knew changes would happen, but maybe they didn't want to do them just yet.

You're leaving MAD Lions, and rumors say AcillioN is going to leave the team as well. Are the reasons the same as in your case?

No, not as far as I can tell, and I think the things I said in the previous question would prove that point. The team will just return to a Danish system and I was basically told I got hit by a ricochet and I would've stayed if the team remained international, and for me that's fine. I honestly don’t know why you would try to keep doing this with four Danish and one foreign player the moment you, according to rumors, will get another IGL, who will most likely rebuild the way the team is playing - unless you signed s1mple or ZywOo [as your fifth].

I don’t even know who will come on as the IGL, but I know it will be insanely hard to find an international one, so it has to be a Danish player. And being totally transparent, it would not be healthy for me either in the long run. When I joined, I told myself that either this team will go more international in the future or I will probably leave or get replaced, because that it's just how it is.

Where did the change come from? Did the players initiate it or was it the coach or the organization?

I am pretty sure it was a mixture of player(s) and the organization, I have my own assumption on how all of that developed, but I am pretty sure I shouldn’t really say it out loud just out of respect towards the player(s), since it's just my opinion that really fits the scenario. I am also sure as hell that the coach wouldn't suggest it. Let's face it: me coming into the team made his job way easier, he understood everything we said, he could probably contribute 80% more than before, and I was really open to talking to him about everything. I don’t think I could see him not liking me on the team in any way.

Recently, there was a rumor circulating that MAD Lions was going to replace AcilioN and roeJ, which was swiftly squashed. But does this change mean that there was some truth to that report?

I don't really think anything was happening at that time. For weeks, I had heard that there was a rumor about roeJ getting cut/transferred to some other team, so probably someone just said something and it spread. I'm not sure about AcilioN, perhaps someone knew that there was something wrong within the team and also spread it. But I don't think anything was planned or even discussed until the last few days.

Where does this situation leave you? According to rumors, you signed a long-term contract with MAD Lions, so does this mean you have by a large buyout as well?

Yes, I signed a long-term contract with MAD Lions, but I have to believe it’s not going be that long of a process to find an organization that can figure things out with MAD Lions.

How do you look at your time in MAD Lions and what are you seeking now, in terms of your next challenge?

As I said, I am obviously not happy with the whole thing, but I am happy that I tried and proved some things to myself, and also reminded people of my name. I've put in an enormous amount of work on myself for the past two years, I feel really good as an individual, and I will continue to work as hard as I have.

I learned some stuff to use in the future in MAD Lions and I came across some things that should be avoided. It's a good lesson. I also learned a lot from a coaching perspective from Luis (peacemaker), he is a great coach and it was a big pleasure working with that man. I am not looking to take any break, but obviously I won't rush any decision. I want to join a team with the ambition to win every competition we attend and I truly believe that with the correct mentality and correct practice, everything is possible and this has been proven many times.

Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
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Denmark Ismail 'refrezh' Ali
Ismail 'refrezh' Ali
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Poland Paweł 'innocent' Mocek
Paweł 'innocent' Mocek
No team
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Denmark Asger 'AcilioN' Larsen
Asger 'AcilioN' Larsen
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Brazil Luis 'peacemaker' Tadeu
Luis 'peacemaker' Tadeu
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mhL | 
Poland Axer85
2020-09-26 17:16
Singapore Kerk
Do poles have good noses or smth
2020-09-26 17:20
yes, look at pasha)) we can feel the stench StinkyCheese
2020-09-26 17:27
pasza and morelz best nose game in the world
2020-09-26 17:50
they train in jerman forests when looking for mushrooms 👌😎
2020-09-26 18:15
Poland Mickol
wtf??? we're smelling the toilets to know it is clean allready
2020-09-26 21:03
snax would use his heightened sense of smell to detect people in smokes back when he was good
2020-09-26 19:10
But then he started using that nose to snort coke
2020-09-28 14:48
I should leave, too many poles around here and i feel threatened O_O
2020-09-27 20:12
xeta | 
World 1rks
2020-09-26 17:16
France Lili___
back to tier 10 ..
2020-09-26 17:18
continue to cheer the fat man there (zywoooo srywo)
2020-09-26 18:29
Mald lions
2020-09-26 17:18
is this happens because we are from poland
2020-09-26 17:20
i miss when players actually tried playing with each other before finalizing a transfer and signing long contracts :)) now all you see is failed scouting over and over again
2020-09-26 17:21
No one has the time for that now bro.
2020-09-26 17:30
longer contracts give job security to players, higher buyouts to orgs. i don't think either innocent or mad lions thought innocent would be a long term addition to the team.
2020-09-26 18:22
With hunden -> good tier 2 team, potentially tier1. "HUNDEN is not fragging lets change him" tier3 with Fragging "AcillioN" IGL
2020-09-26 17:22
Mad Lions was good with Acilion, they won flashpoint. They went to shit when they got rid of Bubzkji for mysterious reasons
2020-09-26 17:29
Australia Cheesle2
2020-09-26 17:50
Astralis getting Bubz kind of killed that seed they planted with the Flashpoint win.
2020-09-26 19:06
now look at that poor boy, just sitting there on the bench and playing occasionally while you watch es3tag pissing on other pros and you slowly lost your hope of playing actively in the astralis roster
2020-09-27 14:35
Are we going to pretend like Mad Lions with Bubzkji didn't manage to lose 1st round of the summit qualy against PACT ?
2020-09-28 02:06
Smooth move. First destroy rising illuminar. Then ruin few months for innocent. Smooth for west org.
2020-09-26 17:24
Delusional pole
2020-09-26 17:31
Slovakia Daev0n
Innocent will probably get twice as much for being on a ML bench as he would as a full tíme Illuminar player.
2020-09-26 18:25
Denmark Jeffersond
Lol.... Calm down
2020-09-26 18:43
Argentina tinchOO
sad for illuminar too
2020-09-26 22:03
2020-09-26 17:24
Chile esanchez47
the org has gone maaaaaaaaaad
2020-09-26 17:24
maaaaaaad lions
2020-09-26 21:00
Ruined innocent! Very good mald lions. GG
2020-09-26 17:25
Denmark Jeffersond
2020-09-26 18:43
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
yep first ruined Hunden than innocent
2020-09-26 19:45
No one ruined hunden, you could argue he went to become even more succesfull as a coach with Els one cologne;) Polish cs are just useless and so is innocent;)
2020-09-27 15:35
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
hoes mad hoes mad
2020-09-27 15:40
Good reply
2020-09-27 15:41
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
didn't ask
2020-09-27 15:42
Delusional pole
2020-09-27 15:43
LETN1 | 
Poland Szcz
typical dane
2020-09-27 15:56
xDD nt pole
2020-09-27 16:34
u smell bad
2020-09-26 17:25
Pakistan LoOuU2
Why did they went intl when players weren't feeling it since the start and wasted his 2 months and now got him stuck on bench for God knows how long with a buyout only ML is aware of.
2020-09-26 17:26
Well you don't even have to join the team to smell it, it stinks also on the outside and everybody can smell it
2020-09-26 17:26
Nice nose
2020-09-26 17:28
PeacemakeR. THAT'S ALL :)
2020-09-26 17:29
2020-09-27 15:35
lol bro just read the damn article
2020-10-03 11:07
Of course, he is innocent
2020-09-26 17:29
Brazil txq
2020-09-26 18:02
2020-09-26 17:29
Chile Romanosky
Peacemaker destroying another team.
2020-09-26 17:30
Europe Cirros_V2
Expected af dude
2020-09-26 17:43
whole ml is the problem not innocent
2020-09-26 17:30
acor should get rid of this team and join an other stacked danish lineup dont dare to say astralis
2020-09-26 17:31
- poizon + acoR
2020-09-26 17:46
Sweden botl0f
good move and rush is easily replaceable too. col could go full danish.
2020-09-26 18:01
They could yeah, didnt really think about that lol. + acor, xyp and bubzkji?????
2020-09-27 15:36
Japan Inlivino
once again, peacemaker ruining talent and org.
2020-09-26 17:34
Good luck bro
2020-09-26 17:35
Poland Hanse
is this happens because we are from POLAND ?????
2020-09-26 17:35
the only thing he smelled was danish potatoes
2020-09-26 17:41
Europe Cirros_V2
Peacemaker is an abosulte garbage when it comes to team managament
2020-09-26 17:42
He seems to have a solid track record of being involved in disasters such as this one
2020-09-27 00:31
Europe Cirros_V2
Yeah every team he joined ended up in huge mess.
2020-09-27 10:31
why he signs long term contract when he knows that he most likely has no future if they dont go full international and that never was a realistic option. I dont know... all the ppl involved in csgo call themselves professionals but objectivly speaking it`s still a huge shitshow
2020-09-26 17:44
I can agree with that, mind you we probably hear nowhere near as much of what’s happening in other teams of other sports like football or rugby
2020-09-26 20:42
CeRq | 
Poland RoDaK
innocent mhl kei rallen morelz
2020-09-26 17:44
2020-09-26 17:46
CeRq | 
Poland RoDaK
why? i think morelz is underrated +who else then?
2020-09-26 17:47
2020-09-26 17:56
CeRq | 
Poland RoDaK
all in teams currently and probably have contracts
2020-09-27 00:20
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
expected with AcillioN
2020-09-26 17:48
They had some nice results, they completely destroyed MIBR and mousesports, I think they were happy with how fast the results are showing. I don't think the roumors about roeJ getting cut were true, this guy is playing great, and he had some worse moment recently, but he still was ok. GL to innocent.
2020-09-26 17:59
ZywOo | 
India aR__
AcillioN getting benched finally.
2020-09-26 18:00
Yea look at his rating
2020-09-26 18:22
Very honest and humble interview. I like this guy.
2020-09-26 18:01
they wat he handled the situation is very mature
2020-09-26 18:02
Of course. Hes not spoiled
2020-09-26 18:16
he was kicked only because he is from poland :(
2020-09-26 18:45
yea danish people dont smell very good
2020-09-26 18:48
Good interview actually
2020-09-26 19:10
Germany grabke
Destroymaker unbelievable he still gets any jobs destroying and changing team like underwear :).
2020-09-26 19:13
Ok, but can he smell what The Rock is cooking? :()
2020-09-26 19:14
The normal blame in other places... Its all fair.. they needed a player that could step in and he could do that, and did okay with it. But why make an international roster when you can make better danish rosters. Danish cs has the strongest scene, best IGL best setup. its way easier to change within that and build with that, than some random international setup. Just make sense to want to be as good as you can.
2020-09-26 19:15
somebody shitting in pants?
2020-09-26 19:16
United States @Fridzu
i don't even know why bot joins bot team
2020-09-26 19:33
Denmark nrth_LUL
Peacemaker strikes again.
2020-09-26 19:35
Denmark Notallama
peacemaker is a good guy, and probably really good at his job.. but he really shouldn't be in a position to make changes to the active player roster. If it was the players or the org that chose to pick up innocent, then count my opinion out, I just severely doubt it.. this really goes hand in hand with peacemakers weird roster decision-making over his career as a manager.
2020-09-26 19:36
It seems to me peacemaker likes to have the control about the team's decision, he used to centralize all decisions in his perspective, that's why he never has success once again. He made great tactical job on Liquid and Tempo Storm (Ex IMT), but there were rumors that players didn't like the way he handled some situations inside the team. It's a shame, because his tactical approach used to be very good and he probably could help some teams to develop this part (especially some BR teams like BOOM).
2020-09-26 20:11
Portugal LOIS69
Just Get Right
2020-09-26 19:36
a year ago, tricked tier 5, now tier 1. huge bounce
2020-09-26 19:37
lol Peacemaker blocked me
2020-09-26 19:47
it couldn't work
2020-09-26 20:32
2020-09-26 20:58
From Hunden to Acilion was a downgrade from a Tier 1 Brain IGL to a tier 2 brain and now they'll downgrade to a tier 3 brain that frags like Hunden. They'll be back to being irrelevant swiftly.
2020-09-26 21:07
Poland Kazk
Innocent pls come back to ihg instead of reatz
2020-09-26 21:13
Europe Holiwis
nice interview, good read ty
2020-09-26 21:14
Ukraine Dert38
go dignitas ez money
2020-09-26 21:38
Troublemaker back at it again
2020-09-27 00:24
Time for new coach
2020-09-27 00:27
big nose innocent sniffed some danish feet and he realised that something was wrong
2020-09-27 02:55
Innocent has just confirmed that Danes do indeed smell.
2020-09-27 09:41
Asia en1lykS
Kinda expected. LOL. And, yeah..ofc something wasn't right xD
2020-09-27 10:04
Poland Vissi
Go international! Good luck in next project!
2020-09-27 10:13
2020-09-27 12:59
2020-09-27 14:25
Seeing all these diehard polish player fans is so funny. They just know inside that their scene is so dead, they are desperate hahaha
2020-09-27 14:32
never heard of professional gaming noses?
2020-09-27 15:25
Poland elevenx11
;((( innocent
2020-09-27 15:37
Toucan Sam up in this b!tch
2020-09-28 03:31
Netherlands dabadpad
oh no.. anyway...
2020-09-29 12:52
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